Professional haitian-canadian heavyweight boxer and WBC champion Bermane Stiverne with nickname “B. Ware” against american most effective puncher and top ranked athlete Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber”. Fight for WBC heavy weight belt took place in MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, USA on January 17, 2015. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Bermane Stiverne (Canada) vs Deontay Wilder (USA) | BOXING fight, HD, 60 fps

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That are of importance one is the weight Of Deontay Wilder everyone was surprised That he came in at 219 Challenger on my right fighting out Of the Red Corner wearing bronze trunks With black trim hailing from and Representing his home of Tuscaloosa Alabama he weighed in at ready 219 lbs With a sensational record of 32 wins no Losses he has 32 wins coming by way of Out tonight making his first attempt at A world title currently ranked the WC Number one Heavyweight World Contender Please welcome the 2008 US Olympic Bronze medalist and the hard hitting Undefeated Challenger known as the Bronze bomber introducing [Music] Deon [Applause] Wilder the blue Corner wearing black Trump with gold trim representing his Homeland of Haiti fighing out of Las Vegas by way of Laval Quebec Canada he Weighed in at 239 lbs his record stands At 24 wins one loss and one draw with 21 Big wins coming by way of Knockout ladies and gentlemen here is The first ever heavyweight world Champion of Haitian descent tonight Making the First Defense of his title Introducing the WBC heavyweight champion Of the World bman B

[Applause] West okay gentlemen you both my commands At all times above all protect Yourselves at all times let's [Applause] Go so we are set 12 rounds last Championship a title first held by Sunny List back in 63 to break America 17 Fight winless streak in major Heavyweight title belts round one and This one could very well come down to Who lands the first big punch and the Difference in stver in this fight is These kids are Jabs and we see that here He's thrown all Jabs Ry of this fight But hasn't thrown hardly any does make a Mistake star can pounce there's a one Two combination through the guard by Wilder and another one keeping that high Guard Ariola hurts St early in their Fight and Lead left hwk followed by the Right he even told us he was knocked Down as an amateur but throw 32 Professional he's used the guys Respecting his power how is he mentally Going to react to this in a few rounds a Veteran Austin now before coming back And winning that fight he did as Wilder Is doing right now right Upper having success but again oh lead Right hand by St and there's a right Hand down the middle by Wilder and there's another right hand That scores through the guard behind

Left hook by St nice left H by Wilder But we're going to find out how mentally These guys go the propensity when Delivering the jab to bend down to his Side to the right opening up the Opportunity for out the fight and now Loads up with the right hand behind the Guard counter left Hook not Wilder there's a onew by the Challenger another right hand and now Wilder pouring on the pressure at the b And a take down at The a Wilder unloaded right hands that Hurt Burman stver and stver was ready to Go down when he kind of GRA fight sna Taken right hands but these really hurt Him that right hand hurt him and even Though Wilder was kind of wild on that Punch now St unloading with the Catapult Right hand cutting off the ring was cut Off the Escape Routes body shot SP right Hand by Wilder continues to find home For those shots there finally sturn Ducks underneath you can't slipper right Hand and now stver coming forward but King kept that Bay by the jab of Wilder You know they stver a down house didn't Think that Wilder could punch it all Going backwards but he has done that There's a when you sharp shoot it's hard To counter you right hand another one Counter left hook a catch and shoot There was the catcher shoot land the Left hook and now St has Wilder move

Around and barely work star could be the Ball and being the BS in this round Right now he just about winning at 109 It's hey man I can beat right hand by St And St catches Wilder with those Questions what would happen if someone As he gets close never been past four Rounds he's about to go to the fifth for The first [Applause] Time well counter and here's a right Hand in which he counters with the left Hook a very nice here he is throwing a Jab to the stomach and then coming with The right hand and yet another we're Starting to [Music] See just taking the jab and seeing What's going on and minute 45 left in The fifth in the last round was a solid Punch and Wilder didn't C so you have to Give him credit for that another to the Body by sturn misses with the right hand Catches him with the left and again the Counter by Wilder now measuring him up straight Right through the guard s bir slips left Hook by Wilder Crow on its feet Wild They teeing off on Stver there's a right hand through the Guard doesn't want to punch himself out Misses with the left H sver I think now he had gone through The ropes and they got tangled up and at

First it looked like sver might have Been around as they keep talking to each Other stver chatting but does get hit With a beautiful straight right end Fascinating to this don't the Au Focus B now the coach of Alabama called him a Couple months ago to congratulate him on Winning theed interest big left hook off An uppercut by St and there faints to the Body there's another lead left hook Followed by the right hand that scores Through Wilder's guard then goes Downstairs to the body very much arm Punches right Now what he's made of yeah absolutely I Think lead right hand by Wilder there's A right through the to left and now Wilder pouring the pressure on Deontay Wilder continues to just listen to his Corner Circle and land those punches There's stver now with wilder on the Ropes right above us and that's where Stver needs to work and now he's finally Working left hook by Wilder wildering [Applause] St Wilder's hands are very low and St Just can't Wow there offense again that catch and Shooter it's harder to react once you're Tired and later in the fight now Attacking the bom we oh right uppercut By stver stver steps away we're headed

To the championship rounds and St landed The [Music] Right keep even on the inside where we Expect stver to work better it's Wilder With the uppercut and a and the left Hook that and lands a short right hand Now it didn't land quite as well as we Thought it did when we saw it in real Time but and the reason stver isn't able To take advantage of wild with low hands Is cuz he's been beaten up the whole Fight technique and mechanics has been Excellent in this fight voids that right Cross from St now sturn finally trying To fatigue and obviously the punishment You take increases that Fatig do that so Much now St with the right left to the Body there's a right hand of the body Followed by the left lead right hand Hotting not taking a lot of Chances and doesn't have to his part of This one going to the 12th and final Round As so the 12th and Final Round is upon [Music] [Applause] Us Get the yellow get the yellow dig down There man dig deep dig down there to of Ha dig deep hard to believe but here we Are a couple

[Applause] Of mar we would expect the official Scores with two now Wilder's backing Himself the energy and the wherewithal To get that knockout he's not even able To [Applause] Get keeps him from setting that's where Stver should but at this Jun in this Fight I guess he can't oh there he is Back the champion bman St left hook to The body another right hand the body by [Applause] St going preventing him from getting Leverage on his own shots Anyway is it the final a Time kill Around left H Now final 10 Seconds starting with the jab he Finishes with the [Applause] Jabing you saw JD's coming in the Manager and Trainer listen to Wilder who can't box He [Music] Says Animated tried to get him in the inside Here a flurry on the inside little bit Wild but simp he wouldn't get back at Him again the jab and a straight right Sometimes Wilder's right hand has been Very wide not tonight tonight it was Straight and he mixed in other weapons

With it as well Landing even left Hooks And uppercuts that were very very Effective decade the new WBC heavyweight Champion of the world the bronze bomber Deon who Doubt Me Now me In the power Department that's amazing

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