Professional american middleweight boxer and WBA champion Austin Trout with nickname “No Doubt” against mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”). Fight for WBA and WBC super welter weight belts took place in Alamodome, San Antonio, USA on April 20, 2013. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Austin Trout (USA) vs Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) | BOXING fight, HD

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Canelo Alvarez looking to Def his talent is Indeed equal to the mega popularity that He's achieved in his young trout wants To silence the crowd and bring both Belts back to L the Sea of humanity here at the Alamo Doome erupting an Austin Trout coming Forward well again he comes down to the Hands Canelo he's got to come forward And that's what trout wants yeah he Changed the dynamic already Mel Cotto in His last fight this is he has 150 Seconds maintain distance and maintain Control with the jab he'll be able to do It Canelo said he wants to not just Trout is controlling the real estate in This fight again as he did against Cotto Under the first round Canelo coming off A fifth round TKO win against hito Lopez Last set up a liver liquefying left hook And there's a lead left hook as he Swarms trout along the ropes Cole Calling for the Bell round two underway Immediately trout delivers three Consecutives there's a bigger difference In experience then some might think Between these two combats Canelo is Faced five in the first round Canelo got To try at about this distance he felt Like he was almost there and then he Justes the jab doubles up theb but trout Took the punch Well bullying his opponents in the past

Especially the smaller he was starting To see trout consistently slip the JB to His own left jab of his own that Misses an amazing atmosphere absolutely Electric at the 10 let keep circling them keep circling Keep using your jab keep touching the Body push round hit pretty good distance And another look at it pulled the head Down of Austin Trout uh and he's a Veteran you you were wondering how he Landed it from so far away there you go Who knew Bell in round three of this Scheduled 12 round B out in these recent Fights against against Alvarez he has a Chin he's been hit by both drone the Exact amount of power cross dance Canelo Looking to jab lead right there's a nice Onew the catches Canelo Canelo lunging In swarming back in St stalking position There's a one two com straight right Hand from Canelo the punches and again Pivots away from the ropes looking to Establish control in the center of the Ring as he unloads Two slow down the fleet puted Trout you see a lot of times they're Straight shot their cross canelo's right Cross and CH left on good Point take a deep Breath biggest fan MJ Was the age of 10 of course We the trout pops canelo's head back With the jab now Canelo comes to 94 for

Alvarez and you know Alvarez is landing Well But and Canelo lunging forward not Gauging the distance and trout tagging Him Canelo lands the CH to his cheek High guard on the right side and there He blocks that straight left From The jab and then the straight right to The sternum 15 seconds left in the round Oh a nice jab from Canelo that good Okay Cano Alvarez was able to land that Solid jab and against the left-hander When you're right except for Steve Farhood who has the fight a draw both Paulie and I have a slide of the fight After the fourth round and after the Trout started this fight trying to be The boss with the jab but these LS come As effectively as it was Earlier head movement weaving trying to Avoid Trout's jab and comes back with a Counter shot you need to make Canelo Think twice about being so aggressive a Solid counter shot will do that that Enemy Number One for the sou P yeah Excuse me a very active and Better good head movement good head Movement by Canó lands the straight left To the Sturum he was able to use that cuffing Right hand to push Canelo Alvarez away And then that's a lot of the punches That Austin Trout's throwing and we talk

About the fact that even though Canelo Has had some defensive liabilities There's a good was the same as ours two Two and one judge had it even that was Through four Rounds pelo landed up sticks the jab Trout goes to the Body Canelo misses wildly with the right Uppercut lead left hook connects by Canelo tr's got to Be uppercut by Canelo counter right by Trout trout now going to the upper Remaining in the sixth round here at the Alamodome trout Ducks underneath that Right keeping his hands very low you Know Al you made a point with those body Shots try throwing Canelo doing a good Jump and the head movement stopped the Left hook to the body by Straight Shot Thr coun from counter we've reached the Midp point as a nice right uppercut by Canelo the midpoint of the fight in the Judge's Minds because that was a trot Round Guys we see a good exchange from these Two fighters that was a little earlier In the round where Canelo landed the Right and the uppercut we take a look at Canelo with his hands low stationary as Paulie said some are not getting there But trout was controlling the action is Often the case when you have a Conventional fighter and there is Canelo Dropping trout with a

Stra winking at Canelo like now on the Attack trout trying to survive overhand Right a counter left from Trout Though I was saying that when you have a Orthodox fighting his handled makes them Look a little awkward but right now they Are just looking for the home Run so centilating action here in the Just like it's the middle of the round Trout came out to a lazy JB counter Hard another right hand Connects Alvarez is landing some big Shots he is finding a home for that Overhand Right and with every shot gaining Confidence as trout comes behind the Guard with The has done better than Canelo since He's been hurt Canelo rips a right hand To the body trout comes back wants to Circle away from the right there's trout With a nice stre because we know Trum Can be hurt even in the rounds of which He does well Now hits him with the jab misses with The left and Canelo was looking for the Counter right tell the way this round Started did you think it would end with Trout walking down In his career a a jab that set the stage For the right hand was Austin Trout hurt Yeah you bet and that was very he was Hurt badly early in the round sent down

As you see there but Austin Trout came Back to probably win Cano got kind of Tired toward the end of that last round Title against Z Jud from the barklay Center in Brooklyn man some of these Rounds to go either way and and maybe we Are in Texas you never know how the Judges here will see things just ask Paulie Malinoi trout now has Canelo on the Ropes and trout lands the straight left Yes good Point explains that they believe Alvarez Is tired and this is the kind of some of The evidence of that languishing on the ROP over bounce in the pass has Let Them Fight good right and there's a nice Straight left from trout as the action Picks up here in the Night Canelo told us that scw the Uppercut very effectively against Cotto Didn't expect to see it too much in this Fight but he's Landed It punches it's a good fight great and Is shop Landing enough punches solidly To win these rounds even Though don't let him catch you with just Shot we're now going to see whether Austin Trout can pick up the pace and Here's the point it makes Trout fight a And he forces him to go into the teeth Of the line so to speak because Canelo Is the Puncher and he is more aggressive it is

True also at least he knows where he Stands normally he wouldn't so this is An interesting 64 and Canelo just landed Another overhand right there resets There's the one-w combination by the Southp he gets jacked to the J Again by The aggressive but he added a couple of Extra punches to that looked good but Trout has really controlled for the most Part getting a little gun with the show Boting for a moment again with the two Points for Steve and one for Paul vot For the 154lb titles neither man has Lost at the end of the day that's all That really matters the three judges And0 for Canelo Alvarez it's a nice one Two they mentioned in canelo's corner to Get aggressive these the championship There by Canelo Connects wants to double up But left uppercut to the body there's a Right uppercut to the Torso by Canelo Catches try headed to the 12th and final Round here in Texas Title unification Fight on Showtime drink It Baby Austin Trout was buckled by another One of those uppercuts solid defense This round let's see what he does but he Knows all he has to do is end the Round now trout back with an overhand Right just pass the minute Mark of this Final Round right hand Jim Gray who had

The scores read to him by the corner of Austin Trout that they read it directly From the information remaining in the Fight predicted we are on our way 12 Round distance fight we're going to the Judges scorecards here in Texas This is when Austin Trout went down from A straight right hand this happened Really only seconds and you look at it And you will see again the right hand it Was told himself to start the round I Know this guy's going to come out Jabbing I'm going to plant myself and Throw a counter right in the round Before Sa Canelo All

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