Professional american heavyweight boxer, ex-police officer and champion’s title challenger Jason Gavern with nickname “The Sensation” against brittish heavyweight athlete, olympic gold medalist and IBF, WBA and IBO world champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight took place in Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England on April 4, 2015. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Jason Gavern (USA) vs Anthony Joshua (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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[Applause] Ladies and gentlemen fighting out of the Blue Corner we the white strong trim With black and gold weighing in at 17 Stone 7 lb with a perfect professional Record 10 contests 10 wins all inside The schedule distance he is the two-time ABA Champion an Olympic gold medalist Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome a Member of the British Enquire from wford A it's AJ [Music] Anthony and The Sensation Jason [Music] G in the heavyweight division time Keeper Stewart let go referee Victor Okay J you had your instructions in the Rest room remember commands all time Defend yourselves at all time God bless Touch them let's do it couldn't look at Anthony Joshua at the way yesterday Afternoon he couldn't do it there either What a way to bring up your heart around The ring as well and maybe that's why The bookies are saying there's a very Good chance this we saw Gavin on the uh Brook Porter undercard last summer he Went four rounds very one-sided rounds It has to be set before he retired on His G in the build up to this one he Raids Joshua almost as much as everybody

Else does he says of all the people he Spar on top three and one of the two Ahead of him is Vladimir Klitschko See's a big problem you know I Think he realizes what he's here for so At least hopefully let give it a goal Not just try to survive for a round to Hopefully but really we cannot give him Any chance here whatsoever Well he's just trying to survive think Spinning turning trying to keep that Head Protected and trying to keep distance I Mean he does have the experience you Know so he should be able to get close Once or twice and let some of these Swings Go you know just slight frustration in The early stages of the Round Here solid Stra left hand J [Applause] There Joshua standed that punch had Nothings yeah that's a bit ominous I Mean the first clean punch he's got him Bang on taking his Time here comes that out your hands now He start getting a little bit closer Turned his head and tried to do it again And then forced to hold as well that was A good right hand from Josh I didn't Land but how long can he keep it up for Just slipping out of trouble again there You just know it's going to go off you Don't know

[Applause] When and more to the point everybody in This Arena knows it's going to go off as Well just to survive the opening session Here because Joshua zeroing in on him More Damage yeah Jos usually the which is Wise when with gav all over the place Just trying to duck dive and survive Second out round Two Anthony Joshua has four first round Stoppages to his name he has five second Round Stoppages is this going to be number six The only man to go into the third round With him is the German Constantine Irich again Gavin his reflex is getting Out round two Anthony Joshua has four First round stoppages to his name he has Five the only man to go into the third Round with him is the German Constan again Gavin his reflexes getting Him out of trouble from that right Hand so it's the left that comes to play Yet Again and he's having a lot of success With the left here Joshua good tall Heavy wheeler Joshua you want a good job As you move up in LEL jab and Joshua Certainly possesses that and he's Beginning to use it now Larry started Talking to Joshua about the jab Anthony Did a lot of Listening body work with the left hand

That was a good Shot him his he's taking his then he Gets out of trouble again looking for The body again Doesn't appear to be troubling Joshua With anything Miss time didn't miss time One Two gav is complaining he was it around The back of the head he wasn't it was [Applause] A but how long can he do that For I mean that's aesome and there's the Big right hand Gavin in big trouble the Left puts him down for the and He's a Brave proud man Jason Gavin he will try And beat this count if he can this go on Gavin saying yes showing Defiance but the end is coming they are On their feet for the last act surely One more solid shot will do it Joshua Zering In that smile that's got an edge of Mal well I think the CL W to G because He had an excuse to get himself to hear The Bell that in it s would be a big Achievement may not right on the Bell There not going quietly is it Anthony Joshua it's all been the big right hand Bombs up until now he comes out with That smile again Joshua into round three But only the second time what I also Like about Joshua he's always mindful of His own defense even when he's Completely in toed you know he keeps his

Shape he keeps his hands up gets his Punches out brings them back and here we Come now Gavin in trouble down again I think the Right hand and he landed a punch when he Was on the floor there and he needs a Telling off for that going to have to be Careful Joshua it's all been the big Right hand bombs up till now he comes Out with that smile again what I also Like about Josh he's always mindful of His own gets his punches out brings him Back and here we come Now Gavin in trouble down again I think The right and he landed a punch when he Was on the floor there and he needs Telling off for that and the previous Round left took after the Bell sounded He's going to have to be very careful St Leure that was a clear right hand landed When Gavin was on his Knees probably in VI's doing this job a Lot more cleanly than he's been able to Do and down he goes again left hand Again and Victor Lin's got to put an end To this this is this is getting ugly Here and it's w it's done Anthony Joshua Does it This time he was left hand happy and It's in gav and he's done it faster than Deontay Wilder managed impressive Performance at times gav made it a bit Awkward a bit frustrating time and I'm Impressed by the fact that it was short

Punches they got the jolting left hand To the head and there was no point Probably got the last knock down but What was the point I think he more than Earned his money warned to him the fact That he was getting himself off the Floor and getting back into the free But another excellent performance gav Showing tremendous resistance another One of those right hands getting through A few of them landed but put him on the Floor well he was ready to go from that Right wasn't he a couple of times I mean Gavin was down was well on the floor When that punch landed you know he's Going to really have his last fight I Think Jim that and you know he was asked About it afterwards and he more less Just swatted it away with with a shrug 21 seconds of the Third third round your Winner on a count out he's still Undefeated from Watford England AJ Anthony Josua Anthony how did it feel to be back Under the lights in front of this crowd Brilliant unfortunately had a bit of Ring rust so I couldn't display Everything I've been doing in the gym But once we get that momentum going I'll Be able to display some more Sharp Shooting but what got me through as well I've been Scotland Manchester Liverpool London I have to say newcastle's right Up there with the crowd thanks for all

The support tonight as well were there Weaknesses from your sparring session That you knew you could exploit as I Said obviously there's a lot of Expectations and Jason Gavin's very Awkward opponent slippy customer he's There to make me look bad and I think he Did a good job of that at the end of the Day I got a job to do and that's get a Win hopefully if I can start pushing to British titles European step by St these Fights won't really mean nothing when I'm experienced and I'm a champion in Commentary they said uh

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