Professional american heavyweight boxer and most effective puncher Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber” against brittish top ranked fighter, unified, and now WBC and The Ring champion Tyson Fury with nickname “The Gypsy King”. Fight for WBC and lineal heavy weight belts took place in Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA on December 1, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

Deontay Wilder (USA) vs Tyson Fury (England) I | BOXING fight, HD

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Event undefeated heavyweights Deontay Wilder the first US born heavy and Opponent across the ring fighing out of The Red Corner wearing dark green chunks With gold 10 fighing out of it Representing Manchester England standing at 6'9 in he weighed in At 256 and 1/2 lb he also is undefeated In his campaign of the ring with a Record of 27 wins no losses 19 wins Coming by way of knockout ranked the WC Number three Contender ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the former WBA WBO and ibf unified heavyweight champion Of the world and the current lineal Heavyweight champion of the world known As the Gypsy King introducing the UND Defeated Tyson Fury Introducing to you first the WBC Champion fighting out of the blue corner On my left wearing black trunks with Gold trim hailing from Tuscaloosa Alabama standing at 6' 7 in he weighed In at already 212 1/2 lb as a 2008 US Olympic bronze medal with a record of 40 Wins no losses 39 big wins coming by way Of knockout Tonight making the eighth defense of his Title ladies and Gentlemen please Welcome the hard hitting reigning and Defending undefeated wwec heavyweight Champion of the world introducing the

Bronze baller Deont [Applause] Wilder it's Showtime Now peace at all times Fight Hard fight Clean good Luck Fury has to be perfect for the Whole fight he only has to be perfect For one Second living in Deontay Wilder's head Rent Free round one we are about to learn the Truth can Tyson Fury cap off the Miraculous what do you look for early as Wild over Fury and of course Fury is Going to cling to Wilder 67 Wilder Normally the the bigger guy but biggest Fight in heavyweight title history Nikolai BB a minute left in the opening Round so far the Wilder nice little Uppercut by Fury oh and there's a sweeping left C by Wilder in the lead up to the fight Fury Saying that he was going to knock Deon Fury does try to utilize the real estate Herky jerky sty but Fury now tagging Wilder Wilder is arcing that right hand And that is so ineffective he can the Question one thing he did well in round One at BO is it ever oh there's a onew Combination especially not slapping with The right Fury the first few rounds Collecting data of course

Over and Wilder land and like That Wilder had him there on the ropes For a second but Fury Wilder hunting Fury Fury pivots Away from the ropes and it's Fury that He obviously been programmed to do that And fury looking a lot better than he Did in his two Al what about you are you At all surprised with Fury's approach Thus far this has been a very good round For Him oh that came out combination stepped Around when he punches in combination And he can punch in combination look at Double jab what did I say in the keys to Victory double jab was a key he throws a Left well chronicled what he's had to Overcome but can he and that's the Challenge oh and deont de has to reach More for it usually step straight back On a guy taller than you Wilder but if Anyone thought the Tyson Fury was coming To hostile territory that's not been the Case Al this crowd a lot of spp for the Most part and speaking of This Heavyweight title fight between two Undefeated they have a common opponent He lost under 30 seconds left in the Fourth and right hand by the WBC Heavyweight champion and fur is had a Cut on his Forehead looks like his [Applause] Nose for the spot where the nose of

Tyson F might have started to bleed that Was a very nice jab by Wilder who is the Man who beat the man who beat the Man can sneak it in Fury now working the Jab L out left in the fifth and Wilder Unloading with that right hand but Fury Rode with [Applause] It and fury avoids that Combination let's go to Jim Gray and keep his calm when he's about To throw it attempting to do what does To all opponents flumix Deontay Wilder And fury now walking down Wilder Wilder With a the whole fight Lefty tonight not So much telling us that he is already Run through the combination in the Round almost halfway through and now We're at a point where Wilder's not Setting down on his Punches the second half of this Champion Coming [Music] [Applause] Up you kind of see the far how do you Have it at the midpoint of this Championship Affair what he's doing is What Wilder isn't doing Wilder just Isn't Landing right hand by minutes and a half Remaining the seven another St one two By Fury coming over the top with the Right hand of Wilder loading up a Missing Fury's defense on along the

Ropes and fury locks him up to stop the Action a moment ago connected over the 12 rounds Al and he's continuing here to Be and again L the Distance jab landed by Wilder but again Fury avoids the power [Music] Shots well actually that was a short Left hook hook right hand combination H Right hand combination this case it will Be the jab and that sets up the straight Right Hand that is and Paulie it's a Between you and I he's he's he's never Going to land Fury already knows it's Coming before has to find a way to try To maybe time something like that now There's a Wilder trying to faint with Fight for Tyson Fury which is staggering Wow there's a jab by Wilder that is Probably going to make Wilder want to Attack more and maybe make more mistakes Of the eighth and again Wilder just Missing the T and that's because Fury is Keeping him at B Tyson Fury and in many Ways Wilder unorthodox but tonight but Oh Wilder loaded up with that left hook To the man just misses CS him with the Right but again Fury saying hey come [Applause] On get is getting to that point in the Fight guys and Wilder made a knock Out together one two Fury sing bring it On again just wanting to love wo and

There it go 5 6 s h will land on the right hand like I said something Dr Wilder all the tum Of the bronze bomber now oh fery land a Good back to win he's been down now a Total of three times in his career but Now Wilder beginning to turn the tables Here Comes fur the Ninth and it was the left has to be Careful there are opportunities to punch Himself I'm just going to say that Mo my Mouth exactly what he has to be careful With and wild they loading up but Fury Now Ts that one shot the great AR to buy Time round of the fight here in round Nine but Fury still coming forward Wilder missing big round [Applause] Out here's where Wilder will use the Hook to set up the right and Interestingly got clipped with that that Right hand on the back of the head that More behind the ear than it was the back Of the head I wouldn't it was a good Shot clean shot and there it Is with Fury got the job done I'm not a Scientist let's go to our unofficial Score Steve far is Fury lands a onew Come back to win Fights people shock that it came In oh left up w again loading up Fury Doing a good right these some of these Punch by Wilder just whistling by Fury Final minute of the 10th a clubbing

Right again here for Fury bigal stat wow Another good one too that got through Fury nice exchange here but again Fury Avoiding most of those shots Fury just To make a mental [Applause] Statement established that he was in This fight faints with his jab to the Body throws the jab Wilder's head then Later on in the round same combination And the right Hand [Applause] Fury Tyson Fury continues Johnny Tapia Years ago came back defense after a long Layoff from strength to to overcome what He's overcome and then come back and oh Good shot lead left by Wild proing to Deontay that you know what he came back And and and stayed with the winning Mentality under seconds round Wilder Just loading Up and Final Round is upon us can you Give me a big finish St you give me a Big finish let's go baby this Champion Are made of Okay looking for all the world like he's Pulling another upset there's a right Fury Oh what Fury Wild has done It knocking down Fury round 12 a turn of Events here in the 12th left H right hand deont Wilder all

Over boxing a minute and a half left in The 12 get on his bicycle he needs to Use again Fury continues to exchange Realize he's he's still alive Fury has Been down and fury Fury now taking the Fate fight to fight Here between these two undefeated Heavyweights Inc believe that he went down like they Shot him even a draw decision is a split Decision the [Applause] Draw physically and mentally kudos to Him and also kudos to Deontay Wilder

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