Professional ukrainian heavyweight boxer, olympic gold medalist and undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk with nickname “The Cat” against brittish top ranked athlete and title challenger Tony Bellew with nickname “Bomber”. Fight for IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO cruiser weight belts took place in Manchester Arena, Manchester, England on November 10, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) vs Tony Bellew (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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[Applause] Cru 14 St rebound 5 oz his professional Record and excellent one in 32 fights 30 Victories including 20 wins by knockout Two defeats and one draw over the past 5 Years he's undefeated winning 10 in a Row eight by knockout undefeated as a Cruiserweight he's the fighting pride of Liverpool and all of the United Kingdom The former cruiserweight champion of Theare [Music] Pony Bmer 15 fights 15 victories including 11 Big wins by knockout and he's ranked Among the best as pound-for-pound the Best in the world World from Kiev Ukraine the reigning defending Undefeated Undisputed cruiserweight champion of the World Alexander Is something in the air again as Tony B Usk thre his complete Authority at Cru Away here Go wow what an atmosphere what a build Up super series World Superx clean the back of the two David Ha FS so we're expect him to come here Bring awareness he knows where he is Also you know he's he's got bags of Experience amateur professional Proficient so Busy with his work doesn't really look

For powering at all just Yet Starting does he Turn he hard to get the SP Against felt his way through the round He didn't Of maybe for the last time Tony Bell Alexander usk trying to cement his Reputation as it turn momentous night Be's ja just mean so much at stake Tony B punches hard take his time for a Couple of rounds and settle into this And the bookmaker giving B ToK by late Stoage or on Points good shot from B you got a good Opportunity here as he tries to work the US that usk's been hurt to the body as a Ham listen T and Landing also with the Right hand this is good work from Tony Bell early on it's an excellent start And he Well this is all part of the mind game From Tony Bell and this is and the power Will be the difference it's a confidence St this from B really confident he's set To him in so he can land a big counter Punch and here he comes Tony B not too Career he's trying to confuse not let Him get set we get it close he wants To he's not he's not doing too much Rather not making a mistakes his juing Miss he was making him pay he was doing To What everybody really really got a real

Foothold in the fight in the first round Had even this round To the ring and comes up fast for the Third round there is pressure on those The Showcase [Applause] Fight to land some shot so B would be Waiting with that right hand pter there Which wasn't just caught the end of that One there but As you said draws Closer B will be waiting for that Unbeaten but he's walking into his right Hands good round count from Tony B Nobody expected this good many in Britain Tony B to tr his Lasten Alexander us to Show still a bit cat Mouse yes hising Unsure he's not confident in and there's Tony B attack there it be the other way Around Us's had it all his own way whole Manchester against Tony Bell who got the Back end of the crowd this is unnown Territory another great round for Tony is supposed to be this supreme two Rounds on the spin like was I expecting This I was expecting Tony B to maybe pot Shot maybe throw one shot your Jabs he's Landing the body shot he's completely Controlling around and he's got youing Looking a little Des Well he's not very busy but ites to make Feel the of time to get into his a stand Off big left from first real

Success takes it well if then switches Off against somebody us was very cling He doesn't look for Power then he's Looking for power so that slows the Punches down but doesn't very want could Do again it up close a bit later but us Slows down a bit so the T and this is Better from the Ukrainian and he's Trying to set up the big left's been Probably told that look like a good Right hand there from Tony B that's what He's looking for that right right there Big shot from Tony well Tony Bell knew that he landed That right hand then he didn't rush in He's still trying to dig the punches in Left hand gets Through right as well Just turn Landing Big Shots looking for Them and Landing there as you backs him Up it doesn't have much of an effect and Starts to feel the pace as it goes on Then it's bad news some good work there As it he's trying to show that in there Who would have thought Tomy I've never Seen him fight this you give him nothing Was winning that round guys I mean Tony Landed a couple of shots but we can't Make it land a couple good shots that Round but won the round totally agree With you PA I thought that was usk's Best round confidence will that give usk The fact that he began to he had moments Of success but

B writes poetry loves solving Puzzles say you know he would probably Beat him but you know nobody's giving Tony B A Chance put into now is having To force this and try and get something Going while Tony B was able to sit back And Land loing flawed in the am with punes Like that and then he took a machine Calling for a lovely quick countering Left pressure is going to start healing Up as this fight goes on good right hand From B it's the danger IFK finds a home for That jab he'll be able to work that Tony B does not want to sit there in that South jab Land still the right hands is to the Ring there that's good St from Tony B He's Got let's get over to Derek Tora for his Thoughts with Andy seconds You heading this fight ah you needs a Knockout they both need a knockout cuz Right now I don't know I I can't even Score it right now the ultimate Challenge and what he promises is his Last the first and the fifth round the Two two tipes of call 3-2 to Bell so Close into the sixth round few people Thought let him get set settled nice Work from as he moves around David ha a Couple of times against MC this carries On you expect it to start to turn energy

He's thinking a lot and he's loading up With big Power shots you think it is Very close I've got B ahead because Round two three four was good but good Right hand P looks Comfortable good Job right on really careless aell big Biggest shot at around belts on the line The white and yellow of Alexander usk Who has definitely stepped it up Dramatically fighter HK growing in Confidence it's a massive ask I think David ha has got something to say here Yeah the body shots of's body are s from The start of this round at the end of That round his is caugh they start Having more effect Al also Lu has Changed his left hand throw be honest Looking concern for Tony Bell on his Back foot as he him up here com back With a combination you6 quality because That would be dangerous 11 KN 15 [Applause] Wins Counted and landed on Youk as he was Punching Bell up again into the neutral Corner there's that left hand B Heavyweight as we saw against David and Now he's going for it Tes to turn into The Tony looking like he the simply C The ring off that's one adjustment the Second adjustment again is his left hand Side as we see in this replay here for The best that's ever to finishes Cruis

Away rain here and then move up to Heavyweight but it's looking brighter For the Ukrainian much brighter physical Maneuvering around the wing bring of usk Now B backed into it he losing these Rounds backing off with blood coming out Of his mouth looking at his CH and left Crosses now like that one they send the Blood splatter In from M and you can see Tony belly Wearing down still looking for that ran Still galling Still Brave he's really Closing this Gap with with real you know Minimum effort That lights out daell straight in the Ring I think he's going to stop it Alex On the US his place at the world Cruiserweight King he had a rough start Tony B gave Him problems early that looping left Cross there which we've not seen yet on The replay that put Tony B down was a I'm going to disagree it didn't come out Of the blue was an adjustment usyk had Made a couple of rounds ago adjusting The way he threw that left hand he kep He took his foot off the pace and you Know you seemed to grow in confidence Accurate I notic off the round five David that you know us was Co Into the Fire looking relaxed and Tony Bell was Three rounds up on one c one well Tony Bell was boxing really well from the Start well there's the finish a couple

Of times before but it was just a few Rounds ago and B when a guy adjusts to You you have to adjust back and B you Never adjusted to that wide his reflexes In time it seemed to slow as his energy Did so that shot there punches are Amplified massively when you tied and You saw that and there's the effect of That looping left cross that land great Brave performance nothing to be ashamed Of [Applause] Alexander

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