Professional american welterweight boxer and younger brother of David Benavidez Jose Benavidez Jr. with nickname “El Phoenix” (“The Phoenix”) against top ranked athlete and WBC champion Jermall Charlo with nickname “Hit Man”. Fight took place in Michelob Ultra Arena, Las Vegas, USA on November 25, 2023. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Jose Benavidez (USA) vs Jermall Charlo (USA) | BOXING Fight, HD

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Introducing to you first on my right Fighting out of the Red Corner wearing Pink trunks with blue trim fighting out Of Seattle Washington by way of Phoenix Arizona he weighed at 161 and one4 lb With a record of 28 wins two losses and One draw he has 19 wins coming by way of Knockout ladies and gentlemen here is The battle ready former World title Challenger introducing El Phoenix Jose Benavides Jor and his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the blue Corner in this 10 round special attraction wearing White trunks with orange and green Trunks fighting out of a representing His home of Houston Texas he weighed in At 166 and 1 12 lb he is undefeated in His campaign of the the ring with a Record of 32 wins no losses 22 wins Coming by way of knockout as a two Division World Champion here is the Former ibf Junior middleweight champion And the current undefeated WBC Middleweight champion of the world Introducing Geral Hitman Charlo okay boxes your yourself at all Time touch him up good Luck doc 19 years pro experience 347th Professional fight oh since moving up to Middleweight he's fighting at Super Again his two losses have come against

Multi-divisional champ for the huge Upset win here tonight round number one Scheduled maybe at 147 um so we'll see If he can cope with that and now you're Right about that you's got to be careful VZ junr but again he is it you're that He's not but again there something you Can't ask this manage not not to go Forward but he is going to Tonight benit facing his third no this Is very early in this fight but here's What's good about what Jose benas is Doing technique right in this beginning Is better than we've seen here and Charlo had a Nice combinating sharp straight punch With the jab alone so you know he's got A powerful left hand there he hooked he Wants to continue to do in this fight Yeah you're right when you think of Power punchers you think of the hooks The CR Mr Charlo is dropped opponents With Body by Charlo the hand speed is There and the other thing about Jamal Charlo he You and Charlo coming off the with bad Intentions backing benas up under 302 Benitas has been down once that was in The loss to Teren lead left H left uppercut for Charlo just Take Time charell turned things around with That straight right hand and and walk

Him into shots to get him out of there Nice three punch Charlotte just showed Us that he was going to do that and he Did it with that right hand here comes Ben like you said Mo I mean now out you Got to be in there you got to take Chances and he's doing it right Now good jab by charot Ben combination But then gets rattled by that right Upper cut on the inside by Charlo and Another stiff jab from Charlo been able To land the jab through the P of benitz Charlo is just a very well school you Know he right yeah Ronnie Shield's a Great trainer together gain some Knowledge from J go big right by clear Your mind being the hit great headit I Mean it's there it's it's just the Moment matter of Time again the right uppercut that one To the body by Charlo already landed 23 Jabs Time now keep touching behind the jail Just keep taking good body punches mixes In a nice right hand and that's where he Is not charow doing good work even from The inside we said the uppercut the Family reputation in his return here Tonight as Ben backs some up and vening On Charlo Charlo fires Packer right up I Mean venas Jun would always look for you Know looping and downstairs there's the Combination be being left from benav s

Charlo puts together with a sharp Jab and it's those moments that V it's The placement of the Jabs the jab oh right cross clipping Benas to move that hitter or step in Yeah there you go step inside that's the Continu steady di to jab sorry Abner and Ben TR together the combinations to Close up round three oh and then got Clip with the left from [Applause] Use the jab in the straight right hand And that right hand gets in and again Throwing his punches straighter and Ripping to the then Jal charot coming Back and throwing a th in and this was That right hand that honestly I'm Surprised Ben if he just didn't go down Or from Once three lbs over even the way Is ready to go round you want an answer Now or do we wait I think we're going to Wait that's a paintbrush oh w wow if There's something that amazes me about Charlo is that he's so focused when he Fights his mistakes and he's doing the Right things right now when you consider The chaos that has been his personal Life to so you got to put that you got To leave that Outside beautiful Uppercut round but here in round four Tasting the power of Geral wa wa step back step back good Stop at the Bell

Stop stop stop Stop he's Landing 40% of his power Punches in this match which is Everything punching by him and it all Starts with the jab jab body shot Uppercut with that same 44% of them have Landed that's a very big percentage for The jab Midway through the fifth round Right upper caught on the inside Overhead Keep him up keep up who thought we'd Have those kind of sequences in this Fight I that was fun as two guys right With their left hand I got to admit this Is the best I've seen Benz yes by far in Since he's come Back [Applause] Time and to see you know in the corner Ripping good shots nice uppercut from Benz good combination and Then everything is good how we feel it Round of traction Jamal charot forming Well he is dominating the fight for the Most part and yet it's a good fight is He doing enough to be ahead on Steve far Hood's unofficial scorecard let's Punches of course that he could have won Round one or even round three But oh right hand by Charlo but that Jab and invest of the body break down Carlo he hasn't been in the ring in a While oh three punch Bases another multi

Charlo oh right uppercut right ja benas Walking Forward incredible AB really the only Thing missing from this performance is Not having a knockdown or a knockout for Charles in the keys and everything you Know and and then here here's the Uppercut that pops in the P control with The jab that's the whole key Jose benitz Is not an upper echelon fighter and he's Fighting way he followed him to the Corner yeah hot shotting though and he's Met with a rapid fire Combination right hand but right you Know he's got he gets the opportunity Ben is Standing three nice opportunity at a Segue because speaking of monsters his Younger and benas standing in front of Each other and benas smaller man coming Up so he's able to sustain take even Take whatever with the shot here and There they're not going to hurt [Applause] Him time that boxing gave Ben some Problems and here benitz look the other Benitz looking to give Char you know It's not just the surviving he's trying Offensively yeah well said it's not just Him beus but again it's the power the Size from charot just too much that's a 10 11 12 punch Combination it's effective and it is Efficient the jab continues to lead the

Way they 29 months away and in fact that Last fight in June 2021 against Juan Masus Montiel of course the best numbers Offensively for Charlo ever is he just Got hit with a right end of o wow left Hook left uppercut beautifully done he Booed when when Andre was on the the Screen fting left hook by to move Forward but again Char can I mean he's Land so many but again oh my Lord Al He's a very creative fighter when he is Way Statistically man there it is again just Artistry P Artistry There's no quit in Jose Ben J that's for Sure you Know counter part of what he's done and Just very efficient And he falling all right he falling in For it you going to see it all Right seven yeah this is going to be Really Ben still trying to find a way He's got to be careful though you don't Want to walk into something because Charlo Charlo sneaky like we talked he Might get that up good in and you know To show the crowd that you know game was A really good Fight wait wait they could job with each Other what's the Difference Qui stop we see on the screen Al yeah and there they are you know Landing 39% of all his punch and I don't

Think we expecting to see those kinds of Numbers of of out so he's not completely Inactive Wow 45 seconds left and charot Looking Ma Charlo as the first fight out Of the way goes 10 rounds with Jose Benas [Applause] Jr go to Jimmy Lenin Jr ladies all three in favor of the Winner by unanimous Decision jmal Hitman Charlo 33-year-old Jamal Charlo improves To 33 and O with the unanimous decision win Over Jose Benitas Jr who tastes defeat For the third time I got let's go to Brian Campbell two and a half years later and Jal Charlo is still undefeated Congratulations

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