Professional american middleweight boxer and WBC interim champion Brian Mendoza with nickname “La Bala” against young and talented american welterweight boxer Sebastian Fundora with nickname “The Towering Inferno”. Fight for WBC Interim Super welter weight belt took place in Dignity Health Sports Park , Carson, USA on April 8, 2023 Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Brian Mendoza (USA) vs Sebastian Fundora (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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All right do I even need to say it here It is every single fight a giant height A giant reach introducing first out of The Red Corner he wears the black trunks With silver trim weighing in at 153 and 1/2 lb coming off of two back-to-back Knockout victories his record now 21 Wins 15 by knockout against just two Losses Albert ker New Mexico he's Fighting out of Las Vegas P introducing The world rank Challenger Brian Laal Menoa and his opponent fighting out of The blue corner he wears the white and Dark gray weighing in 153 and 1/4 lbs His professional record undefeated with 20 victories no defeats one drawl he Brings 13 wins by way of knockout Fighting h of Coachella California ladies and gentlemen the Defending WBC interim super Welterweight Champion The Towering Inferno Sebastian Fundora peace he's good here if you want To touch God Bless working is 700 13th professional Bout after using his the 12 round Victory over Carlos OKO pondor says he's Mendoza he wants to well continue his Resurgence scoring his round one Scheduled for 12 at 154 Lbs imately Fundora utilizing the jab And we saw Victory here at the punch

Blls last time around yeah it's Interesting he boxed in the early rounds Beat myself Yeah and you know 44% of the punches Mendoza lands are body punches he wants To go downstairs as back in August of 2018 and of course gets a lot of world Class sparring when you're in the that Was just that was a really nice right Hand make fendor lean down and then That's when you go for the head the California Redwood working behind the Stick and Mendoza going to the body Making the early to stand right in front Of him I'm going to try and use angles And still be able some punters we'll see How that goes but he is right now Certainly not just standing there angles Picking his shots you know waiting for The right moment and right when uh rid Stepped in he got realiz high fight Saying yeah I got hurt by Luen and I was Told that he wanted to clear the cobwebs And was able to then go and stop Erikson P and Mendoza as for Mendo averages 59 and a Half Brian Mendoza is 510 but it's one A2 and had a 78 1/2 inch reach in the Argument could be made you know mandoza Right there did something that he was on Side and he blasted away to the body He's going to need to continue to do That uh for too long and over walked Into a boxing gym at 15 had about 30

Amer fights made thr the former UniFi 154lb Champion into retirement and yep Have from time to time gotten in against F you know uh Mendoza started out his Career 18-0 and he's 3-2 since then uh Not getting that punch in the overhand Right sweet science who wanted fondor to Fight tall using the jab they're Salivating right now and uh fondor Fondor is using that tab quite a bit Even When fondor putting intelligent pass Sebastian fondor so much more active With the stick here as we the second Mendoza launches the right hand and goes To the body with a Jab we're still on the tarmac through Two rounds [Music] Watch for That let's Go set for round number two distance More because he told us I've always been Able to do it but I'm more he fought Ericon Luben he said Luben was really in His chest so the fight didn't really C More punches against fondor than any Previous opponent yeah and that's Because in those middle runs o was able To get right that's something that we Saw with with Ju when he knocked out but Still try and work a little bit there's That uppercut right uppercut gone here In the third Mendoza in the corner but

Trying to turn the tables does turn Fondor up offense right there by by Grabbing on him and there's the left Uppercut by fondor that continues to Attack the [Applause] Body left Uppercut another left hand and now Fondor going downstairs working the body Just past the midpoint of round Three ooh body shot by third and we're Seeing evidence of the good inside Fighting by fund he Is and Mendoza pivoting back to the Center of the Ring using some head Movement stepping Back left uppercut to the body by Fundora Mendoza finds himself coralled In the corner again before Utilizing Remains The pressure of Pondora the Jab inside [Music] Work got oh be able to land now he get He does the right thing by getting low And then throwing that overhand right And it came close it got the punch of Course that is so good for funar the Uppercut I mean that's just always been A staple of his attack and uh to find The angle and you know Mendoza did bring In the the on the inside side that he Knows fondor also uh presents but how do You RI it a half with an 80 in reach Abner yeah now right here what menza

Needs to Do nice right handza and again in a Accumulation especially early in the Fight St misses with the uppercut Mendoza relegated to just firing those Single shots and then gets pushed back Mza is averaging even fewer punches than His average of 43 but by using all this Lateral movement and not being able to Get enough punches home forced to buide His time waiting for a title opportunity As he opens up on Mendoza he still has To continue difficult fight look easy Because he's uh not everything's Landing Of course but he's starting to to throw More punches put his punches not seeing A lot of punches landed uh some punch Plenty of punches missed um More well tonight spor MMA you know um Mendoza said that He yeah he's going to have to now you Know I talked about using the angles Picking your shots but to plan B go Inside be rugged be aggressive but to M That Pandora obviously utilizing the jab Very effectively but you want this Fromes but he's look hard to get to the Head of fondor which it often is Do is closing the distance a little bit In this round in some Spots gets right there he decides to Hold on instead of work yes very good Point this is the fourth fight at 154 For Mendo he was up at 160 for thear

Fight 21 wins inside the distance for Fondor 13 of his 20 victories have come Uppercuts now on the inside by Pondora Here we go yeah Y and you know meno you want to keep Trying there it is there's that uppercut And right upper cut so it's a an Uppercut Buffet here in the fifth and Inside Mendoza leaning in to Pondora he Is Hurt Charles Dickens approves as we go To round number [Applause] [Music] Six You all right Mike we're getting there For f Fondor nice left hand and here we're Going to see the uppercut moment get in I think yeah got in very Nicely in line to face him once Charlo Left hand injury fully healed and again Mendoza was trying to do well there it Is he was trying to do what he did in This last Su fights which is you know Pick your shots use the ring Fundora on Outside the ring the height and the Reach but when he's on the inside his Height helps him as well right series The left Hands by Pandora uppercut Jing The mza Mendoza launches her right hand To do although kot of lost by stoppage Of Course and that's why referee Ray Corona

Letting him fight good for him good You're end there for the upper cut the Uppercuts are right there for you meant For you to throw for Mendoza but he's Not 72 pun for And he is up Throwing right hand for though the Combination by Fundora mixing in the jab But really Landing with those uppercuts And [Applause] Six oh double left of [Applause] Shot that he's going to get tired he Think he's doing something he's not Right and uh he will play it to the hilt Here nice uppercutting Inside by fondor He earn money to watch a good fight and That's what he wants to Deliver but once once he's inside he Doesn't let go of his hands now he's Trying to Lo the do Down 8 [Applause] 9 believe for youone never [Applause] [Music] What happens all right leaves his right Hand very low and Mendoza throws a Fantastic hook and you know those last Two Punches trying to throw the uppercut Well there you have it right the

Uppercut from too far back right anner And and you know we've credited fondor With being able to take a knee against Luben here he couldn't do that from a Long distance he misses and boom and That's what did it those two last shots Tim bur as down Goes let's make it official [Applause] With one punch to Brian right hand very low and Mendoza Throws a fantastic hook and you know Those last two punches AB trying to Throw the uppercut well there you have It right the uppercut from too far back Right Abner and and you know we've Credited fondor with being able to take A knee against Luben here he couldn't do That and he was long distance he misses And boom and that's what did it those Two last shots Tim Burr as down Goes let's make it Official knock out now the new WBC Interim super Welterweight Champion Brian [Applause] Mosa no it's Not there you go let's go to

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