Professional amercian welterweight mma fighter and jiu-jitsu black belt Nate Diaz against boxer and youtube star Jake Paul with nickname “The Problem Child”. Fight took place in American Airlines Center, Dallas, USA on August 23, 2023. Spectacular boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Nate Diaz (USA) vs Jake Paul (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Diaz Mr Paul let's go to battle Touch Nelly Jake Paul has become an MMA killer Ben ASD Tyron W top Stockton send the Problem child back to YouTube rounds MMA Versus boxing live from Dallas wait N I like it I like it He's already packing the punch what's he Got now oh nice left from Jake that was A big shot yeah why is it hurt it's on The back fo early up against the ropes J looking for a first round knock Out oh big shots from J Paul N is Scrambling trying to get Tight he's on his toes but he took Another big this is looking really good For J Paul right now little big right Hand to the chin Nate's looking wobbly Here finally he's a TI got use a jab Right now you're you're keeping the guy Off of you but you're not Infected he looks very slow and very Labored Though nice step to the outside for Jake Paul there cutting the angle you got to Be set he said move and duck he's Throwing that right hand a lot so you Got to duck underneath and Body Shots Okay that's where he sted at the Temple gu attempt here SM Him D to the body there from Jake PA got Overexerted and look at those body shots He's sneaking in you know it's like he

Like he knows The oh again put a jab together doesn't Know how to put a one two together so This is going to be a hard night for him Unless he can get close and do this but Everything's a slap shots he doesn't Turn his knuckles into these shots Yeah it's almost a little a little Joe Zagy in the way that he he straight Right hand those are the punches that Are going to be effective now against The Nate Diaz who's coming right out Nice right Hands by Jake Diaz Nate gets A left hunk in there though he's Starting to land punch this is where Nate starts to thrive when he can make It a scrappy messy fight no one could Outlast me i' Outlast all the boxers Your right Hand what's the what's the move for a Fighter see what he just did right there Jake took Jak Paul as well telling him To move telling him to try and create Space they can tell they try and wear on Him at close range and I'm a big fan of A lot of people here waiting on it Now Jake landed that the left eye of Nate in round one but since then Diaz is Handled himself pretty well big left Down from Jake another one that's been His money punch good short left there From Nate Diaz and a nice show up on the Inside as Well it just seems to me like and

They're not turning over there's more More of a Slap the oh again there you Go ready to go big body duck right on The Belt Line Oh R not in a good time now he likes This kind of Fight GL do you think Nate Diaz has Taking the the the the size of the glove Like hey these punches aren't going to Hurt I think he's feeling more confident That he can cover himself with the Gloves as well but to me Jake Paul is Punching hard enough to go through those Nice little slip right there counter Hook okay I see you Jake Yeah make that the punch to get it Done you can see the sweat clouding a Little bit but I think he's still hurt Here I don't think his head's fully in The man of he can only come forward That's that's her only effective way to Fight obviously giving a back try to Just working behind the jab putting his Combination together touching the body a Nice clean one to for they a little just A little bit ago I mean that was good Boxing right there he needs more of he Stepping in as that left hand's coming The left one off the floor which means He's not supported with Power oh Diaz is just

Oh now Jake's trying to clown with Nate Nate starting to put a little more Po minute rounds but he's looking Stronger now that was a better left hand From Nate got through the Guard see and this is the danger with Nate di because wish you can hit him you Keep trying to knock him out get best Moment he knows no other way this is Good hook Again hey how about Diaz bringing the Fight This good Round we're certainly seeing Improvements from Jake Paul PA he doesn't hurt Nate like he did In the first round that was a lovely Hook nice counter right there yeah the Left hand is been Right and we got Jake B sticking his Tongue out at Nate downs from the corner Knock out is he about to get It upstairs Upstairs mixing it up oh a big Uppercut about to go oh c him again n on His heels Wrestle wrestle wrestle wrestle why not Here the funny thing the way that Nate Diaz is just walking off and making it Look really nonchalant it's a fry we Came out of nowhere you can never count Out Nate Diaz look at That you're allowing him to throw a lot

Of punches by walking forward and Stand Up Too Tall stop drops that hook right there What did I say the temple that's away Hook boom right There lovely Timing and the and the but the special Part about that Nate looks like he's Ready to all right Diaz has to come back Strong here in this round oh split the Guard get PA still feels like the later Rounds will be 10 Rounds after one of The bad rounds early on he has his Manager can attack on your gloves not on Your face it's never as punches that you Don't need to take Of course there's excitement in in the You the opponent seeing that the fight Might be Clos around and so for Nate to Be handling himself like this is this is Impressive I have to say you know the Three minute round there look down by His waist every Time nice job here by Nate Diaz to get Back in the Saddle he already sping over he already Off balance I want you to keep your Balance Jak that Hey listen let go no He's Jake knows knockout Jak Jake knows Entertain so he can punch you as you Move into it yeah three of Jake Paul's Last four fights have gone the distance I can tell you what he needs to do with Nate he has the hit Nick with the punch

That Nick also the hook is the punch That goes out of the line out of the Eyesight and then comes right back in so Blurry of punches not a lot of power Behind them though but you got to Appreciate and respect the stamina he's Got oh beautiful shot of on the inside And Diaz answers back and the difference Here as well is that on Jake Paul's put His power behind them Nate tends to push His punches a little bit and keep in Mind this fight with originally go TI definitely in better condition than He was against Tommy Fury that's for Sure Great here in round eight yeah To this round for sure for Nate Diaz the Crowd perhaps sensing something here you Eventually if you land time big right From Paul who's never been 10 Rounds Before how about the gas tank on Diaz I was told about this gas tank I Didn't believe it I'm seeing it trying To make Jake uncomfortable guess what Jake turn go back the other way as well On the inside from Nate Diaz now as Well Oh big finish to the round for n Diaz my Back you stand up like this look you Move around you move around poor regret These next these last two Rounds good budy shot from J the crowd Believes nice work from J from Nate I Love what I'm seeing from Nate he's

Pushing forward he's wearing he's Wearing Jak paa I think he's doing a Great job left hook but Nate's doing Great he's wearing them he's got a big Eye Jake Paul's in shape but Nate's Doing yeah Jake looking better again This round for sure back on his Toes moving a Lot but Nate can say look man I walked You down in The pressure pressure pressure from Nate Diaz there's no doubt about it Sure lot of performance here in the late Stages from CT cin Nate Diaz what a fight this has been so far Excuse me the Nate is impervious to the Punches now he's got bullet Proof knock okay you got qu standing up So walking forward does Diaz have the Power For I've never seen him knock somebody Out cold even against to win score Cards good thing about that yesterday he Said even if I lose to him he still got Fight yeah still can't fight he knew hey This guy's got better boxing there was That left to Jake but maybe Nate's P playing posum You never know when he's nice footwork From Paul yeah Jake Paul put $10 million on The Table get him in the PF right going into Nate Diaz's Antics he's tried to stay in

The Moment yeah it's kind of hard appreciate Jake's professionalism right now because You've had you've had so much fun Watching Nate Diaz hey this is how you beat Nate Diaz Right there you don't play his game I've Been really really valuable to it here We go a minute to go Diaz on the front Foot strong last round for Jake B seems To kind of checked out a little bit just A little bit but let's be honest I mean This is a good overall a good outing for J movements and things of that Nature I definitely think he will have Earned the respect of the MMA world with This performance nice uppercut from Jake Paul St Lu right there From and that will do it Nate Diaz and Jake PA The problem child Jake Paul

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