Professional american super lightweight boxer, WBA and WBC champion Regis Prograis with nickname “Rougarou” against american top ranked athlete and undisputed light weight champion Devin Haney with nickname “The Dream”. Fight for WBC super light weight belt took place in Chase Center, San Francisco, USA on December 9, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Regis Prograis (USA) vs Devin Haney (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Introducing first the Challenger he Fights out of the Red Corner and wears The black with the white trim he scaled The super lightweight limit of 140 lb Bang on his professional record perfect 30 fights by way of knockout fighting Out of and representing the man Area here was one of boxing bighest Youngstars The Undefeated the former Undisputed Rightweight champion of the world de the Dream Hey and his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the blue corner he is The defending world champion he wears Black with red and white Trim his heavy-handed South CL scattered Already 139 lbs professional record 29 Victory One defeat with 24 of those 29 wins Coming by way of knockout fighting out Of New Orleans Louisiana here is the reigning and Defending WBC super rwe champion of the World reges Rug Kogen Kogan This way reg Just right Here remind you please listen and follow My instructions at all time protect Yourself at all time Fight Hard fight Clean good luck to both oh

Boy despite seven straight fights Without a stoppage Haney has promised to To the 140 lb division where the Monsters Liv dream let's Go to him from using that jab when it Comes to prog he has a pesky jab you Know the fight with laneno Haney had to Go down to the body to win that that That close decision PR old school Fighter I mean we know we have a master Technician uh in Haney but when it comes To Pro PR he's a Relentless Pressure nice nice upper body movement That's what I wanted to see from in Front of Haney barely making a Miss he is taken over as the chief Second for this fight Bobby beton the Long time trainer Tonight back downstairs goes prr for the First time in a long time and he makes His Deut from that Angle good combination there From both of them just miss big punches Right there stopping him downstairs Throw some foot faints maybe you can Come over the Top We saw that before when reges PR fac K Re counter de JB with a straight left Punching between the gloves that's what That's what reg needs to do good that's What we're talking about Bill Haney and Deon Haney told us when we spoke to him

That they have a secret punch that must Be It the push down Jack Reese on the St what kind of was worri about Deon Haney holding haven't seen a lot of that Yet excellent r by he violating don't Change the game plan third round much Better round from Deon Haney right Uppercut right there that's that Constant Sergio you said that was a Great roundout for Deon hay when we got To the corner his dad was saying listen This a 12 Jabs I was talking about Double and tripling up the Jabs cover That chin up and go in right there see Oh they put it Down with a l quick Strike a beautiful right hand right Always dangerous but that was a Picture Perfect shot from Deon Haney you know Talking to him this week straight right Hand yo but Haney's throwing it with Mean intentions and now he's throwing it Down first of the body you can see that Was that's part of the strategy right There we know Deon Haney been a Lot there's the Speed oh hiis almost caught him with That check hook coming [Applause] [Music] In Deep bre look he did drop me but he came Back to win that fight he's got to do it

Again here tonight against he's going to Have to get respect here prr and Chris You were worried about a slow start Fight is dictate the distance of this Fight it's all D at this Point it looks like for someon now he he He needs to watch off for the right Uppercut as well Pro Bigg biggest mistake of PR is Fighting at AG that Deon The Haney Works In he's got to be close or he's got to Be far out look at him both feet are are Stepping with the heels it's just Limited Mobility when you when you step There's that angle from the sofball St He that's how K needs to break that Distance double triple up and stop him For Moving a lot of swelling in the face Han Looks like he just got out of the shower Freshes a [Applause] Daisy creating angles at moving around The center beautiful one two right there Perfect timing right there by Hay Rog needs something to just Beautiful Power Boxing by Deon hay Staying in prog keeping him in check hey Let's send it over to sibi to see who She's got Beast mod in the house and I'll tell you what right now go get After Haney Here out there and then getting hit [Applause]

Return look at That Chris manx is in the corner reg Just program and he's never staying in Front of you long whether he ping the Moving that's that's how that's how you Get the job done beautiful shot right There didn't even step back well both of These fighters in the buildup had plenty To say about what would happen tonight Deon hany was why was I so dominant why Did I make it look so easy and that's Exactly what he's done through five Rounds here in San Francisco tell you Guys right now from this point forward Devin Haney is going to be dangerous Nice little right hand and left hook Right there he has found his 50 to 44 Shut up right now for Deon Haney that First round could have gone either slow Round I edged it to Deon Haney landed a Couple of more power shots but since Then it has been 50 to 44 in favor of Deon Haney Haney has T no answer and Deon Haney now start Popping the jab and Landing that wheel So right there PR had an angle on Haney Should Deon Haney is making the guy Believe at number believe is number one At 140 he already got he already dropped PR he's getting the respect so the the Power and the respect are There oh he St him Again with that big that her Reges reg just waved de

In look at and the power Pops in the end You're bound to respect that Power beautiful responsible Power Boxing And look that's the Reason everyone thinks that we saw him Not stepping with his shots you know When you're reaching that Chin's exposed From Down Under right there so the Uppercut is going to be open oh right Hand range right there is no good for Reg's prog at All gear for so wait for that is well Look at that body shot man and anytime He land that body he shifts to the left Now reg just said this week he was going To handicap reg's prr take he's done That we have not seen reg just land Really a single consequential left all Night PR is being might be watching Rugaru here but I'm telling you right Now this this fight is going to be hard To with with the pivot than you are with The punch yes sir yes sir the ring Against laneno he learned from it and he Brought it to this fight nice left hook To the body right there clean mean he Talking about Sergio right there and Then this right here the pivot out but That's what right where we want to be Let's see if we can get rid of this from That left hand you been able to do It he's right there he's right there go Ahead There nice

Bill just beautiful Man Ted he tamed the Power puncher and a bigger fighter and Re's PR that's PR here that's exactly What speed does Todd speed and accuracy Tame any Beast no matter how hard you Think he's done during this fight Tonight well he's given reges PR the Exact kind of fight suppos to do with The soua but he's doing it so Perfectly opposite way after landing That right hand I mean it's just BR Brilliant ring generalship fo work Movement both ways I mean he's he's Amous when it comes to this boxing thing Which is why he can move one foot is you Know there's a malfunction right there With the Haney's father said let's get This clown out of there A lot of times Haney just sticks to the game plan and Just this a brilliant Perform not yet not yet he going walk His ass down get down I love seeing that Anytime you're dealing with a power Puncher and an aggressive puncher and He's getting walked back that's when you Know you're the Beast something got to Land if you're Landing shots like that n On prade bleeding the land you got to do Something There's the even better part about Deon Han the left the right everything that Deon Haney is putting together tonight I Don't think PR limited I think Deon Haney making that way CAU him again skes

Trying to bait Haney to challenge Him that's the only chance look like Yeah complete shut out Deon Haney 90 to 80 look at that upper cut right there That that was have been a good night Punch right there if Haney landed that Clean want to come in he doesn't want to Take chances because of that Uppercut everything everything in the Book the Arsenal the only thing more [Applause] [Music] Impressive look at That this would have been good night Right here Haney timed out perfectly but It land accidental Clash of heads from a South that distance to give credit to Pro though he could have gotten out of This fight a long could have left the Corner stop it but he's out there Swinging from the H when I say that you said it's Unprofessional that's exactly my game Plan come into the ring if I was on the Same level as Deon Haney as a boxer they Was going to [Music] Improve body Shot because you know the moment you Move he's going to move get him square And land the bombs that's how you get Reges out at this ha's pitching a no hit A no hitter he's pitching a perfect

Fight a perfect game with nothing the Shut Up every time PR [Applause] Reaches I think pro has resigned out of This Fight round Left don't say yeah and then and then You don't understand this okay let's go I take a step back and I'm escaping I Got to get low cuz I know a Hook's Coming I mean he's there boxing coming From Deon Haney not only that but as Soon as he pivot out I mean think about This Devon Haney and backto back Fights is he indeed the best at 135 Going to pick up a strap two Division Champion it looks like at 25 years Old R though still believes or at least Hopes that he can land one money punch Here in The the more aggressive Pro tries to Come in the front door you can expect he Did everything he could do landed all The right shots made all the right Movements wants a knock out Chris Deon Haney all on Haney's part Taking any Chances because he knows that the more Aggressive he's looking for the big Punches he's going to get hit with big Punches Being a beast because he's [Music]

T those are harsh words Ser Davis like What most someone his second Pay-per-view he sold out the chase Center in his first time fighting he is Good he is credentials and he can sell And he may be the new king 140 after he Completely annihilated Reg and the new WBC super lightweight Champion of the world Devin the Dream Haes

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