Professional american heavyweight boxer Chris Arreola with nickname “The Nightmare” against top ranked athlete and multiple champion Andy Ruiz with nickname “Destroyer”. Fight took place in Dignity Health Sports Park , Carson, USA on May 1, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Chris Arreola (USA) vs Andy Ruiz (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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It's time for the Main event of the Evening the Nightmare Arola Andy the Destroyer Ruiz and the referee in charge now to Get instruction listen and follow my Instructions protect yourself at all Times Fight Hard fight clean good luck Fellas Jack Reese the referee you see The respect from both camps tonight's Odd I was tired of my own lack of Discipline I asked God for another Chance being smart by using the whole Entire ring stepping around working that He had just not yet right hand missed From arola right hand by arola plants to The belly and Ruiz able to throw a lot Of natural ability and we'll see it Tonight missing no shots arola able to Get out of trouble early last time in The ring and again he was terribly out Of shape and even in that fight Anthony Joshua was just trying to get that win Wow Hard fast right hand from Ruiz you See How able to move his head out of danger For Mariola good head work it's funny How our view has changed of Ruiz hasn't It look at this combination after that Performance against Joshua Anthony Joshua his cam you see it in the first Round good first round Andy Ruiz very

Quick for Big Man a fast right hand yeah Fast around yeah here you see Andy Throwing a great body shot And he has a big right hand by R and that's why Chris can eat it and Here he goes the one two by Re 14 to six but again he hadn't fought For long up to over 300 lb lost his way And then found to side but he has worked A full camp with arola and again got it Down once before by Anthony Joshua came Roaring back he'll have to answer soon He got caught with a short shot but he Hasn't been here before with Chris arola A different animal in the ring right now Shots when you get hit because he hasn't Been hit hasn't been in the ring for Almost a year so though again Ruiz has Shown to be very resilient but if you Have you know especially with those Splash knockdowns that's what happen Like you said with Anthony Joshua I Would step to him a little bit I Wouldn't be oh TR again Ruiz got caught With a hard shot Now Andrew Ruiz is going to have to be a Little more fluid AR Ruiz able to back out with arola he made A point there at the end of that round That wasn't Just relax relax that was Nothing oh it was a situation where you Know Chris arola came over with that Right hand and hit him on on top of the

Head and he's got power behind those Fast hands oh now Ruiz is hurt again a Counter left hook from arola arola Drives Ruiz back they're trading and Ariola is getting Ruiz is hurt again and He's they're letting it fly all Action Andy Ruiz is going to have to Come up with a different recipe Absolutely he's just he's just getting Beat was doing most offense he was Throwing the punches that's a good hook There from Ruiz able to hit what's going On wild fight so far much more than we Expected that's not what we expected Besides that yeah now he drives that Back at anymore Sean you didn't think You'd see Ruiz on the deck did you Listen I I I I didn't know what I was Going to see man that's why I didn't Make a prediction possible chance to win This fight uppercut there by Ruiz en Able to land with the right hand Ariola Right Hand wow round three Ariola says he was Not hurt we're going to listen into the Corner Jo let's go back guys that was Some wild exchanges in that round oh Chris arola catching Ruiz and then oh cat both of them you Know really block that jab that's what He needs to block that jab and watch out For that landed jab to the body he Landed jab to the head but he stands There and he gets

Caught and you see in the last fight Style matchup tonight it's way down at 40 but you see Power shots are landing From arola that right hand and throw That jab and catch uh Ruiz coming In and I think I seen adjustment from be A little bit more aggressive and let his Hands go a little bit more and I think That though landing on the top of the Head on arola that's that nice sharp Right hand as Well tries the exchange gets out of the Way of the hook comes back and firing With a right hand in a hook arola Standing this Ground slow but surely slowly but sure That you're getting your Rhythm see this right here this is how You combat the speed of Andy Ruiz you Punched with 70% of the people out there Did not expect this to happen and I told You it was going to be a lot closer Chris Ariel I don't feel that way and Look the weight means something when you Come in that much lighter it's Indicative of your preparation Absolutely fighting a discipline fight Yeah I love this right now from Chris He's got it even you think the judges Could have the Same I don't think the judges have this I think this this oh big hook there good Defense Rola keeping his hands up nice And high and he's thinking about defense

Crowd here in Carson Cali Chanting for Andy Ruiz and Chris Ariel is not dead yet Three- punch combination by Ruiz CAU him With that hook Ariola back that's the Fifth round let's go upstairs he's Taught the Beast how to control himself And become a beast when he needs to now What Andy needs to do yeah I mean he's Heard him a couple times wow fast Hands By Ru counter he's much better Countering exactly catching him with a Hook on the way he's got to throw one Combination then another combination Then another combination that's a good Three punch much better round and much Better Rhythm from him in this round but It's I think it's a matter of him being Second not being first and not walking Come on man we see it right now and he's Stepping around good body shot there Shots in he should be confident when They've exchanged Ariola has gotten the Better of it that's what he has to do Mix up the punches he he throws that Overhand right and he comes back with That Uppercut that was a good round and There's been a a real back and forth in This fight but again Chris arola with a Knockdown in round number two in each of The last four rounds so it is relatively Close and even though I at the very Least are close Ruiz with the advantage

On the whole as you see in the bot Getting the better of it again 86 96 106 That's not much of a tap at each other They're throwing BS yes so it's a matter Of what hits you and where and how is of Broken nose combination went to the body With the right hand and Finish ariol able to reach him with that Right Hand respect my elders but uh but uh but Uh another round maybe swings to arola Yeah I I have arola one in This really say like Ariel's done more Damage another good three- punch Combination yeah from from Andy Ruiz but Again a judge is scoring land and land With Regularity arola fires back a hook Trying to answer and drive Ruiz back we Are going to go between Rounds back to the corner much better Now much better Ruiz you see the determination five I'm Sorry yeah five not three definitely not Three I told him I said look you he gave Up Andy gave up some ground on us last Round and when we when he gives you that Str is it Different no it's kind of what I knew We'd box at the beginning and close the Right eight yeah I think so very good Thank thank you Joe Brian back to you Cropped immediately so there is Something wrong let me tell you let me

Tell you Riz is doing the right thing Because he came right back with like a Triple jab after that it's kind of Pawing I wonder if it's hurt it doesn't Look very sharp right now Sean that's The the tail tail well you can tell if He's which hand he's going to be using The most but he's still using the left Hand more when we go to the corner I'm Sure Joe is going to ask about it final 10 seconds here what what I see is this Is where the conditioning really starts To pay off both men in top shape all Right we'll figured that out and I was Exactly you heard Joe mention it so he Got hit there he hit me in my wing That's what he said it's almost like a u A dead leg with dead arm but is a dead Wing is there let's go back to Larry Hazard and get his scorecard Larry how Do you have it arola is given a good Account of himself Lu is taking control Of the fight and I think that he's going All right game round seven Ruiz out Landed arola by 13 I think even now I Think that that Chris might be a little Too patient stop well you can want to All you want but that's right but they Goty 40st standing condition 256 lbs in his Career but it's rare to see him just Starched even Deontay Wilder wasn't able To do that to him he got win this fight But he knew it' be a a tough fight in a

Long Night and this is what Chris arola has To do he has to put the pressure on a Little bit Yeah hard body shot there by Arola Riz is very good with the jab Right hand hook his money shot a good Hard right hand to the Body big right hand right there to the Body keep making those Deposits and then the hook that's just Speed we don't see it's in slow motion Right there but all that is speed is a Very mentally strong fighter sharp you See it's kind of pawing out there it's Not badly injured but it's not quite the Same responsibly defensively and keep Trying to work that jab in those onws Now is the time you Championship rounds Refocus this is a new fight and it comes Down to the corner as well telling you This him there with a right hand stop Arola Ariola has kept up his Pace though And has kept his engine running yeah Probably losing rounds like Hey we're in The fight you heard him we're in it but We're going to have to do a little bit More there's got to be something fighter And then that's when the relationship And the connection comes into it's kind Of the classic jab right hand hook bang Bang bang it happen so fast M perfected Listen at Lin I looked over at you I say Yo the one two three Yeah uppercut there from Ruiz that's

Different after the right fight Chris Arola putting Ruiz down in round two and Round two oh B Hook and he takes the arm Again Ariola is hurt says I'm all right I can continue around around round eight Is when settled in found a rhythm Working Here fix that floor Chris look that Jack Like he can do something right now talk About Championship rounds I think the Number one thing Linux you and I know About the championship rounds is it Requires chopping right hand again the One that knocked Ruiz down earlier in The fight I tell you even when Ruiz got Knocked down you could tell he just Touched his knee he didn't want to go Down you know I don't think he can throw Something before that because everyone Just does not have the snap on that jab Anymore oh another Exchange okay we use that jab and try to Find something yeah that that shoulder Is hurt you see the comb say oh my Shoulder's hurt I can't continue anymore It's there to fight Randy Ruiz comes out Firing we don't think so we think it's Wide in favor of Andy Ruiz but again he Has a knockdown and he's hurt Ruiz Several times we heard that from Chris Ariela's corner but we're seeing it From let's see if arola can get that Short right an in there another three- Punch combination from Andy Ruiz that's

The thrat with power he can just use his Body to such natural snap and weight Lands a hook he Andy Ruiz had to walk Through some fire in his room no Question but it looks like he is Answering the Call agree and quick question and it's Had you know twists and turns has been Changed and switch and strategy Seven final minute now the final Round at This here we go oh big Hook from Ruiz Punches when he them there's power Behind that fuming shot he has eaten a Lot of those shots another body shot From Andy Ruiz final 10 Seconds of a fight hell of a fight great Fight Chris Ariel's marking this fight To war to come back assert himself Covered well that shows that he was in Good shape because to recover of the WBA Heavyweight world title Eliminator Andy the Destroyer Ruiz well I tell you what that's a wide Margin and it it could be absolutely Accurate and perfectly judged

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