On this week’s Monday Vibes, Michael is joined by Sam to discuss Chelsea’s loss in the Carabao Cup final. Has Pochettino lost his opportunity to get on-side with the fans? And how impressive was Liverpool’s victory given they were missing Salah, Szobszlai, Alisson, Nuñez and Trent?

We also discuss the breaking news that Real Madrid have reached a verbal agreement with Bayern Munich for the transfer of Alphonso Davies, with the left-back expected to join the 14-time Champions League winners this summer or in 2025.

Also on the agenda is Man United’s loss to Fulham – how big a miss is Rasmus Hojlund and how many more of these results can Erik ten Hag afford? And are Arsenal now favourites for the Premier League title after a huge win vs Newcastle?


00:00-01:00 Intro
01:00-18:00 Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool
18:00-25:07 Man United 1-2 Fulham
25:07-34:16 Arsenal 4-1 Newcastle
34:16-41:09 Alphonso Davies to Real Madrid


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It feels unlikely that he won't last the Rest of the season whoever their manager Is if angelotti doesn't stay after the Next couple of years is walking into one Of the best squads in the world I mean If not the best Squad in the world over The last 18 months I think it's hard to Argue that he's not one of the two or Three best right Wingers in World Football what's up football daily Welcome back to Monday Vibes the show Where we round up the hottest topics From the weekend just past joining me Today football daily debut Sam Rene from Sky Sports uh yeah hello Hello pleasure to be here deut couldn't Have come at a worst time for me after Yesterday's result uh Chelsea fan of Course but yeah terrible terrible timing But pleasure to make my debut anyway Yeah pleasure to have you on board um if You've not seen Sam already uh chck the Fans outside uh premier league stadiums Um then you know stay tuned he may Well Appear on football daily videos in the Future and yeah I'm sure you're going to Be doing some more stuff on the sky Sports channels you like to think so if They like me if they like me well you Got you got a good you got a good Reception at brenford a few weeks ago When we went down together um that was a Good that was a good fun family friendly Place though very family friendly place

Um but I mean there's no better place to Start is their Sam than the carabel Cup Final yesterday where you were in Attendance um I mean I mean where do we Start with this Liverpool W Chelsea nil A lot of anticipation going into the Game given Liverpool's injuries Obviously without Salah nun Allison Trent sober slide to name but a few um But you know Liverpool's experience told In the end Virgil Van Dy scoring with Two minutes remaining of extra time I Guess before we get into the game itself Sam like as a fan at the stadium as a Chelsea fan this Season what does this loss in the final Mean to you I mean it obviously hurts uh Um I think it would have been a Brilliant opportunity for poino to get a Trophy the fans are still a bit unsure About poino I'm guessing with the ex Spurs links but I mean it was it was Difficult because I think the last two Finals against Liverpool are exactly the Same as this one like dominating the Game I say dominating but having the Clear opportunities but then just can't Score um I don't know how that ball Didn't go in the net yesterday it was Disappointing from that factor and then We just seemed to to drop off in extra Time I've seen portino come out and say That the players wanted to play for Penalties I mean that's never the way to

Go in a final you've just got to go all Out or nothing um but it would have been A really good opportunity for him to Sort of get the fans on his side and Maybe push on to get higher in the Premier League table maybe finish in the Top eight but I mean without a trophy This season currently sitting in 11th as Well it doesn't look good now yeah it Doesn't look great I mean it did it did Feel quite telling for po chatino I mean Whoever got that shot of him you know Like head in hands while Nunes jumps Over the hoarding to hug Y and klopp I Mean that is just a a great piece of uh Kind of sports uh sports broadcasting That but um but I mean it really did sum Sum things up I think for what you do I Think you're right you know it felt you Know it felt like such a big opportunity This in terms of you know Chelsea fans If if if Chelsea win that game suddenly Are like oh well we've got the ex Spurs Manager and he's won a trophy with which He didn't wasn't able to do at Spurs Which I think you know that ingratiates Himself with the fans instantly when you Know he has been under pressure um and On top of that it felt like yeah this Was an opportunity against yet Liverpool Side who have probably never been weaker This season and the fact that there are So many opportunities I mean it it was Quite an even game I think overall you

Know Liverpool did have more shots than Chelsea 24-9 but Chelsea's XG in the end was two 2.96 against Liverpool's 1.68 it's very Rare I know it's you know after extra Time as well but so rare for Liverpool To concede over two expected goals in a Game um you know kellerer making that Brilliant save from from Palmer in the First half didn't he Endo blocked to the Rebound from Jackson Sterling then has That that goal disallowed for Ray Marginal offside for Nicholas Jackson um Gallagher then in the second half has Those two brilliant chances both set up By Cole Palmer Um yeah I Mean it did feel like Chelsea couldn't Have done too much more um and yet even Then you know someone like Ibrahim aate Uh you know had a brilliant game in Terms of like snuffing out you know Opportunities before they got to Keller Her um but yeah Liverpool were as the Game went on especially I feel like they Were being broken on increasingly um and Chelsea I guess despite your you know Their dysfunctions in the forward line This year you know all you all Chelsea Really needed was Cole Palmer to be on Song and he was in this game um for There to be a consistent threat from the Blues um having said that you know if if Endo isn't penalized for that you know

Offside is he actually affecting player It's hard to tell I mean you're Obviously in the stadium but like Watching it back it's like you can see Why it was given I can see why Liverpool Fans are annoyed um why I actually Increasingly I can see why Liverpool Fans are annoyed because it feels like Endo obviously blocking cell's path but Then it doesn't feel like cell's Actually making much of an attempt to Get back into the box so um no idea what Was going on with that offside I'll be Honest I thought it was a goal and I Could see Co will and the referee Speaking so I was like okay obviously There might have been a push or it might Have been a block but I didn't see there Was a small screen in front of me I Could see the like the highlights of the Game and stuff but I had no idea what Was going on um even with the Sterling Offside like it was difficult to tell um But it's just two big moments in the Game which obviously again didn't go Either Sid's way but I think there were Positives for Chelsea yeah um some good Performances I know we didn't score and We lacked that Cutting Edge at the at The forward line but Jackson I think he Played really well um cedo played really Well as well I think Petrovic has been Brilliant since he's come in Gusto as Well he started the game a bit flaky but

Then he really way with him doesn't it Yeah he starts he gets he grows into the Game a lot um but yeah we had we had big Chances Gallagher again I think Gallagher's been brilliant since we've Had this sort of change in form in the Last four or five games I think we've Actually played pretty well um he's just Been running running and running running Nonstop and that's what you need in a Team that's sort of lacking experience Like we had a really young Squad Yesterday yes Liverpool put a lot of Teenagers on but we're also a very young Team um and it's still a working Progress whatever the whoever the Manager is really um but yeah credit to Credit to Jackson yesterday Enzo was a Bit quiet but cada I think really Dominated as well as Endo to for Endo For Liverpool was brilliant as well I Think canate like you mentioned was was Brilliant I think the big the biggest Sort of upset for me would be Liverpool's depleted Squad like no Salah No no there's no shly and we still Couldn't beat Liverpool so it's like if Those players were there what what would Have the score been yeah I mean it does But I mean you're right to talk about Chelsea's young Squad there I mean it's Been you know a talking point you know Ever since last season when when the Todd Burley um kind of project got

Underway but it was telling and there Was a lot of talk about it yesterday in In the coverage But it did feel it was did it did feel Telling that this was a you know Liverpool brought on you know three Teenagers you know who all ended the Game um and you know that's the most Teenagers that have taken part in 41 Team in the league Cup Final since 2007 Uh when Theo Walcott and CES Fabregas Were those two of those teenagers for For Arsenal two of four in that game um Which I believe was that the I think That might have been the one that Chelsea won and John Terry got kicked in The face by Abu Derby Glory um but um but obviously yeah Comparing that you know Academy products Coming on for Liverpool too Chelsea's Very expensively assembled Squad of Young players you know I I guess it is Just another sign of of where those two Projects are in terms of what klopp's Built at Liverpool in terms of the Continuity between Academy level and the First team and also the fact that McConnell and Clark you know were were Bought from two clubs in the Northeast Sunderland well I mean McConnell was Really um Young when he joined from Sundland in 2019 but then Clark joining From Newcastle in 2021 for I think 1.5 Million you know even then at that age

Kpps you know was very insistent with Him that he'd get a part to the first Team and it's happened now um and all Three of those players I think performed Really admirably in extra time whereas This Chelsea side like you were saying You know looks really really tired an Extra time and and poino it kind of felt Like pochettino had done all he could And he he looked kind of defeated at the End that like you know even with what Was a decent tactical plan throughout The game um against you know a Liverpool Side that were depleted but still had Van dijk still canate still had um you Know someone like Endo performing out of His skin in Midfield mallister I thought Also had a brilliant game um they still Couldn't quite do it you know Robertson Also back at left back as well so you Know there was they were up against an Experienced back line but you know even With grenberg coming off in the first Half and forcing Joe Gomez to come on um What did you think about that that Challenge on yeah I I I think it I'm Amazed that Keda got away with a without Even a card um I must admit I think Yeah it feels a I don't know the thing Is it's one of those ones that you've Seen in the Premier League the last Couple of years where you know sometimes That has even been a red um but I think It probably was well yeah I think it was

At least a yellow I think it's s of an Orange one of those orange cars it was Similar to the Maguire one in Fulham yes Where he sort of go to get the ball and We've all been there playing football You accidentally stand on someone's foot Or ankle uh the Liverpool bench CU I Could see them they were absolutely Furious yeah absolutely I feel like with Yeah like it's like yeah you're right to Compare it to the Maguire one I feel Like the ciso one feels almost a little Bit more out of control cuz it looks Like he doesn't quite know what's going On there and the fact that graur is Planted just makes that difference Doesn't it makes it challeng in his Ankle it's never nice those um so I Think yeah klopp was saying after the Game that that's a potential ligament Injury so we'll see what happens there Liverpool's Midfield is absolutely Depleted at the moment but yeah I guess Let's try and a light on I think I think My man of the match was was Wu Endo like Absolutely dominated in the Midfield in A game which I thought actually would go A bit differently I kind of expected Chelsea to dominate Midfield given the Form of Gallagher and actually Enzo's Been kind of coming into his own a bit More recently um but actually you know Liverpool still still kind of controlled The center of the park and it was

Chelsea who were kind of hitting Liverpool on the Counterattack more and Yeah and I mean 89 touches Oni van djk Had more for Liverpool six tackles on The night I think he only missed two I Think 75% success rate with his tackles Created a chance as well um I mean for 20 I mean 20 million EUR is actually not You know not a small am fee to pay for Someone of endo's age but given Liverpool struggles to get a defensive Midfielder in last summer um and given That Endo actually started quite slowly And there wasn't that much faith in him I think his form over the last two Months um has been absolutely brilliant Um and another I guess example of of Liverpool's Ability to kind of yeah recruit Undervalued Stars I mean when you look At the other side cedo versus endo and Endo's come out on top this Liverpool Wanted cedo so done him a favor in that Way I mean Liverpool and we're willing To pay basically as much as Chelsea were Um Endo yeah he he definitely dominated Yesterday in that Midfield I mean every Time Chelsea won the ball back he'd be There to win it back from them and then Start the Counterattack so I think he Was a like I say a massive his his Physicality does kind of go quite Underrated his ability to then and pick Out a pass I think it was for L Diaz in

The first half was just absolutely Brilliant and yeah it's the kind of Thing that you expect from an Enzo or a Kaiso uh not to say that kaiso wouldn't Have been a success at Liverpool had he Gone there last summer um but any anyone You want to shout out before before we Move on Sam Cole Palmer for me just Watching him he's just he's just Brilliant I I kind of feel sorry for him That he played so well and he didn't Score or get an assist or there were so Many times that he'd like cut back and Find an amazing pass across the pitch But there was a couple times as well Where sort of Liverpool's right hand Side was very open I think it was one of The Gallagher chances where he couldn't Get out of his feet properly but there Was a few chances where chilwell was Sort of overlapping and maybe if he'd Sort of looked up a bit sooner and Played it there was one where I think he Had a shot rather than playing the pass I think it might have been that one with Chilwell but it was difficult because Again he was he was was just amazing he Absolutely sort of dominated that right Hand side he was always free him against Robinson was a great battle to watch as Well um Gusto as well um and Kell for Liverpool I mean he seems to be Chelsea's cryptonite at the moment so Like every every time he's played

Against this in the Cup Final we have we Haven't scored so it's whether he's been Put in there as a bit of Mind Games uh But we'll see but obviously scored the Winning penalty that last in that last Shootout as well um yeah you're right to To highlight Palmer and Gusto I think For Chelsea in general this season I Feel like that is a big positive that That like that right hand side is is Probably one of the strongest in England Actually I think with Palmer and Gusto Overlapping there like I think like Malo Gust has really come into his own Recently um but I mean I guess yeah Congratulations Liverpool 10 League cups Now you know um you know stretching Their lead as as the most successful Club in the competition one of four Potential trophies that up for grabs for Liverpool and Jurgen klopp in his final Season in charge farewell tour on his Farewell tour exactly um but I guess Before just before moving on Sam I want To get your take on this PO chatino now Like you say 11th in the league has lost You know lost out on a potential piece Piece of silverware this year it it Feels unlikely that it feels unlikely That he won't L the rest of the season But do you feel like come the Summer that that they could that you Know that his job is in danger I mean he L he looked very defeated yesterday

After the game um I still have faith in Him um might be a bit difficult to say After losing a cup final and but it's Just I don't know where we would go from From potina I mean we've tried it we've Had Potter um obviously T show a lot of Chelsea fans including myself have got To see him go um for available in the Summer I mean yeah I mean I don't I Don't see how I don't see how they could Go back to to tou I mean I would love Love t come back in um but yeah I can't See them getting rid of Po I just like I Said I don't know where you'd go I mean There's no obvious name out there Especially Al who are you able to Attract exactly yeah with people looking At and saying they've signed all these Players they aren't related to Potentially what poino wanted they're Just players that are built for the Future and if they can't come in Straight away and make an impact it's Going to happen again so it's difficult To to see who would come in um again You'd have to go for a project manager And and then you've got to give them Time so that that's just the reality Back to square one isn't it it's the Reality of where Chelsea are at the Moment we need a long-term project as Much as I don't it's disappointing not Winning trophies immediately and not Playing well immediately but in the

Longer run you'd like to think that we Can put these big runs together of Trophies like previous years like under Mourinho winning a champions league and I mean I can't remember the last time we Won a premier league title it feels like So so long ago um but a win yesterday Would have Definitely given him a lot more time Under a lot of Chelsea fans um but for Me I think just see if we can finish top Eight I think would be would be good Some type of European footb I mean top Four is definitely out the question yeah Of course yeah top six potentially as Well but I think if we win our game in Hand you look at the table we got for Round eighth so top eight I think is Definitely an improvement from 10th last Season I mean and it's probably not much Higher than most people were expecting This year I think I think I said Chelsea Are capable of a top six finish but Obviously you know given the Circumstances given that Squad turnover Given it's Poo's first season in charge Given the feeling around the club you Know it was always going to be a big Task to really get Chelsea into Contention um in that top still in the FA Cup there's there's a chance for us To to win a trophy and finish in the top Eight and I think that would be I Wouldn't say a successful season but I

Think that would be a season that I Would take it's a positive step positive Step forward yeah um so yeah like you Say Chelsea leads in the FA Cup this Weekend uh this week sorry before Brenford Newcastle and then Arsenal in The league so some tough fixes coming up Liverpool have Southampton on Wednesday Uh then forest in the league and then City after Sparta prag in the Europa League City in the league on the 10th Huge huge one that for the title race We'll get on to the title race again in A second but first we've got to go to Old Trafford of course cuz man united uh Not putting in a great display 2-1 uh it Finished to for um ending what was a Really positive start to 2024 for Man United they' been unbeaten in this Calendar year five games that run Stretched to but this result pegs them Right back to eight points behind fourth Place Aston Villa who of course beat Nottingham Forest on the weekend and That Gap could grow further still with Man City coming up at the ety had next Or this weekend coming up um of course Man united were without Rasmus hland They were without Luke Shaw kind of two Of their key players um in recent weeks Um you know that saw Victor Lindelof Playing at left back um which I'm not You know I I still don't quite get the Logic of given that there's doo do is

Capable of playing there I know he's Been very good at right back of late but Stylistically it feels weird to have Lindelof playing at left back um Omari Forson also forced to make his first Prem start of the Season Marcus rashford Up top manag just one shot on target all Game Harry McGuire managed four shots uh This game um and I think that was Probably indicative of United's Performance to be honest the fact that Harry McGuire was United's biggest goal Threat they actually ended with more XG Than than fham but a lot of that came in The final 10 15 minutes and um at all Trafford I it just yeah it's just kind Of unacceptable for for a United side to To really be coasting that much up until 70 minutes um I think it's just it's Just the consistency isn't it like you Say A really good start of the year and then A step backwards when you get defeated At home by Fulham yeah I mean it's Strange for me watching man united Because they seem to sort of kick into Gear once they go a goal behind they Only seem to realize all right we need To win this game but then again filam Made some good substitutions bringing on Tri later on against the tiring Manchester United Team who were trying To get back into the game I think it's Brilliant I mean filam credited and I

Think I think they played really really Well obviously man united weren't Weren't great but I think yeah Fulham Definitely deserve a lot of applauded For their performance having I think it Was like 17 shots yeah which is pretty Crazy at Old Trafford to be a team That's sort of mid-table weirdly enough I think that's actually the fifth most Shots the team has had at Old Trafford This season really which is pretty Damning like um yeah it should it should Be a kind of a bit of an exception but I Think wolves had more on the opening day Of the Season not to take away from Filam because it yeah it was a great Performance Alex aobi was of course Great on the day um obviously scored a Great winner like you say Adat trior Introduction was was brilliant from Marco Silva like really read read the Game well there um Rodrigo mise didn't Score but you know probably should have Scored hit the post forced a good save From from monana as well he's got four In his well had four in his last three Before this game um but it's still feels Like you know the team that United put Out were capable of of of getting a Result I think I guess War worryingly um And maybe inevitably given his age um This was probably the first game that We've really seen kobby Mayu struggle in Yeah from a defensive standpoint at

Least I think him and casemiro as a as a Midfield partnership just didn't really Click in this game you know it was that Seemed like a big loss as well when Casmir had to come off yeah I don't know If that sort of changed the game plan From Fulham slightly where they found a Bit more space there was that aobi Chance where he just seemed to pick up The ball through the lines and drive at The main United defense and they s seems To part ways yeah absolutely parted ways Yeah um yeah I mean how Casmir and Mayu Let the ball get between them there was Bad and then also Casmir and Varan at Fault for a um kind of passage of play That that led to andrees pereira's Chance in the first half um so yeah Slightly worrying times um but Equally I think yeah United just have to Pick themselves up as quickly as Possible after this they you are without Rasmus hland that's a big next weekend Against man city which is massive and Yeah like so far this season we haven't Seen rashford be able to perform as a Center forward um so yeah that that that Poland injury couldn't have come at a Worst time really um seems concerning That you didn't have I mean Maguire had Four shots yeah I'm not sure how many Rashford had but I think he had two and Poland there the the difference is is Quite worrying actually FOC ahead of

Manchester City it's like where where Your goals come from and and and I think That the problem with it with that hland Injury is that it's completely Destabilized that forward line like Garnacho has really come into his own on The right hand side of the attack Marcus Rashford was playing his best football Of the season for the last few weeks on The left um not of because neither of Those players in those positions um so So yeah the balance of that attack just Just looks off at the moment when it was Just clicking into gear because hland Was not getting much service up until The last five weeks um with question About Bruno Fernandez as well I mean What are your thoughts on his his season So far um yeah it's not it's not been Great he actually had I think the most Shots of any United player in this game And actually was probably the only Player in the forward line really kind Of consistently doing something in this Game but but generally speaking yeah This season has been been probably want To forget for Fernandez due to the Inconsistencies in the side maybe that He's when he doesn't perform United Don't perform he does perform he Obviously needs the players around him To perform but I think it's a yeah I Think it's a number of factors I think There's there's that there is certainly

That that that United's um attacking Structure just hasn't hasn't been there This season but equally I think is just You know he's just played so much Football over the last five years now I Mean he he joined what United over four Years ago now January 2020 and has Basically has barely missed a game since Then um so I think that I think that Does take its toll yeah the lack of a Consistent Midfield behind him uh means That he's having to do probably more Defensive work than than he should um Yeah there are a number of factors with Bruno Fernandez but certainly one of Yeah certainly his his form has been a Major factor in in United season um so Yeah let us know your thoughts on man United again like pochettino lots of Talk from from tenh har this this week Saying that him and Jim Ratcliffe are You know well aligned in terms of their Vision for the club obviously you know With this uh with Ratcliffe you know um You know holding more and more influence At the club as we draw closer to the Summer do you think that ten Hog's Position is under threat I think Potentially if United don't kick on uh Before the end of the season but then Again you know this could just be a Minor blip also City next weekend There'll probably be another Miner blip But uh but yeah we we'll we'll see but

Certainly United's top four hopes once Again look pretty slim uh let's get back To the top of the table now cuz Arsenal Another big statement against Newcastle This time I know Newcastle are not the Newcastle of last season they have been Very consistent this year but a really Really convincing display from are in Form at the moment absolutely banging The goals in 25 goals in the last I Think it six games which I think is the Most any team has any team has started a Calendar year in in premier league History and Arsenal of old used to Always they used to drop off after the New year but it seems that they have now Just kicked into gear um sacker as well Seven goals in his last six games it's Coming the right time for Arsenal I mean You look at Man City when they sort of Come into this time of the year they Sort of kick on and now you've got Liverpool look like a depleted Squad at The moment but maybe this carbel cup win Will spur them on to win a trophy in Klopp's final year but Man City and Arsenal they look do look like the top Two for me at the moment they look Dominant at the moment and it's Difficult to see sort of other than Man City where where sort of Arsenal can be I mean that I think I don't want to say It but I think out of man sitting on AR I'd say arsenal at the moment look

Probably favorites to me yeah I mean They certainly are playing the better Football aren't they they're certain Certainly winning games in a more Convincing fashion obviously yeah the City beasting Bournemouth like you said But you know Bournemouth yeah could have Could have got a draw there you know in Some ways that's worrying for the teams Around them because if City are winning Those games which they they they may Otherwise be drawing then when they do Play well you know that that should make Up that difference but yes you know Arsenal best goal difference in the League now you know that they haven't Conceded over five uh 0.5 expected goals This calendar year in the Premier League That defense is just brilliant and now The fact that they're actually you know Scoring you know most of their chances Which which means they're scoring four Or five goals every game um is really Scary stuff it is really scary stuff and I Think yes yeah they lost in the Champions League but you know the one Change that artetta made from that game Was bringing georgino in and putting hav Up top taking trossard out of the side And it worked wonders I mean georgino I Mean I know he's you know georgino has Not been without his critics but you Know he has played a significant role

Now for Arsenal um in in just over a Year of being there you know when he Came in last year I remember him scoring That that winner against um was it Aston Villa in the title run in obviously Wasn't enough in the end for Arsenal to Win the league but when he's been called Upon recently you know he was brilliant Against Liverpool in that 3-1 win wasn't He back in You know or back earlier this month it Feels like an age ago a few weeks ago um But was brilliant in that game was Brilliant in this game you know Completed 92 passes which was 25 more Than any other player on the pitch um Had you know more touches than anyone Else on the field as well so really Dictated the play but it wasn't only That you know I think with georgino it's Like yeah for sure he can he can you Know he's he's TIY on the ball there's No question about that but I think it's Just what he was doing as well you know Putting the ball over the top for for Martinelli to set up Kai havs you know a You know was was pinging those kind of Balls in behind the defense on a number Of occasions in this game um I think hav As well has has made a difference um in The last last couple of games it looks Like maybe he's found his his home at Arsenal in a way um Chelsea again it was Whether we play him up top on the W on

The wing in the central attack and mid Position but Arsenal it seems like he's Play playing is like a false nine and That's the way art wants to play and It's working at the moment um whether he Can continue his goal scoring forms a Different question because that was Always the problem at Chelsea but yeah Two former Chelsea players doing the Wonders for Arsenal it seems yeah Absolutely absolutely um yeah Chelsea Chelsea giving Arsenal that that that Title power there um and but it's an Interesting one about havs because I Think I was speaking about him to Doogie And Sam about a month ago on Sunday Vibes and they were both more of the Thinking that htz was not worth the £65 Million because you know that's the kind Of money that you should bring in for a Player to win you the title and I think That I just think that's really harsh I Think if you're you know in this day and Age in the Premier League especially When you're competing with Man City who Have spent you know 60 million pounds on A number of players some of many of whom Don't even make the first team on on a Week-by-week Basis um I think £65 million on HZ is Not make or break for a title I think You know that's havitz was one of a Number of players signed last year for To push Arsenal onto the title and so

Far I think he's contributed quite a lot I think it's six goals now in the Premier League yes he's had games where He hasn't performed but you know in that November period he was crucial to Arsenal winning games now he is crucial To Arsenal winning games like you say I Think positionally he looks more Comfortable you know either playing in Midfield as one of a Midfield three or As a full n there doesn't seem to be Kind of confusion there it feels very Clear that artetta you know very much Has a plan for him game by game he's Massively added to that Squad depth as Well I think that could be the reason Behind these these big results that they Have a a bigger Squad that they can rest Trossard and bring HS in and vice versa They can bring georgino in and it's it's Massively helped their squad they don't Look tired at all if anything they look Rejuvenated after the new year which is Again very scary for the other teams in The Premier League yeah absolutely Absolutely um and you're Yeah it's funny to see Arsenal you know Obviously start the season a bit slower Kick into gear now it it does feel a Little bit like peps Man City doesn't um So yeah and they've got some favorable Fixtures coming up as well Sheffield United and brenford in their next two Prem games then then they host Porto in

A game which could be I guess a bit make Or break for their morale um you know They'll really want that momentum to Carry on into the champions league and Turn that tire around go get into the Quarterfinals then they have Chelsea Then they have man city which of course Absolutely crucial but zenchenko and Parte could be back within the next week Tommy ASU and Timber then the only Players out injured artesa has got a lot To choose from there he's got a really Really fresh Squad compared even with Man City obviously we talked about Liverpool's title WEP and Liverpool's Injury problem sorry and yeah on the Subject of sacka you know there's been a Lot of uh cat on social media recently YouTube videos Twitter on the Twitter Timeline as well about you know is sacka World class is he not I mean on the in This kind of form I think it's it's hard It's really hard to argue with I think Even before you know earlier in the Season when he wasn't you know getting The rub of the green when he wasn't put You know when he wasn't consistently Putting in the performances I think it Was even hard to argue then I think Sacka over the last 18 months I think It's hard to argue that he's not one of The two or three best right Wingers in World football you look at who else you Know dominates those positions you know

You look at Leroy San's form this year Absolutely brilliant you look at someone Like Usman demell who on form is Absolutely world class as well but aside From those two I don't think there's Many who who compare to sacka um right Now across Europe let us know if if you Have any shouts yourself oh of course Mo Salah um so uh yeah yeah yes yeah Injured at the moment um I mean yeah It's I mean Salah is the best isn't he Um but I think I think Salah I think Saka and and and San this season are are Clearly the two the two behind him um And if if your definition of world class Then I don't really see what more sacka Can do yeah him him and odard look like The main two for Arsenal but they can Pick the game up and they can just Dictate how they want odard especially He he just dominates the game for those Little patterns of player especially the First half where though those little Kind of Round the Corner balls from the Two of them they're just so insane he he Rarely shoots but he always finds a Player in a bit of space and it could be Sacka and sacka just looks so dangerous Every time he picks the ball up you can See the Defenders is trying to Usher him Down the right but then he'll twist and Turn and come back in and score yeah Yeah he's he he's pretty Unstoppable Like that isn't he um yeah just such an

Unpredictable uh Winger um so yeah let Us know your thoughts about that about Sacka about Arsenal are they you know Now I know they're third but are they Title favorites now with that goal Difference with Liverpool's injuries uh With man City's kind of indifferent form Um after what looked pretty promising After um Kevin De bruyne came back into The side I say in different form they're In good form their performances are not At the level that we maybe would expect From City at this point trying to make It make it seem interesting the premier Le title but we all know man city Probably going to go on to win it but it Be I mean it wouldn't be nice to see Arsenal win but maybe a different bit Different team to win it absolutely I Mean we can't have them winning four in A row can we I I still I still for some Reason I still fancy Liverpool I think That caribel cup win I just think the Feeling around the club is great and yes Lots of injuries at the moment but I Just think the club factor that last Year there's just something about that That makes me think Liverpool are going To pull through especially when Salah Returns from injury as well okay let's Finish off the uh the show with what was Some breaking news this morning um and Speaking of yeah speaking of worldclass Players speaking of dominant teams Real

Madrid uh reaching a verbal agreement With Bayern Munich for the signing of Alfonso Davis either either this summer Or the summer of 2025 Um they've been in contact with with Davis for some time huni khalifat who's The kind of The Mastermind behind Real Madrid's recruitment of players like Venicius Rodrigo andrick now even fed Fedy valde uh in the last decade um uh Has been yeah in contact with Alonso Davis's camp for you for the last few Months there's been a lot of talk in the Papers about this um and yeah Alonso Davis's contract is up at Bayern Munich In 2025 um so it it basically comes down to Whether Bayern Munich can tie him down To a new deal and then get a decent p a Decent fee for him this summer or Potentially next or whether they are Unable to do that and they're forced to Sell him this Summer it feels unlikely That BN would would let Alonso Davis go For free I think I think they were yeah Try and get a fee for him I imagine I Don't know how much you think he's worth But I imagine something around 50 Million Maybe even even with a year left On his deal I feel like Real Madrid Might bargain for lower yeah I mean he's For me best left back in the world in my Opinion um and Real Madrid seems to be

Building a super squad at the moment Which is is really scary for the rest of The teams in Europe and whoever their Manager is if angelotti doesn't stay After the next couple of years is Walking into one of the best squads in The world I mean if not the best Squad In the world yeah I mean it's pretty mad The idea of Alonso Davis overlapping Vin Junor on the left um if they can get a a Top top class right back in then you've Got them and and Rodrigo on the right Even Valverde playing out there then That Midfield of Shu manyi kaminga and And Bellingham of course modri scored an Absolute Beauty against sevia on the Weekend but you know I can't you know Even throw into that if if he does I Mean yeah and then if they get mbappe up Top ridiculous andri if he can you know Even if end takes a couple of years to Get going like he looks like a really Special player and you know commercially Endri is already like you know on this Pedestal um it feels like yeah it kind Of feels Like uh well it basically is it's kind Of it's Florentino Perez's kind of Galacticos dream G galacticos 2.0 but done in a far more Or 3.0 I guess cuz you know you know we We did have that second ERA with the Four champions leag but but but kind of Done in the way that I think it always

Should have been done whereby you know You you recruit these Stars before they Hit their Peak and they're all probably Going to hit their Peak around the same Time you look at Bellingham and venas Jor where they are at the moment and you Know they they could only you know they Can only get better really um so yeah it Does it does feel it does feel pretty Scary especially for Spain as well I Guess this is the thing with with Barcelona situation at the moment I know They won La Liga last year and they have Picked up a bit more for recently but Their financial situation their Financial situation isn't getting any Better um Atletico Madrid will always be More financially limited than those two Clubs as Well I mean do you just see Real Madrid Just winning every La Liga for the next 10 years you can't see anything other Than that I mean they're like I said They're building an absolute super squad That could go on to dominate football For 5 to 10 years it's it's difficult to See how Barcelona get out of this Financial mess And with players like mbappe and Davis Sort of running down their contracts Real Madrid have got money to spend Because these players are coming for cut Price fees like mbappe could go for free And Davis could be below 50 million and

A few years ago that is that would have Been crazy to think of but they're Saving money when they're getting these Players for so cheap which they could Invest in other areas of the pitch like A right back or players that they think That could build their squad around or Squad depth or bring in a big manager or Something give y CL the Reigns in 2 Years time or something so yeah I I I Can't see them not dominating football Even not just in Spain but just in Europe I mean if Pep Guardiola leaves Manchester City in the next few years I Can't see another team that are going to Compete I mean I don't think man city Will stay the way they are um but it's Difficult to see past Real Madrid really Yeah it's certainly difficult to see see P their dominance uh there um and yeah I Guess I guess Barn were were already Little bit you know thinking about a Succession plan with getting Guerrero in Last summer um so yeah all Point madri His injuries he has had a fair few Injuries but again if they have a backup Left back I'm sure it's not going to be A problem seems like the only thing that Needs to be done now is just an Agreement with Bayern or the player to Agree with Bayern that he's going to Stay for you live on a free but again Like you said I don't think that's going To happen yeah I mean I mean their depth

There is pretty I mean they have Fon Mendy they have Fran Garcia there as Well they've got pretty good Pretty good backup even I mean even Kinger was playing there last year Wasn't he towards the end of the season So um so yeah you're definitely right The the the amount of of kind of Disposable income that that that Real Madrid now have to to kind of fine-tune Those other areas of the squad because Of how intelligent they've been in the Transfer market over the last few years Um yeah it it really does set an example To the rest of the the elite clubs in Europe and pretty mad to think given and They splashed that 100 million on Eden Hazard only 5 years ago and how that Turned out uh but that's all we have Time for on this week's episode of Monday Vibes what did you make um of the Weekend's action what do you make of Alfonso Davis to Real Madrid is the Writing on the wall for the rest of Europe um especially with the new Champions League format kicking off next Season Sam thanks so much for joining Me I wish it could have been under Better circumstances than yesterday but Hopefully next time you pretty excited When I when I uh asked you asked you on The show the other day but uh I think You're quite a bit more confident I was I I mean I was going to rock up here

Wearing a Chelsea shirt with a a fake Trophy but yeah let's was that would Have been absolutely unacceptable um so Glad you didn't glad you didn't and glad Chelsea lost in that respect uh but yeah Thanks for joining me and uh yeah if you Enjoyed this video of course subscribe To football daily if you haven't done so Already uh yeah let us know your Thoughts in the comments and we will see You later in the week

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