Professional swedish lightweight boxer Anthony Yigit with nickname “Digit Yigit” against american top ranked athlete and title challenger Rolando Romero with nickname “Rolly”. Fight for WBA Interim light weight belt took place in AT&T Center, San Antonio, USA on July 17, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Anthony Yigit (Sweden) vs Rolando Romero (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Yig of course took this fight as we said On short notice now he was scheduled to Fight at 140 can you dig it Y Rolando Ry Roo okay you pretty F instruction Protect yourself obey my okay let's do It Bell and round one Romero in the Multicolored trunks jot in the black With yellow stages have been in the First two rounds however his undefeated Record is disputed the majority of Viewers including our unofficial scorer Uping off balance from that Left as braggadocious as Romero is he Said he would stop yot in the first Round although again yeah that was a Decision that was hotly disputed and you Know he has knocked out his other three Leftand that immediately utilizing the Jab backing jig up in this round jig um You know he wants to use angle Especially you know against R you don't Want to stand stand in the center of the Ring of 2019 in London one an electric Eight round decision against s o school Taking this fight on short notice is the Reason why jig isn't the favorite those Things were the case his experience and The level that would actually make him The favorite in this fight but because Of that puncher y we'll see if he's able To do that in this fight he's won three

In a row since his lone seventh round Stoppage due to a severely swollen left Eye against Ivan Baran it was later discovered that jig Had also suffered a hairline tell the Punches that Romero's throwing the Really bad intention punches and they're Knocking off balance yes he's looking For that first round Romero is loads up With everything always that he throws But you can see it even more pronounced Now J with the right Hand and jig's being really he's waiting For Roma to come in and he's Landing That left hand and he's moving for out Of range but he went back where he Started and that's why you got Hit so much for the prediction from Rolando Ry ROM under 147 let's take a Look at the keys for these Men round number two and uh of course Romero will say anything to uh get some Attention and Abner again saying he's The hardest is that you know he talked About coming in fight or anywhere oh oh But he gets tagged by and he moves away From from Target so he's fighting so Well good Romero is still looking for That knockout now yig is a little Different for certain power shots so yig Will be a different challenge to than Delay would have been again an Olympian For Sweden in 200 find a little

Difficult to maintain his balance here And that won't help a side head being ad He said I would don't know if I wanted This kind of fight this soon in our Collaboration but whatever the hell he Was said to do it Angelo dund private Jim in Miami as a trainer and trying to Help Anthony gig and remember kaiso said He would have liked a little more time Yeah he went in with the jab right hand And boom he hit the jig with the hook a Boxing match in a greo Roman wrestling Match broke up under a minute left here In round two Romero has kind of found a Home for that right handle little punch Back with the left and Romero holding on To the right Cent the ring the sou pop Using the jab there's a couple of left Hands of Romero they hook cross their Legs off Bal referee Ramos wanting a Clean fight nothing clean about Theo's Had issues with that and Y is having a Lot of issues with That don't sweat the technique we go to Round number three five DJ Cut don't let him get close to you okay All you going to do is try to hold on For de life okay don't let him smother You all right good work you get landed Kind of a slapping left hand he had Taken a and took a right in exchange From uh again we saw the right hand get In that one did and push you get

Back the bell in round number three it Was Spirited sparring sessions at Jim That earned the attention of Floyd Mayweather himself and he signed rol you Want to land that right hand but you Want to come back with the hook being That Jig jig normally throws 77 punches Around he hasn't been able to be the Volume puncher he wanted punches no Punches I got it let's go Romero Speaking of the 135 division the barn Burner between Omar Figaroa and Nito Arakawa absolute war in and of course Omar's younger brother Brandon Figaroa Going titles with Steven Fon September 11th off the ring trying to keep him From moving and Romero throwing punches Awkwardly you know they're always with Bad intentions now you he's pressuring Romero now he started uh maybe like 30 Seconds ago and and it's the white Stance that Romero has that sometimes Make those punches lookig you want to Use those side steps you want to use Angles just like that as he got off the Center line and able to side step to the Right counter shots marrow action Picking up here in the third You get in this fight it's it's been all Through the Fight Continues to have balance issues As well here third scheduled for 12 Between the undefeated Rand

[Music] Romero a SE relax take a breath Yeah well we think the Clash or the the Elbow created a uh a cut yeah there it Is and that and in fact he Complained round four underway and Romero trying to put together his soupa Yig with that left hand lands of course For Romero the the right not really able To get it off well in five of his last Six fights Romero and uh uh four of them Have come with the left hook three with The right so he's an equal Opportunity yeah he willingly loves to Engage in Slug down and dirty it's Strange he he fights like a power Puncher but he's not a power punches the Delivery system is Flood and they're going to the body the Counter solid left in that Exchange no no no no no no punches let It go let it go it's going to be a tough For the referee because of all the Awkward action Three punch combination for that's the Kind of straight punching and Combination pun from sparrow and that we Hadn't seen that much of in his previous Fights back to the awkwardness from Romero the way he throws his punches Again the white stance that he wants to Throw punches from where he's at even Though the the fighter turns over to the Side he doesn't move his feet is what

I'm trying to say yeah you saw an Example right there yeah started boxing At the age of 15 Romero it's been an Awkward at times our B Chang is here as We go to round Five Slow Down slow down slow down five Round number five okay so I need you to Stay focused on that combinations when You have them against the Rope the bell and round number five Scheduled for 12 talked about you get Working with Herman kaiso for the first Time in this throw there punches the jab By Romero and uh of course with Him and I think as the the fight Progresses it's going to be a lot easier For Romero move as much and he's going To want to try To that's the crowd here in San Antonio Does not approve of those kind of antics From Rolando Romero His sister a judo Champion with 200 Judo Fights pass the halfway point of the Fifth round jigit goes to the body left Hand counter right by Romero bounces off The Ropes to the right Romero oh and instead It's jig that lands the left and I Thought Romero might land on that's the Best punch actually yig has had a pretty Decent round five all Would love to turn this into an MMA Battle as we come backwards being on

Your back flip from I see as it is he's Really awkward going back Orthodox Versus Southpaw we've already seen an Elbow cause a cut under the left seene Human demolition derby and we've seen Referee rapael [Applause] Ramos Owen T you okay now I'm Better let's go deep Breath deep breath you just relax all Right you relax deep [Applause] Bre right at the B we do second time That jig has been knocked down the First With no no No yeah you got to go to the ofir Andig Now having to fight and remember in that Last round a point deducted from Romero And then he's that help him you know cuz It kind of got him mad got him upset and Now he's becoming more the way the the Stances and the it's very upward Encounter here between from in terms of That out yeah I think part of it is for Romero we know that has normally is not This awkward and is not this a layoff Has had an impact on him and he's just Not fighting this young up and comer the The big difference in this fight has Been the power of Romero obviously and That is the Differenti no I got it let it go let it

Go a minute remain by Romero you got to be careful with that And he's so effective when he lets his Hands go straight punches when he throws The straight punches to be sure that You're going to land those punches so Continue to do That The right to the jaw there it is the Seek and Destroy of Rolando Romero Seeking his 12th knockout win 15 seconds Left and again the right hand the double Right hurts Yig all right very good put your head Down let me wet you well and it's Started with all this this Was where a was going to be deterred During our replay the right hand would Not y knock yot down so a knockdown Right at the end of the one and one with Eight KO this is round seven as we begin The you know this fight has been kind of A perfect Storm of creating this difficult with The Leander off balance action or all The rest oh that right hand head back as We bring in our unofficial scorer Steve Far what do you make up a powerit The fifth round was a little confusing For some because the knockdown at the Very end of the round for winning the Round you okay huh okay let's go second Time of the fight third time in his Career he again by

Romero and Romero T off onig with that Holding here which could create a lot of Awkward action Ying to stve off the attack of Rolando Romero he goes down again and this time It's Over to record his 12th Victory via form Of Knockout a matchup and it turned out to Be less than aesthetically pleasing but Power was the answer and remember yig First fight get desperate at moments and Start pushing using elbows and that's Not the right thing to do you got to Stay composed and he he killed a lot of Rolando Ry Romero

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