On this bumper edition of Sunday Vibes, we trawl through each Premier League club’s most expensive signing this season and give it a definitive rating – but who gets top marks?

Arsenal’s Declan Rice has been a huge hit, as has Matheus Cunha at Wolves. But what about Man United striker Rasmus Højlund, Josko Gvardiol at Man City, or Liverpool’s Dominik Szoboszlai? With a number of players yet to hit their best form consistently in the Premier League, how will they fare in our school report? Watch on to find out!


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19:12-24:19 Brentford
24:19-29:31 Brighton
34:01-41:07 Chelsea
41:07-42:45 Crystal Palace
42:45-44:25 Everton
44:25-46:22 Fulham
46:22-48:20 Liverpool
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50:25-55:27 Man City
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01:10:36-01:14:23 Wolves


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Welcome back to Sunday Vibes one and all Hope you're all doing well at home and Have had a good Week uh yeah uh it's a uh slightly Smaller version of Sunday Vibes this Week just two of us James Wayne back in The building I am how are we doing uh I've always been in the building but not Not front of the camera um yeah I'm Doing good yeah just uh cracking on my Saturday social got um you know doing Shoots and and planning for the show and It's it's fun yeah it's very fun nice Yeah I mean for anyone who doesn't know Who's been kind of you know maybe not Privy to like you know what's been going On with football daily yeah James is now Working with Joe Tomlinson on Saturday Social he's part of that team uh so very Kindly is uh you know has has stepped in On a few occasions to present on Football daily um over the last few Weeks um but uh but yeah so um I guess Everyone who does watch Sky will have Seen Saturday social by now from Yesterday um but today on football on Football daily on Sunday Vibes we are Ranking or no rating every club's top Transfer from the Premier League this Season feels a little bit overdue I feel Like quite a few YouTube channels have Maybe done this already or did this back In November December time um but I Thought you know we've had enough of the

Season now haven't we um so why not do It this time so there should be some Good debate speaking of debate stop with The abuse for people's arguments in the Comments and in the DMS Sam got a ton This week did not deserve did not Deserve that um even though I did agree Disagree with him on you know on his Opinion to disag You can disagree Without abusing people in the DMs like What what are you doing with yourselves If you're getting in people's DMS and Abusing them let's kick off with Arsenal We're going to do this in alphabetical Order so you know time codes are on Screen if if you're a wolves fan and you Want to see you know who are talking About wolves but let's kick off with Arsenal um Declan rice obviously one of The big signings of the summer 105 Million pounds from West Ham I mean he's obviously had an Excellent season James um we are going To be grading these on a kind of ABCD Scale as well and we'll we'll get them All up at the end in terms of their Marks um but yeah I mean James what have You made of Declan rice this season how Does he compare in your mind to the Other top Premier League signings this Year um I just think it's been an all Round success uh in terms of when you Think when the signing was being made it Was heavy heavy Arsenal but then the

City Links came in and I'm glad City Didn't get him because we've seen That are you glad City doesn't get 100% Because like as much as I you know I'm a City fan to like kovic and nunas like no But like as much as I am a Am a Man City Fan I'm an England fan too and I I've Seen what's happened to Calvin Phillips I haven't really enjoyed it it's a Player that I really want to get behind I wouldn't like the same thing to happen To uh Dean rice in terms of limiting him Maybe not to the same degrees Calvin Phillips he would no way have the same Experience well you would hope so anyway Um but I'm just glad that this you know There's question marks if he went to City in terms of does he play over rod How does he fit in is there an Adjustment period question mark question Mark question mark he's gone to Arsenal He's hit the ground running he's you Know carried on the kind of on the field Leadership off the field leadership that He had at West Ham taking that into Arsenal solidified them a lot I think um I don't want to say he's the reason for Their incredible defensive record at the Moment but he's a big part of it yeah uh And he slotted straight in it's great For him it's great for arsal it's great For the league it's great for England Like it's just gone brilliantly and the Price tag was incredible as well like

Obviously with Jack greish Man City it's The only other English 100 Mil player And it hasn't had the same same degree Of Success fair enough this season it's Injuries um and then the first season it Was a bit more kind of oh you know is he A flop is he not this question marks Again but Declan Rice hit the ground Running performed consistently over the You know the season he's a player that Never gets injured as well which is a Massive massive uh thing for Arsenal Obviously yurian Timber came in Straightway injured we don't even know It's an unknown quantity really um but In terms of the mov itself as in picking Arsenal the fee I actually think works Because he's he's that good of a player Um in this current Age The 100 million For a player like Dean rice yeah it's It's fine it's great well this is the Thing is it's six months after Enzo Going to Chelsea suddenly 100 million For like one of the you know a premier League proven and also one of the best Central midfielders in Europe suddenly Doesn't seen that much having said that Though like when Declan rice did go to Arsenal in the summer and I know there's A lot of bans on Twitter from rival Clubs and everything and everyone wants To dunk on you know whatever transfer Fee any club plays for their players but

Like I mean that that was still that fee Was being talked about a lot um and I Think it's Testament of Declan rice and I think you know West Ham Fans you know would would agree I think That actually dein rice hasn't Necessarily it's not it's not that I Don't think it's that Dean rice has got That much better since going to Arsenal It's just that he's carried on the very High level that he had at West Ham just In a much better team yeah and I guess It's Testament to well Testament to Arteta that he knew you know he saw that Rice was the key there yeah um and you Know if we were having this conversation Back in November December when arsenal Were beginning to drop off then I don't Think we know we we'd still recognize How good Declan rice had been but we Would still caveat that with well you Know they are missing Jaca parties Injuries you know that that Midfield Hasn't necessarily look you know erard Was out of form as well so overall that Midfield was not looking as good as it Did last season fast forward to now Though erard back on song um HZ has you Know started contributing again after a Bit of a lull over Christmas like he was Great in in that kind of November period Um and yeah not only is Declan rice you Know performing out of his skin but yeah I mean Arsenal look I think we were

Saying on Monday Vibes like I think Objectively you look at Arsenal now and They are the best team in the Premier League right now they're two points off Liverpool at the top but performance Level wise I think I think it's hard to Look past them in terms of consistency The goals they're scoring um that Doesn't mean that Arsenal going to win The league because there's a long long Way to go but right now I think they're The best team in the Premier League and You look at Rice's numbers you know he's Fourth in Europe for Progressive passes He's sixth for passes since the final Third his Progressive carrying has been You know superb once again and like you Say defensively he's been playing out of His skill as well I think you know at Least in the first half of the Season he Was making more tackles than he was at West Ham which is pretty pretty mad to Think like he's doing so many jobs and Yeah Arsenal's defensive record has been Amazing throughout the season um but his Ability to yeah I mean almost performed Two roles at once has been has been Pretty remarkable only celba has played More minutes um we're starting pretty Hot here yeah I would have to give him An a star or an A plus or whatever like Can't not be the highest grade possible Because as you said like if Arsenal win The league then it's just it's one of

The best transfers we've seen in yet yes Yeah because you know as you said like The kind of way people perceive you know Online sphere people love to dunk on Players especially when they've got a a High fee attached to them and we haven't Seen a single memeable moment from Dean Rice and I know that's kind of a bit of A rubbish point but it kind of shows That he's had a whole season now of he's Had to adapt I know it's Not like he he's the kind of player Where it's not that difficult to adapt Into a new system but he's adapted into A new system he has been consistent in Both attacking defending controlling a Game and he's not made a single mistake So it has to be the highest grade Possible yeah I mean and you say it's It's not difficult for him to adapt to a New system but I think it mean him Specifically for sure but like he hasn't Had to do it before he was playing in a West Ham team that were often you know Usually giving opposition the ball under David Moyes he's he's entered a high Possession High pressing System Calvin Phillips you know some Players just don't suit certain Styles And the fact that he's just seamlessly Transitioned yeah it's been brilliant Sweet so we start off with an agreement There A+ on Dean rice this next one I Think maybe bring a bit more debay

Astonvilla Musa diby 52 million pounds I Mean he had an amazing start didn't he Scored on his debut against Newcastle I Mean it was a 5-1 loss but two goals and Three assists in his first seven Appearances um you know I mean we were All very excited about FD Doogie Critchley for one you know maybe M's Biggest fan in the world was was kind of Calling for this transfer to happen for About two years before it did um and you Know obviously Aston Villa started the Season brilliantly and he looked like a Big part of that playing through the Center seemed to free up a bit uh Leon Bailey on the right as well was getting The best out of him was linking up Really well with oie Watkins but kind of After September Just two goals and one assist in the Following 19 appearances eight of his Thir eight of his last 13 appearances Have been off the bench um you know in That time mcin Tans Jacob Ramsey have Been getting more minutes in those areas He hasn't really seen I mean he's been Basically used completely in the sense He hasn't really you seen many minutes On the wing at all um and yeah it's a Difficult one I think Emory has kind of Said And you know I don't think it's you know Any shame to not be getting minutes in This Aston Villa team because they've

Been so good and Emory has said that he Is still his in his kind of adaption Period to the Premier League and Actually used Leon Bailey he's obviously Been superb of late as an example of a Player well I mean they both came from Lusen as well but a player coming from a Different League to to to the Prem and Adapting but nevertheless 52 million is A lot of money and he was there he was Their Marquee signing from last year Like would you have expected to have Seen more output from him at this point Uh yes as's a straightforward answer to That but he's just a kind of victim of The form of the players in his side like Aston Villa are absolutely flying right Now and it's just Testament to Emory That he's been able to kind of squeeze So much out of these players that you Know overlooked I mean Tan's like a few years ago it was is he Going to pick Leicester is he going to Pick United like he was rated very very Highly kind of di off bpool Aral emy's Kind of brought the best out of him Again Josh Josh mcin John mcin he he's He's absolutely you know flying it's the Only way you can really describe it um Under emry like you know he's put Himself in the category of best Midfielders in the Premier League this Season he's in kind of obviously not the Best but he's put himself in contention

When you think about the top 10 been he Used so much on the right and left as Well ad and captaining the side as well Um and Leon Bailey as well as you said Like Has has really come into good form and It's it's unfortunate that we haven't Seen more from mus dii um he's had the Playing time but you know as you as you Said earlier adaption period needs to be Considered Like It's you you see it a lot from from you Know all around people say Bundesliga Tax this tax that tax it's just an Adaption period usually the Premier League is is not only physically Difficult but there's a there's a side Outside of uh uh actual football where You have tabloids you've got you know Like so much pressure from outside Sources let's say just living in a new Country as well yeah exactly and you Know us as fans never really take that Into consideration we're always so happy To to bag on people and to and to you Know criticize for reasons that you've Got to really consider Because like football is a very complex Game and as much as I love M dib you Know I love theide of him coming to the Premier League I loved it for Aston Villa as well player that we put on the Pedestal for for big European clubs and

He's gone for kind of an up and coming Plucky side with a experienced manager For the European Stage and then it hasn't quite worked Out how we all kind of wanted it to but As I said it's not you have to put a Little bit of blame on him but it's it's It's a positive in a sense like the Reasons for him not playing as much as He is are positive reasons for Aston Villa so it's a bit of a strange one Where it's like here's a player who Potential is is the ceiling for musaba We all know is you know up there with The best of them but right now we're Seeing kind of a testing moment in his Career where it's like you're not Playing in the best of form there's Quite a lot of pressure um the team Around you are doing well and and you're Not fully part of that like how do you Pull yourself together to get up to the Standards so for me I I want to put this In like a like a low B yeah because We've seen what he can do in the Premier League we we know the talent's there but It's just a difficult period for him um If we took this at a different point in The season as you said if this was a few Months ago we'd be like oh he he's Having a great time but now we're really Seeing the kind of transitional period Come into play and we're seeing him Struggle a little bit so you have to

Knock it down a bit the fee is quite Large especially for ASA um maybe their Record maybe their record it's post Greish money so there's a bit of Flexibility within that in terms of it Looks high but then they do have that in The back pocket um but I think I go for Maybe a c a c a high C yeah it's a bit I think B minus is Fair I think we've seen it but it's just A bit disappointing yeah I feel like It's do we consider as well the fact That he he may well start flying next Season exactly he could he could start Flying next game for all we know you Know if mcginness is had to you know With the Kamar injury if John mcginness Then had to you know has to move deeper At some point this season will we see Di Get more game time perhaps um let's go For I think I think high C or low B Let's go let's go C+ let's go C+ let's Go over the next one Bournemouth Unfortunately Tyler Adams um top signing Uh last summer 23 Million obviously has been been injured For the Got minutes in the efl cup back in a Underw surgery on a hamstring injury in October expected to be back end of March And I Think I mean it's really really harsh With Tyler Adams but I think you you Can't just look at it from a the players

Perspective you've got to look at it From the club's perspective as well and The fact that they signed like from a Relegated Club in leads they leads Actually made a profit on the fee that They paid to RB leig when sold him to Bournemouth he I I you know I think you Know I really loved the transfer I Thought it was be going to be great but Since him being Out the question is actually does he get Back into this bouth side and you know Like I'm not sure if he does this season Because Ryan Christie I mean one of the Great I think tactical moves by any Manager this season has been and andonia Rower's a transformation of Ryan Christie into a defensive midfielder and He's been absolutely brilliant alongside Lewis cook um between November and January he won possession in the middle Third of the pitch more than any other Premier League player um he's just been An absolute Revelation there and there's You know bournemouth's kind of uh kind Of development into this season under AER after that nightmare start has you Know has been one of the stories o of The campaign and that Midfield has been Really really solid with those two in The center and when you also consider That Philip binkin you know is also able To drop into a deeper role if needed Alex Scott has the kind of technical

Chops to be able to play at a deep in a More deep Ling role like by the start of Next season like Tyler Adams is going to Be up up against it and had he not got That injury and I know it's unfort Unfort unfortunate although he although He had you know it it was an aggravation Of something he'd got in his in his Final you know in uh That season at Leads Um you know it may well yeah put him Right back down the pecking order um Come the start of next season or when When he comes back into the side in March and yeah I just don't think There's a guarantee at this point even Though he was their biggest signing that Tyler Adams is going to be a starter in This Bournemouth side which does you Know that does concern me yeah I think In terms of what we're doing right now Has to be the lowest grade cuz hardly Played and it's not really a slight on Him as a player because you you know I Actually disagree with what you're Saying I think he's the kind of player That could easily usurp Lewis cook and Ryan Christie you know could go back Into his Nate you know native position And and easily Adams has got the ability To to bolster the you know not only kind Of fill in for them or kind of take Their spots but that elevate the side I Think yeah it's a bit unfortunate

Because you said Like Bournemouth have gone under the Kind Of everyone's kind of understanding the Tactics now and and and they kind of Getting into grips with what um Iola Wants to Do and it's a bit of a shame that Tyler Adams isn't a part of that because as You said we were quite excited it's Going to be the case for a lot of these Where we were quite excited about the Move um but yeah I I could have easily Seen Adams you know in either with leis Cook or or usurping him you know playing Very well in this side so yeah I think It's just one of the cases we've got to Kind of say it's unfortunate it's not Really a slight on him but it has to be The lowest grade cuz he hasn't played 20 Minutes do we do we go really harsh and Give him U just because we haven't even Seen him well it's I if I remember right And it was a while ago I think U was When you like don't you don't do it yeah So he's unmarked if anything that's Nicer than an e because it's not bed on His we're we're not on I think you but I I don't know I mean I'm not sure man I Do worry a little bit about Tyler Adams I do worry a little bit about him Getting back into that side although he Clearly has the skill level to do so It's just you never know after a

Longterm injury what um you what players Going to come back I mean I assume a Good players going to come back but it Just between March and may like how much Time does he have really to impress AA It's it's hard or how much time does he Have to to make an Impression um so yeah I feel like we'll Get to see get to see that hopefully Next season um okay on to the next one Brenford Nathan Collins 23 million from Wolves um you know managed to get him For a fee not much more than what wolves Paid Burnley for him a year before that Still only 20 2 years old um yeah what Have you made about uh of Nathan Collins At brenford um it's it's difficult Because brenford aren't having the best Of times right now um I think the season Hasn't really gone great but it's not Nathan Collins the exact fault I think He's been okay Uh like it's one of them ones where it's Like it's it's a big fee for a club like Brenford he's young there's a lot you Know there there's a lot that clubs have Seen you know that that makes he's had Three big move well two big moves in the Last few years under the age of 22 it's Obvious that it's quite a lot for a Young Defender to to go through three Different Premier League clubs But yeah it it's it's more the fact that Brenford aren't really shining as they

Have been um we all know how good they Can be and I Think you could argue that say they've Been quite unlucky because the per Injuries yeah performances are great um In a lot of games that they've lost or Drawn um and as you said injuries in Terms of his performances you can't Really knock what he's done he hasn't Really he hasn't lit up the world but he Hasn't been poor Um I mean the fee you could you know Easily say it's quite a big fee for Someone who's not fully proven yet but He's had a few good again record signing For the club as well but you know Brenford in a period now where they have To look forward into the Premier League They've got to climb and I think they've Got their ambition should be the kind of Conference League spot or fighting for For I don't to say less because it's it Sounds like I'm insulting but lesser European Competition and he's the kind of Signings and at the right price that They should be making because 23 million In this day and age isn't crazy um for a 22-year-old who has Premier League Experience different tactics different Clubs and he's performed okay so I I Can't really give it a high grade can't Really give it a low grade so I think Kind of a a healthy B I think yeah I

Think a b or a B plus to be honest I I I Think Nath I think that I think this This signing has been great like I think The Nathan Collin signing is another Example of of great business from Brenford um you know he's been used a Ton by Thomas Frank he's you know been Um you know really solid in that in that Back three alongside you know Ben Mi Hasn't you know played as many minutes He's been injured a bit this season so Alongside Ethan Pino who I think is you Know one of the most I mean I say Underrated defenders in the Premier League I think for the last year we've Been saying he's like lots of people Have say how underrated he is Probir at this Ethan pck because he he Does tend to get the credit that he Deserves but I Mean just look at the stats a little bit Like his he's got a 68% win rate aerial Win rate in the Premier League which is Really really impressive that's up from 54% last year his Progressive passes a Career high as well and obviously you Know he hasn't had that big a career yet He's only 22 and was playing yeah for Shawn D Burnley side and you know Functional wolv side last year or at Least a very defensive wolv side last Year not the wolv you know not the Wolves that we're seeing under Gary O'Neil um

And yes brenford have been in stinking Form they've lost 12 of their last 15 Games uh but he did score the winner Against West Ham headed the winner Against West Ham back in November before They went on this run and yeah I mean he He's he's M I think he's 6' Three N oh No he's 1 M 93 does that translate 6'3 Probably like 6'4 actually Um Nathan Collins like I don't he just He just really fits the profile of of What brenford are about in terms of Their def like they are so you know they Are great at defensing set pieces like Ethan pinck is you know an absolute Beast in the air as has Ben me and Nathan Collins fits that and he's decent On the ball and he's yeah he's only 22 And you know he's got a big career ahead Of him um I think this is an excellent Piece of business from brenford and it's One of those ones where it's like yeah Like Brenford yeah their season has been poor Due to a number of circumstances but They're not going to get relegated and I Think you know without Nathan Collins They would be in a worse position than They are at the moment so I would I'd Give it a high B I I think I think when You when you put into context we're not Just rating their Seasons we're looking At the actual deal itself I kind of have To agree because I think I was going

Just on this season and how everything's Been but when you look to the Future as You said like 22 years old has every Physical attribute tactically he's Versatile in terms of played under three Different Managers and hasn't really you know made Himself look a fool um yeah I'm happy With the high B I think I was maybe Being a little bit mean by just saying B But yeah when you look into the future 22 years old and where brenford want to Be he's exactly the right kind of Signing yeah um all right sweet um okay On to the next one another another high One I imagine Brighton Joel Pedro like What have you what have you made of him Yeah I think it's been a great move a Player that we've spoken about for a Long time um kind of stuck at Watford There was a few players who've been Stuck at Watford and we've want would Like to see more of May lar being one of Them took a long time to get his move Out of there didn't he but yeah it's Been good I mean the fact that people Aren't talking about Evan ferkins Evan Fergenson Evan Ferguson in the way we Were the last few years I think his Testament to the way he's played um Although Ferguson's got more minutes Than him I just think there's Like I I I'm trying not to discredit Ferguson here but the performances of of

Xiao Pedro and the Goals have put him over you know have at Least dampened the conversation of the Kind of oh he's Evan Ferguson's an extra 100 million pound player like I haven't Really heard many people go on in the Same way last season so it's been a Great you know he's hit the ground Running his European record's great 30 Million pound for a player um of his age And kind of profile brilliant I I think This has to be a very very high Mark in My opinion because not only Do have Brighton made a sensible signing Or sorry a good signing at a sensible Price but there's an extremely long road Ahead of him um and I just think if Brighton we all know Brighton's kind of Talent eye is Incredible and the fact that they've now Got an asset where they could sell Evan Ferguson for 100 million and not even Bat an eyelid like it just says so much About how he's performed I think it's Been a phenomenal transfer uh in terms Of the business side and the football Side um I would like more from him I Know it's a bit I've just given all this Praise 19 goals this season no but in Like a lot of them are penalties um And like he's a he for me he's he's a Player that could light up the Premier League he could be the talking point of The Premier

League um he's got that ability or he's Got that ceiling I feel anyway so when I Say that it's more of encouragement Thing than a discrediting thing um he's Just you know the pace the finishing the Composure obviously I you know trying to Bash him for the penalties but well I Think you every single penalty he scored So it's like the composure for a young Lad youngish lad you know to do that is Is you know we we put like Ivan Tony we Tell oh best Premier League we give him That as an Accolade but we take it away For some play lacazette oh yeah just Penalties so you've got to take that Into consideration like is a good thing To be scoring penalties And for me on the field he's got Everything there and I just want to see More of it I think that's a better way Of putting I would love him to just have The freedom just to yeah can can he play On the left because Mom's injury yeah Really you know couldn't usher in him to To play on the left and maybe we we'll See a different side of him uh but yeah I I I think it's a great signing around There I guess it's one of those things With Brighton is that actually you know Despite the the players that theyve so For big money over the last few years That there there's R there's rarely been Kind of one star in that team has there Um and especially like Center forwards

Like even Evan Ferguson his game time Has been somewhat limited we yet to see Him like truly hit consistent scoring Form but yeah with J Pedro I think yeah For3 million I think is absolutely Sensational and and and is feasibly a Player who could cost a Champions League Club 70 million in the next year or two Um but as it is like you say James it's Not just the scoring like his round Ability is brilliant and actually for Him to make that step up from the Championship to the Premier League at This point it does feel like actually Timing wise Brighton bought him at the Exact right moment you know a year Earlier he might not have been quite Experienced enough um a year later you Know we may have seen them face more Competition for his signature I think They got the deal done in about May of Last year um so so yeah again great Planning for Brighton in in a in a year As well where their recruitment Otherwise has not been quite as good and We've seen someone like Pascal gross Kind of become the star Creator in the Team again um and really you know Finally well I say get the credit he Deserves like people have been talking About like oh you know he's so Underrated it's like well I don't know Pascal gross in the first couple of Years was kind of credited as being the

Guy who was keeping Brighton in the Premier League but only after you know Selling you know players like kaisa for Huge money and gross staying and and Kind of Performing that brilliant Creative role again um he's kind of Getting that credit again I guess um but Uh I digress dra Pedro I'm very willing To just give him a very solid a yeah I Think in terms could give him an A plus But I'm going to go for a not quite Dean Rice levels you're looking yeah I think Dean rice kind of has to be unless I'm Missing someone has to be in a category Of his own but um in terms of the Business side like no needs at a good Fee he's a sellable asset potentially And he could as we said if Evan Ferguson Moves on just F him for that um at Reasonable price yeah a very happy with An a sweet cool a for JAL Pedro okay Let's move on to Burnley very quickly Zaki amoney signed from Basel last Summer15 Million to be fair I mean company had Used him a lot he has used him a lot 25 Prem starts but just four goals around The same XG bit of a victim of burnley's you know Attacking ineptitudes this season um you Know looks like they're going Down also you know I mean he got 12 Goals in each of his last two seasons in The Swiss Super League for Basel and

Loanne so there is Pedigree there but he Is Young And basically Burnley are Banking on him at this point performing In the championship um or being able to Bank on him um you know the fact that They've loaned David Dutro to faf in in Janary you know is I think a bit of a Sign and you know and and he's got two Goals already um I mean yeah they're 11 Points from safety Now yeah I think it was a difficult with One with Burnley in general in in terms Of their their business in the summer Yeah um because they were so you know Their Stars last season you know the Likes of Matton the likes of teller the Likes the likes of Harwood Bellis like All loone players um and we've spoken About that a lot on this channel but Like again I think someone like amoney a Little bit of a symptom of them just Being a bit overconfident with with just Signing so many young players and Players who don't have Premier League Experience um they just went a bit bit Too hard on that I probably I mean 15 Million is not a bad fee for a striker And if he Can having said that I think yeah I'm Going to give this one a d yeah I mean It's it's hard because as you said Burnley are not in a great place and It's when everyone's kind of not playing Well it's hard to really gauge what

Players like but the fact as you said um Fan has come in and already kind of Shown more than than he has throughout The season in in a lot less games is a Worrying sign if they signed him on the Premise of and this is me being Completely speculative if they sign him On the premise of we'll try a hand at The Premier League if it doesn't work We've got him for next season and like Which I mean which may be the case I Mean Vincent company stood in the job For a reason exactly um and they you Know could go back down and then you Know build from there and potentially Have a have a great Championship season To them build him into the Premier League season that makes sense but I Can't say that as as it's hypothetical At the moment It's it's been bad for far as we said to Come in done better you know already It's got to be a low score um but it's Not it's not to say that there isn't Potential there there isn't a way to Flip this into a good transfer it's just At this point in time in the situation They're in for the money that they paid For a player who is could be playing European football like in every area It's not gone great so yeah it's I yeah I mean he is a Swiss International to be Fair will be appearing at Euro the Euros This summer has actually scored more in

Euro qualifying in less minutes than he Has in the Premier League orbe it you Know against much l sides but that might Be a sign to say you know it is is a Problem of Burnley as a whole rather Than him as a player but we have to rate This on how it it's impacted Burnley and It pretty much hasn't scratched the Service good signing yeah it's not Necessarily the player's fault but like Yeah if a club signs a player you know Burnley just haven't had enough separate Scorers this season or had enough goals Coming from elsewhere in the side for Them not to have needed a center forward To perform this season and they haven't They they didn't sign a center forward Who was able to do it on their own I Mean look at like someone like Chris Wood this season at you know former Burnley player at Nottingham Forest who Has you know he he's found they kind of Second win in the Premier League you Know I know Bernie don't necessarily Play the football that's that's um you Know suited to chriswood these days but You know I guess it's Food For Thought In that you know you do you if you want To stay up you do need that's what I'm Guessing they tried do with for just to See if they could help themselves within This season which says to me that z uh Zaki will be next season's kind of First Choice thought of pro you know but it's

It's obviously not worked in the Premier League this season so we really can't Give it a great great score yeah let's Let's move on to Chelsea then this this Will I mean is there going to be debate Over this Moes Kaiser £15 million British record transfer Fee I would be willing to be kinder on This if there was a Sign I say there was if there was a sign Like Chelsea did perform pretty Admirably in the Carib Cup Final they're Into the FA Cup quarterfinals as well um You know there are signs that Chelsea Are not going to be as disastrous as We've seen them in the past in the Future but having said that like you Just don't know because yeah yeah Generally speaking the Burly era at Chelsea has been a disaster on the pitch And I think also off the pitch I think The off the pitch has been such a Disaster that it's affected the on the Pitch if that makes sense for sure Um and it's just hard to know I mean Pochettino does I don't think pochettino Will lose his job before the end of the Season but you never know what could Happen in the summer if they if they do End the season you if they do go out say In the FA Cup quarterfinals that they do Fail to finish in the top half or fail To finish in the top eight um and they Spent £15 million pounds on a player who

Who has not been one of their consistent Performers this season um you know you Look at that Chelsea Midfield and even Someone like Enzo I think has sha more In some games than kaiso has defensively They have struggled and kaiso is meant To perform that role in front of the Back line we have seen him in a number Of games look exposed and maybe that's The structure around him but having said That you know you have someone like Conor Gallagher who has been one of Chelsea's best players this season who Going forward and in terms of his work Rate off the ball is excellent um so I Think you know yeah so far it's hard to Say that K has not been a disappointment At that price point as well long term For Chelsea what that means for PSR what That means for ffp like it just doesn't Feel like money well spent in in any Regard really like I I I'm I'm I I'm Struggling at the moment to see the Positives in this if you and it's not Like you know like Liverpool were Willing to pay that much for him last Summer and had he gone to Liverpool I Have almost I almost can almost Guarantee that he would have been a Success yes like if you look at like What klopp has done with mallister and Endo who are far you know are not as Specialists in that well I say that Endo Was a bit of a tackle monster

Point yeah but both of them are much More allround Midfielders than kaisa at least the role That kaisa was brought in For and yet you know for for less than Half the money both of those players Have performed better at def in Defensive Midfield in a in a in a trans In a Midfield that is in transition at Liverpool than kaied has at Chelsea and You know pochettino's obviously had a Hard job we've spoken about that a lot It's a it's it's a you know that that Whole team is is very new but even when You compare his performances to other Signings that Chelsea have made in the Last year obviously Cole Palmer comes to Mind but even Nicholas Jackson even Malo Gusto um you know he has not been one of Their better performers of their Signings Petrovic I guess falls on to That as well he's Been um he is by far the most Expensive you and and the fact that you Know the fee that they paid for him is a Symptom of that Enzo Fernandez Fe as Well I yeah I I can't I can't see this Being in any way a decent score I'm Sorry like Ka May well go like has the Ability to to be one of the best Defensive midfielders in World football But yeah I'm yet to see consistent Evidence that Chelsea are going to turn This around in the next year or

Two and and by extension it's hard to See kaiso being anywhere near worth that Money in the next year or two I just I Can't see it the it's very hard to be a Successful Chelsea signing in this Current state um and it's like and it's Not even like you know Chelsea have Looked quite good in the last few weeks But there's nothing to say that that Will there's good performances ortino Will be out of the door next season at Some point and they'll have to start Again like you don't know for every kind Of I hate the phrase but it's kind of One step forward two steps back for Chelsea like they hit a bit of good form Like get a draw against City like Great Performances they do well in the car cup But then they lose it so it's like it Doesn't matter if they play ball because They've lost but in terms of prep Because the noise outside the club could Well could well affect the team in the Next few weeks I cannot imagine what It's like to be a Chelsea player right Now there are certain people who Thrive Under this stuff Conor gallaga is Definitely one of those people got that Winner against Le's midweek um but there Are some people and I'm definitely in This category uh put under pressure and You just absolutely crumble I'm not Saying Kao is that I'm just saying like There is so much pressure on Chelsea at

The moment that it's It's like you know you play your best Football when you're happy and you're Confident and it's probably hard to get That confidence but if we're taking this Transfer alone there are so many Elements to it that makes it a bad Transfer um you've mentioned most of Them there but there's one I want to Kind of point out in the fact that they Also signed Romeo Lavia upand cominging Great player who could have gone to Liverpool similarly made a massive Mistake in not going and he you know is C is taking the place of Lavia I'm not Saying Lavia is a better player than C Kaiso but kaiso hasn't put in the Performances and then Lavia is still Lingering in the bench it's just like It's a mess and it's well I mean laia's Injuries have have you know contributed To that as well right yes but he it's The fact that like even so I don't think He's getting overa because they can't Drop him because they paid 15 million is Part of the problem isn't it that you Know that him and Enzo as a partnership Have had to they've had to kind of R It's a little bit like Anthony's Situation at Man United last season Whereby you know especially cuz he was Well I mean it's a different situation Cuz he was ten Hog's man very much so But like yeah when you spend that much

You have to justify that by playing them Even when they're not in form um so yeah I'm I'm going to go for another deal on This yeah I think I think D Min is just Because it's Chelsea and they need to Just be like just Karma with everything Oh yeah and the financial ramifications In the long term very true yeah they're Going to be paying I think that's Forgotten the guy's name there a Brilliant video out there about Chelsea's financial situation from 2004 To now can't remember his name if you Can remember his name I'm put some Clues Out there if you can put in the comments His name he used to do kind of football Manager stuff but he's done a few uh Deep Dives and he was he's got he found The chart of how much he'll be paying And they're still going to be paying Hundreds of millions of pounds per se Per window in like 2029 because of what They're doing now and it's Like it's I just I it's going to be Fascinating to see what happens Unprecedented certainly right we've Actually spent quite a lot of time on These so let's rattle for a few now um Let's do some quick fars here actually Crystal Palace Adam Warton only came in In January I think it's you know it's Hard to judge but actually he's been Very good so far obviously new manager Oliver glasner you know kicked off with

That 3-0 win over Burnley Adam Warton Was great in the championship under at Blackburn um playing a more defensive Role in a more defensive side now but He's averaging nearly six tackles and Interceptions so far um you know just Turned 20 you know big fee out of the Championship but looks like a good Long-term signing is he what palace were Needing right now maybe not but I I Think it's a pretty good signing yeah I Think palace's eyea Talent has been Really good over the last few seasons um There's not really much to go on in Terms of him in the Premier League but It seems a very sensible sign good fee Um like you know very young player which Is always good for the future someone Who's sha in it in a different League Especially Championship Championship When you're young and you shine in the Championship is always a really good Sign um coming into the Premier League Uh but as you said there's you know not Much to go off in terms of him at Crystal Palace but it seems like a very Good signing it seems like a sensible Signing one for the future and now Especially in this transitional period So you know some yeah I'm I'm going to Say c c um just because just just Because we haven't seen enough I think By the end of the season could be a b um But like yeah especially with C Dore

Being out for you know for so long he he Has added a bit of solidity in there um But I'm going to say see I think yeah I Feel like B you've got to have a bit Moreit bit more time um onto another Negative one I would say Betto 26 Million P got to be really low I mean Dominic Cal is keeping me out of the s Um even though dominant calv Leen hasn't Scored since October um which I that Kind of took me by surprise a little bit I just assumed he had scored you know Since then but um but yeah um the goals Kind of coming elsewhere well Particularly from dor in that Everton Team this season they've obviously been A bit up and down good news obviously That the points deduction was was Reduced um but again I think Betto 26 Million pounds not crazy for a striker But especially one who scored you know Double got hit double figures two Seasons running in serier But it like what his longterm future Like he's he's not making the side um He's got one goal this season took him Long enough to score as well it's quite A big fee for a club that are being hit With financial issues at the moment um Every every signing has to be spot on in The situation they've you know fought Relegation for three seasons now that Dominick Calin as much as I really like Him as a player and a person um his

Output hasn't been great and he's ahead Of him it's got to be kind of like a a Low C high D I think I think D again Yeah D maybe even e given uh Everton's Problems e for Everton let's go e for Everton yeah let us know if you think That's harsh but I just think yeah like That kind of money being spent by Everton on a player who's not even Making the first team is is not good Meleno and bran both outscored him this Season Fulham Alex a WBY yes deadline Day signing from Everton four goals Which is only two off the amount he Managed in four years at Everton um Obviously scored a great winner against Man United last weekend in stoppage time Um I think ab's a good player um just a Player that's always going to have a Premier league career I don't I don't Think he's going to you know take the World by storm I don't think he's ever Going to be bad he's consistently good Um and for Fulham who are on the up I Think it's just yeah it's it's fine like This is kind of like a if we're going Kind of the median is C I think it's has To we see he he's helped them maybe a High SE maybe a bit being a bit harsh Yeah cuz I I was considering a b Actually but I think I I I'll happily Yeah I think I could be swayed to a high SE yeah because he's not one of the Standouts but he's been a consistent

Good performer um and that's all I can Really say about him this season um and Fulam are doing well so they're punching Above their weight once again aren't in Terms of like expected points expected Goals and stuff that they're again Ranking pretty low almost relegation Level but I think more Marco Silva than Than any but yeah I I like him I really Like him as a player I think the fe's Fine think he's been fine so I think Kind of middle of the road C yeah I mean Given that Everton got rid of him for 22 Million p and spent 26 million pound on Betto like Fulham have definitely done Better out of there I Think I think you could you know I think He has been one of F's best players this Season but I think you know keeping Pinho was was very much the key there And you know that deadline you know Getting aobi in on Deadline day and Keeping palino was was really crucial to Foram you know staying out of relegation Trouble this season second well joint Third top scorer in the league um also I Think you know props to him for coming Back from that afcon disappointment and And and Performing inst him was Completely unfair as well yeah so like Um I think uh yeah yeah I think okay Let's go C+ let's go C+ um yeah he he's He's been he has been very impressive in Spells for fulam yeah um okay next one

Liverpool Dominic soos I think this is An interesting one actually because Obviously a big fee for a well a player With worldclass potential I think But the output just hasn't you know he Was really really impressive in those First few months and has been very Impressive in spells since then but been Injured the last you know for for a lot Of this calendar year three goals and Two assists in 20 starts for him yeah What what have you what do you think With s SL I'm I this was one I I already Struggled with actually think about Before you've got to you there's a few Factors to it there's the the now and The future I think he's a player who's Shown so much at such a young age that Liverpool just getting him makes him a Good signing because he's a player that If you left um in Germany that he he' You know the fee would go up so 60 Million for a player of his kind of Stature in terms of world Football it's age I think sensible but This season it's been okay could have Gone better but could have been a lot Worse um I do think this is a good Signing I think this kind of lingers in The B minus because yes he's having a Good season I don't think he's having a Bad season but like this is 100% ass Signing for the future as well and the Fact that he can perform now is just a

Is just an added bonus to that um yes It's difficult because as you you know As you said it's like A you know he hasn't been performing but There's so much potential and we haven't Quite seen it yet but yeah I think uh I'd say I want to say a be B minus maybe A b because I was actually thinking B Plus just because of the when he has Been good it's like okay this guy could Be one of the best players in the league And we know that he's going to get Better in this Liverpool side so we know There's more to come so yeah I'm I'm Happy with it especially in terms of Klopp's succession plan I was going to Go for B+ so should we compromise on Just a straight B no I'm happy with the B+ I I I I don't want to be because I Really like him and I think he's a great Player I think we'll see more from him And the fees in this day and age okay um But if we're talking fees luten Yeah Jes yeah um 5 million for Ryan Jaars now on loan at Hall city um it was Always going to be hard for Ryan jars I Mean 20 Championship assists across the Last two seasons on loan from wolves to Cardiff and uh Middlesboro then yeah Went to Middlesboro last season Um yeah just a weird signing from Len I Think given that Alfie doti was obiously Brilliant in the championship last term They spent the most money on a player

Who was brilliant in the championship Last ter but you know it was was vying For one of their stronger positions and I guess you know strength and numbers Depth Etc I guess you know they perhaps Thought that if do gets an injury then At least they got top quality backup but You struggle to make his Mark it's back On Loan in the championship yeah um it's Not good as an individual signing as an Investment maybe all right yeah as an Investment um but when it comes To Lon paying 5 million for a player That one of their better players is Taking the position of um you Can't like it's unfortunate but like Do's been yeah he's is it do or doti I Say doy But whichever one it is he's Been in incredible this season um Genuinely one of the the the players who Strikes fear when it comes to looting Because his Crossing ability is just Second To None really I think he's got a Great career ahead I don't know how old He is but he's definitely got a a big Move coming in and for me when when I See that his replacement is only 5 Million I can see doy leaving for a much Bigger fee than 5 million and then him Stepping in so it's a sensible signing For the club but for the player and the Situation is right now it's not great so Maybe it's kind of like a a c yeah let's Go see um because there's potential

There potential for money to be made for The club but right now it's not looking Great yeah cool let's go for C on that So yeah be B plus for Sub slly C for Ryan JS okay man city obviously Man City Fan James Wayne yoso gardial at 78 Million pounds he's obviously been Injured the last few weeks but could be Back for today's Manchester derby um Whether he'll actually get into the side As another matter um obviously left Leipzig along with SAS last summer part Of that Talent drain out of the Bundesliga Club um what have you made of Him because obviously City defensively Not as impressive this year as last last Year but is that you know can you just Put that down to him obviously it's a Big fee though like um in terms of if You're looking at the individual Transfer right now it's not great uh I Think he's been good when he's played For us um but 78 Million you want better than good um but We know how young he is we know his Ceiling uh Nathan a is in the form of His life I think he's become an absolute Staple of that that man city defense Especially on the left I so this is what I mean like last season Nathan AK really Stood out for his performances at left Back and at left Center back gardiol has Taken most of those minutes obviously We've seen a in in a in a back two a lot

More this year yeah but do you think City have suffered for not having a I Want say we've suffered what we've Suffered the defensive issues come for Me I what I think anyway is The Chopping And changing of the back four in terms Of the person because most of them can Play multiple positions in that Defensive line and some of them can even Push further forward viio being one of Them and we've seen The Chopping and Changing and the you pep trying to Figure out his system and he did it last Season there was just chopp and changing Chopp and changing until you find the Thing that will make it click going into The kind of the latter stages of the Season I think we're seeing it this time So a lot of gardio um before his injury But as I said he was okay and for me Nathan AK if I was to say who's your Everyone fit who's your back four Gavardo doesn't actually get in there um So it's definitely one for the future Because if we didn't nail him now Somebody else would um and he's exactly The right profile for Man City so it's a Good transfer for the future um but it It's been okay for now so I want to kind Of say like a low B like a B minus I Think it's fair because the performances Have been okay the fee has knocked it Down because it is a very high fee um But then there's so much potential for

The future and it works for City who are Club actually selling well now so Signing a player for 78 million isn't That kind of crazy because they've sold 50 million of Youth talent in the same Season so yeah I think I think a low B Um is fair but I think he'll have an Incredible City career yeah I was going To say c um think just because I think Um City yeah it's difficult I just I Just think City have looked really Vulnerable uh to be fair like this is With with that out him the side um so Maybe I'm being bit harsh there I I I I Don't know the stats I should have Really looked into this before because I Should know it because the thing I Complain about all the time I mean City Are conceding more per game than they Were last season they're conceding more XG than they were lastas I would really Like to see how many cons consecutive Back fours the same back four we've had In the season because I can't imagine It's been more than one or two games of Consistent back fours but um that's Where I think we really falter and that You know the way we play you you you Need consistency because you're going to Be need to know when you're because most Of the time you're running back to goal When you're defending for City you're You're kind of chasing in everything's Like a panic it's usually 2v one or

2v2 and um yeah so to to kind of be out Of form or be in rotation and have to do Something like that all of a sudden your Concentration needs to be there so game Time is extremely important so chopping And changing the back for I think been The main floor of everyone in that I I Do think in some ways though with City It's like sh Great great signing for the long term But like when someone like Rafa Guerrero Was on the market for well for free in The summer goes to Bayern Munich like Could City have not made a play for him Like someone who you know very much more In the kind of almost kind of canel you A ball playing left back who has amazing You know can play in Midfield as well it Just feel felt like the perfect Opportunity to re like I think I think Guerrero would have an amazing signing Someone like that I think they would Have City would have struggled less Structurally in that sense potentially But I think especially with stones being In and out of the side this year I think The club know where they're at in terms Of personnel I think they're comfortable And I think uh gavardo is a bit of a Luxury signing for the future you kind Of if we get him now then we've got him Um you know we don't have to worry about Somebody else pinching him So for this season I can't really give

It a great grade but yeah I know for Shortterm versus long exactly so yeah um What did you say C I went for a c I'll Say high c a c plus let's go for a C+ Let's let let's let's compromise on that Uh next one man united Rasmus hland Again difficult one here because I think Yeah I think it's very same say quite Similar to cardio yeah um but I think He's been a bit more impressive uh as of Late obviously very hard transition I Think the I think the difference is I Mean obviously you can't really compare City and United's priorities because City are CIS are and our team who expect To win the league every year and expect To reach the Champions League Semi-finals every year man United are Rebuilding still um and who knows may Even have a different manager in charge In the summer like there's there's no Guarantees over Eric 10 Mar's Future what I like about the Rasmus Hland deal is that this is someone who At least in the last month has shown That he could be the star of the team in In the future you know seven goals in Six Premier League games for a side Which up until January were one of the Most dysfunctional attacking teams in The whole league I mean dysfunctional Defensive teams as well you know like Some of United's form this season has Been lower mid-table form if not you

Know 14th 15th in the league kind of Form like United have been seriously bad At points And hland was not getting anywhere near Enough Service um and you know now without him In the team United look pretty hapless Again um and I do worry for them Massively in the Manchester derby um I Know they were a little bit better Against Notting and Forest midweek but Still without without ho land in that Attack you know you're garnacho not Playing on the right rashford having to Play through the center it's just yeah The the the balance just isn't there and Hland has now very quickly become like Really Central to that attack and I Guess another thing in his fav or Another thing that I think kind of bumps Him up a little bit is that he when he Joined the club he wasn't fully fit so That hampered the the first half half of The season a little bit as well having Said that .4 non-penalty XG per 90 is is Is not it's all right but it's not Amazing you know mo Salah for example is At 0.5 but then you look at someone like Elijah adabo ahead of that in a you know In luten side which is very much Counterattacking Chris Wood is on 0.55 In a fairly unimpressive Nottingham Forest side um yes he's very young you Know he's only just turned 21 but like

Casemiro mctom rashford Anthony gacho And Bruno all outshooting him he's not Even averaging two two shots a game yeah Which isn't great again I think it's a Symptom of United's attack in general Not being very functional but I do think Although he's still a star of the future And his scoring form has been great and In and you know he's had an amazing last Month it just still is a very big fee And and given that United may not be Able to spend a fee like that on anyone This summer again given that there is Still a lot of rebuilding to do Especially in the midfield if Leandra Defense if leandro's injury problems Continue then they will probably have to Spend big again at Center Back I don't know if I can give it more Than a c at this in time like I think we Like you know like we say with the Cardal thing I think I think I think H's Been more important to United Especially City and and without without Holand without signing someone like Hland who knows where United has Attacked this is this year he has been Really important but um I was going to Say that yeah it's a difficult one he Still did take a long time to get going He has to be higher than uh gavar in my Eyes because it's in a similar position Where it's like a young player man United like if we don't get him now

Somebody else is going to get him um and Although there were more options out There like they could have feasibly gone For someone El but he was last season Being talked about in in this same way As kind of um oh I forgot his name now The blokey went to Juventus VAV in terms Of like explosive season and then gets His big move to be fair I prefer that I I I I I'm More I actually yeah I actually loved The I was calling for the hland signing Quite early just because I I loved the Idea of I love the idea of someone who's A little bit unknown you know someone's A little bit unknown and has those who Has that raw ability because his raw Ability is is brilliant and he's shown That in the last month I think you have To put into consideration the future and The fact that right now he is putting Man united the responsibility of man United strike the striker position on His shoulders and he's up to the Challenge um he's come through a lot of Trolling as I keep going under pressure He's come through a lot and he seems Already mature as well for his age he Played in multiple countries already was His fourth different countri he played Already has to be higher than gardio um Because I think the future for him at United is brighter than gavardo at city Or I'm not I'm individually anyway um

Let's go B minus I think B minus let's Go B minus okay let's wrestle through The rest Newcastle Sandra Tanali it's unfortun I think it has to Be a d or an e doesn't it yeah because Again unfortunate player himself Inedible but if you're not there then Then yeah also the flagship signing a Signing that means that Newcastle were And they're in financial trouble Yeah I mean in terms of PSR yeah so it Me meant that Newcastle weren't able to Strengthen Newcastle could feasibly Finish in the bottom half this season as A result of you know a signing that they Didn't know what was going to happen but Still you know in hindsight a mistake uh Let's go for a d on that one say D minus D minus let's go for a D minus uh Nottingham Forest Ibrahim SAR again 30 Million pounds a big fee for Forest when You know when you know they they they're Still signing a lot of players again Forest in um you know could be could be Facing a points deduction this season as Well Ibrahim zre 18th in the squad for Minutes um and I know oral mangala has Now left for Leon on loan so he'll Probably get more minutes once he's back From injury but there's still no Definitive return date he was out you Know obviously away at afcon came back With an Injury I can't say is any I think again

A d I don't think this has been a good Tak consideration Nottingham Forest the Players that are rightfully playing Ahead of him the fee they paid for for Him and the fact that they they should Be careful with their where spending It's I don't want to say pointless Because that sounds very unfair but it's Just Not done any like 30 million you expect At least a player yeah you know and he's Hardly played so yeah I'm I'm very much On a similar level to you yeah and I Think Forest fans in general have you Know not been so much impressed with him I think Dominguez or al man G he's gone Now he was their best midfielder Danilo As well I think they all impress more Than him for kind of being Nottingham Forest this one so uh okay D for that Sheffield United I'm I'm willing to be a Bit more kind on this actually with Cameron Archer more so than uh W with Zaki at at at Burnley just because Cameron Archer does have pedigree in the Championship having got those 11 goals And six assists Uh for borrower on loan from Villa last Year £18 million four goals from, 1500 Minutes again not great but at least They've got someone who I think could Can perform for them in the championship Next year yeah um I think from Cameron Archer's perspective not a good career

Move I I think he you know I think there Could have been he could have made a More Progressive move than going to Sheffield United um out of villa as well You know yeah I I don't think it's a bad Fee I don't think it's a bad fee though I'm I'm willing to to say for this one Yeah I I'll probably knock it down a Little bit Because Villa right now is not where you Want to be but for him leaving Villa It's a very bad time to leave Villa Because you don't really know what emry Could have done with you um and you know The kind of vibe let's say of of or or Or the Ambitions of villa are up where Sheffield United okay let's look for Next season down um so I'll probably Knock it down to a c minus okay um just Because I feel like now is not the time To leave Aston Villa fori United Cool C Minus for Cameron Archer at Sheffield United uh Spurs Brennan Johnson yeah Interesting one this one big fee yeah But in some way I think no like he he His numbers have been great like his Under num have been brilliant big player For Nottingham Forest last season I Think um him and Gibbs white really kind Of took that whole team by the Scruff of The neck and forced down the throat of a Lot of big teams and I think he was Extremely impressive I think it's been a Bit

Unfortunate um Spurs I know they've had A lot of injuries him being one of them Um but he seems to be in the rotation Which for somebody who is kind of Leading a Premier League team or at Least being one of two or three stars in A Premier League team to go into a Better Premier League team but a Rotation play not just a you know Starting he is rotation for that fee Does knock it down a bit but I have no Shallow of a doubt that he is a great Player and will get good things out of Him um it's it's already looked good and I can imagine it looks good in the Future so that kind of bumps it back up A bit um I think this is a good middle Of the road signing where he's performed Well the fees is a little bit high but I Completely understand it and I Understand the reasons behind his move Spurs' move and the performances are There so I have to kind of give it yeah Maybe a C+ B minus should we go B minus I think B minus is fair I think with Brandon Johnson it's it's still he's not Unown quantity he's just he's just his End product still isn't consistent Enough but at the same time he's still Very young and also like expected goals And assists per 90 is at the same level As jot and Julian Alvarez his shots are Up massively his Chan his chance Creation's up massively his defensive

Work is up massively under an like he's Yeah you can you can see it it it will Work and it has worked and yeah he could End up being a pretty special talent Like I mean I I think also with Spurs It's like the fact that Madison like Madison vanen porro and porro all cost Less than him yeah um as I guess did a Doggy although that was you know the Season before when when they actually Paid when they they struck that deal Um if those players hadn't been such big Successes then you'd look at Brennan Johnson you'd be like oh have they made A mistake here because they spent the You know biggest signing of the summer The other ones haven't worked out but All of those have worked out massively Um and so Brenan Johnson has had a bit Of CH of a chance to breathe and Spurs His yeah spurs' business um you know Finally actually you know their summer Business was pretty much all hits like We talking about ficaro that they got in For for a cut price fee the the success Of the other transfers has meant that And especially at the price that they Paid for them has meant that they kind Of were able to afford taking a p on Brandon Johnson I think it it'd be Unfair to say that because of spurs' Other good signings that it makes him a Worse signing yeah I just think he it's Been good it's been a good makes a good

Signing that will makes him a better Signing it's it's it's a good signing Spurs a transitional period you could You could have seen you know a lot of Players come in new manager come in Things are a bit confusing but everyone Gets the an system everyone seems to be Working well Spurs as a club seem to be In good spirits the fans are in good Spirits I think it's been a success I Think B minus I think B minus okay that Might even be a little bit harsh but Let's go with It we're sticking on B minus be minus You said it James uh so uh uh West Ham Muhamad kudus yeah I think it's been Great well I say that his his his his Actual like num underlying numbers have Like really taken a hit But his actual I think the technical Ability that he has is invaluable to I I Actually met him last week uh for a Shoot and like he's I'm like a massive Fan of him now like he's such a nice Person as well and like when I watched The next West Ham game I watched him and Kind of had a player focus on him and he Brings something to West H in like West Ham fans frustrate me a little bit Because I understand the expectation of The club like your expectations are high But they need to be checked a little bit Like West Ham are in a good place they Were a team that were fighting

Relegation for Years in the championship previously Lost their star player last summer as Well and yeah well you know they've got Themselves into a Groove now under Moyes Where it's like they got themselves into European competition won the European Competition sold a player for 100 Million still maintaining good Premier League results uh positions sorry and And having successful results in Europe To a degree um and they've got a player Now who's young exciting can contribute Attacking he's actually been playing out Position he prefers the 10 roll as I Found out in the interview um and he is Yeah he he has kind of been underrated There as well he is he's great in the I Mean as we see for garana he's great in The turn roll but he brings that that um Flare and that excitement that you you That West Ham have had a few of those Players dropped in over the years that Kind of P's come to mind and that's what I want to see like I think it's been a Good signing I think it could have gone Better but I think it's been a good Signing definitely one for the future I Think West Ham are in a good place Because of him as well so I think it's I've got to give it like a a b I think I Might give it an a an a I might I might Go I might go for it and give it an a He's had a bit of a dip in form he has

But I just think for I just think for The price it's absolutely Sensational And the price again 38 million pounds And I just think given that he was Linked with Arsenal he was linked with Re he was he was he's a Champions League Level player yeah and you know okay West Ham have a few Champions League level Players like namely Lucas Patar and you know you talk about the 10 Position right if if pakar were to leave This summer which you know could May Well could happen almost went to Man City last summer yeah then if if Moyes Was to then put kudish in his preferred 10 position then you have the ready made Replacement there he obviously not the He's maybe not as cultured as pakar in Terms of his passing but he's certainly A better dribbler he's a completely Different kind of player but he's an Amazing dribbler like he's he's Completed more take on than anyone else In the Premier League this season and Suddenly he becomes the fulc of the side And I don't know six goals and two Assists in a in an in an inconsistent Team this year also performed in the Europa League as well and it gives him Another cable asset yeah I see what you Mean um I know I know ter performances This year not like who else have we Given an eight we get gave Xiao Pedro an A yeah okay if xia Pedro is getting an a

Then then are you happy for me to Overall on this cuz I'm because because Like I've been thinking like oh he Hasn't hit the ground as spectacularly As we like anticipated but he's playing Good for West Ham he's in terms of for West Ham it's a great signing a sellable Asset in the Future yeah yeah I mean I've got and He's also had a number I think I feel Like what's what's made what's swung it For me is what they just have been quite A few like big moments from him like big Magical moments um and and he's FL and Like you want to see that kind of Entertainment Factor what's that word I'm missing the kind of the raw the Purest footballer in me enjoys him so Yeah I'll get I'm happy with the name Sweet and and finally I might have to Give another a for this mat K at44 Million PS which at the time seemed like Crazy stuff and and maybe the few months Afters and also because of wolves's Financial situation maybe we could bring It down because you know L pegi ends up Leaving the club over their financial Constraints and not being able to do Much in the transfer market partly Because of the ca fee but all's well That ends well Gary O'Neil has been a Sensation there and Matas kuna I Think it's hard to say because Pedro Netto has been so good as well but and

Lina has been great as well you know There've been a number of stars in that Ws side Kar I think has like been one of The stars of the Premier League this Season nine goals and six assists he Does so much more aside from that as Well well that's the thing like he he Started the season and everyone was was Criticizing him because he was getting Himself into these crazy positions and Missing all the time and that's just you Know like the fact that he's starting Off those attacks as well well the fact Yeah yeah I remember the first game I Didn't think it was their first game of The season against uned yeah it was Woles were crazy they were everywhere Like and and CA was starting deep and Pushing forward I didn't even know he Was the striker until a couple games Later when he was actually leading the Line yeah I I think it was a great Signing and you you see that kind of L The financial constraints wolves were Like no we need this player and it makes Complete sense now because you know for A player that we started saying oh he Could he could do everything but score He can do everything but score but now He's scoring it's like what can you how Can you bash him like he's yeah he's Just Been I don't want to say the guy he's One of three is you were saying guys who

Are kind of uh spotlighting the kind of Transition under garyo and the way the Wolves have become quite a yeah I'm Really enjoying fun to watch aren't they I think matus C is so Central to that as Well I think like without him without What he brings to the side through the Center I don't think we see Netto get as Much space out wide we don't see hang Pick up the kind of positions that he Does like like his output is amazing but Like yeah his his his abil to carry the Ball from deep as well you know and you Know we kind of saw that from him in his Hur of Berlin days when he was playing For a really bad Hur ofl inside and his Attacking numbers are now at the level If not more so than they were there yeah It's I don't I don't want to I don't Want this to be a clip but you see kind Of Gabriel Gabby Jesus but without Output yeah like do you what I mean I'm Not saying he's at the level of Gabby Jesus yet but why not like you know Gabby Jesus hasn't really performed well And this season or not that well under You know when he's moved to Arsenal but You can see the similar qualities in Gabby Zeus as you can in Kuna in terms Of the link up the the the fact he can Be an unselfish Striker but then he adds Goals on top which is just it's exactly What you want you can understand why Wolves paid he's certainly got more

Physicality than jayus not necessarily The the and the fact that he's starting Things from I I know I know jayus can do This but he usually go he usually starts His attacks from wide and I know he can Do it from deep but the fact that Kun is Doing it from Deep rather than wide says A lot about the kind of intelligence of Him and I'm once again not trying to Bash J I absolutely love him I'm just Trying to Hype up kuna but to have that Intelligence and to be able to finish Now instinctively in your first season It's just every every box is being Ticked and yeah he's just part of this Wolves transition that just looks Incredible yeah I think in terms of Importance to a club's progress I think It's it's really hard to look past um And I think maybe wolves just got a bit Lucky to be honest I think wolves might Just got a bit lucky but like Nevertheless they got lucky and and and You know I'm going to That's all we have time for on Sunday Vibes for this week um hope you enjoyed It that's the first time we've gone Through every single Premier League club For an episode in quite a while so do Let us know what you think in the Comments below cuz you know there is a Bit of nuance lost when you're talking About every single Club trying to get Through every single uh top signing um

So I'm sure there are points that you've Disagreed on let us know in the comments Below um but yeah keep it friendly um Don't be sending people abuse in the DMS Um but uh thanks for joining once again James uh don't worry normal you know uh Work back Do's back next week so you Won't see me um but it's been fun it's Been lovely to catch up again and um Well you're welcome anytime on the Channel yeah but I mean probably won't Be because you know doogie's such an Expert but yeah it's been lovely to be On yeah well who knows who knows um I Know you have your own work Responsibilities as well so I do Appreciate you coming on James uh taking Time out of your day to appear on Sunday Vibes um but yeah if you enjoyed this Video please leave a like subscribe to Football daily if you haven't done so Already and we will be seeing you Tomorrow myself and doogie to round up The Manchester Derby and other things so Yeah

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