Professional dominican lightweight boxer and WBA champion Hector Luis Garcia with nickname “El Androide” (“The Android”) against american most effective light weight puncher and top ranked athlete Gervonta Davis with nickname “Tank”. Fight for WBA light weight belt took place in Capital One Arena, Washington, USA on January 7, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Gervonta Davis (USA) vs Hector Luis Garcia (Dominicana) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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It's show Time El [Music] Android Garcia [Applause] DAV instructions in the dressing room You are fighting for the WBA lightweight Champ obey my commands at all times Protect yourselves at all times touch Gloves go back to your Corners year Veteran Brown working his 258th Professional fight Davis told us he has Skills to go along with his boxing I Hst's life forever but winning it will Do wonders for the bell and round number One see him moving up and weight 10 out Of his 60 he can punch you know the Mistake can cost you data like his Former promoter Floyd Mayweather yeah Only averages 34 him a very very good Fight and a pretty close decision has to Bring into this fight to manage the Distance three fights to go seeing what The other guy has to Offer and even Garcia one of 15 in the Opening Round that razor thin victory over es Cruz that you mentioned Al in that fight If he does get a chance he's going to Want to go downstairs a little bit more You know not the case here with Garcia Before went on to land the 2020 knockout Of the year with one of the more

Devastating year for Hector Garcia Momentum unlike anything he's ever Experienced yeah he's got confidence and We'll see if it manifest as up both F Engage more and look like they things Going to break right to the I mean a Mustat type of fighter because there's Round that he might give you Undisputed Champion 135 is Devin Haney dvon Davis Proclaimed himself that Davis has Planned because while he's facing a Garcia tonight he's no relation Ryan Garcia and what would be one of the Biggest fights coming up later this year You know Hector Garcia is using his jab More effectively in this round and has Landed a couple of decent Garcia old Landing Davis in this Round hey I need a bucket up Here a vicious left handed even at the Garcia not putting this not being in a Position where he can get by Davis time Davis not being highly Aggressive in Garcia landed the count Left back a little bit and he lands that Shot one two from the South Park Garcia you get the feeling that no Matter how good of the Third there's that left hand from we'll See more fainting by Davis and that Could help him land at big Shot Davis yeah the way the reason in The last round uh there was a a left Hand that got in and Davis turned and

Because of that the left hand so far Incredible incredible job so Far Fighter yeah it's time for Davis to step In throw first it's only round four out And that's the question you know we've Seen fights before where where people Look Like Dr from Davis that lands on the face of Garcia but Garcia standing Inside goes to the body bending down Staying right in the pocket now let's See how that works for Him oh this turning out to be a really Good Fight Davis applying pressure going to The Def fires off the jab some head movement Fainting Garcia gets covered Garcia's Right in the pun T Davis that's the Punch that Avalar knocked uh Garcia down With and gold goes to the body with the Right there's the jab onew so one Arena Coming alive good exchange and again Garcia eats a left from Davis Davis With Garcia early on in the round Getting hit with that up that uh left Hand but he landed a nice landing some Some very good power punches straight Left hand there And uh he comes with the right hook and That was ace good job that last round Keep the protect the [ __ ] Crown

Here and Then fite dvon Davis Landing 47% of his Power punches he's at that flip right And he surely he did he heard you Abner Come on up Dou yeah and if you're G you want to Start doing that you want to keep Throwing that Jab stop the aggression From Davis upper body movement by Davis you know Garcia is starting to Reach very [Applause] Dangerous yeah he's missing a lot with That again that's the punch Avalar Knocked him down Garcia down this round But they're both about the same in terms Of his Landing body shot by Garcia yeah And again that was what is the right Hooks and left hooks Garcia leaving Himself at exposed upstairs and yeah That's the danger of that body work Against Them final minute for 12 Garcia current 130lb belt holder making it 13 30 seconds left short left hand over The [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Top There nice straight left hand over the Lazy jab of Garcia that's a was a Good in the fight against the game I Mean Davis obviously was putting placing

His punches really well in the last Round effective it's when he's throwing Combinations and throwing a lot of Punches not something he really wants to Do in this fight although there H to the Body by gar again looking to slow Davis Down of this fight and now Davis trying To walk forward by Garcia keeping he's Been busier in this round and done some Effective Work right when he throws the jab look Look where he at it's it's lazy it's too Lazy and I think that [Applause] D and you know some of them are pretty Effective like that There's that left uppercut to tank Davis Final 10 seconds of the first half of Tonight and again Davis sitting down on That left hand countered by Garcia Things beginning to heat Up that was [Music] A mo I have uh Garcia very slightly Inhanced round I didn't I felt it would Been criminal to give one spider an edge And uh otherwise Davis had a big uh Fourth round excuse me DAV had a big Holding his own Landing more Combinations than Davis is in my Opinion this is starting to become a Real fight I tell you what both men are Setting down in their punches and Davis Has grazed the chin of Garcia now Garcia

Davis trying to set a trap goes with the Left of the body minute and a half left To the seven again continues to lead With the left hand there's by [Applause] Davis a lot more in this round but then Again he takes these shots really Well and he had a good start to the Round but Davis is left final 15 seconds Of the Seven nice and tight be nice and tight Perect and another look at it it it it Didn't end up being as powerful as he Would like but it of course to his Credit taking it but a good shot for Davis to score With Garcia using the jab to try to stop Davis from moving forward lands a Nice right David comes on top of it oh Nice right uppercut by Garcia and you're Right David's able to go over the top With that right hook to the side of Garcia's head by Davis so action picking In the beginning of round [Applause] Eight in the E [Music] [Applause] That was on on the verge of you know he Was attacking he he he had a momentum There here in round eight more punches From both Fighters going Toe to Toe now Oh there's a left for Davis I think if

He he's doing he's throwing the left Hand there but if he follows up with the Left I'm sorry with the right hook I'll Be money maker for him yeah you get you Have a is landing the best power punches He's landed so far in this fight short Right hand there's a right uppercut by Davis oh that momentarily St Davis her Garcia [Applause] Here and Garcia will escape the round Without going Down listen to me I can't see I can't See I can't see I can't see right now The power of Davis IM pass round and It's going to come with a straight left Hand that one of the best ones that Davis has landed Dante tank Davis Records Another improves to 28 and0 with his 26th Victory we a form of knockout here With the victory over this Garcia and of course now that clears the Way for one of the more Anticipated Davis chance to end this Fight and he did as he usually does when That happens and here's the straight Left Hand and is this the thing that Created well we look at the last round Kind of in in summary uh what happened And there was a lot that took place uh Davis Landing a variety of punches a Right uppercut from far back uh that you

Shouldn't be able to land but he did and You know in this fight we talked a lot About the right hook but the left hand Was uh something that really really was Effective for Davis and here's the Straight left Hand and is this the thing that created Garcia worrying about sight uh or not Saying he couldn't see we don't know but That was an excellent straight left hand Or overhand left by javante Davis and You know each fight sometimes it's the Uppercut sometimes it's the right hook It was a left Tonight and at the end of the round Here's Hector Garcia in the corner with Bob Santos there and shaking his head so It was Davis for the first time in 2023 sticks The Landing the winner by way of technical Knockout and still The Undefeated WBA Lightweight champion of the world Javante [Applause] Take Davis

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