Kane Williamson & Co. have lost the last two World Cup Finals. Can they go one step further in the 13th edition? Simon Doull previews the squad, right here

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G'day everyone Simon Dooley looking Forward to seeing you all from the Cricbuzz live Studios I will be there Shortly for the World Cup and you can Watch all of us on prick buzz and enjoy The World Cup throughout can't wait for It to begin little birdie tells me that Michael Vaughn has suggested that England are favorites and England will Win the World Cup well they've got to Get over New Zealand in the first game Don't they it's going to be a Blockbuster repeat of the 2019 World Cup Final so looking forward to that one From under bed in a few days time New Zealand's chances New Zealand Squad I Think when we look at their squad much Like Australia and England I think they Have the all-rounders covered and it's One of the areas I think New Zealand Could prove to be quite strong when you Think about the likes of Phillips and Russian ravindra Daryl Mitchell Jimmy nisham Mitchell Santner they've got a lot of Bowlers or Batters who can bowl and Bowlers who can Bet a little bit and I think that might Be the key for this world cup when I Look at sides across the tournament I'm Looking for teams that can bet to seven Eight and maybe even nine on the odd Occasion New Zealand do have that Ability do they have the power I think They do now I was worried about the

Power in the previous tournament Um I think they've actually got that Power Mark Chapman has sort of certainly Um sprung onto the scene as well as Possibly another guy who can bowl some Left arm Spin and clear the boundaries And he's had a really good last 12 Months Kane Williamson back probably not For game number one but back for the Tournament I think is a huge thing from New Zealand's point of view and then you Look at their bowling side of things With Trent bought back from what he's Achieved over the last year in the T20 Tournaments around the world it just Adds something really special to New Zealand's attack he will for me be in New Zealand's MVP I'm gonna go with Trentbot because I think having been out Of the New Zealand setup for a little While now back into the fold having had That time off more experience it's in in The T20 format I know but back to 50 Over Cricket it's a format he absolutely Loves key with the new ball up front Maybe an over or two through the middle And then coming back at the back end as Well so trip bolt back in the side MVP For the tournament for mine if I'm Looking at concerns from New Zealand's Point of view maybe just that Uncertainty around the opening batting Role and the the combination of Will Young and Devin Conway Russian ravinder

What are they looking to do I know in The warm-up games they went with Ravindra at the top had success uh the Form of Devin Conway is probably a Little bit of a concern at the top of The order as far as his New Zealand Performances in the last little while Have been so what do they do at the top When Williamson comes back he bets at Number three Phillips at four Mitchell At five then they can play any one of Those all-rounders and nisham Santana Ravindra any of those guys in that Middle order as well so there's a lot to Choose from through that uh through that Middle order and that all-round Capability bowling attack Ferguson and Bolt and Henry I think will lead that Bowling attack the injury of Tim Savi Was a a concern but I honestly think He's a backup to Matt Henry so that Would be um where where Tim saudi's Tournament lies I think at the moment he Won't play many games he wouldn't be in The starting 11 so I think they're Taking him because he has such a vital Part of this team off the field and That's where a lot of what Tim Saudi Brings is going to be and Latham in the Middle is also going to be a bit of a Key obviously keeping Wicket and playing The spin I think Tom Latham and no Disrespect to Kane Williamson I think Are New Zealand's best player by a

Stretch I think Tom latham's our best Player of Spin and it's shown that on Tours of India in the last three four Five years so that's when New Zealand's Strengths lie um do they have weaknesses As I say mainly that that concern for me At the top of the order are they settled On on who opens the batting probably not Entirely yet going into tournament you Would want them more settled at the top Of the order I think they are a Semi-final side I'm not sure they are Championship side But I'll keep my fingers crossed I've Had them crossed in the last two Tournaments can they finally get over The line This Time round let's see I Hope so

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