Professional american heavyweight boxer and title challenger Kevin Johnson with nickname “Kingpin” against brittish shocking top ranked athlete Derek Chisora with nickname “War”. Fight for WBA and WBO international heavy weight belts took place in Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Hackney Wick, London, England on February 15, 2014. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Kevin Johnson (USA) vs Derek Chisora (England) | BOXING fight, HD

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This is the main event of the evening And now to introduce the contestants Firstly fighting out of the record with A record of 29 wings with four losses One draw and 14 KO say his name at Yesterday's weigh-in he scaled at 240 Pounds that's 17 so two pounds and Tonight where's the blue and white Shorts ladies and Gentlemen please Welcome from Atlanta Georgia USA Kevin Johnson 19 wings of four losses with 13kos for His name at yesterday's sale 238 pounds that's 17 so and tonight Chris the Union Jack shorts ladies and Gentlemen presenting and introducing From Italy London UK [Applause] Championship [Applause] Over this one he could he could catapult Himself They gave tarly Klitschko Tyson Fury Tour Hamer and most Reese tied out What each Advantage telling the dead is Going to be Warehouse he needs to be Plenty more welcome all the time you Sparked Johnson Eddie no I've never had An opportunity to spark Evan but I've Seen him a lot very difficult he looked You know what I mean that's just and I've you know I've known I've known Folks who've actually been in New England fight and whether or not that's

Gonna Johnson And at the distance but as you see now Derek is doing a little bit more Aggressive and getting those big shots Over the top trying to get him over Kevin Johnson for me for sure as Eddie Was saying to take it be on this Jab Target Around so far has come from chisora that Right hand which thundered into the side Of Johnson's hand this time That's his best shot but he doesn't want To get responses because that's like a Very same before that's going to give uh Kevin the opportunity to roll that show To come back soon but in this round There's been more sprightly on his feet Than [Applause] There's one of those right hands just Didn't turn his wrist over in time he Just turns it rules a little bit Yeah and that's why I was saying you Can't get too loose with him you know What I mean she's not really going Forward too much and starving the Opponent there's not rushing his work S There's a better suited for him as you Can see right there it's good work that Was that just got the angle for yourself In both men keep your punches up and I Think it was a little bit of a payback Time for one or two which has gone low

From the other direction Tyson Fury was weighing 18 Stone nine Yeah for me I think yeah I think you Know you have a few good attacks Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Again [Applause] Looking for that right hand Johnson is he going to be able to find It that's the one he's looking for that Can't find the clean shot First knockdown though for Derek chazora Is very much the dominant man that's a Change is a little bit obvious but just That lazy jab you were talking about John and as he brought that job did he Just delivered a big right hand over the Top again it's all it's an opened up Finish is you haven't turned over on the Shot can we still hit him on top of the Head he's coming you know what I mean It's almost like even if you slap Somebody with something good it's the Laziness the slightly lazy attitude that He sometimes has absolutely that's going To be a 10-8 round for chisor about it Scoring with the right hook again she Saw a good uppercut to decide from Johnson

Swinging right hand again Johnson big Shots to follow What's up Shots big shots And Jab out there and making him run Into something before he can stop being Coming with those big shots because it's Not paying Johnson needs more of that Right there at the end of the round is What he can just all of a sudden stop Using the punch Well let's quickly go to Alex who's with Tyson if you're inside with a huge grin On his face actually but at this point Derek's not doing a whole lot every once In a while he's throwing it with any Sort of authority that's at the right Hand counter though in there done around The glove left wrist It's good work there And the protests about the shot around The back of the head I think chizora Felt the weight of that one well as Eddie was saying that right up okay use It more Corner man shouting let it go Let it go it's a lovely body shot great Right time to the body good to me It's a shame Once again nothing coming from Johnson On the way in Derek can just come on in The landed an awful lot of note though In this round so far chisora I thought We shot the air from Johnson again at This point he's doing well you know

There's that right up because everyone Was talking about before he needs to he Needs to try that again stopped it Moving his head as well so this is the Perfect time for Johnson It's been a hectic case for especially For the heavyweight though for the fight Oh yeah [Applause] It's been too easy For me Johnson round yeah yeah But even if you give some of these Wrongs Right right on the scorecards that's the Left hand It was the right hand we thought but the Left hand was a little bit That was a good run And Sam from chisora straight a little Bit South of the Border Just to Johnson punch exactly Well he finished the round strong which Is awesome What do you reckon I'm even tonight I Think I really do think there's a fight We'll give it to the other guy no It goes it's a little hard I know but uh Well if he did the better work he's not Doing enough work he started off well And then let Derek just you know made a Statement tonight on uh his work rate And what he's really willing to do to Become one of the best fighters there's

No fights Pro career which dates back seven years Now had his opportunity fighting for a World title against vitalik Trying to be a lot of the cute day Johnson I mean we're gonna Reach Out And Touch the guy Reach Out harder how about That he's uh these Jabs go he's making An effort to win the fight at least to Win the round I think shorter than Finding some sort of big bomb here uh Kevin's work rate Johnson takes it well Landon absolutely Flush Certainly certainly put it chisora's way Another round where Johnson was too Inactive and a couple of good shots Fury Who's with Alex We've managed we've managed to fall away Free hasn't threw anything a meaningless Jab I'm gonna say how it is really to be Honest with you it's just Oh let's go to work that's the kind of Stuff that easy to be doing the whole Fight Right hand again that was inside of the Glove from chisor you could hear the Slapping sounds another good roll I Think Johnson Plenty of decibels coming from the Trailer I see [Applause] Yeah Of this last round so far but at the

Same time Derek goes back a little bit of relax He's taking a little bit off He's gotta he's gotta keep it going for Three minutes but he didn't do that Final battle of the grueling fights Chisora had Johnson down in the fifth Round with that right Okay London Derek chisora So the judges broadly agreeing with the Way we saw it at ringside Is yours

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