Professional filipino bantamweight boxer and multiple world champion Nonito Donaire with nickname “The Filipino Flash” against french top ranked athlete Nordine Oubaali. Fight for WBC bantam weight belt took place in Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, USA on May 29, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Nonito Donaire (Philippines) vs Nordine Oubaali (France) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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As we look at these two boxers it's Intriguing you know we've talked about Lolito Donaire in its age some Showtime Fights then rushy Warren who eats For the bacon title suggest it's a Styles so Bali a decorated amateur Showtime Take this off please take it off Right here Facing me Okay right here now peace mouthpiece all Right I got a left in your feet please Listen and follow my instructions at all Times protect yourself at all times Fight Hard fight clean In the Twilight of his Hall of Fame Career can Donaire Dance with Destiny One more time get an assist from father Time it's time The bell and round number one the Defending Chico Donaire in blue with Orange trip All right So he's a guy that brings some power and Pop in there as well Yeah and expected Bali to be at her Especially on the left-hand side You know when you think about Prehensible And here Nonito Donaire has a chance to Yeah we should point out that uh if he Were to win tonight he would join in the Sport so we'll see if he can achieve That and make that less time right hand

To the left hook delivering a left to The body of his own Of the spider You mentioned it at the top of the Telecast as Donaire gets backed up by The left to Abner you know at his age And after what transpired in Japan Whatever he has left at the story inside Thomas super Arena but hasn't been to Combination but that was again 18 months Ago in both of these he did talk about That he did mention that he let his body Heals him feels powerful in this way Can't say it enough I think he should he Just as he's doing right now taking us The fact that he feels like he Understands you know front three of the Last seven Fighters will feel like I Really honed in on it so check left hook To the body box he's 11 and one at 118 Pounds on of this bantamweight Championship fight Donaire doubles with the left hook Against lefties as well as anyone we've Seen in recent years so that should be Averages 49 punches per round against Righties and 39 against lefties how many Pieces against lefties And one thing and said you know which Was really good is that the Box fighter And the fighters like him are so easy to Predict picture that doneras I think he Is just waiting for right there he is Two decade career 20th Championship a

Decade ago when he was a pound for pound Stalwart with that patented left torquil Is coming forward and nice counter left Hook by Donaire See I kind of didn't see it Another counter right hand scores for Donaire one thing that Obama does right And wrong at the same team that left Hand that can cause him dearly if you Know if he's catch with the left hook no Need to donate Yeah we saw a famous counter left hook From Donaire and there is a 2007. one of The Alzheimer's yeah and the end left That right hand you hang out there and Boys And of course he made an open orbital Bone broken nose Was knocked down only the victory but Boy is definitely some more Donaire who Again says that the layoff just what Transpires here again Donaire countering With the right hand And continues to be Donaire effective Um It's a 2012 fighter of the year All right And here by the way one of the voices in The corner with them there was his wife Rachel who people at the gym helping him But he Adams one of them an institution And he's self-trained and uh which is Interesting and meanwhile the Obama over 200 amateur bouts

You don't need to fight for everything A minute gone here in the third is who Both most of us were Fighters oh and Beautiful Left Hand by obolic Bali is is Fighting to find the range for his left He's got a very strong this is the time Where Donaire has to use faints he's got A faint on there obviously here at 38 Past his physical prime but he thinks he Recaptured his Peak technical form due To his Witnesses in that again been very Effective on the counter attack although As mentioned by Al Bernstein ubali that Was a great uppercut oh and he tagged Donaire and donated donor is ready with Those counters every time oh in the Right hand lands after he messed on Earth as obali backs up to the ropes the Veteran don't air goes to the body with The right right left hook Four six seven eight you want to Continue walk over there come to me Down for the first time in his career Flash The referee just gave him a second Chance Came Far out he did it there and then another Left to play through the stat punch game Before the bell I think that was after The Falcon but I don't know I mean the Refs Sending Nordin or Bali twice That was a great job was pretty much

Over yeah again the Deontay fight the Dramatic knockdown of the 12th round And here you see him again giving the Bali a chance and ubali bouncing back Pretty well remember we talked about That uppercuts from too far outside That's exactly what O'Reilly did and he Was crunchy he did stagger going there For a moment or two before he got hit With that you know I noticed That made Valley and then he got caught With the hook again and went down Another ride at him Tagging nordino Bali and another fight It's still an interesting one oh my God Tasting defeat The uppercut from obali that was from Too far back Foreign Trouble already and there's that huge Uppercut 14 years ago he beat uh Victorian 10 years ago he he gave us Knockout of the year against Montana He Is the new WBC baton Weight Champion the Filipino flash What's happened

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