Hello and welcome back to Continental Club where today we are revealing the secrets behind the success of some of Europe’s most UNDERRATED clubs!

From Stuttgart, Monaco, Fiorentina, Sporting CP and Girona, there are a number of so called “smaller” clubs humiliating the big boys this season.

As if that wasn’t enough we also make predictions for games involving PSG, Napoli and Dortmund!

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Hello and welcome back to con Center Club yes we are back on a Thursday Afternoon to bring your Continental Club Opinions and Analysis joining me is Henry Hill and Michael mccubbin Henry Rounded the champions league is up and Running we are filming this on a Wednesday due to the fact we can't film On a Thursday unfortunately because the Cubs is on TV tomorrow morning doing the Sky Sports News shift anyway we are Filming this on a Wednesday but we saw a Dramatic Night of Champions League Action on Tuesday didn't we anyway yeah You know what I uh I looked at the early fixtures which was Like Braga versus And then the other one sausage ads Suspect I was like oh dear but actually After my run I sat down I was like you Know I sold it put on the union Berlin Game it was great yeah it was just end To end zero defending All action Becca great goals and then But then bruma's goal to draw level at 2-2 was cool then the winner my Housemate and I both yelped I'm excited Because when it was like a corner yeah Yeah here we go last chance and go down The other end it reminded me of shmish's Goal in the Champions League final where Liverpool Um one part of the comeback kind of like A daisy cutter yeah and I just really

Enjoyed it so but yeah to see the I know They're complaining about the Olympic Stadium being the home of uh their back Games it is a bit ridiculous but at the Same time it was rocking 73 000 Union Fans in there that's at least like 50 000 who wouldn't have probably been able To see that game otherwise so you know Things to think about but yeah that's The most busy I've seen the Olympus Daddy on in club football in a very long Time since the 2006 World Cup final Probably there we have it there we have It well the final that was as well let's Let's get Mikey let's get Mikey in yeah 100 uh Russell I thought Russell stud Were also brilliant against RV Salzburg As well causing them so many issues love That love that side uh really enjoying Watching them the Cubs though difficult Night Over United yeah Um yeah I think that that bridge has Already put it behind you uh yeah I put It behind me about it you're actually Very good at bouncing back from the Feeds I think more so than any other Member of the team potentially I thought You meant United Yeah because I just very quickly choose Not to care Um yeah it's by any coping mechanism Um yeah I think um yeah it was just a Bit of a calamitous last 30 minutes

Really I think um that United definitely Had the chances to to win it before then Uh but you know credit Galaxy I have you Know come back in two games now they've Clearly got a really good spirit about Them Um I thought a cardio though he was not Very good for the first 17 minutes the Game really came alive in the last 20. Um Yeah I think that that group is actually Quite tough you know you think about Copenhagen causing Gallo all sorts of Problems in game week one could have Beaten Bayern Munich on Tuesday night Um so yeah I think you there's no way You can back United to get through that Group now they've got to you know They've got a host Copenhagen they've Got to go away to Copenhagen then They've got to go away to galatas right By the time they play Byron on the final Day Um unless they've got Unless they've got at least seven points On the board I think it's going to be Tough for them Um so yeah but it's it yes it's really Yeah I think it feels quite a group that When you first looked at it was kind of Like oh maybe there'll be some problems But you know a Premier League club Should be able to get through that but Clearly that's not the case I think

Gala's first win in British soil in Their history it's crazy isn't it I'm Actually quite surprised at that um but I guess I guess their home record Usually stands up for itself Um but also I mean Arsenal losing to Launch as well I mean I think Um you know It's easy to I was reading somewhere as Well I think so far this season in Europe England are the sixth ranked 16th In the coefficient four results In Europe I think Croatia ahead I think Greece are ahead English clubs have been Yeah poor so far this year Um yeah I mean the only Club you can Really guarantee going through at this Moment is is Man City you'd think Um I think Arsenal I think Arsenal Wilson tonight yeah he knows he knows I Think I think Arsenal will still make it Through but no one's expecting them to Lose salons I know they've had an uptick In form but generally they've been Pulled this season yeah great goals from London by the way yeah really fun Bouncing that Stadium just quickly on The Napoli Real Madrid game lots of Spanish press saying that bellingham's Goal should be nominated for the puskers Can I just get your attacks on that Because it wasn't good it was a bit of a Good goal I mean I think it's a good Goal but pushcast is outrageous for us

He just bundles through he's oh he's so Physical and like they can't get the Ball off him but it's not a great Technical goal like all the dribbling's Quite untidy I think yeah uh the Finish Is nice the Finish is really nice but I Don't think it's it's not a great goal Yeah um I thought yeah the Braga goal That we just mentioned who's called it Again bruma bruma that was it um thought That was the the goal of the night to be Quite honest but the Napoli Real Madrid Game was really really good fun actually Napoli calls them a number of issues Although the school line probably didn't Reflect uh that you know it looked Tighter than it was potentially because That was outrageous outrageous penalty Given against nacho there was also a Shocking handball decision in that Severe PSV game as well which has proves That not all the issues are assigned to The Premier League there are other Issues They surely will surely that handball Rule just needs to be changed it seems Quite simple like surely gonna have to Get it done get it done although I do Like semi-automated sides really coming In handy yeah although they did rule out That spectacular goal from hoyland who Must have been one of the players of the Day uh you know less said about onana's Performance the better but hoyland was

Absolutely Sensational three goals Already in the Champions League uh Really really impressive stuff uh we Will talk about the Champions League in Europe throughout the show but actually What we wanted to talk about today was The sort of Secrets behind some of the Most underrated clubs in Europe because Actually you look around the league Tables of Europe and firstly most of Them are incredibly tight right now and Secondly there's just a few teams that No one really expected to be up there at This stage of the season and no one Really exemplifies that better macabrez Then stuttgarts because you know they Nearly got relegated last year and They're in the lofty places right now They got relegated last year they got Relegated the year before Um I know like in that what 2021 when They came up they you know they I think They finished Ninth and were really Impressive throughout the season Um but uh but yeah I think no one Expected them to be where they are right Now and they're fully deserving of that Third place in the bully at the moment Um sorry they're second sorry um in the Bully at the moment Um after after the bar and draw I forget That Uh but their third in terms of goal Scored only Leverkusen and barn have uh

Have outscored them Um and yeah like I said they're well Worth it they rank third in the league For expected goals they rank second for Expected goals against Um also what's mad all but one of the 19 Goals they've scored has come in open Place so it's great that's by far the Most in the Bundesliga and I know you Know like set pieces are really Important but I think it just goes to Show the overall stuttgart's overall Play Under herness Um has been really really superb Um you know they've been a really good Team to watch Um you know when you look at their kind Of they've got a really good Um variety to their play you know They're directly you know they rank Quite high for a direct attacks they Also rank quite high for kind of Possible possession-based attacks where There's more than kind of 10 passes Um in play Um and I guess the one block has been That five one lost to Leipzig early on In the season but aside from that They've yeah been so impressive you know They beat Freiburg five nil they'd be Bockham five nil and Most of the clubs they played I think Aside from Freiburg have been in the Bottom half of the table

Um so far so they have had a bit of an Easy run but I mean you can't really be Judging you should go I mean in the same Way as you were the top four Club I Don't think because they've not been There in so so long Um and especially also given what Happened in the summer you know they Lost their Captain wataru Endo with like Not that much of the the summer Remaining they weren't expecting to sell Him it was only because of Liverpool you Know losing fabinho and Henderson which Also was not in their plans this summer Um that they ended up going for Endo and Missing out on other targets as well of Course Um but they also sold Bona Sosa to iax They also sold mavra Palace of course to West Ham three you know maybe there's Three best players Um they made almost 50 million euros off Them It's a great business in that sense Tongi kulabali who was a real star for Them a couple of years ago as well he Was released still yet to find a club by The way tongi Kula Bali so I'm not no I'm not an expert on a situation but That does puzzle me Um But uh yeah I mean and those three kind Of key players that they did sell They've all moved to clubs that are

Playing in Europe this year Um which is your Testament to Stuttgart's Um ability to rear Talent obviously they They have a history of it you know see My Vern are probably the most high Profile in in recent years to come Through that Academy but not only that There's also been a lot of transition Behind the scenes as well Um which would suggest that this should Be a bit of a transitional year for them Sven mizzle and tap you know the famed Recruiter who was their sporting Director previous at Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund Dortmund was where he Really had his success wasn't it Um he left in November of last year Um long time manager Pellegrino Matarazzo uh was sacked in October after Failing to win any of his first nine Matches Bruno labadia was eventually Brought in as his permanent successor But then he was sacked in April Um with them sitting bottom of the table And Sebastian hernis was was hired I Think he won three out of his final Eight games he only lost one which given They only won four I think before that Was pretty remarkable Um and yes stayed up by the skin of Their teeth in the end Um and interesting that yeah like Herness left hoffenheim

Um Matarazzo is now hoffenheim manager and Doing a pretty good job this season as Well Um but Murray grand of London yeah it's Just it doesn't stop Um and yes it's interesting with with Herness you know he's got you know I Think this is a big job for him because He left hoffenheim that was his first Real major job he'd been working in the Leipzig in Bayern Munich coaching setups For four uh very when he doesn't know He's actually the nephew of early hernis Um but yeah this feels like a real Statement from him you know he's Instantly brought about Improvement There in terms of what he was able to do At the end of last season and actually Despite a relatively quiet summer in Which yeah they sold a lot of talent but Didn't didn't really bring that much in Um so they've got a new sporting Director Fabian Vogue uh vulgarmuth Sorry Um just had to look that up Um to get that pronunciation right Hopefully Um he was at paderborn before Um you know did yeah didn't really spend That much this summer so who gerasi has Um yeah well he is yeah it's the goat Right now he uh You know he was on loan last year and

They made his you know option to buy Um permanent from Ren for nine million Euros already has 10 goals after six Games he's matched lewandowsky's record For uh you know a goal scoring start to The season came very close to it on the Weekend as well to making it 11 from six Uh with that header that hit the bar So um so yeah he is on absolute fire None of those goals are penalties by the Way so I feel like probably that level Yeah that lewandowsky record probably Did include some uh he's going for the 41. so he is he's going for it he's Going for it Um the new guard Miller Um but they were also able to get Alexander new Bull in uh on loan from Bayern had a bit of an off-year actually For Monaco last year but he's been very Solid so far Um and Angelo Stiller who's someone I Didn't really know before Um but he was at hoffenheim Bit of a bit part player there but 22 Year old defensive midfielder came in For 5.5 million Um he's already a real key player in the got side has worked with hernis Before at hoffenheim and at Bayern Munich Um over eight Progressive passes per Game so far this season decent tackle Numbers as well so he's been really

Their um their kind of key distributor The the guy who's been kind of kicking Off their attacks Um And yeah but aside from those there's Not really been huge incomings Denison Davison on loan he scored twice on the Weekend off the bench but so far hasn't Played that much uh Pascal stenzel has Been really good at right back bit part Player of the last two years but now Looks like a real first team player Already has three uh three assists Um So yeah he's kind of working wonders With a squad Um which if anything is is slightly Depleted Um I know geassi's in the in the form of His life Um but you know you have to put that Down Um to his management so yeah I think you Have to give so much credit to herness Right now yeah he's absolutely killing It and it was interesting that a few Years ago everyone was talking about Silas is really their attacking weapon Actually they've got so many other Options now but I was wondering the Cubs Having done a little bit of a deep dive On them you know today and yesterday Where do you think they could finish What was realistic for them this year

Um I think they can finish top half I I Mean who knows like the Bundesliga has Had a number of you know unexpected Teams vying for top four places in in Recent years Um you know look at Union last year look At Freiburg the year before glad back a Couple of years ago as well yeah and Let's remember or one of the historic Big clubs in Germany so Um Yeah I think I think they're well worth Top half finish I think they can go for Europe like their performances so far Have have been great and like I said They've not been against the toughest Opposition when they came up against Leipzig they were turned over But Um Like all the underlying numbers look Really good I think they're really Really good footballing site so yeah I Think I think they should be aiming for A Europa League finish why not love it Love it love it love it aim for the Stars am I right and also thinking Joshua kimmich came through those yeah Academy as well so him and Verna very Impressive recent history right let's Move over to Spain now because up until Well it's pretty much this weekend or Last weekend Herona we're doing Exceptionally well Henry and they still

Are but what has been the secret of Their success you're right for I think a Week they were top of La Liga for the First time in their 93-year history Which they were getting very excited About no you're right it's brilliant um One six draw and one lost one from the Eight games so far and again I think They've been really good value for money This was not a team that was had a Problem scoring goals last year I think They had like the fifth best attack in La Liga we enjoyed watching them I think They hit six in one game the other day Last year there was lots of multi Castellania scored four in one game lots Of multi-goal games going on uh last Year and they ended up finishing which Was a huge result for Girona considering They've been promoted the summer before Obviously that success does come with a Cost uh and we end up seeing Romeo taken By Barcelona Castellanos she was their Top scorer bought by Lazio from the Parent Club New York uh and then uh Santi Bueno he he's gone to wolves and Rodrigo rickel me he's gone to Um Atletico so that's four guys who Played at least 33 games in their squad Last year taken from them they did spend About 22 million euros in the market Which so they were willing to be a bit Expansive young girl Herrera he's been Such a regular in La Liga for a number

Of years they've benefited from their Link up with their own by the city Football group owned by sort of Pep Guardiola's brother Pierre was Imperial So yeah which is which is you know an Intriguing link to say the least uh but Yeah Daddy blind we saw him go in there Too poor two and then art and dovik who What we both picked yeah stop it you Guys yeah we both picked him to be our Like play attached this year and he's Got three guys so important for them He's got three goals so far that's Really satisfying to see two is also Really good for real sociedad for a Number of years he was he was I think he Was at qatafe last year and sort of Dropped off but yeah like a really solid La Liga player uh through the door there And yeah they kind of kicked on where They were left off last year that's Called 18 goals so far which is just Behind Barcelona uh stewani is coming in With goals again sort of old Legend uh Back there I think to shank off he's Been so effective on the wing but then It's Savio he's the guy that everyone's Getting very excited about in Spain he's A sort of young Winger on loan from TWA Another city football group team two Goals and four assists this season so Far he's second in La Liga for Successful take-ons and Progressive Carries he's just a super dangerous

Exciting player they're playing this 4-1-4-1 system they've got this very Like dedicated Central defensive Midfielder who does the hard work and Then they just explode going forward and Yeah they've just been such a pleasure To watch so far like their victories Have all admittedly come against teams That were in the bottom half of the Table throughout the campaign so far but Still scalps against Sevilla and Via Real in that time and now they've got a Run of games get this against Khalif Almeria Celta Vigo osasuna and Riva Ikano who are doing okay again must be Said but they're just there's if they Can have a solid run like this they Could finish really high uh this year And against Real Madrid I thought last Week they were actually quite impressive I think they took the game to Madrid at Points yes it finished three nil but That was more to do with them not taking Their chances than anything uh in that In that guy um in that game and I think Huge credit to the manager Mikhail uh Must go to him Um a legend at Roy varicano got them Promoted I think he also got Husker Promoted uh he's been a Girona now for Almost 100 games 45 win rate is really Strong he's dedicated himself to Learning the Catalan language so he made That very important early doors to kind

Of instill that um Sort of local connection within the club So you know he's not from the Catalan Area but he's dedicated himself to Learning that and I think it's really Important to mention they've had the Same sporting director and president Since 2015. so they're a team with sort Of stability at its core they've Obviously got great ownership don't they Which they benefit from immensely Yankotu as well going there uh this Season so yeah Girona I think could be Genuinely in for a special campaign Um certainly with severe not doing very Much and vrl going backwards uh Betis They're they're about so there's the Some of the normal Pretenders but I Think Girona have a huge opportunity to Get European football which would be Huge in itself whatever competition they End up stumbling into yeah I love that Love that some of the big La Liga Accounts I follow on Twitter have been Saying that they play the best football In Spain which is uh which is quite a Record Um at the moment but um yeah let's see If they can keep it going right let's Head over to France now to League R Where there's another team a slightly Unexpected team top of the table in Monaco now obviously they won the title A few years ago but they did have that

Enormous dip and they actually ended up Finishing 17th in the 1819 season that Was the season where Thierry Henry was In charge for a little period as well But they're four four years sorry sins Have drastically improved on that They've gone ninth third third and sixth Which is actually pretty good Consistency because considering they've Been through us they're having a look at It a lot of coaches in that time as well So Leah hardim came in he's sort of Studied the ship once again then they Went through Robert Moreno Nico Kovach Philip clemel and now they've got Addie Hooter and the main issue holding them Back last year was their defense they Conceded 58 goals which was the 14th Best record in the division Andy Hooter Also you know he arrives he's got this Very solid reputation except for a spell At glad back he's been a success pretty Much wherever he's been be that Salzburg Young boys Frankfurt then didn't last Very long at glad back but uh he's done Really well and considering they lost Another key pair in the summer in Axel DC who goes to Chelsea Uh Kevin voland Was also sold you know to uh to Union Berlin he actually didn't do that well At Monaco probably as well as people Expected but he was there for a number Of years probably a little bit outshone By walking he got 14 in one of his

Seasons okay he did okay but compared to Benietta he was he was very much like The foil he did fine Um but yeah they've I think they Strengthened really well in the summer Solis who came in Zakaria as well in Front who'd played under uh Hooter in The past at glad back as well so they Had that sort of inbuilt relationship And they also spent 30 million euros on Valaren baligan which has proved to be Pretty shrewed business so far and so Far so good I mean no one in France has Been amazing I mean Monaco at top They've won four of their seven games They've drawn two they've lost one but They have been really free-flowing going Forward they've scored 18 goals in seven Games which is really really impressive The top of league on goal difference Ahead of breast but there are six sides Within three points so it is a crazy Tight League at this very very early Stage last weekend they beat Marseille 3-2 they've also stuck three past Longs Who you know having Arsenal seen Arsenal Fans watching this will appreciate that Lawns aren't an easy side to batter and The only issue going forward for Monaco Is that they have lost some key players Like Breland bolo injured himself before The start of the season with a crucial Ligament injury Kyle and reek their left Wing back started the season

Exceptionally well he's now done this Cruise shirt as well which is a real Real shame but the numbers suggests that They could definitely finish in the top Three Um maybe that's a little bit Punchy with These injuries but definitely top five I Would say and they're improving across The board as well so last year they were 11th possession per game than our fifth Their past accuracy has gone from the 12th best to the eighth best their shots Per game have marginally improved but They've gone from the 16th best defense In terms of shots against per game to The third an incredible turnaround Especially considering they lost another Key defender in the summer but yeah That's made a massive difference in Their expected goals against it's gone From 1.5 to 0.96 which is the second Best in France behind nice as well Adihuter known for playing a variation Of three four three he's done the same At Monaco he's often used three four one Two as well with minamino in the hole He's also Unearthed this guy called Achilles My friend's pronunciation has never been Particularly good but he's done really Really well he's got four goals and Assists in just 122 minutes balagan's Got two goals already from eight shots He's being sort of eased into the team

Benietta less said about what's been Going on behind the of the pitch about Him the better You know hopefully that you know gets to Gets resolved before too long but he's Once again you know playing quite well Uh and and a Midfield of uh Zakaria and Yusuf fafana is one of the strongest I Think in France as well they've also Shouted out uh unearth another Young Center-back shock uh called mangasa and He leads the side for blocks taxes Interceptions and clearances and he's Playing at the center of hutter's back Three as well they've got no European Football as well so I think a top three Finish is very very possible for Monaco And I would like to say that I picked Them as my dark horse before a ball was Kicked I put them as a flop I think I Think you did yeah But you know I think that I also there Was another shocker that I got right Villarreal actually I did picks them to Go wrong but there's a side that's been Doing very well this season I said that Would flop so basically none of us are Experts but we're having a good time Making a fist of it uh Henry's an expert Okay he can be the expert uh Henry we've Also got some other sides down here I Think you wanted to talk about As you mentioned I think league is a bit Wild at the moment in the top forecast

Watch loads of breasts but you know they Deserve respect four wins two draws so Far beating laws Leon you know the El Beaters as well Um boringly delivering else to the L Team yeah yeah there you go and the bit Rants and they've got drawers with Ren And nice that's a really good start to The season isn't it I mean they've only Scored eight goals um so far but only Considered six which is behind me so They've got a really sort of solid Defense and you know it I think Pierre Lee mellow could be the new Benjamin Andre from what I've seen so far in his Numbers uh 30 year olds he was a Norwich A few years was he yeah wow I remember Him in the season that they came up and Then they quickly went down with him Well he's on to brighter things to the Likes of it uh yeah he's a huge block Tackle interception numbers all amongst The tent and clearance all amongst the Top 10 percentile of players in Europe At this moment in time so he's proved to Be so important in the middle uh Roman De Castillo he's got three goals two Assists so it looks like most of his Their creative play going through him But then I think the one really worth Looking out for is Bradley Loco who's a 20 year old left back the French left Back they signed for half a million Euros from Rance he's got he's first of

Crosses into the penalty area in League Third for tackles one and third for Successful take-ons so far so as Signings go that's pretty pretty good Value for money uh Bradley Loco at press So yeah you know what I I'm don't back Them to stay that high but they've put Themselves in a great fitting to have a Good Campaign which for a club like Breast it's all about just sort of being Secure as early as possible so they can Plan their summer Um ride the waves baby yeah but I think Russ will still he's still there and He's taken them to new heights and I Think that's that's really cool because Losing baligan when he was so Exceptional last year is is difficult Isn't it and we've seen it before teams Capitulate when they lose their Star Striker but not rants they're in third At the moment beating the Claremont Montpellier Against Leon they actually nailed them Yeah I mean they get they're they're Smart team they actually spent 49 Million Euros which is quite a big yeah Quite a big expenditure uh they got they Don't take loads of shots but they're so Clinical that I think they've got the Most set piece goals only stress will Take more efforts inside the six yard Box than them so they're pretty clinical At getting into like the danger zone

Which is actually what we saw with Baligan a lot last year but they kind of Instead of trying to replace valigan Outrightly they've sort of spread the Goals amongst the teams eight different Scorers so far including three goals and Two assists for Teddy Tomer who's a Maltese forward they signed from Union San Juan for 4.6 million euros yeah Things are looking at Maltese people I Actually didn't even recognize the flag Where's this guy come from so that's Really cool Muhammad darami they sign From 12 million euros from IX he's got Two goals one assists so not many Minutes either but it's actually other Guys in the squad that have stepped up Junior Ito Azor matusiwa a central Defense Midfield yeah I'm just really Pleased they pay 433 it's just you know What the thing was with will still there Was obviously that great hype that great Excitement sort of on that he was on That player that coach's Tribune thingy Talking through his tactics and there Was a slight worry in my mind of it oh God you know there's gonna be so much Hype about this guy and he could just Get fired in an instant and it might not All be what it's meant to be but he's Kept going and he if anything he's made The better tighter this season and yeah I back them over breast to have a bit of A better season also Josh Wilson as

Brand he's on loan there for Manchester City fingers crossed he doesn't Exactly fingers crossed from like an English perspective that he can um sort Of get more minutes and show what he Could do because as we've seen with Baligan you know going to bigger greater Things Ras play Monaco this weekend so First be third that's a huge Clash and I Think this would be a real test to see Just where they are this season but I Backrest to at least get a point in this Game love it love it very quickly the Cubs have got a couple of other names Down here Fiorentina sporting CP yeah Fiorentina have been yeah been really Really solid Um I mean they actually had a much Better second half last year didn't they End up finishing eighth in the league Reached the final of the copper Italia Obviously reached the conference League Final two Um And yeah they I think they were yeah Probably somewhat underrated Um last year uh because they ranked Really well in terms of their underlying Numbers in Syria I think they were third For shots I think no one conceded fewer Than their 9.1 shots a game as well Um But yeah that just that poor start Really really set them back otherwise I

Think they would have been uh real hard Challenges for the top four Um Especially given the kind of Inconsistencies of clubs like um Atalanta of Roma like I think they could Have definitely sneaked into fourth or Fifth Um and also yeah they lost a lot of key Um Assets in the summer didn't they Especially Sofia and amrabat Um Luka yovich I know wasn't like a huge Key player I know otter Cabral as well Wasn't exactly never took off in the way That you know I certainly I thought he Was going to Um but this summer you know they have Done good business and you know Maxine Lopez although he's yet to play actually Really I think he's only made one start So far uh was brought in as soon as Amrabat left which you know for a Deadline day kind of move that could Have been Um yeah that could have been Catastrophic but Maxim Lopez I think is Absolute quality uh one of the more Underrated midfielders out there to be Honest him yeah yeah Um I always do that kind of stuff they Love alone don't they yeah it's just Like yeah because he is yeah because he Is quite he was quite important to them And was even I mean he's

He maybe just hasn't lived up to the Hype that he originally had when he was Like a 19 year old in at Marseille you Know when he was putting up 12 assists And making seven tackles and Interceptions a game or something Um but uh but I think yeah I think Maxine Lopez could could work really Well under Italiano Um at Fiorentina Um Niko Gonzalez has had a really good Start to the season important they kept Hold of him obviously there was a huge Interest was it from Brentford Um in his signature I really really like Nico Gonzalez um quite a new deal Something New Deal yes so um so that's a Big win for them Um should come over on Ventura has has Started in great form as well he's like 34 34 years old now Um yeah um they've yeah won four of Their seven games yeah they just look Really Um really good I mean they've probably Been quite fortunate in front of goal They've scored 15 from 7.3 XG Um so they're probably getting a little Bit Lucky in that sense but but yeah you Know given the starts that we've seen From Lazio given the soccer we've seen From Roma Fiorentina I think um couldn't Have made much of a better start really They're right up there so um so yeah

Another team who I think should really Be aiming for Europa League football This year Um I know they're in the conference League Um But yeah they should definitely be a Europa League side just quickly start I Saw the other day in 113 games in Syria How many different formations how many Different starting elevens do you think He's put out Yeah I reckon quite a lot 113. he's he's Never changed he's had a different Starting 11 every single game in charge Of Fiorentina it was a surprise for me That does not surprise me one bit There's been so especially in the Forward line different players yeah I Feel like I feel like there's always a Different Striker I feel like there's Always a different strike a little Prediction I think if one of the top Four managers in that loses their job in The next 18 months it'll be human Deserby being like yeah top candidates Yeah I was thinking maybe Mourinho if he Goes they could go and start a big Stylistic change but maybe maybe uh Briefly let's touch on sporting CP They're actually quite disappointing in The League last year they finished Fourth that was their joint lowest Finish in the last 10 years but they did

Make some Shock waves in Europe they Finished third in that Champions League Group which also had Spurs and Marseille In that sort of group of death last year Which compared to the group of death This year doesn't look that deathly at All but either way it drops into the Europa League they've got the Quarterfinals I believe lost Juventus But they knocked out arsenal of course In that game that derailed Arsenal's Title hopes uh and in the summer as Sporting and Benfica and Porto tend to Do they lost a number of their key Players Regatta obviously went to PSG Poro permanently left to Spurs chamiti Not such a permanent you know not such a Star there but another healthy fee came In for him and Tiago Thomas as well Quite an underrated left back uh went to Wolfsburg So they made a 70 million euro profit But they managed to sign Victor Yorker So I thought was an amazing signing for A club like sporting to manage to Persuade him to go there over the you Know the likes of the Premier League Clubs that were looking at him I thought That was a real coup uh Martin Schulerman who's very highly rated Defensive midfielder Ivan fresneda who's Been linked with Arsenal and Barcelona In the past uh answering Carr who's you Know used to be at sporting and there's

Six wins from Seven the top of the Primera Liga it's really tight at the Top there but I think they're due in for A good season and you'll cross has Started really well five goals two Assists in six League games you know Fair play for going there I absolutely Love it and watch out for their two Young center-backs as well Gonzalo Ignacio and Usman uzman dear Monday Sorry Um they are very very highly rated and Uh incredibly exciting players so guys That is our rundown at the secret of Those underrated clubs around Europe I Hope you guys enjoyed it we always talk About the big ones so we wanted to shine A light on some of the more underrated Ones let's move on to our big match Predictions so last week's project there Was no mccubs because he was selling Himself in Marseille but it was myself Packed and Henry in Barcelona versus Sevilla we all back to thumping Barcelona win it was only one nil thanks To Sergio Ramos's own goal against Barcelona tough for him but one point to All of us uh Barn vs Leipzig Henry went 3-2 to Barn Pat and I both backed The Desmond and it was 2-2 so for the second Time this season I backed the 2-2 in a Game evolving Bayern and it was three Points to both of us lovely stuff Milan Versus Lazio Henry and I went one nil to

Milan Pat went two nil it was two nil so One point to myself and Henry and three Two Pat so last week's scores Pat on Seven really good week for him uh Although I would say that he yeah he did Have the he's lucky he was copying yeah I got five and Henry got two but the Real leaderboard the one that everyone Cares about restarts this week and the Cubs 13. you're on Gross it's been a While but you're back yeah I can't even Remember what the result would have got Me to 30. no yeah I think you might have had three this Season uh I'm on the 10 and Henry worked To do on six Henry let's kick that off Though let's get your work going Dortmund vs Union Berlin Saturday 2 30 P.m 4th versus 11th there's eight points Between them at the moment Henry Dortmund have a big game tonight against Milan Union Berlin obviously not winning On Tuesday night but how do you see this League meeting going Uh I'm pretty sure Dortmund are going to Win this I mean Union have lost six Games in a row Um and pretty brutal defeat in that Champions League twice now uh and even Lost to Heidenheim last week I said they were going to have a Historically Bad season and they've Already won twice so fair play to Heidenheim I'm actually really happy for

Them and they look quite good when I Watch them against Dortmund incidentally But yeah Dortmund actually getting some Really good wins 3-1 away at hoffenheim Uh also at home I can't remember it was Three win against hoffenheim last week Hoffenheimer have been playing well this Year one nil victory over Wolfsburg and Then they they beat Freiburg away in the Black Forest so you know they're Unbeaten so far four wins two draws uh Donjo Marlin has picked out where he Left off last year playing really well I Saw links with Liverpool apparently um Potential Salah replacement down the Line is what I was reading I don't know If that actually works stylistically Marco Royce has stepped up again with Three goals this season right it's good To see full crew Off the Mark with one Goal one assist Marco Royce just Timeless isn't he yeah he's just Unbelievable what I wanted to ask you Guys obviously the big hoo-ha about Jay Don Sancho this week Um he's going to leave after the neat They're both just not backing down yeah The little petty sorry set of the first Yeah final kittens has just been given a New deal to 2028 which is great doesn't Pay a load of minutes Do you think it's a good idea for them To go get Sancho or should they put Faith in Banner kittens or can you even

See that Sancho move happening because Apparently him and terzich are like Close and do talk Um I think it's really difficult isn't It you don't really know what sort of Version of Jaden sanchi you're getting Obviously if they get the somewhere Close to the Dortmund essential then That could be accent could be a real cut Price deal the thing that if he's gonna Play on the right hand side just think Daniel Marlin has been so so good in 2023 like this calendar year has Probably been you know he's really had Its kind of explosion after a difficult Start at Dortmund I think he's been Excellent so I'm kind of sitting on the fence here I'll go no I think back Marlon yeah the Cups Um I would back Marlon on the right I mean But then Sancho can still play on the Left and through the center as well Um I think if I think if you're at a Bundesliga title race in January there's No harm in in adding someone like Sancho To your ranks especially like a Returning hero uh you know the morale Boost for Sancho would then feed into The rest of the side I think Um but yeah I think but really I think It more depends like Jiggy was saying

What version of sancho are you guessing Are you getting a fully fit fully Motivated Sancho are you getting a Sancho who's actually really dropped off At United Um not necessarily just performance wise But like Fitness wise like will will Would Sancho actually be able to come Back to Dortmund and instantly be like Yeah let's I'll give this team a lift Like it's it's quite a lot to ask of him After what I think has been like a Really steep decline in the last 12 Months I guess if he goes back at least He doesn't have to be the main man Straight away at least they've got Players ahead of him but yeah I get both Of your points that's our opinion on Jen And Sanchez let's get back that's the Thing with him though it's like if you Do bring him back like is he going to be Happy just sitting on the bench again Because that's that's kind of been the Problem hasn't it like he's he's lost so Much confidence from being from Maybe being at a place where he's got More positive memories yeah yeah I might Might because it's not really working How many left people were like he was I Remember BBC did these videos called I Think they're called europhiles and they Do like five minute videos about European clubs and they interview fans And journalists and I think it was a

Journalist that covers Dortmund said That Jaden Sanchez was their best ever Player when he left like he was that Good for Dortmund I I probably don't Agree with that but still just go to Show their strength of feeling there Yeah they had Paul Lambert Let's not forget Um like I mean yeah a bit of a being More serious but anyway yeah well yeah Let us know what you think Sancho should Do if Dorman should get him uh below but Yeah just quickly on Union I don't Really understand where it's gone wrong This year they didn't lose any major First team players at all in the summer And actually spent 32 million euros uh Robin gerson's through the door I mean Alex Crown it's fine voland all right Diego lete Um people have been getting quite Excited about him but yeah often home Lost to them lost to I'll be Leipzig Wolfsburg Heiden home it's just it's Just gone a bit a little bit wrong uh For them at the moment schrado Becca or They've got to double win that Champions League game this week he hasn't really Scored he hasn't scored in the in the Bully so far Kevin bayerns he's on four Goals gerson's got three goals Um and they actually only can see the Sick fewer shots in the divisions They're just clearly conceding really

High quality chances I'm not sure Bonucci's really fitted in that well so Far I think He's maybe taking minutes from players That he shouldn't be in my opinion Um Danilo doake is playing really well Again but yeah it's it's I don't know Dacho pafana hasn't got off the mark yet It's it's just something's not quite Clicking for ERS Fisher obviously they Should stick with him I think they will And they just need they just desperately Need a result at the moment but I just Don't think it's going to come in this Game against the Dortmund side that I've Only lost to PSG really this season so I'm gonna go for a comfortable tuner Victory to Dortmund fair enough I was Just thinking about other Chelsea lonies That Andre Santos isn't getting very Many many minutes at Nottingham Forest As well in the whole Chelsea philosophy Relies on these young players becoming Very good did you did you see Fabrizio Romano tweet that saying 10 clubs were Interested in him but he's rotting on The bench the first comment was like You're his agents blatantly just asked You to eat this dude it was such a it Was such a clear like yeah it's up to Him to get in the Nottingham Forest Squad yeah there is a lot of competition There as well Um what did you say two nil to Dortmund

Yeah Um I can see Dortmund conceding I think Um I might go 3-1 I was clinging about Three one yeah I might get three one as Well three one as well there we have it Uh right let's move on to Napoli versus Fiorentina Sunday 7 45 p.m third versus Fifth level on points we've already Talked plenty about Fiorentina my Cubs Uh but how do you see this one this one Going Um I think this will be a Napoli Victory I think um you know they played on Tuesday night didn't they against Royale Um Fiorentina uh face ference farroch Tonight as you're watching this in the Conference league so I think you know They're going to have two days less to Prepare Um I think there's not a huge amount to Pick between the size in terms of the Performance so far this season but Napoli are coming off two games in which They've scored four in the league Obviously put two paused real as well Awesome men two and two you know that Whole controversy Um surrounding those social media posts That were made about him absolutely Ridiculous to know what the club were Thinking Um Especially in their response to you know

The criticism Um absolutely baffling Um but uh but he is Yeah Bang on form Feature back on the score sheet as well In in recent weeks Um so yeah I think I think Napoli looked Really good um Fiorentina I think yeah They can go into this game with some Confidence for what to mention as well Autumnello it's great to see him Actually starting consistently Um again after you know years in the Wilderness Um yeah he he's looked he's looked Pretty good and Barlow and Zola got his First goal Off the Bench Um on the weekend too um but they are Missing some you know pretty key players At dodos out I think until next spring I Think Um with what I believe I think it's an ACL injury yerry mean is also out so Yeah I think um yeah I just think Napoli Is stronger I think they'll I think They'll um probably win this be a tight Game I think 2-1 to Netflix I think I Think it'll be tight as well I can see Goals though I'm gonna go for 3-2 to Napoli Back down to earth okay final game also At 7 45 so you're spot for Choice uh Ren Versus PSG six versus fifth one point Between them we've told you how tight it Is at the top of Liga PSG are in action

Tonight as we film this against Newcastle in a game where I've got 10 Pounds on it with Joe Tomlinson he's Quite convinced that Newcastle are going To beat PSG I just don't see it Happening I just don't see it happening There you go horrifically uh this could Be the quickly curse in action but I Just think PSG of course just got so Much individual quality and I think yeah They won't be intimidated by Ace and James's Park atmosphere no disrespect to Newcastle everyone thinks I always hate Newcastle but I really don't I didn't Grow up in the area I don't hate them as Much as I should arrival uh but yeah I Just think they'll get beaten by PSG Tonight but we'll see what happens there PSG though in the league have been quite Disappointing could only draw nil nil With Clem on foot at the weekend uh Their goalkeeper did have an absolute Stormer yeah then I fifth but they're Only 2 two points behind first place Monaco the season is not done and I do Back them to improve as these 30 new Players that they brought in in the Summer do slightly begin to click a Little bit better I think mbappe you Know seven goals I think in his first Six League games hakimi's been Absolutely excellent as well uh the the Best side by expected points but only Narrowly ahead of Monaco like they

Haven't really got going but they're Still in Touching distance But they're traveling to Ren here Um Ren played Villarreal tonight in the Europa leagues they get extra days less Rest Um and they won their first Europa League game so they'll be looking to Continue a bit of momentum there they're Actually on beaten in the league but They've drawn five of their seven games The most draws in Europe ahead of nice Yeah there we have it but they have Unearthed a new Talent he's called Ibrahim Salah worth watching three goals In 158 minutes potentially the new most Salary replacement when salary goes to Saudi Arabia just bring in the next Salah uh kalimuendo started very well And Benjamin Borussia who's such a Consistent performer for them over the Last few years has been excellent once Again Uh I might just go a quite tired Performance from both of them after Heavy excursions but one also PSG quite Boringly mccubbin uh I might go for a PSG loss actually I just feel like it Just feels like the start of the Season Yeah they've been a little bit Unfortunate in games Um and uh yeah I think runs a hard place To go I'm gonna go two one run two run Yeah uh

Since you told me that good drawing Ren Fact I think I must back the draw so and Since my once maligned Desmond now Celebrated it's one of so many points Yeah I'm gonna back my own Desmond maybe I'm just not good at calling them yeah He said it guys that is it for Continental Club for this week I hope You guys enjoyed the show our Discussions of underrated teams around Europe and those big match predictions Make sure you get your big match Predictions in the comments down below Enjoy the champion no Enjoy the Europa League tonight I hope the Wednesday Games in the Champions League went Really well unfortunately we will try And film this on Thursdays in the future But it just wasn't possible this week With my Cubs on TV we wouldn't have time To film it and edit it before getting it Out but guys thank you so much for Watching go check out yesterday's team Talk as well all three of us were Featuring lots of love bye

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