New Zealand beat England by 9 wickets & 82 balls to spare in the World Cup opener. Harsha Bhogle & Joy Bhattacharjya discuss, on Cricbuzz Live

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One thing is for sure that our Predictions are completely all over the Place but this is a big statement that New Zealand has made firstly the only Only people who are worse than England Today was us are my predictions Absolutely I'll take personal Responsibility for that because not only Did we think it was closed we thought it Was in England's side but uh this is an Amazing thing so in fact in horse racing There's a thing that if you're leading a Horse race towards the end the winning Team does the winning jockey doesn't Bother so he just lets the r go and Allows the horse to cross and that's Where you get the origin of the phrase Winning hands down well this was a hands Down win except that they did they kept Their foot on the accelerator through Out they absolutely creamed England Amazing amazing performance well talking About horses Arad why are we calling Them the dark horses we spoke about this In the pread show it's almost like he Said that you know they it's a hands Down win but these horses are those Horses which are winning hands down I Think sometimes words are not enough to Describe a performance actions do and I Think all we should do is put two hands Together and keep clapping all evening Because this was not a win this was an Annihilation it was almost as if they

Were dusting a speck of dust off and say You go away it was Perfection you will Rarely I I would't be surprised if you Do not see a better run Chase Through This World Cup and we do not see a Better partnership than these two he Gave a racing analogy the boxing analogy There's a term called referee stops Bout the referee would have stopped it Long ago because as you said in the Intro there were two teams supposed two Teams supposed to be playing one turned Up I actually thought 282 was good and As I started to feel stupid I turned up The volume on the TV set there and I was So happy to hear Ian Smith always always Respect for the person on the ground Because they see things differently Saying we thought 282 on a tricky pitch Would be difficult Devon convey is is a Wow player because he's a fabulous Multiformat player what have we seen a 200 on De in England in the IPL final he Makes a 40 as if he's swatting FES and Now he starts the world cup with a 150 But he'll be the first person to say let Me deflect the attention to somebody Else That Innings from rachin rindra was he He set the pace and conve just finished It this was this was just free Uninhibited batting and anybody who Wants to watch this batting just say Take all the pressure out take the

Social media out take everything out let People play cricket for the reason they Started playing cricket and I mean you You you were you were short of words Couple of times when we watching it Together

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