Pakistan begin their World Cup campaign against the Netherlands. Can the Dutch spring a surprise? Harsha Bhogle & Joy Bhattacharjya preview, on Cricbuzz Live

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Pakistan take on Netherlands and uh well This is a master class that we are going To get from Harsha of course on the Netherlands team but first up on Pakistan I feel Pakistan's coming in They've had a great 2023 they've won 10 Out of the 16 games the Asia cup didn't Go quite well the media went crazy but Otherwise they've been in good form Openers have been good if you keep zamana out of it we'll have a Look at the squad but Um they probably go with their Predictable Squad playing their people Who we know are predictable of course Naseem sits out because I think the 11 Is ready the only question is do they Play Mohammed Nawaz who in the warm-up Game looked in good Nick bold accurately Or do they play the very impressive Usama Mir who can also bat you're Looking at someone bad at eight usam Amir can do that but he's not like Shadab he's the more classical Lex bin Or tosses it up and looked very Impressive in that little phase that he Bowled but they are going to go with Zaman and not Abdullah Shafiq Followed by shadab and either Nawaz or I Mean I'd play two leggies either Nawaz Or usam Amir and I think they've decided To go ahead with Hassan Ali yeah Hassan Ali takes the batting badly because you Muhammad Wasim can bat but Hasan Ali

Takes that batting that deep but they Also want someone to bowl the new ball Along with China so Hasan Ali will play And then Shaheen and harisrov joy you Think a little bit of pressure on shadab He's not been in the greatest Performance has not been the greatest Reform but either comes in they need the Second spinner to perform and I feel That if he has that support and Harristro of bowls well in the middle Overs as well I think it's going to make A difference I think that's the one Place that they are missing that pie Are they Spinners good enough to win out Here because if you're going to win in The subcontinent your Spinners must come To the party shadab did not come to the Party during the Asia cup if they get That right I think the rest of the team Is pretty much in gear and you know Salma has given them runs up front all The rest have scored at some point During the Asia cup you know they didn't End up impressively but all of them Bower got runs everyone got runs Anyway but but uh Shadab has one thing that other players In the team do not have which is he's Ridiculously quick in the field it's an Area that Pakistan have traditionally Been making and it's an area that this Team is a bit suspect on they can even Now at International level they can

Still do some comical things in the Field but shadab is among the best Wherever he feels so he is always Plus In the field he's the Vice Captain so They will play they will play Shada my Question is whether they will play Osama Mir but they need from a game like Netherlands they need a big win and they Need to get into form because he's Actually the one guy who didn't get it He's throwing his Bat at the moment he's Very hands player just throwing his bad At everything and if it doesn't get Going so for Pakistan starts are crucial We talked about it sitting here right Here during the Asia cup if shine of 3D Doesn't get wickets with a new ball what Happens but they need to start From Zaman to be able to get going Because Baba is a different player once He comes at the back of a start All right let's have a look at uh Netherlands Squad now Netherlands is Playing their World Cup after 2011 and Uh of course you know they've had They've they've come off that qualifiers Where they've had great form that big Win against West Indies and uh against Scotland as well but uh Harsha if you go And look at the squad the openers Vikramjeet and Max o'daward have been Doing really well uh but I'm happy to See vikramjit scoring runs against Because he was struggling for runs for a

While maxid out is fantastic but there's One name that stands out today we talked About rachit ravindra and sitting in a Pub in Bangalore yeah But that is a great story too over there Went to New Zealand as a six-year-old Played uh uh first class Cricket in New Zealand alongside people like Glenn Phillips and the others couldn't quite Make it went to play to went to To try and play professional Cricket in Holland did good enough to get picked For them got a four-year contract Fulfill The Residency now there's 25 30 People coming from Vijayawada tomorrow To to watch him play including his Mother and grandmother all coming to Watch him play but that's a Side Story Yeah Max would Max is one of my favorite Associate Nation but I I love the way I Love his mullet and I love his his Batting style they've gone back as They've recalled Wesley barrettes he's The oldest player in the tournament at 39. they've recalled Wesley barrezi is One of those names you know you look at The old that size I seem to remember Some names you'll find he might have Played with his father also he might Have played with uh Tim the leader I Don't know but they've got him back Because they're missing a couple of People through injuries and I think the One player in my view they'll miss the

Most of these two Bowlers one is Tim Fringle the left arm spinner he's Injured and Fred Klassen the quick Because These are good players but you think you Know the only problem out of the yes They are in experience but they will be Missing uh they have only four seamers If I'm not wrong yeah because of the Injuries that have come yeah but Aryan Death is an offspinner who's done really Well for them of late so they've got uh Colin Ackerman will both spin for them I Think Van Damme is one of those you know What we call chore Bowlers you know Fires it into you and you know tries to Get it changes his bullying does all Sorts of things again a veteran from South Africa who's finally you know Playing there I think this is going to Be a site that will always again play Above yeah they'll they'll play better Than the talent suggests but they're up Against a really good team and the other Thing is a bowler you know Bowlers like Harris drop shine shaft really if you Don't play top level International Competition they're not easy to play Against so but you have to applaud the Dutch they went to play the qualifiers Without five of their first 11 yes they Were not released by the counties They're playing County Creek with the Professional cricketers they don't make

Money playing Cricket in the in the Netherlands so they have to make their Money playing county cricket three of Them are back now three of them call an Ackerman roll off they're all back now But they're qualified there through some Great they beat the West Indies in a Super over yes with it uh Teja hit 100. Yeah Came back he finished the game and then In the super over did that too so They're a side with some character They've got nothing to lose beware the Team that's got nothing to lose but I Just think that uh purely in terms of Skill and the others Pakistan might have Way too much for them but you know I Think the 2022 T20 World Cup they played Uh a hand in helping Pakistan because They beat South Africa South Africa do We have any surprises on the cars Because like you said they have nothing To lose so um I mean my only point is That of course given what happened today We will not even talk about being Surprised or not surprised but it's Easier to surprise people in 20 over Games and yes you over games because There's more time for a good team to Recover having said that this is a very Good site and it's a side that's again What they did without five players Nobody thought they had a good most of a Chance for them to get there but also

Interestingly I mean three months before The World Cup they're searching for Sponsors searching for somebody and when You have c teams like say India or England where there are you know staff Of 20 25 people with the teams you think Of the struggle they go through just to Be on the same ground as these teams and You you realize their performance is so Much they've got so much of their game Yeah and there's a rare occasion they Don't play much fun they create I don't Think they have a they have a one day International for the next year against One of the top sites in the world so They have to make the most of what they Have which is what Joy said if you've Not played the afridis and harisravs Foreign

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