Professional american lightweight boxer, WBC and WBO champion Adrien Broner with nickname “The Problem” against american top ranked athlete and title challenger Eloy Perezwith nickname “The Prince”. Fight for WBO Super feather weight belt took place in Scottrade Center, Saint Louis, USA on February 25, 2012. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Adrien Broner (USA) vs Eloy Perez (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Fighting out of the blue Corner wearing Light blue with black official weight 130 lbs his professional record stands At 23 victories including seven Knockouts and he has two draws from Selena California The Undefeated WBO number one ranked Junior lightweight Challenger in the World Eloy the Pr It's P and fighting out of the Red Corner Wearing red with green and white Officially weighing also at 130 lb a Perfect professional record 22 fights 22 Victories including 18 Knockouts from Cincinnati Ohio the reigning defending undefeated WBO Junior lightweight champion of the World Adrien the Problem Baby all times good luck to You ELO Perez bad footwork because of Wide but Roy a wide stance means problem It could be a big problem Knockout wins that's not part of his Resume he's been down twice in his Career Broner's never touched the canvas As we begin round of inter to see how Perez deals with the hand speed of Broner early yeah he's never seen Nothing like it before he takes care of A lot of people he has a lot of people

On his back that are depending on him so He's coming to try to perform for those Almost wanted to cry in the fighter Meeting yeah um you saw that uh young Boy in the ring caner and the Perez team Befriended him as Perez takes a big shot He's the official belt Carrier tries to double up the jab does Perez some obvious boxing skills is seen By some as a real boxer but Roy pó has a Really good defense with his shoulders And to hit it that's the big thing and He has quick hands and Power to Go With It boner reached and then slip Perez Waited away from any danger but Perez Took really good that's what surprising Cuz he's care but he took a good a good For left hook Perez puts together Combination no not at All R seems very relaxed in there here In round One get under that hook he's trying to Load that thing up that's all he's got Right all right how you feel left hook He fainted the jab and L with left hook And landed right on the nose great punch And uh I know it's figh defensive fight Okay but he took the shot very that was A long left landed with some Force go Gra Broner landed 10 of his 42 punches In that round five of them were power I Don't like Perez backing up from from Bron so much because Bron is the longer Fighter event and that might not be a

Good thing for perz this is going to be The problem he's younger than most of Them he's taller than most of them he's A problem as his Nickname Step with some of his power Perez says It doesn't hurt but it Scored good step jab from BR he using that jab very good With very calmed and relaxed right here This is where you see a little bit of The experience Factor when a guy has Been in this situation he's always Relaxed even though it's not not totally Controlled yet because he hasn't broken Will yet Broner is able to get that jab And get the range going yes he is like I Said a short guy should never position At all times mentally and Physically but he's a good game fighter He came here to give it all he has he'll Take a lot away from this fight he'll be Back talk about the learning curve in Terms of Broner's boxing skills and they Trade big shots of Fact Perez hurt on a right to the ear Trying to fight his way out at the end Of hey I want no talking no talking no Talking listen up he's too high for the Right hook upstairs you got me so throw The right down low and come back with The left hook and get out he he brought On the attack he lands a right hand to The how and cheekbone followed by

Another right hand as he was accurate And he heard Perez as we begin round Three by Perez he also landed a big left Hook late in that Round Like the way Michael Stafford in the Corner of after his fighter just had Such a big round yet because he he was Critical of the end of that round cuz he Felt Broner was rushing excited it could Also excite the fighter well one thing We're seeing here is you know Perez Talked about he was better with his feet Not as bad with his feet as they think He is he's wide with it but but he can Move them that's exactly Right pretty Flush from roner also plays defense Roy As you pointed out with his upper body a Lot not needing to always use his legs To move out of range that's exactly Right he as Broner pointed out heading Into the fight look this is a junior Lightweight who punches like aama Junior Lightweight who punches like a Middleweight El can Punch double left hand from Brer good shot well the other problem Punch to get in there yeah well he's Allowing Bron to stay in punching range Because he's stoping right in Bron's Punching range by allowing to come Forward or like that jab double and Triple double and triple and as his

Corner found out body Ander cover up his Body pretty well yes he does and Camouflages very well just now but see That pressure he got on him right now The pressure being right there in his Face out of being never being in this CL Before good right hand by Broner Perez Tries to respond at the end of round Three Eloy Perez someone who at one Point they lived in a trailer with holes In and that's the kind of commitment That he has towards his okay B let me Ask you a question who do you know that Be Adrien bro is standing right in front Of himz is standing right in front of Him for three rounds three to nothing 30 To 27 is not there watch that that's Absolutely fantastic the way Broner does It I love that step to the as heck with Sweat blood and DNA he's going to wish He didn't have him three to nothing Brona the this fight is Going all right and you saw the Showmanship of Broner too as he got into Step around Broner and use what he Thinks is his Superior footwork and what Broner just demonstrated to him like I Said the biggest thing for Bron he's Keeping his pressure on Perez he's not Giving him space something different yes He has by don't do that either but like I told you this is why I say he'll take Some great experience away age of eight When he walks to the ring Kevin

Cunningham who's the lead trainer when He's in town he's like a nephew to me He's known him since he's a little kid And he's developing a fan base not only In Cincinnati but here in St Louis good Straight right hand and down goes Perez and he's not going to make it Performance yes it was I know Perez is Not doesn't have a lot of knockouts on But he's a skillful world class fighter Broner just did whatever he wanted and Knocked him out spectacular Fashion's career has been knocked out First time he's been stopped round Number four for Adrian good job bu Roy pretty impressive Yeah very impressive great right hand See the right hand coming straight he he Fin got close enough to him and hit him Right down the middle with the right Hand you couldn't ask for a cleaner Right hand before that and that's when I Saw it coming and there again you saw a Second one behind almost like in the Neck ear area and that kind of first one What did that right there that was what Did the damage and any time an elite Fighter can faint you and get that close To you possibly can get out the wheel of That Punch and Adrien came in rapping and he Goes Problem Broner the 9-year-old boy who has been a

Part of the Perez camp for the Broner Perez fight you take a look at the total Punches Broner 189 thrown

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