Joe is back on We Need To Talk, and he’s looking at the biggest problem your club is facing at this point in the season!

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Welcome Back to Football daily today We're looking at your club's biggest Problem that's right the agree or Disagree format is back now I put a Tweet out during the week asking for Each Cub's biggest problems I got over 200 responses so I've got a problem for Every single one of the Premier League Clubs except for Luton not a single Luton fan replied to my tweet if you're A luten fan get Involved it stressed me out you know how This works by now I'm going to flash the Statement up on screen I'm then going to Tell you if and why I agree or disagree Let's get straight into it alphabetical Order with the Arsenal this one comes in From AFC now there were loads of suggestions For Arsenal but I picked this one Because it felt like the most topical he Says the Relentless use of payo saaka Although he is a talismanic player for Us the poor blo needs a rest and last Night was a perfect example of that we Now run the risk of losing him for the City game I arguably the most important Of the Season ah this annoys me and I'll tell You why it annoys me because for me you Don't rest your best players especially In Champions League games and especially When you're seven games into the season If we were 40 games in I would totally

Understand it seven games in but Kaio Saka does not need a rest in a away Match in the Champions League One of the most vital games so far this Season you do not rest your best players You know last season sacka about 3700 Minutes across the domestic competitions The Premier League for Arsenal 37 100 Minutes also 300 minutes of the World Cup so let's say 4,000 minute ballpark Season for sacka last year Harland 4,000 Minute season last year Salah around a 4,000 minute season the best players Play the most minute It is just a fact Lonzo way was a big Game for Arsenal you know you didn't see City resting Harland away at leig Because it's a big game and he's the Best player you know Arsenal have plenty Of really good players CBA erard Martinelli Declan rice but sacka is the One he is their best player like AFC SE Says he's the Talisman you don't rest Your Talisman salad does not get rested In the big games Saka shouldn't either He's 22 years old PSG weren't resting Killian mbappe at 22 because he was Their best player you play your best Players unless it's an absolute Ridiculous situation where fixed your Congestion 30 games into the season he Clearly is absolutely shattered Saka is A victim of being kicked cuz he's so Good I understand that but I just you

Know United don't rest Bruno Salah Doesn't get rested by Liverpool Arsenal Should not be resting sacka moving on to Villa and MC says every time Emy tries To rotate we lose and he will need to Four Cup games in a row lost players Like Olsson or Tans are a massive Downgrade so let's talk about it I guess You can kind of extrapolate from an MC's Point that he feels like depth and Rotation are the biggest problems for Aston Villa cuz they are in a lot of Cup Competitions you know the Europa League Does tie you out doesn't it so they are Going to need to ro And I kind of agree I'm a little bit Surprised at how poor some of the Players that have come in to replace the Starters have been you know Yuri Tans I Think is a fabulous player he hasn't lit The world Al light has he so far at Aston Villa he's definitely not going to Dispose bubacar Kamar or Douglas Luiz Anytime soon and he does look a little Bit leggy especially when he's played With somebody like denona who's also not The fast this in that Midfield role but Caveat this players like Tans need time This is a new side a new system emer's Tactics are extremely demanding and he Is going to take a little bit of time to Get used to it I think he's a fantastic Player so I'm not writing him off by any Means but for now the rotation hasn't

Quite worked tonight is a must win Against zinsky probably pronounce that All sorts of wrong but a must win Against the Bosnian Champions and I Think they will win I'm shooting this Thursday at 5:00 if they lose I'm going Like a right mug going on to Bournemouth And the suggestion from Chung is Reliance on salanki both scoring and Building up so he feels like there's an Over Reliance on Dom sanii and you can See why three goals and an assist so far This season for sanki before that injury Only two other players in the bourma Squad have scored a goal so they are one Of the lowest scoring sides in the League right now but but I'm going to Disagree with this one I'm afraid I am Going to disagree I think their fixture List given they've played Liverpool Tottenham Chelsea Arsenal brenford and Brighton is the biggest problem like Salanki yes there is going to be a Reliance in him to score goals cuz he is The nine for them and pretty much Everything goes through him but when Alex Scott returns you know we haven't Really seen a full fully fit Dango Atara Yet I think he's only played 90 minutes Once so far this season and that was in The cup wasn't it You know seeno still yet to find his Best form I think Bournemouth will be Less reliant on him when these players

Start to come back find their Fitness I Don't think that's going to be a problem For them in the long term necessarily a Little bit more of a problem for me as Well is that defensive midfielder you Know Tyler Adams I'm not sure it was an Injury setback still doesn't seem like He's anywhere near it and without him You know Zack raised his point on Sunday Vibes without him and not saying another Defensive midfielder that feels like a Major issue so I'm going to disagree With an overreliance on salanki because I do think the fixtures have just been a Disaster and aola will be fine when he Starts to not face the big six basically However they do need to start scoring Some goals at brenford the lad tweeted In and deleted his suggestion so I'm not Going to be to put on screen but he is Suggesting lack of depth H I think this Is another One I'm going to disagree with I feel Like I'm really disagreeing with a lot Of own fans opinions which is just never A good look is it um but I don't think a Lack of dep has necessarily been the Problem for brenford this season I think Their biggest problem has been goals and Mainly goals from the Tony Replacements Or cover in ambero and Visa you know Burma started the season so well but one Goal in his last seven games in all Competitions Visa one goal in his last

Seven games in all competitions Kevin Sharder out for an extended period of Time now with that hip injury and bermo Is a brilliant player and you know Arguably you could say they were robbed Against not and forest with the penalty Decision that went against them but Those two are both putting up like. five Point 4.5 non penalty expected goals per 90 so far this season and especially in V's case underperforming a little bit The goals have got to start coming from Those two really fairly soon because Without Tony scoring at the rate he was Last season they're going to need to get Over the line somehow now having said This they played man united on Saturday And I'm convinced and Burma's going to Score a brace jinx us Brighton this one Came in from Daniel Stabler he says the Structural and financial constraints of Elite football mean that bigger laser And worst run clubs can attempt to treat My club like a Marketplace for talent he Says this is a problem I think this is Fantastic for Brighton I think this is Fantastic for Brighton how is this a Problem Unearthing these gems £5 million and Then selling them for1 million is by no Means a problem the business Tony Bloom Is doing is absolutely perfect it is Genius Brighton are flying yes they've Had a couple of poor results you know

The Six wance Villa came out of nowhere That was a bit of a surprise massive Game tonight as well against Marseilles But how the club is run and the fact That big clubs want to come and poach Some of your talent is by no means a Problem You know kaiso was a huge overpayment Kara a huge overpayment even 25 million For Sanchez really good business I do Not think the fact that clubs are coming And paying exuberant amounts of fees for Brighton players is in any way an issue I actually think it's a huge positive Don't really get this one okay Burnley Up next Danny boyo says Vinnie not Sticking with players that got us Promoted he goes on to mention the likes Of Charlie Taylor missing out on Matson No real back up for foster but overall He's kind of talking here about you know Betting in new players I'm doing it Again here I just don't think that's Burnley's biggest problem right now I Actually think that Vinnie has to bed New talent in I think when you're a Newly promoted side you've got to get Your new signings cooking as quickly as Possible the less time it takes them to Adapt to the league the better so the Likes of amuni the likes of Kosho have to be bedded in straight away They do even at the back you know you've Got to get players better you've got to

Get Trafford bedded In The Sticks ASAP So I don't think necessarily it's a case Of not giving other players chances I Just think when you come to the Premier League you've got to be backing new Talent that can perform you believe can Perform to a new level you know Sheffield United and Luton to a large Level I know they don't have the same Money Burnley do have backed the talent That got them out the championship and I Think in the long term it's going to Hurt them in the short term maybe I see It as a bit of an issue for Burnley but The fixtures have been City Villa Spurs United Newcastle they got Chelsea next The fixtures have been horrible I'm Going to disagree with this one I think For Burnley the real problem is goals Again I know that L Foster had his ban But andun has Miss some big chances he's Got to find his feet soon and the only Way he does that is by being on the Pitch in my opinion he's missed some big Chances the goal is going to come next Up for Chelsea we've got Aura he says Scoring Goals yes this one is absolutely nailed On I think by XG they should have scored 13 14 they've scored seven so again like Last season like the season before that Massive underperformance in the penalty Area you know Nicholas Jackson the Biggest underperformer of expected goals

Of any player in the Premier League I Don't want to lay this all at his feet But has looked a little bit shaky in Terms of his finishing there's Definitely a player in there holds on to The ball really well carries the ball Really well just looks like he snatches A little bit of his chances so he's Going to have to calm down although I Think bro's return looks very positive Thought it looked really good against Fulham even though he missed a hter as Well the goals are going to come for Chelsea the underlying numbers are Actually all right they're actually all Right they've just got to get kungu back Fits somehow don't rush him get him back In the side but clearly yeah goals again The problem for the blues Magnum has Palace's suggestion he says for Crystal Palace it's injuries mixed with a lack Of squad depth yeah man I really feel For Roy hodin the injuries have just Been absolutely horrible haven't they Nine of the 25 first team players have Either got an injury currently or Experienced an injury so far I'd say Five or six of them as well starters Really when you think Dean Henderson Brand new signing was bought in for a Not inconsiderable 20 million pound Injured straight away franer zahar Repayment injured straight away Jefferson Lura their Midfield sign

Injured straight straight away now Alis Has been out for an extended period Really and we see e this week pick up a Six we Injury it's a disaster really the injury Front has been a disaster I think even Oddson Edward's got an injury now and When you couple this with a lack of Spending it does come back to bite you Doesn't it I mean I think just 35ish Million spent in the summer the second Lowest amount in the Premier League 20 Of that went on franer 1520 went on Dean Henderson and Jefferson lurman came in On a three I think only luten Town spent Less that is it's not ideal especially When you have nine injuries to keep the Season off we go into Everton next and Aan says one for us is the ownership That needs to get sorted so we can get a New board which would almost be like a New start and get rid of Shawn D with The players our Squad is stronger than The promoted size in my opinion our Tactics are bad wow okay well I'm how Which one should I take let's take his Take on Shawn Dy cuz the ownership Situation well documented you know we Covered it on explained as well very Recently I'll Flash the thumbnail up on Screen now so you haven't already Watched uh our explained on the everon Ownership situation go and watch that Now let's tackle Shawn D I firmly

Disagree with the notion of sacking Shawn D I actually think Everton have Been pretty unfortunate their underly Numbers look very very solid almost Mid-table level solid they've got Dominick C lein back now I think Dwight Neil is playing really well it's not the Most attractive brand of football and I Understand this Everton fans want to be Playing a more attractive brand of Football certainly but I don't think Everton are a million miles away from Clicking I think the result away at Brenford proved that they really have Something there they were miles Better Than brenford Miles they beat Villa in The cup as well and then they have this Weird thing going on at goodison Park Where where they're just so susceptible They go and win those two games and then They lose to Luton the lack of Consistency is enraging but I'm Convinced that Shawn D is the best Manager right now to keep Everton in the Division and maybe even push them up the Table I think if you sack Shan D now you Open yourself up to a world of pain our Fulam suggestion comes from big fulam Fan himself of course JCC you'll Probably know from pro clubs on YouTube He says goals and I would agree You know they lost mitovich in the Summer they didn't replace him they Replaced him with Ral gimnez didn't

Score a goal last season hasn't scored a Goal this season it's not looking great In the forward Department I'm a little Bit surprised that cars venicius hasn't Started more games but you know Tim ree Is the current top scorer up there they Don't create loads of chances and they Don't score many goals I'm worried about Fulham this season next up we've got Liverpool this one was sent in by Philly He says no starting DM Mack is good but Would much prefer him as an 8 to 10 and Endo is just a rotation disagree clearly Yes they do need a defensive midfielder We're all aware of that we can see it But I just think he a little bit boring Um I actually like the Midfield Composition with sabosa and mallister It's not perfect but it's going to be a Lot better when Trent comes back when he Can start inverting and playing that box Midfield the Midfield means they can Play four going forward and that four Are creating chances of fun they're Scoring goals for fun the xgs through The roof they're so good to watch Liverpool Right now and I know that the DM is an Issue but I think their bigger problem Is the PGM Honestly they've been shafted the pgmol Has been their problem not the DM Len Town as I said no fan suggested anything I'm deleting him sorry Luton you know

Please get involved I really want you to Start get involved but I got no Suggestions hads has the Manchester City Suggestion he says Squad depth it's a Myth that we have two starting 11s and City's B team would get top four we have A thin Squad right now and a bit of Rotation clearly shows that we cannot Afford to rest certain Players uh I kind of agree with this one And I kind of disagree it's a bit of a Difficult one I'll put it in the agree Column for now I definitely think there Are a couple of holes in the squad that Could be improved but this Narrative of We don't have much depth I just think is Nonsense because I think the verse ility Of players is so key to how Pep Guardiola plays and his overall Philosophy that you don't necessarily Need two full starting 11s Bernardo Silva's versatility and how much of a Swiss Army knif for player he is is Almost one of the things that makes him So special and makes him so perfect for Pep Guardiola so would you hinder that In order to get another player in I Don't know and would you bring another Player in to stop the development of a Player like Rico Lewis who we saw as one Of the best players on the pitch against Leig I'm not totally sold on the fact That they need all this extra Squad dep I think s I'm going to I'm changing this

I think City's biggest problem has been The Roder red you know that moment of Madness from Roger against not and Forest that effectively in my opinion Cost them the cup game and maybe that's Why they're pointing to the lack of Defensive Midfield cover but Nunes kov Phillips they should have been able to Get the job done there I just think Rodri's head loss was the biggest Problem I think the squad is perfectly Deep enough pep likes a small Squad the Signings in the summer were very Exciting extra Midfield bodies were Bought in doku looks great rodri just Lost his head Manchester United had Endless suggestions and 99% of them with A glazers which obviously I would be Putting into Agree but we've spoken about the glazers Endless ly haven't we let's talk about This suggestion from Julio who says ten Hog is the Problem no he's not if we're talking off The field like I said the glazers very Clearly the biggest issue at man united By a country M if we're talking on the Field the biggest issue for United is Injuries the injuries at the back for United have meant that the new system That was being worked on is out of the Window the structure is totally gone the Balance is a myth you know not having a Left back and having to play Amat left

Back is so far from ideal that it's Almost comical it's throwing the entire Midfield balance off and because of that The forward Line's not working either I Think another big problem is the form of Marcus rashford fabulous player just Seems a little bit low in confidence Right now got to find a way of getting That back if you look at the game Against Galatasaray Midweek I actually don't think much of That at all all lies at the door of Eric Tenh har the individual errors are so Costly the injuries are so large the Problems are so massive off the field at United that it feels to me as United fan Eric tenh har is almost the least Culpable it feels like he's scrambling From problem to problem injury to off The field drama that he just can't get Any stability any structure and Therefore any development he is in a Nightmare position right now and I Actually just feel sorry for him let's Talk about Newcastle cuz CBN UFC sent in This suggestion he said no CB dep botman Out for a month at least one more injury Away from Paul dummit playing in front Of the yellow wall yeah I agree with This one the center back depth is a Problem and was a problem in the summer That you know we talked about on Football daily quite heavily didn't we They were linked with players the likes

Of Kim what a signing he would have been And Bachman's injury does mean that they Look a little bit thin there they can Play Dan burn at Center back so I don't Think it's going to get to a stage where We see Paul dumit especially with the Arrival of Lewis Hall in the summer but Certainly it's something they're going To address in January I think they're Definitely going to dip back into the Market and look to sign a central Defender because as good as Fabian Sharon LEL were against PSG I think the Long run the absence of botman both on The ball and his physicality off the Ball is an issue so I agree with this One Forest Gareth the forest fan says a Small but vocal number of fans casting Doubt over the manager when they forget We'd still be wallowing a mid-table Championship where we've been for years If we didn't have him I don't know like How big that vocal core is but if it is Large I'll agree with it because I think It's ridiculous to be questioning Steve Cooper I think he has done an astounding Job a really astounding job sure this Season you know the chance creation a Little bit low we'd like to see a little Bit more from the three behind to But he looks Sensational there seems to Be balanced back in this Forest side the City ground is a very difficult place to Be and like GTH

Says prior to Steve Cooper they were Nowhere yes he's had massive investment In the Premier League but aim number one Last season was stay in the league stay In the league just stay in the league Anything to stay in the league he Managed it they stayed in the League This season can they progress towards Midt can they get up toward 12 13th at The moment they're I think 12th and they Look good for a mid-table finish I think Forest there are plenty of teams worse Than forest in this league right now if There are people questioning Steve Cooper I don't know whether there are But Gareth the the not Forest fan says There are I'm going to agree with Gareth back Cooper Man for cheffers United Finn says the lack of a proper Creative midfielder o do you know what I'll I'll agree to a level to a level Because I think there are loads of Problem problems at sheff United loads I Think the Midfield does look all over The place though and the creation is Just not happening there's just no Chances being created lowest XG lowest Goal scored lowest chances created Lowest shots massive problems in the Forward department and when you take Away a player like inim d who was so Sensational in the championship so Driven that is a huge problem because he Not only scored goals but he was able to

Create his own chances and create Chances for others I like Gustav o Hammer and he started the season Well but they needed more they did need More and the pressure now on players Like Archer it's going to be Monumental for Spurs Lewis eagland says Squad dep you Can see the drop off in creativity when Madison goes off and Son the same Certainly agree with this one um it's an Issue for Tottenham but the positive for Them is I think they can play a maximum Of 37 games Across the course of the rest of the Season and that's if they were to make The FA Cup Final because of course They're not in Europe and they're Already out the Cara bubble so if they Get to the final of the FA Cup and smash It in the Prem they play 37 more games Even a small Squad should be able to Deal with that the problem for them is That their key players are ibum Madison Are injury-prone players so they're Going to need cover in January but just Get through to January 13 fixtures left For Spurs until the middle of January That's it get through to January address The squad depth issue there but for now There aren't really many other problems Are there for West Ham then Adam Barnett Says too reliant on Antonio in that lone Strike R in doesn't fit and although

Mubu is a very promising player he's the Only other real option to match the Style certainly agree with this one Really surprised didn't bring a striker In the Door in the summer especially when they Let skaka go out on that loan with an Obligation I suppose that Kudos can can Play there I don't think he suits this West Ham Star Wars a nine at all so I Don't expect him to get any minutes Through the middle and Mikel Antonio the Start of the Season okay but last season We did see the drop I think back toback 10 goal Halles last season five goals he Started this season pretty well you know He has scored goals already which is a Big bonus but if he was the Injured the style of play from that Number nine back back to goal bringing Others into the game running the Challeng doing the dog work they just Don't have so yeah I agree final one is Wolves and Michael says it's pretty Clear the sale of big midfielders while Restructuring financially to replace Them he says it's pretty clear I Disagree like the sales were problematic In the summer they were problematic in The Midfield area to lose Neves and to Lose Nunes that is an issue but I think Bard looks pretty decent I think the Acquisition of Tommy D was okay I think Think that lamina Gomez trior although

They're not perfect are serviceable I Think the bigger problem for wolves is The goals the Striker that is their biggest problem it Seems like it's always their biggest Problem you know the front line the Options just are not natural goal Scorers Fabio Sila he AT3 expected goals This season no goals scored his best Ever tally was On LAN Andel last year Seven goals Kaa Again3 expected goals this season I Think he's got one hasn't he his best Ever T at hurter seven goals in a full Season Wang he's got four goals he Started the season brilliantly you know Mug Pep Guardiola off last week didn't He his best ever tally five goals even Kadic he had that one Stand Out season Where he scored 16 other than that his Highest ever League tally six goals all Of the strikers they've got on the books Are not Natural goal scorers that is the biggest Problem for wolves I think the Midfield Is fairly functional the backline looks Pretty stable they can't put the ball in The net and that's the bigger problem Okay so that was a bit muddled that Video apologies for some of the problems I don't know whether I explain myself Brilliantly well but if you did enjoy it Please do hit the like button as I said If you're a luten fan please get

Involved on the Twitter I'd love some Suggestions hit the Subscribe button Thanks very much for watching we'll see You later goodbye

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