South Africa lock horns with Sri Lanka in a battle of potential World Cup dark horses. Who holds the edge? Dinesh Karthik & Zaheer Khan preview the match, on Cricbuzz Live

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South Africa take on Sri Lanka in Delhi Uh it's going to be an interesting game Both these teams uh DK coming in with a Whole lot of injuries into the team uh If you can have a look at the South African Squad first uh the big blow of Course is no noia to them but otherwise Do you think this looks like a rounded Side they are in great batting form I Can promise you starting from Tempa Bama Who's been in very good nick Quinton we All know how good he is the middle order Is what sets them as the force that they Are today rassie vanders Iden Marram HRI Uh Classen and David Miller as good a Middle order as you can see and they Have a solid left-hander in David M in David Miller and then you have after That Marco yansen and whether they're Going to play fuo is the next question But if you do see that team they are a Team you will look at it and go come on Now You' got to make it to the Semi-final like that's the kind of team They have they have two very good Spinners kha Maharaj and tab shami and Aiden makram obviously gives you the off Spinning option in terms of how good a Team should be they have it all and Zach Was telling us you know off a that they Have Angi they have rabar and Marco Yansen I don't think you can expect Anything more in a structure of a team If I if I'm Fair it's all about now

Making sure all the tools come together To produce a good product and I Genuinely wish that they have a good World Cup because they are a team for Many strange reasons in many World Cups Have found a way out out at at awkward Times and I hope this is the World Cup Where they're going to turn things Around Zach they're coming in with great Confidence because that Series against Australia they won 32 they were down to 02 I feel from from there they went and Won 32 they're coming in with confidence Classen is someone that you had in your List of players to watch out for if I'm Not wrong so uh he's going to be a key You feel for South Africa well I think On on the whole and DK was was rightly Putting out there I was I was also Saying that they are the dark dark horse Of this uh World Cup for sure and uh Many are not rating them because of the History you know because they found a Way of not qualifying somehow or not Getting to that uh that final stage uh But uh as a team I think uh they've Covered all the bases I I have a theory On this side if you take the number of Matches each team has played in terms of The volume of matches each player is Played for each team the most Experienced team is India mhm and the Top five are India Australia the likes In the bottom five is where South Africa

And Sri Lanka are the least experienced Team interestingly not even Netherlands Is Pakistan in the bottom five is where South Africa and Sri Lanka are and I Think that's a good thing for South Africa because if at all they don't they Need something it is not to have players From the scars that they've had in the In the previous Edition so because they Have they they could be having as many As seven World Cup debutants tomorrow I Hope that you know they are on the path For something special because they don't Have the baggage that a lot of other Players could have had and hence I feel That it's a positive it could be a Negative for Sri Lanka because they Genuinely lack the experience with the Team and I feel that's why they're going To struggle a lot but with South Africa I feel it could be a blessing in Disguise it's a theory again I mean we Have to wait and watch that's a good Theory thank you yeah I mean no honestly Because when you're looking at South African team uh they've been getting to That stage but not really crossing the The final hudle uh they've been uh doing Well in World Cups it's not that they've Not been doing well the previous World Cup was one to forget but other than That uh you you look at 92 World Cup They've had a good run uh the other World Cups also you know they've not

Been going in the World Cup saying that Okay this team you can't the seminal so So that has been the history just that They've been tagged as chokers and that Is something which has not helped them The 99 World Cup was is looking like Their World Cup right throughout the League phase so so looking at that uh no One has been really counting them for This world cup but when you're looking At the squad I think they've got the Ingredients you know there there are Some nice all-rounders Marco Jansen is Someone who is going to be good with the With the ball and is going to be handy With the bat so that is going to change The Dynamics you look at the Spinners Also they've got Kesha Maharaj and tab Sami Kesha maharas can contribute with The bat also kagiso rabada is someone Who's also a one of the best Bowlers in The world uh if he hits uh the ground Running uh then it is going to be a Completely different world cup so they Have the bowling resources uh they have The power in the middle uh middle overs As well if required Miller Classen Marram uh these guys have been Consistent uh feature in the the league Which happens here so they're very well Aware of the conditions Classon is Someone who we've seen how how he can Put Spinners under pressure and that is Going to be a very important uh part for

Any team if they have to succeed in uh In this these conditions we've seen that In the first game against England uh and New Zealand that spin factor is going to Play if you're if you are uh batting First and the the pitch is gripping like We've seen in the both uh both matches So far if that is the case then you need Someone to counter that and uh maybe Miller and Classen are going to be those Uh those batters which can put Spinners Under pressure and get you over pass Score even if you are batting first in These conditions uh so those are the Things if they start happening for them And they gain that momentum I think this Team will be difficult to stop the you Know the only negatives or rather the Points the other teams will be looking To exploit is one Marco Jansen bats at Seven and that ends the batting if they Play two spinners it's kha Maharaj shami And the other two or the other one would Obviously be the fact that you know they Haven't played in these conditions a lot Of the new guys that will be one area And rabada's form a little but he's not Been great off late in terms of form but Come at the hour we're just hoping that Rabada is the guy who can take this team Across you know why I'm smiling it Almost feels like we're doing our Pre-show for tomorrow because we are so Passionate about the South African team

But surprisingly they were not in your Top four uh when we when we did that Ition you said Dark Horse you said Dark Horse very passionately speaking about The South African team like you said That you know they the positive is they Should will not be carrying the baggage Uh someone who's carrying a lot of Baggage I feel is Sri Lanka they've come From that 50 all out in the Asia cup They're coming into uh the world cup With a whole lot of injuries the big News today that Tik sha is not going to Be fit either there's no hanga so DK What lot of problems there for Sri Lanka With just the injuries that's been the Biggest acul heal losing hasaranga Losing chamir and now they've lost TI For the first couple of games maybe so That's a big issue for them them again For them the structure of the 11 is a Bit of an issue they have the one spin Of Val in Delhi you might need two and The other bowler didn't really U Confident enough to start the World Cup Game which was Duan heanta so that is an Issue for them they have Pana and they Have Madu shanka who will be the new Ball Bowlers whether they go for the Extra fast ball or the spinner is only Question otherwise 11 is pretty much Structured all they need to see is Whether that bowler they have confidence With or are they going to go for an

Extra fast bowler which will mean they Play with four fast bowlers that's the Only call they need to take Zach big Concern again injury concerns for Sri Lanka because he said yes the 11 is Pretty much we know what it's going to Be but with just new injuries coming in It almost feels like okay now who's Going to fit in yeah I mean that was the Case uh right throughout the Asia cup as Well we are hoping that maybe wanindu Hanga comes back uh Jamir comes back and Uh and Tish is also fit uh then then That this team would have looked Different for sure I think uh having uh P Tiana that X Factor then Tik and then Having one hanga I know it would have it Would have made a formidable bowling Lineup they would have found away if They put runs on board then they would Have definitely found that way of Putting any team Under Pressure also You've seen the wickets are are gripping Yes so if you're bowling first you know That gives you that added Edge uh Val is Also good so you know you would have had Those three four Spinners which you Could have uh used if you're bowling First bit of conditions help and uh Restricting the team would have made Things easier for them and uh one or two Wins then you know gets the whole team Going you're overall happy looking at Sri Lanka from where they were couple of

Years back maybe to where they are right Now uh but uh Missing these players is Not going to help their cause so they'll Just have to figure out maybe find a way Of uh putting up a good show but on the Whole You've seen lot of good processes Around this team uh so you will see that In the This World Cup as well and uh we Just have to wait and see that how far They go with that uh even if they go the Distance it's not going to be all the Way that everyone knows I think about This Game

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