Babar Azam got out on the cheap against the Netherlands in their 2023 World Cup opener. Zaheer Khan & Dinesh Karthik share their thoughts on the skipper, on Cricbuzz Live

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We spoke about in the pre-match show he Didn't quite do anything with the bat Really but his captaincy was very Impressive today because again just Rotating the ball when it was needed he Was we spoke about how his batting Affects affects his captaincy but Clearly today it didn't he was very Impressive as a captain yeah but he has To uh get runs you know and get runs as Early as possible in a tournament like This uh when you're looking at Pakistan You're talking about Babar as a so uh When you when you're looking at uh Pakistan's uh batting performance today They didn't start well so they were Under pressure it just that partnership Uh which was uh very important at the Right time it happened for them had it Not happened the pressure would have Been even more and you don't want to Carry that throughout the tournament you Don't want to send that signal that uh The first one two wickets maybe if you Get get it early you can put this middle Order under pressure you know all those Kind of things things are uh are going To be of uh top priority because other Teams are watching and that's what Happens in a tournament like World Cup So you just have to make sure uh that You take all those boxes well uh so so For Barber I think you know there's a Lot of work still left in this

Tournament because somewhere down the Line that Asia cup is also going to come Into uh into play where he's not gotten Enough runs uh the talk is already going On that okay in big tournaments against The big teams at times he gets under Pressure and then the runs don't follow So all those kind of criticism is uh Going to be uh starting very soon so Before that happens you need to get on Uh uh your world cup with uh with some Runs under your belt but DK all in all You think Pakistan will be if they have To be strict on themselves of course the Batting should have stepped up a little More but with the bowling Department They'll be happy overall today among the Two departments definitely the bowling Was the most successful one today the B We spoke about how they lost wickets in Clumps three in the top and three Through the middle and you know the main Batters didn't actually get runs the top Three all of them got out before the Power play and there's a stat which says The first time that's happening as well So it's not a great stat to have but Also good to see rwan and sa Shaquil who Again has just found a place in the side To do well definitely the bowlers had a Much much better day and um when it Comes to his captain C the Tactical move Of bringing ifar in the in the early Part of the second power play was a good

Move getting that Wicket it could have Backfired a wickets didn't fall but it Was good on him to do that to get that Wicket you always feel very Justified as A captain when you make a move like that And you do well and I think when the Partnership was just happening I think He made the Right Moves to get the Wickets to fall and post that I think Captain C wasn't that challenging except Making sure all this Bowlers got an Opportunity to bowl which he did fair Enough and I think just like what Zach Said as he moves forward in the Tournament I think his captaincy will be Tested a lot more and if he doesn't have A good World Cup with the bat it's okay Still when I say it's okay still Pakistan might have a If Pakistan have a good time it's okay But if Pakistan don't have a good World Cup and if he has a poor World Cup as a Batter then I think to hold on to the Captain c will be a massive challenge For Him

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