Professional polish cruiserweight boxer and WBO champion Krzysztof Glowacki with nickname “Glowka” against top ranked athlete, olympic gold medalist, undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk with nickname “The Cat”. Fight for WBO cruiser weight belt took place in Ergo Arena, Gdansk, Poland on September 17, 2016. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Krzysztof Glowacki (Poland) vs Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) | BOXING fight, HD

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Ladies and gentlemen before we begin our Main event at this time we ask you to Stand for the playing of the national And Alexander [Music] Scheme once again a referee in charge Robert Byrd I don't think I'll remind you of Now Music Gentlemen let's do this Knockouts both very English amateurs Although one standout in Alexander usick Who although The Undefeated Collision of Cruiserweights but we can't wait for Tony the long reigning Marco hook and Now he's back at home with to impress it Really is a good one such a tasty affair One thing we can't underestimate here is To impress he will meet rovahi he'll Engage him up close as you can see here Good left hand there by using yeah On foreign soil as well as Johnny was Saying he's very aggressive and he can Punch he is and USIC was taken just off gravatsky is the World champion lovely left hand as well He does he was getting off body shots Quite early [Applause] He's aggressive So already you can see nothing covered You from the amateurs you've got to take Him to play Street he's a professional Yet and as we can see here gravatsky is Putting the pressure Wilder for a good

Few rounds he did get knocked out but Instead of doing that he's gonna have to Take stuff on the way in What about around that [Applause] [Music] And uh was also working with Dylan white For a while Very bigger of the two The Challenge and The power and the heart and the belt now Which he won't want to give up you know And put in place a game plan that he Will have worked over many many weeks Husky What would your final advice Dave who's Got a box he's got to keep it long he's Gonna set it away from him keep popping The jabusa he punches hard [Applause] A little bit more Spanning quite a lot of good counters on This round yeah lean in full short And that's the problem that he's got [Music] Over and over again from the USIC corner And it it sounded by Southern create a Distance between The distance between you and gravity Will come into play at the moment Because he's been sparring and fighting Super heavyweight big man to be careful On the inside though he won't have had Much inside fighting that there's a big Left hand swing under the bat didn't

Seem to Bear the keys but he has to nail Him with body shots it has to take the Fluidity with a WSB doing it in the Shorter round format he's got to do this Over 12 rounds look for them shots Adam There you go the one every now and again Hits him with something hard run back of The head in your body this is will they Be needed a long long way to go in this WB the two South board sometimes two Southports giving them easy Opportunities to be hit that's a good Counterwright hook there from the Tracking these years as the world Champion coming into this fight from Robotsky again [Applause] Great pedigree And uh such an enticing anything when You step with them professional ropes he Has to show Tony I think I think he's getting quite A few powershots off this round Foreign [Music] Brothers and their success it's Brilliant to see It was some fight that you know it keeps Changing because ultimately Can be hit but there he goes with the Right hand back and they're killing Myself here and if you if he picks up For what he does in big trouble yeah he Is but let's not forget we're gonna

Watch previous fights good overhand left There from dovaki [Applause] Around that ring Okay good body shots really good body Counters he must be very careful that Was very close there from robots it must Be be wary of these candles these are Good Bobby shots fast hands dazzling Combination Well we're ready into the eighth round Of this and it's been compelling Catching and the ring movement of Alexander Uso's week by week at the Moment here on Sky [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] I was with Johnny in the Austrian Mountains where he got a sneak preview Feeling we get is that Lucic is more in Control occasion looks a bit subdued or More subdued than he did when he fought And he needs a little bit of success With some power shots and he's get you Know maybe two or three punched up in a Good shot he's guarding them shots With great B it's very very hard to Implement what you need to do he's Loaded up and all those shots but did Anything land there yeah [Applause] A slashing one over the top After his attacks as well so it's going

To be harder for him to count it when He's coming forward Swinging But not the success and they will be the Ones telling them let's close this [ __ ] And you know whether it's whether it's Right to put the foot on the pedal there That's what I was saying yeah [Applause] [Applause] His capabilities the reputation he came Into the ring with and he's absolutely Loving it in there Alexander in World Boxing [Applause] And it really is a tremendous effort but Again he gets pinged amazing grabotsky Coming back and showing that they didn't Hurt body shots as well It's a wrap but he's looking for a Statement and a stoppage I think he's looking for the walls it's Been in control but Lewis takes Landing In landing Landing in Brevard Come forward attempts and he's gone in There grabotsky Robert bird Man is coming on strong and anduzik is Going on defensively a hands tied Up nothing right of gravatsky who's so Hard and [Applause] Don't spoil this one out Winning boxing It's been a pleasure again

Amazing amounts of durability in this Contest no failing down the stretch What a true champion Five seconds left they both go Toe to Toe they'll be huge really good fight Classy operators immense we could have Seen three more like the old days for The world cruiserweight title and for me He is and then he can become a real star And the new WV hole cruiserweight Champion of the world Alexander The new edition welcome Alexander usick

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