Despite #KusalMendis’ blistering 76-run knock, #SriLanka continue to be in troubled waters with #SouthAfrica picking up 4 wickets in the first 15 overs. Dinesh Karthik & Saiyami Kher discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] Hello and welcome to cek bus combox I'm Sayami K and I have DK with me at the End of 15 overs Sri Lanka one 20 for 4 Uh well it only looked like South Africa Versus Mendes that's what it's looked Like because Mendes played that Blinder Of a no 76 of 42 but otherwise South Africa have looked very impressive with The ball DK very quick rabar I thought bow sharp And he got the most important Wicket of Mendes Jansen his first spell lovely Spell got some swing got almost two Wickets on the bounds but the second one Obviously turned around because of DRS KET in his first over highly impressive B Sharp again what we spoke about so I Feel it's been a very good bowling Effort but have to say mend is play Blinder absolute Blinder you know those Sixes were all over the park we almost F Lev lost like I don't know how many Balls went out of the stadium but he Looked like he was completely ready to Chase this big Target down unfortunately Wasn't meant to be because like you said Rabara got that big Wicket of mtis but The 76 almost felt like he was going for That Target oh 100% he believed that That Target was getable but what Sri Lanka needs is not a 76 or 176 but boy What a knock it was it's just in the Practice game I watched him play all the

Shots that he played the way he buckles His back leg to get under the ball to Keep lifting it between you know deep Fine leg and deep Square leg is a shot That he's mastered and he put it to good Effect today the pull and the pickup Flick that he plays so well he really Threatened every bowler on display the Way he took down Enid Jansen and to an Extent rabada was great to watch some High quality batsmanship there from Mendes well if there is anything that Will lift their moral is this Innings Because otherwise they've really had Nothing to celebrate but this Innings Will definitely lift the morale of the Sri Lankan Team I mean I'm just thinking about what 100 he got in the practice game against Afghanistan he just followed the same Tempo there also he got it in very quick Time batted brilliantly but took on the Spinners here it was a fast Bowers he Didn't hardly play the ball of spin but He smashed it and was great to watch Till the time it lasted I only wished That he batted like at least till the 30th 35th over that's when they had a Chance but now it looks like what we Spoke about the mid show that they'll Now buckle down and say okay maybe let's Not you know do anything too silly and Just lose by a big margin let's narrow It down as much as possible we spoke

About Jansen and that first spell that He bowled beautiful to watch the bounce He gets from that height and then the Ball was also moving around the two Wickets that he's gotten uh well Expensive because of what Mendes did to Him but his first few first two overs Were pretty economical and Kesha mahaj Is also come in he's got his two overs To 16 uh then there is also rabar who Got that important weakend but pick of The bower so far Jansen you feel with The new ball I have to say Jansen just Just the length that he bowled was Brilliant have to sayidi started well Before he got pummeled by some really Good shots I also liked what I saw of Rabar he bowled sharp he bow with Aggression and if you see the intensity After he picked up the Wicket it tells You that he's a man who wants to show The world why he's one of the most rated Bowlers in white ball cricket and that For me is an important sign for South Africa in this world cup do you think we Be seeing marm roll his arm over I mean Or he'll just be like I've done enough With the bat now you all take over That's Quinton de is done he just batted And said you know what I'm done for the Game class and you take the gloves but Maram for sure I think will Bowl Considering asanka is batting there's Not it's not going to be too long before

We see him in action all right so we'll See what happens because uh we're going To see you all at the 35th over point We're going to quickly go and have our Dinner so we'll see you all at the 35th Over at the cek bus com [Music] Box

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