Warner & Smith steady the ship after a quick blow from Bumrah; AUS – 71/1 at the 15th over mark. Zaheer Khan & Saiyami Kher discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] Hello and welcome to cek bus com box I'm Sayi here and I have Zach with me at the End of 15 overs Australia are 71 for one That lone Wicket for India that bura got Mitch Marsh went for zero just the start That India wanted but Zack after that You think India's let off the pedal a Little bit and the pressures now on India again well yes the partnership is Building between Smith and Warner having Said that it's still going to be that Kind of a pitch where a wicket can bring Two or three and that's what uh the Indian Bowlers should be thinking about Uh that's how uh they should keep going The one Wicket may bring two or three The batsman had to really grind to score Those runs uh but the partnership right Now is looking good for Australia There's no doubt about that if they Consolidate on this and uh and and make It as uh big as possible that will put Indian bowling Under Pressure they Started well after that uh Ashwin also Came into the bowling attack a bit uh Earlier than expected uh so that was Suggestive of the fact that the pitch is Going to assist Spinners we all were Talking about that but looking at the Pitch right now uh you know that uh You'll have to restrict Australia to a Decent total you can't uh let them get Away uh with uh with the first inning uh

Initiative and upper hand like you said It was a good start because I think just The six overs we gave away only 16 runs And after that it was almost like we Were letting away too many easy singles Not keeping the pressure on you feel Yeah I mean when you're looking at it That way say those 16 runs if you if you Take away from this then 60 runs were Pretty much scored in uh in 10 overs uh So that's that's quite a good rate on on Uh this sort of a pitch so looking at That like I said it's about getting that Wicket if not these two are showing that Intent they're not afraid of playing the Shots maybe Ashwin was a bit flatter he Was not looking to turn the ball early On and that just kind of helped Warner To get his eye in uh but when he's Facing Kip there's still that Uncertainty so that's what I'm talking About you know so far it's looking good For Australia but for uh for Indian team And the Bowers they have to believe that One is going to bring two or three we'll Have a look at Australia's batting card Because we can see that uh Warner and Steve Smith have are using their Experience because they've been around For so long Warner has the record of Reaching a thousand runs quickest in uh In World Cup Cricket they're using all That experience and just doing what is Required right now in the well he is

Important player for Australia we all Know that he's a match winner and if He's in this kind of a form it's going To only help Australian team uh what I Like today that he was not rushed we did Touch upon that fact in the a pre-match Show where we saying you know is Warner Going to do that uh righty stance or be Right-hander to uh to Ashwin but he Didn't do that which shows that he was Backing his abilities not trying to do Too too many things he set right now so That's the threat right now which India Has which they they'll have to get rid Of it as quickly as possible uh you know Labain is also a good player of spin so Between these three players I think uh They are looking to lay that Foundation And so far they've succeeded in doing That well where do you see what do you See Rohit doing now tactically because We haven't seen jadea come in yet so do You think it's going to be all spin now Yeah the the pitch looked like a 30 over Of spin is uh definitely something which Will be playing on his uh mind we'll Have to see how he uses bura also but What he's looking for right now is Desperately looking for that Wicket and Looking for that bowler who is going to Provide uh that breakthrough for him Yeah well we are all desperately waiting For that Wicket let's see if we get it Quickly that's all for now but don't

Forget to join us at the 35th over at The criek bus [Music] Combox

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