Watch Zaheer Khan & Parthiv Patel dissect Virat Kohli’s illustrious career with insights from a specially curated ‘Naukri Career Score’ by, on Cricbuzz Live

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India versus Australia and every time These two countries take on each other There's someone who steps up and loves Playing against Australia and that's vat Kohi we all know about his numbers and Stats but when you add context to these Numbers we really understand how truly Great he is so this world cup our Friends at India's number one job Portal have worked with us on something Very interesting called a noer career Score in which noer users uses his Expertise in growing careers and applies This to Cricket stats and what we get is Something which is uh very unique and Something which is a whole new way of Looking at Cricket careers so we'll have A look at this noer career score and Leading up to the World Cup no surprise There parv that vat tops this chart what Do you think of Norrie career score Absolutely I think just look at the list Here it's a very illustrous list Look at the names who there I mean the Common Thread between each of them is You know they all have been match Winners and they every time they've Stepped into and they've scored runs They've won the game for their team and There's names like AMS doni there's AB Dilers there's vat kohy of course at the Top and there's Babar aam as well in the List no absolutely you know it's not Just the runs and the average like we

Can see but why does VAT rank top on This no career score we can see that Four finer points here there is his Longevity situational performance win Contribution and consistency and part of His uh situational performance he ranks Number one there we can see it's about Playing against a stronger opposition Where he's under pressure and you know He he loves chasing we all know that and He's going to be doing that today yeah Absolutely I think see Virat Koh is Ranked number one in this and there's a Reason behind it is the ultimate Chase Master as we all know it and it's good That you know that has been taken into Account and for India to do well verat Kohy has to do well I think he's someone You know who always gets runs when ind's Batting second and and that that is a Reason why we can see that his Contribution in victories which India Had in past and we need someone who can Absorb pressure we need someone who can Close the game now and that's vat Koh Has done it over the years so that is a Reason why it's great to see that you Know that kind of the consistency which We've been talking about so that is a Reason why verat Koh is right up there You know Zach talking about his Consistency it shows that he's ranked Three there but his consistency you know Not only to do it in one big tournament

But to do it season after season year After year is just Incredible and that's the biggest Challenge isn't it like when you have Such a long career and that sample size Was also quite uh quite huge just about Uh 20 years is is not a not a small uh Time frame but uh for any cricketer to Keep it at that level uh just keep Turning up is something which uh which Is the toughest thing to do And and I'm saying that because you are Going to have ups and downs you know You're not going to have like a linear Graph where things are just Rosy and Going upwards and upwards uh there are There are going to be dips but how you Tackle that and I think vat's career Also has shown that you know that there Were a few uh Seasons you know where he Was looking at uh looking at Bowlers Which are which were troubling him you Know maybe Anderson was was one bowler Who had that one uh England Series where He uh used the conditions very well and Created all sorts of doubts uh but uh Then it's about coming back so when You're talking about a long time and Then you're talking talking about the Challenges and how you overcome those uh Those challenges and how you are Constantly proving yourself you know That's what a cricketer's life is all About uh so yeah for anyone to uh to

Stay on top of the game uh having these Kind of numbers uh is always very Special very satisfying uh satisfying as Well as as a player and that's why he's He's right up there and he takes lot of Pride in that and he's a very driven guy No completely agree because you know You're talking about doing this Consistently which is why he also is up There in the longevity Factor there we Can see he's ranked three but you know PA just a little bit on like like Zach Was talking about does how we've seen How important Fitness is to vat and he's Spoken about this time and over again Which is why his consistency and Longevity has gone on for so long Because he's just given Fitness so much Of importance yeah he has and the see Every every batter has their template of Playing how you know to score runs and Vat kohi for vat kohi to be fit is very Important because the way he bats in the In the middle over you know he rotates a Strike he doesn't take that much of risk Without taking risk you know he scores Runs he R running between the Wicket is A very very important part of vat koh's Batting approach so I think that's where Fitness is very important and one word Which you know Zach used in in in his Explanation was he was driven you know You need you need to have that kind of You know hunger to do well always and

We've seen that from rat koh's interview We've heard so many times that he wants To stay not out and he wants to win Games so as a batter you if you come Back not out and you won the game for Yourself there isn't bigger satisfaction Than that and verat kohi takes a lot of Pride in that and we've seen that in his Numbers also there is no one there's no One near him you know as far as chasing Is concerned and then the fitness is Something which you know is the most Important part and he has inspired Everyone not just Cricket fraternity but Across Sports in India that you know how Important the fitness is and you know Everyone's inspired and and we can see That in in Asian Games as well you know First time India know crossed at 100 Medal medal Mark so you know I think Verat kohi should we should give him a Lot of credit in terms of inspiring Athlete all across the country well We'll be uh thanks to our friends at we'll be constantly giving you This career score with very interesting Stats through the World Cup

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