00:00 – Intro
01:11 – Most Likely To Finish Higher: Arsenal or Liverpool?
10:11 – Most Likely To Drop Off The Most From Last Season
18:52 – Most Likely To Improve From Last Season
25:03 – Most Likely To Make A Mistake In The January Transfer Window
31:37 – Most Likely To Get Sacked First
36:53 – Most Likely To Have A Shock Relegation
43:14 – Most Likely To Fail To Integrate A New Signing
44:40 – Most Likely To Win A European Trophy This Season
51:21 – Most Likely To Have A Shock Nomination For PFA Player Of The Year
55:01 – Most Likely To Force An Exit In January


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Welcome back to Sunday vs one and all We're back in clubhouse 5 just off of Leicester Square the best place to watch Your sporting entertainment in London There's some big fixtures this weekend As well including Arsenal versus Manchester City and look who's back in The building he's not been on a Sunday Vibes in a while Patrick vanron is back How are you mate I'm very good thank you I'm I'm pumped for this one I'm not Really but um but I'm ready for this one Let's put it that way how are you yeah Very good haven't seen Pat in ages You've been on stag dos and things like That for a while haven't you holidays Back in the building duges how are you All good thank you all good I really Enjoyed the European football on display This week highlight no out for most People newcastle's battering a lost a Tener to to Joe when the fun stop stop But um yeah it was unbelievable Performance it was it was and if you Haven't already checked out our European Football show Continental Club go and Give that a watch uh today as you can See from the title we are playing a game Of most likely two now the way this is Going to work is we're going to read out A statement and then we're each going to Deliver an answer on who we think is the Most likely to it's almost like a Revised mid-season prediction kind of

Thing isn't it uh we're going to start With most likely two finish higher Arsenal or Liverpool Juicy D so I said Arsenal at the start Of the season and I don't think I'm just Being stubborn but I can be quite Stubborn as a person as well but I'm Going to stick with Arsenal even though It's tighter than I probably thought at The start of the Season at least on the Performances so far I don't think either Team has played their absolutely best Which kind of excites me for where they Could both go this season and there are Other factors involved in the reason That I think Liverpool are behind Arsenal not least they've had some Injuries Ser of Arsenal but they've had Massive discipline problems they've had Four red cards a few of them unfortunate And shouldn't have been awarded you know They've uh overturn the jot one now from Last weekend for starters even though They said that the wrong foul was the Problem in that um but I think they are Just more suspect defensively even Though Arsenal have missed senchenko and Obviously don't have yurian Timber um This season zenchenko is now back fit of Course but Arsenal have also missed Gabriel Jus at points this season Gabriel Martinelli's not being at his Absolute best so far he's now out um and I just backed them across the entire

Season um you know they've only played Uh Arsenal three members of last Season's top 10 and I have been slightly Disappointed with their level of Performance but actually their results Have actually been pretty good Considering I would say uh they're Actually one point ahead of Liverpool at The moment uh they've scored one less Goal but they've conceded one fewer and I'm surprised that they've only conceded One fewer because you watch the games I Think Arsenal offer way more control in Games I feel like every time I watch Liverpool which I put on Twitter the Other day or it got clipped up on Twitter and every went mental but I feel Like they con seeed big chances in every Game really big chances they they do and Allison is a phenomenal goalkeeper and He'll probably keep on operating at this Ridiculous level but if he doesn't for a Few games I think they'll concede goals And I back Arsenal across an entire Season to finish above them yeah I think They're 12th in the league by shots on Target Liverpool like conceded they They're conceding a huge volume over 14 Shots a game yeah which is up from like 9.6 last year um they're actually Conceding the same expected goals per Game as they did last season now you Could actually argue that's kind of a Positive sign in that they've done that

Having gone down to 10 well having gone Down to N9 on but having had four red Cards in Seven League games which is More red cards than they've had in the Last three seasons put together two Rescinded though I think right sure yeah So so you can argue that they've had the Same level of performance defensively as Last season while being down to 10 men More often that's a mild positive I also Think that as the front line gets to Know each other as the Midfield gets to Know each other the Press will be more Effective and generally seeing generally What we see from pressing sides is Relatively few shots conceded but high Quality that's what happened to Liverpool last season they were giving Up the highest shot quality against in The league but they were conceding under 10 shots a game which was I think third In the Prem now they're giving up 14 Shots a game but a much lower quality I Think probably as time goes on the Number of shots will go down and the Defense will just be a bit better but Like duges is right you know they've had 52% possession they want to have about 60 so it's kind of hard to gauge how Good they are actually going to be at Trying to be the side that presumably Klopp intends but I don't know like they Do look ropey at the B and they're Constantly their center backs are really

Active like van dijk is making about Twice as many tackles and interceptions This season as in any previous Liverpool Season and he's good at that like that's Fine I think he's got pretty much 100% Tackle success though that probably Includes the one he got sent off for um Where he did kind of win the balls as Well do it but if you're center backs Are that active they're going to make Mistakes they're going to give away red Cars like it's just how it works no Elite side once their Center back's that Active it never happens so that is Something they're going to have to work On and even if everything still kind of Works I still think there's a hole at Defensive Midfield because I don't think Mallister is a defensive midfielder Wataru Endo is not a defensive Midfielder um it still just feels like There is a role to be filled there and Teams will probably find a way to Exploit it so I have my concerns about That now the attack's good but they've Also been behind a lot so they've been Attacking a lot when you're behind a lot Teams tend to sit back a bit more you Tend to get a little bit more XG a Little bit more space more shots so That's kind of played into the stuff That makes Liverpool look at their best Yeah um but they're actually is still Only the same as Arsenal isn't it yeah

It's the same as Arsenal is in slightly Behind Newcastle top of the league um But I just think that you know you look At games like the Newcastle game I think They've been outc created on XG in three Of their four away games and the Newcastle Game great strikes from Nunes to win it For them but alaron hit the post Newcastle could have put that game away Before leave Liverpool had a chance to Get back into it and if you keep going Behind sometimes when you go one goal Down you'll go two goals down sometimes Your shots won't go in sometimes you Maybe should have had a penalty and you Don't get it there are all sorts of Things like that your you're you're Putting yourself at risk of you know Randomness taking you out of the game if You constantly give up these chances and Go behind and don't control matches so I'm not that impressed by Arsenal I Don't think Arsenal have been very good I've made the point again and again that I think you could probably expect to AR's points T to come down a bit this Season um I think that they it should be A consolidation year for them to prove They can do you know champions league And the league at the same time but I Think that the disaster case for Arsenal Is probably less likely than the Disaster case for Liverpool and also

Arsenal are above Liverpool while having Played badly if things click for Arsenal Then they could pull away and by Expected goal difference per 90 I think They're at like 1.2 per game and Liverpool at 76 like there's a big golf Between I think there's only three clubs In the Premier League that are plus one There and I think it's Man City arsal And Newcastle and then Chelsea are close Behind actually like I mean I mean Chelsea's results have obviously been God awful and it's very funny but like I Think Liverpool I think Liverpool should Be solid favorites for top four I think Brighton's defense is horrible I think Uh Chelsea have had bad results I think Spurs have bigger Squad issues than Liverpool do United are all over the Shop right now and it wouldn't surprise Me if Liverpool finished above Arsenal But if you make me bet I'll bet on Arsenal just because of all the stuff And we are going to make you bet we are So you're both in Arsenal I totally Agree I think that Liverpool are just Shipping so many shots right now I think They've conceded more shots on goal than The likes of forest Everton fullam um And I do think that klopp will find a Solution I think in large Parts when Trent comes back and the Box Midfield Perform you will see a little bit more Protection when Trent inverts into that

Sort of defensive Midfield position um So I think they'll be competing very Competitive with Arsenal for that second Spot but if I had to put my money on Someone now I would also put it on Arsenal I think they play uglier Football this season Arsenal but as a Unit are more controlled and disciplined Especially in possession I think a large Part of that is down to Declan rice Defense has been good absolutely Exceptional so far Declan rice yeah and You know the return of Gabrielle that Experiment the very opening couple weeks Of the Season where we didn't see Gabrielle play The Return of Gabrielle The return of zenchenko they're so much More controlled on the ball um but Liverpool just do have that X Factor in Forward areas like they do uh forwards Are definit for You feel like at any stage one of them Could just bang one in from 25 yards Like sabosa can just rip one out of his Back pocket and just smack it top Corner Um which I'm not sure Arsenal Necessarily have in their forward line This season so far feel like Martinelli's injury erard is playing Very well but I don't see the Firepower That Liverpool have there I don't think They've played their first choice front Four together have they yet it's allus Came back Martinelli went out now Saka

Is out yeah so it's going to be very Very tight very very tight um I would Also say say that even even in Liverpool's unbeaten stretch which is Actually really remarkable I think it's 18 games unbeaten which is really really Impressive but Arsenal are only six Points behind in that period which was Arsenal's capitulation at the back end Of last season with all those losses all Those drawn all those Dro points only Six points so Liverpool at their best Are a little bit better than Arsenal but I just back Arsenal to be more Consistent across the season okay we're All saying Arsenal then most likely to Finish higher or lower not lower higher I don't really think either one's going To particularly trouble City for the No unless City I think I think if There's a title challenge it'll be Because City have been playing far too Conservatively which they have I don't Think they've been playing very well um And City come back to the pack rather Than one of these sides gets up toward Like Liverpool currently playing at an 87p Point Pace that's not enough like That's not enough to beat a good city Side um I just don't see one of these Sides beating a good city if Arsenal Beat City this weekend for the title it Would be it would be brilliant it would Be brilliant to watch as a neutral yeah

No saak no Martinelli though well s's Going to Play right s's going to play but if he Doesn't you know then you're just like What is this like tra and Fabi viira but No rogery so no rery no control in there Uh let's go to the next one then most Likely to drop off the most from the 2022 2023 season is this not already s Sorted you want to take this I'm not say Manit you're going to say manit I'm not Really I'm not either uh I've actually Got Fulham likewise you go for uh I Think Fulham a legitimate relegation Contender this year though weirdly They're not actually that they're not Actually really Worse as bad but they're worse in the Goal scoring department and Metro bailed Them out an endless amount of times last Season um you know I think he put up Sort of like 15 16 next year against Their like 46 so like you've stripped Out like a third of the goals and not Replac them at all Tim re's got more XG Per 90 at the moment than um than R Jimenez yeah shitakes a goal last season For wolves did he and he's not scored a Goal this season in seven games I'm not Convinced as to why he's starting over Carlos venicius like sure I would just Be playing Carlos for this this stage I Don't see where the goals come from at All for Fulham and I expect them to lose

Pel in January I know he signed the new Contract but I think Bayern Munich will Be back in in a big way for p in January I don't see a world in which if that Happens he stays I think surely they Came to some sort of agreement when that Contract was signed that it would just Be for a slightly bigger fee when he Left the B me at the second time and if You lose pinho in January mitovich is Already gone I think they are in a Really really dangerous position I I Don't see where the goals come from the Backline is a bit of a mess I think last Season they were 16th by expected goals Conceded and I don't think it's improved Like Calvin Bassi yeah not really played enough like And Casta I don't see the improvements Massively and when Pini gets ripped out Out from in front of them I think it Could be really ugly scenes I think if We're talking about amount of positions Dropped which is kind of how I've Defined drop off the most to go from 10th Poti 16th 17th 19th I don't think They're going to be quite that low They're roation contenders I mean yeah Look good as everon let's say 18 look as Good as W ever look great um and they go From 10th to 18th and eight position Drop I'm seriously seriously worried About Fulham like even chance Creations

Not there for them like they're not even Creating for the strikers I think they Are they're 20th for shots per game yeah And I think that cannot continue man Like it can't mean none of their forward Players are in form Andreas Pereira had A real hot streak at the start of last Year Harry Wilson's done very little so Far it's only Bobby deod over Reed who's Over 0.2 XG per 90 and deod over Reed Hardworking player respect to him but You know not going to carry you to to Safety necessarily luckily there are Quite a few bad teams in the Premier League this year like really really bad It's the weakest Premier League we've Seen in years in that like especially The bottom half last year because um Because some of the sides that got Relegated were not actually like the Worst sides in the league it meant that We had a crop of bad teams staying in The league and then we had an unusually Weak group of teams coming up from the Championship um so I think the bottom of The league the season is like total crap Shoot anyone could stay up yeah I think The B the the Fulham obviously man United are going to make the most Headlines in terms of a drop off if it Continues but fulmar I think the actual Answer in terms of as you say plac has Dropped yeah we can talk about man I Presume you're going to say man well I

Don't know I agree I actually do think They'll probably write the ship and it Will end up being not that bad um not Least Because I think you know you look at That Galatasaray game and I was like This result sucks for United and I do Think this idea they're like oh you know Casmiro takes a while to get up to speed I think I also think casemiro is being Asked you know you see him getting into The box and scoring goes he is now at an Age where you can't get that out of him And have the same protection he kind of Has to do one or the other so I think That's something that tenh has to say no No you're a defensive midfielder now Like we're not breaking into the box um You know the amrabat left back thing as Well like the guy just doesn't know Where to be he gets into Midfield so he Gives you that bit of control without Him you don't have the control but it Means that you always have Acres of Space behind you on that flank that Can't continue but I also looked at it And I was like Mason mount looks sharp Looks dangerous holand looks Uncontainable he looks good and not just Like he's a big like Bully who can like Break through the back line there were Moments in that game where he showed Tight control in the box where he was Receiving well and there were moments

Where he just like put his head down and Blazed past people and I was like that's Kind of what you want to see kind of Like gar Bayes in full flight I thought He reminded me he reminded me of like Romu Lukaku like when he was like early Days in the Premier League just like Holding the ball up just able to turn People at fun so fast on the ball like Good finisher hits everything super hard Super hard like the finish the offside Goal where he like drops the shoulder Comes back and just spanks it I was like He's so so good it was like a star Making performance I was watching that I Was watching those highlights like Yesterday and I just thought like this Is this is a re of every ability you Would like your Striker to have and he's Kid Um he's going to fall into the uh United Ruining machines but he's just going to Play I don't think I think if he just Plays every game it'll be fine and the Thing is there's basically no Competition for that role like martial Has a hot streak once a season and then Gets injured again but like Fundamentally nobody's coming to take The striker roll off him so if he just Starts every game all season which he Will yeah unless he's injured he will Develop so much and he'll get to know Rashford he'll get to know Bruno yeah I

Don't know I I do look at that and I Think there are reasons to be positive I Think once you get a proper once regil Lon's fit and especially once Shaw's fit If that ever happens um then you will Improve but right the the qu the quality Of performance has been crap woeful like Really really bad I mean what you're Quite a reasonable man united fan which Is actually quite surprising to know About Joe but he is actually a very Reasonable man united fan where where Are you at where do you think you'll Finish now um probably around six I Think I think United uh have so many off The field issues that it does seep into The on the field displays but I think if You take the glazes and stuff aside CU You know we speak about them endlessly I Think that the issues kind of do stem in A large part down to a terrible injury List right now like the way tenh har Attempted to build in preseason was Quite a different team and style of play To how we played last season so when you Go through preseason with attempting to Learn this new style with a new Goalkeeper and then your entire back Four gets injured you do have to then Kind of bodge it along until someone Comes back then people start to come Back and then they get injured again I Think the whole whole team has been Thrown out of balance because of that

Like Amro about a left backs meant we Can't play him in Midfield you know not Having a player like Luke Shaw who's so Vital to how we build up from the back Not having a player like Martinez who's So vital to how we build up from the Back has meant that Andre Onana hasn't Been able to get involved in build up we Not been able to pin teams in as much And with that being said Onana has Looked a lot more vulnerable because He's facing a lot more uh shots on Target like there's just a lot of Problems that I think will be solved not Overnight but a lot quicker when the Left back situation get get somebody in There and eventually the back line gets Settled like there's just been too much Chopping and changing way too much Chopping and changing in the backline It's meant Onana has looked all over the Place casemiro hasn't been at his best He just hasn't even Mason Mount quite bad even Mason Mount who uh I actually think he's probably been Maybe after hland United's best player Last two or three games he looks really Really good missed five weeks of the Season like you're a new signing trying To bet into the Midfield trying to learn How the balance that Midfield works and Whether it works or not you can't do That when amrabat arrived last day the Summer mount's injured for five weeks

You know it's a big problem then you got The right wing there's just so many Issues building up on ten har that it's Appearing like he's under pressure when I really don't think he should be um I Just think United aren't going to be Able to do what they did last season Though I think probably sixth place is Is where United are going to finish Which is obviously a drop it is a drop Three Place drop and it's very very Disappointing but this is the cycle of Manchester United it's good year rot it Is rotten um and I don't see that Changing uh with the current ownership I Think it'll always be the same so I Think united six but it's only a three Place drop in in the sort of status of This chat whereas fulham's like a a big Drop eight Place potentially yeah um Should we do another one yes yes most Likely to improve from the 2022 2023 I Think everyone will look at this and be Like like Spurs Spurs Spurs and they are A good candidate but again I went quite Literal like in terms of places and West Ham finished with 40 points last year They finished 14 God it was pretty Mental like with 15 I think games to go They're in the relegation Zone and then They beat all the teams around them and They beat Manny United and yeah I mean Still finished with 40 points it was Really embarrassing League campaign and

I know they won the conference League They actually won I think they went Unbeaten in the conference League which Was pretty impressive uh they were Probably slightly fortuitous and that Fun I think they got outplayed by Fiorentina but still won the competition First trophy in 43 years and it feels Like that's given them a lot of Confidence this year because even though They're not dominating games but Moyes Teams rarely do they're really really Effective at what they do do ums Great Petta Looks brilliant Bowen's back on Form I think Ward price has been superb You know there's there's reasons to be Really really positive and they lost Like Declan rice in the summer they Supposedly lost like 100 million pounds Worth of player from the most vital role In the side and they look great and Mamed kudas has hasn't really started Yet as well that's going to improve them I think Mel Antonio looks sharper than He did last year maybe he just likes Being you know ultimately knowing that He's pretty much going to play every Game uh because kamaka is no longer There and yeah I'm I'm really really Impressed by them the I 17 games Unbeaten in Europe as well which is a New record with a new records beating Pep guardiola's Man City beating Bill Nicholson's Spurs and Don Rey's leads uh

From what 70s and 80s so it's a really Really impressive record yeah I also Think that uh having like Constantly has been been a big been Great as well yeah they they just look Great don't they they they look really Good uh I've actually gone for Everton I Was going to go for ever okay who I Think you know there are still problems There there's definitely still problems There particularly these weird dodgy Results at home they've really got to Cut that out like I thought they were Exceptional away at brenford brilliant Away at brenford play brenford off the Park they will fully fully deserve it of That victory I thought the front line Functioned really well Dwight mcneel Looked absolutely superb as did James Garner the backline very composed and Then Villa the exact same great result To knock Villa out the cup like Emory is A cup manager to a level although has Looked very shaky in cups recently I Think before last night had lost four of His last five Cup games the only one he Won was away at Hibernian and they Scraped it last night against the Bosnian Champions with a 95th minute Winner from John mcin so shaky in the Cups unai em but capitalized by Everton I think they're what 10th by XG eighth For expected goals against they look Pretty solid uh in the Midfield and then

They go and lose to Luton at home and It's like what's going on there a lot of It's bad luck though right like as you Say like they've got A plus three Expected goal difference and they've Been behind a lot so same thing as Liverpool you know you're chasing games A lot but plus three expected goal Difference but a minus six actual goal Difference they've scored six from 12 XG They've allowed 12 from 9 XG so bad Goalkeeping or great you know shooting From opponents and bad finishing from Their Strikers I just think overall that Won't like they're now a positive Expected goal side when last season they Were horrible they were one of the three Worst sides in the league basically all Season they and Forest were both Exceptionally lucky to stay up you know By the numbers and by the eye test but Now you watch them and you're like Everton look pretty dangerous I think Betto's a good signing if they can have You know any time from like Cal Le in This season I think that would be good They sold AI the summer and it was Genuinely a question of like how are They going to advance the ball up the Pitch without him he was their best Player for that but they've looked kind Of fine so yeah like you I'm quite Positive on Everton and I think Everton Just need to survive for two or three

Years while they get their house in Order financially and then they can Afford to be ambitious but for Everton Like if they finish kind of 13th 14th For a couple of season they will be Delighted and then they can start Looking up again yeah I think we should Mention Tottenham though because as well Like the improvements do seem so Vast at Toh mainly in their playing style and Like how easy they are to watch on the Eye without a player like Harry Kane I Think can't be underestimated I do think They will drop off a little bit because They do have well two of their best Players are two of the most injury play Prone players in the league in basuma And Madison so I do think they will drop Off a little bit but they've got a Maximum of 37 games left this season man There's only 13 games for Spurs between Now and the middle of January for when They can start doing business So they like as much as we predict these Injuries to happen 13 games you can Muddle through even if there's a few Injuries there to get into a position Where you can make signings in January Can sign players for cover for basuma Benton CER will be back in like a month And a half I I think Spurs they're also A club people want to join though yeah They they look great man and they' got No expectation like I mean no nobody I'm

Sure there are people now who are like Spurs could get a Champions League spot But no one's like expecting it um so if They if you kind of think oh well you Know like fifth or sixth and a stylistic Change and moving on from Kane like That's the aim of the Season yeah They're going to do that yeah they would Have ripped your hand off of that this Is exactly what remember on Sunday Vibes We was talking about Harry Kane leaving And whether or not you should take the Money and you might improve you might Get worse this is exactly why they Should have taken the money the upside Was huge and the downside was negligible Especially because they only really Signed Brennan Johnson with that money As well like they didn't really go crazy In the market but because of that start That they had there wasn't any fan Pressure like if he' lost his first Three games everyone would have been Like why you know they'll panic and then You get into a Bobby solado sort of Situation again but very few sides sell Their best player and get better like Villa have over time used that greish Money really effectively but they didn't Initially improve you know Dortmund have Got a lot worse this year finally it's Kind of caught up with them losing Harland Bellingham aangi in the last Couple of years um and yeah it's really

Really really impressive Vice Spurs uh Okay so which one do we do we have to Agree this is like one of the first ones We G three different options there West Ham ever just throw them at you we just Throw them at you uh next one most Likely to make a mistake in the January Transfer window I think this is quite Obvious I did think about it as in like Man united might be in a worse position Against expectations than Chelsea but Their ownership situation means I don't Think you will and like you look at the Clubs down at the bottom I don't think Any of them are going to go crazy Particularly if that it's all the Promoted clubs in there um so Chelsea Are the obvious answer to be honest and They've made a lot of mistakes in the Market in in three Windows they've Already got rid of a lot of players They've brought in aubameyang kabali xia Felix didn't work out they could make a Xia Felix X es mistake pretty easily um And you know it's an obvious answer but They do have an incredibly difficult run Of fixtures coming up as well if they're Former they're still in the bottom half In January they'll definitely do Something stupid why would you back the Owners not to yeah I I think their Mistake might end up being like they go And just panic and stick 100 million on A striker in general

Uh when it's probably best held off and Um you know Nicholas Jackson is Underperforming yes he is the biggest Underperformer of expected goals in the League right now but he is getting into The positions to score those goals like He is quite cumbersome on the ball like It's not the prettiest in terms of Dribbling and stuff like that but I Don't think this kind of calls from Chelsea fans to go and sign this Established Striker that's going to Stick the ball in the net because they Are again hugely under expected goals is The solution in January like January Striker Market that just smells of like Overpay overpay overpay and I don't know Who's even going to be available vavic Or something W it like who like 150 Million On I mean that be I'd be fine with that That sick like I can see it more being Like 100 million on Tony I mean like Watkins and I like Tony I really like Ivan Tony but I think the upside of Spending like9 mil anony has to be huge Like it has to be ginormous cuz he is a Fantastic player but does he take Chelsea to that next level in terms of Goal scoring I don't know I think he Might do think he'd be pretty good I Think he'd be a good fit would you do 90 Million on ton in January No 19 millions Of mass over missing so much football

But I think he does take Chelsea to the Next level I think he's a really good Player I think any proper forward takes Chelsea up a level but like yeah chel it Probably is Chelsea I mean I could see United doing something and then there Are teams who probably should do Something but won't there'll be some Sides who are like content with their Options you know like like SP Spurs for Example could probably go and get an Actual specialist like right back rather Than a right wing back but I don't know If they can yeah but I do think that Ultimately like this Personnel situation Is going to be a bit of a problem like They do have square pegs in round holes And when you're flying that's fine when Things start to get difficult it starts To look a bit more worrying um I also Think their business in the summer was Like pretty hit and miss I thought Madison was like an amazing signing Amazing price I thought Brennan Johnson Was super overpriced wouldn't have done It for like half the half the money um And and you know there'll be some side In danger of relegation who will also do Something mental yeah you know like Forest will do something ludicrous Because Forest could they're one of the Thickest clubs around since they came up Like wolves don't have any cash though Everton under new ownership I mean it's

Kind of Everton's USP to do something Mental but is the new is the new owners I don't know it's also quite hard for Everton to waste that much money though Because they they basically need Reinforcements in pretty much every Position basically any player they sign Unless they spend loads and loads of Money it's kind of okay if they went if You told me like Everton are going to Spend 25 million on a center back 30 Million on a midfielder 30 million on a Winger in January I'd be like fine like They need all those things like they who Cares what about I'm going to throw one At you this is I've seen it linked mhm I Think it would be a mistake for Arsenal To spend 90 million or 80 million on Tony I agree I agree yeah yeah is really Good I think that could happen I think That's the sort of move that actually Could happen I agree man like I think That t Tony is so good like he will get You 15 20 goals a season but is he Actually better than gabu jayus a Finisher yes he is probably but all Around game jayus is out of this world Like he brings so much good stuff out of Erard and sakur Martinelli the way he Links play the way he is back to goal Obviously Tony does this stuff as well I'm aware of that and his finishing is Exceptional if you're going to go and Spend 90 million I feel like you want to

Spend it on like a different profile or Spend some more money and go and get Evan Ferguson or spend more like I don't Get the Tony move to Arsenal I think Yeah I think that is like this weird Narrative that's been concocted amongst Arsenal fans that our Strikers aren't Elite goal scorers therefore we're never Going to be able to win a league Title I don't think that Tony Bridges The Gap to city and have to spend 90 Million on him I I I wouldn't spend 60 Million on him like he's a good player But like he's no nowhere near that value Like he's a different sort of weapon so I suppose you could argue that if you Spend 60 mil on him and you sell intia For kind of balagan money then maybe That's worth doing like he is a Different sort of thing but Fundamentally Arsenal's attack hasn't Looked great this season it's been okay Though like in the actual raw numbers But whenever you do get that front four Of igal Martinelli Jesus and um sacka or Even just kind of three of those guys And no Martinelli for example It the attack looks amazing yeah like Jayus like you say makes it all tick age Um the problem at the moment is just That like people are injured and you You're kind of like fumbling with two or Three of the different roles I think Tony would be a great option to have but

It's not an option I'd pay 60 mil for And certainly not not I think like for Tottenham I would be like yeah he'd be Because he would be like the guy going In there and be the guy but I just don't See him being the guy at Arsenal yeah But then what what's your objection to Chelsea Because I I think it'd be great for Chelsea like they've got a lot of goal Scoring wide players that I think Tony Would facilitate quite nicely no I I Don't think he'd be the guy for Chelsea Either really yeah I don't know I think The expectation at Tottenham Comparatively to Chelsea would allow Tony to slot in there and be very Effective I think at Chelsea I don't Know what it is about the number nine Situation the guy who comes in to be the Nine at Chelsea has to just be like like It has to be an Osman or something for Me like it has to be the elite of the Elite next he also 27 and Chelsea don't Sign players over 25 according to Reports they turned down James Madison For that reason so maybe I'm wrong Chelsea fans let me know how wrong I am In the comments below they are very Vocal at the moment um next up most Likely to get sacked first we all saying Paul yeah I said it on team talk I said It on last week of Sunday Vibes I'm not Calling for a sacking but I really

Wouldn't be surprised at all it's Probably it's probably poor hacking Bottom I mean one point from seven games Five goals scored that's the fewest in The division I think a few teams run That as well I think Fulham included uh 19 goals again obviously when you lose 8 Nil that SKS that quite dramatically but That result has that has to be bought Into it like and Bott him for expected Points after who do they have this Weekend Fulham they then got man united Arsenal Brighton could be sacked during That period points at United yeah I'm Not convinced that like there's i' Better I mean I I don't really know Anything about him go to Chris Wilder I Basically can pull him out of a crowd Like Paul Hing bot him no idea but I Don't look at the squad and think wow There's so much more to come from this Like I think it's so miserable when you Come up with but when essentially you You know you do a good job but you also Get a little bit lucky and the team Comes up a season or too early from the Championship and then you always get Sacked like after a few games with like A squ you can't do anything die Absolutely the best player in the team Chance Creator goal scorer D everything On and off the ball highest pressing Numbers in the championship pulled out a Team sander Burge pulled out team and

Replaced with mly high level talents I Cameron Archer Like but not like you know you ready to Go now yeah ready made solutions I I Agree like it it feels like it's going To be Him if we look above that I mean I Wouldn't be surprised If the perception even though last year We were like they are not as good as They look but if we assume that Fulham Are going to drop a lot it would not be That surprising if they were like hang On last season we finished 10th and now We're in a relegation battle and Marcus Cuz Fulham always have like the Blockhead move in them Fulham always do Dumb things like they it's just in their Nature they can't not so that would not Surprise me either other stuff Likea he's had the worst fixes the League I'm actually coming on to him in The next question and also I would say That bournemouth's transfer business Makes me more convinced that they are Invested in the long ter I wouldn't far But I can see them doing it but the fact That they went and got like Tri and Watara and stuff it feels like Bournemouth have said we are building Something for the long term and that Makes me more of the opinion that maybe They're okay with a B shortterm pain Yeah they have been Dreadful I don't

Think he will I don't think he will but Like Gary O'Neal as well like just Because they don't score goals like I Actually think they've been quite good I Actually think so as well I I actually Think so as well and I've been surprised At how good Gary O'Neal has got wols Playing but the front line can't score a Goal like and I don't see it's going go They don't have any money though I I Can't imagine them getting someone Better if that makes sense yeah I think You can muddle through with kic kuna Netto like netto's playing so well by The way playing really well yeah he is But the highest goal scoring tally in Hang's history is five yeah like Considering everyone was p i in Including myself I was definitely wrong About it was Panic about their Midfield I think the Midfield has been pretty Solid as well Thea looks really good but I would say about Gary O'Neal like I Thought I don't think he did a good job At Bournemouth I think Bournemouth were Lucky I think he's done a good job far I Think Bournemouth were lucky to stay up I don't think it was anything to do with Him like you look at their actual Performances on the pitch and it's just That like shot against them didn't go in And their shots did that's not like the Manager doing that but the Wolves so far The way they've changed stle and some of

Their performances make me think maybe There is a manager here like genuinely Like we argued about Gary o' last season But his performance so far this year I'm Kind of like been better than Balou may Maybe he's maybe he's actually a pretty Good coach who knows he might be like in Eddie how where you kind of think at one Club you're a mess but at another you Might just be the right guy I think he's Maybe quite a good motivator like they Do really run for him do we uh do we Think there is a world in which Eric Tenar could be brought into this Conversation the glazes are always quite The opposite of trigger happy like They're quite loyal to managers like I Think they could have stayed they could Have fired Mourinho much earlier they Could have fired Sola much earlier I Don't know I'd be very very surprised United's Culture certainly in the hierarchy is Always of Tolerance of Mediocrity um and I think in ten Hog's Case it's easier to sell that it's not Actual mediocrity but it's like bad luck With injuries and things like that so I Think he should be able to make the case To keep his job I think he'll only lose It if it becomes if the fans are calling For his head then they'll sack him but That's normally what it takes for United To make a change otherwise United would

Bumble on with the same exec same Manager same sporting director same Players for years it's only when fans Say we will not stand for this anymore That suddenly the club's like oh guess We do need like a head on a block just So we can like get out of this like dire Situation cuz they they don't really Care so long as they keep making their Commercial rev They Don't Really Care Right they're not proactive they've Never been proactive about signings They've never been like proactive about Appointing the right structure like it's So delayed yeah it's very no one there Knows about football right and also he's Had an incredible amount of backing like In loads of different all his signings Of very Eric tenh har signing you know They've really put their money behind This guy um and I I also just don't Think he should be uh sacked so not for Me but I thought it was worth bring it Up uh most likely to face a shock Relegation I've kicked off a a few Pat Who do you think a shock relegation who Do I think is Loki Crap I Mean it we've already talked about Fulham and I do think you know does that Count as a shock if they drop into I've Got them they're mine but they're very Very clearly in the pack like there's Nothing to suggest that fulam are better

Than well there's there's there's Something to suggest they're better than Say like luten cuz luten are very bad But that's not really on Luton like I Just commend them for like getting to The league as quickly as they did um Yeah I I I'd say they're probably in There other than that like I kind of Have faith in like the Palaces of the World and stuff I think they'll be okay Yeah I agree I mean Palace have just Been so unlucky with injury I think They've had nine of their 23 I think They had nine of their 23 first team Players injured at the moment they've Got six starters if you count franer out Injured how long is e out for six weeks Yeah E's out six weeks Alis Jefferson Lurmer hamstring so all of the signings They made in the summer franer lurmer Dean Henderson out injured e out injured Elise out injured Edward out Injured that and they still beat United When Nilla Tred super really bonus but yeah I agree I think it's full I'm going bouth I'm Going bouth I know we've already talked About the F list man the I thought They'd had a superb window like pretty Much up there with Arsenal maybe the Best injes I know they've had yeah I Know Lloyd Kelly's been out Tyler Adams Able to play Alex Scott um they've got a Big next three I think quite winnable

Three and they have have already yeah They've had a really difficult run They've played West Ham Liverpool Spurs Brenford Chelsea Brighton and Arsenal That is the horri man but I do think That they they could they could go down They're not as good as I thought they Were going to be at least on the basis Of so far with the injuries but there's Also though a good window in the sense That like a team bought a lot of Interesting like promising players which Like you know brain poisoned like Football think are think are good right As in we're just like oh I love this 19-year-old you know who's come out of France like I me you are describing Football daily yeah I am I am but like You you look at Players like that and You're like this is the sort of player a Club should buy but that's not Necessarily the player who keeps you up In relegation battle right so they can Have had a really good summer but maybe Not had the summer that like keeps you Up in an extremely competitive Relegation fight I think the next three Everton wolves Burnley yeah and I think When Tyler Adams is back Alex Scott fits Into the Midfield you know Philip Billing gets a bit further forward Watara has only played one 190 minutes This season that came in the league cup I think um mm I think when he's back on

The field I I think Bournemouth are Going to be fine man as long as they can Just stick by the principles that Iola Bought into the club and just maintain Some sort of steadiness I think they're Going to be fine although was salanki Injured at the weekend if he was I think He scored four goals this season already And I think only two other players in The squad have scored a goal so um yeah That would worry me if bring forward That wel who's that Welsh guy again Ketha Mo it's keth MO is he still there He still I thought he went somewhere With um also like this is not on the Relegation thing but on the teams like Dropping off a bit Brighton have been Extremely bad defensively so far what's Going as I said they could finish top Four as extremely bad defensively attack Amazing attacks like best in the league Basically I think like when you watch it And like non-penalty expected goals Everything you're just like wow this Team you can't live made some in Midfield I think they made some in Midfield I think it's a little like dud Gilmore gross isn't very physical They're very easy to Counterattack now They only just integrated Bela like he's Only just started to integrate into the Into the side he definitely seems very Physical yeah and derer is quite um he's Quite safe in the way he integrates new

Signings and young players in a way but Yeah they're much more easy to Counterattack than I thought they're Going to be I was watching them in the First half against marsill last night And they got completely outplayed by Marseilles side that haven't been great This year yeah but then the second half You know the beauty of derer two Tactical changes and they were just Totally dominant they just couldn't get The ball and like that is the beauty of Derer isn't it like I think he he said In his postmatch press conference as Well we are playing really poorly like I Know we're playing really poorly um so I Like Dunk Dunk messed up in possession Which I've haven't seen so R uh which Like is is a positive when your coach is Aware that things aren't quite going Right but can make tactical in-game Switches to change things you know we Saw it against Manchester United Brighten against Manchester United first 20 minutes United totally dominant all Over him deserve makes two three in game Switches 10 hard can't live with it and Bright and blow him out the water I Think the beauty of having a manager Like the Zer is although defensively They do look suspect he's good enough to Make switches in games especially Against some of the smaller more Mediocre Premier League size that can

Just blow them away with that forward Line I also think their forward depth And Midfield depth is not a considerable Drop off like I know Ferguson is MOMA is Brilliant as well but you know March in Cisa when he comes back when not and Then you go into the Midfield the Options already mentioned like there's There's not a lot between them and it's Quite difficult to pick that side and he Does make a lot of changes but it does Suggest that as the season goes on they They they won't really drop off too Dramatically yeah I think Stan's injur Is a bit of a bit of a pain for um Although I thought Tariq ly did okay Last night to be honest with you I and I Think Billy Gilmore is Sensational he's Really calm best man he he does need Some he needs belor alongside him yeah He needs he needs belor alongside him And they look way better when those two Are in the Midfield alongside each other Um but yeah I kind of agree I think Still Brighton are going to be in around The top six though oh that great yeah I Think they'll be fine but I just think You know we were we and they were Getting pretty Punchy towards the end of Last season and I think very clearly Their performance level is below that of Like Liverpool Spurs Arsenal Newcastle Yeah I'm putting you guys on the spot What happened in the Ajax game the

A a perfect result for basically so Brighton is still well in that group They can definitely qualif from that Group although it would help them Massively if they can beat ax at the AMX Next week Could Happen um or the week After because obviously they've got Liverpool haven't they this weekend yeah At home time for a statement that could Be any result yeah it genuinely could Because bright Brighton versus that Liverpool back line and Liverpool's Versus that that's on TV that's going to Beic absolutely Sensational uh next up We have got most likely to fail to Integrate a new signing Forest yeah I Had Forest seven deadline day arrivals By the way they signed 43 players in the Last three Windows my 43 players permanent players Unbelievable and you look at some of the Players last year did we ever see bian Con in the League last year played 16 Minutes didn't know he existed Gustavo Scara do you remember him came in Remember loved skateboarding he played 181 minutes he's left you know there's Just players there that just never exist On a football pitch even Andre Santos Loan from Chelsea supposedly really good Player terrible loan far I know that They have like a high percentage of Failure but I do feel like some of their Signings this summer are good pick

Proved the Squad alanga I think was a good sign I Think sangar good signing I think Callum Has do could well be be when also looks Good but we liked a lot of their Signings last year and then some of them Just basically never played yeah and That's what's going to happen again this Year they signed two new fullbacks Montiel and Ola like their fullbacks Were but you look at you still look at Thez well you still look at the squad And you're like there's there is really Good team to be had in here I just have No idea what it is I don't think they've Got great CS it is tough if you're like trying to Bed that many players in which Benfica Keeper vados as well like pronunciation By the way yeah uh okay next one most Likely to win a European competition not Including City oh um who's in the Europa Liverpool West Ham I mean it's difficult To bet against West Ham at the moment to Be honest you think West Ham more more Like to win the Europa League like Liverpool than Liverpool Liverpool might Win the I wasn't thinking there I wasn't Thinking that yeah probably Liverpool to Be honest but I think West Ham have a Decent chance of going deep as Well even in the Champions League I think with a fair wind or Newcastle or Newcastle no I I don't

Think Newcastle were actually as good Against PSG as people making like they Played well but if you actually look at The chance they kind of everything they Hit went in yeah and though I was kind Of positive about PSG as well like even Though their defense was horrible in That game I looked at it and I was like This there was no positives at that game No I thought I thought Usman dembele was Pretty sharp and I looked at no he was Terrible man you're an idiot like Terrible he absolutely was not Usman Dembele was picking up on Dan bur he was Shock he was picking up on the turn and Beating people and like dropping deep And I looked at it and I thought this is The first time in a while that I've seen A PSG team that looks like a squad of Players who can improve together over Three seasons rather than a bunch of Guys who were really good on FIFA 14 Terrible I'll be right like Luis Enrique Always does this Lu Enrique like has Teams that look a bit ropey at the Beginning finds a way to get the talent Together I think there's a reason to be He generally does it in his formation Like what what were they thinking they Underestimated Newcastle massively with That formation I thought it was really Arrogant from them but I think they also Got unlucky in that like ugat did not Play a pass at the proper Pace to a

Player feet God what was going on there It looked like he was playing clogs the Ball did not behind the player every Time it was the wrong Pace I don't know I I looked at it and I was just like I I Can see something I can see this working Do you know who really impressed me Though given how badly his team was Playing given the atmosphere Zar Emory Was awesome I thought he was brilliant He was cool kid I just thought PSG were Exactly as I expected them to Be so predictable man but I think it I Think in a year or so I think it'll be a Good year for them in that like they Will Enrique will work some stuff out This year Luis Enrique I should say um I Is he still in a job next year yeah but I do think that like the way they've try Change their transfer business and Luis Enrique is much more of a disciplinarian And as much more of a stature in the Game than the last few managers they've Hired I think Luis Enrique is the rare Person who can say to that Squad no I've actually won everything And like you know he's obviously Controlled Nar in the past like I've I've kind of won everything I've been an Elite player like I can get this Together so but anyway leaving that Aside When you're a team at the level that Like Arsenal and Newcastle are it only

Takes a little bit of luck for you to Get a pretty solid run you know like if If like Real Madrid and City draw each Other and then one of those get and the Winner of that gets like knocked out in A kind of freak result you can end up Being in a situation where you're Looking at your path to the final and You've maybe got one really hard fixture Are we talk about path to the final for Newcastle inter got to the final last Season inter much better than new are You serious inter were way worse last Season than Newcastle were last season And than I hope Newcastle will be this Season I way worse I don't know I think They's got a very good defense in there I think bad teams get to the final of The Champions League all the time yeah There's always a shock semi-finalist it Could be Newcastle I just I the the Reason I'm more it will happen I'm just Saying that like this idea that it's Like literally impossible well it's not Impossible it happens we did it on team Talk didn't we and we had to rank their That group and I think we all had Newcastle third or fourth but Dortmund Have looked really bad in the Champions League and Milan were terrible the other Night as well I would not have put them Third or fourth I'd have definitely put Them like first or second in that group And I just more faith than I I just

Think if I got drawn in a two leg Fixture against Newcastle I'd think oh God this is so James's part is a hell Hole to yeah this is going to be this is Going to be rocking and if Newcastle it Would almost help them if they get out Of the group and then like say you know February maybe if they're like really in A dog fight for fourth like if they were Like sixth or something I don't think it Will be but if they are like kind of Around sixth or something I can imagine Them being like we don't care we're Going for Glory and coming up against Newcastle in the Champions League is Miserable and I don't know I I'd love Him to do it honestly I what I tweeted Out and the point I was trying to make Last week was like that St James's Park Is so difficult to go to and people were Like on Twitter and like we were having In the office saying like well yeah but You know PSG have played against they've Played against like red star and red Star and Mar but not only is newcastle's Atmosphere hellish the team are so good Yeah it's all well and good going and Playing at Red Star the team of crap Yeah have never been at anywhere near Psg's level since like Bel it is like Going to play galates obviously beat man Unit this week the atmosphere is hellish But the team are so mid but Newcastle Are so good and the atmosphere is

So I admit I was wrong but I just Thought you know mbappe dembele they Played in huge games they played in huge Atmospheres before so is Milan scrinos So is mininos Donna Rumer has played in Euro finals I didn't expect expect it to Have as bigger impact as it did but fair PS and James's park it did look awesome I don't know if that's true I don't know If it's like the atmosphere that does it For people like mbappe I also thought Newcastle what you're saying basically Newcastle also had tactical plans like They were doubling up on people like They had ways of dealing with them when You've got a team like that that is just S that has a kind of Fear Factor where You don't get a second in the middle of The park and I do think we underestimate The fact that some of these teams get as Much time in the middle of the park as They want respectively yeah they just Wander around picking passes like that's What going to happen at Newcastle Like Joe linton's going to tear your Face off like like alar Ron's going to Be like nibbling at your heels all night Being really annoying like they're just An annoying team to play against and Their quality like and they'll get to Play counterattacking football in the Champions League which they were Incredibly dangerous in last I just Think yeah and it was a Newcastle team

That were missing Sven botman call Wilson Jo L really badly got to a champ Semi inter got to the final last year Milan got to the semi and they were Horrible last season the got to a semi Didn't they like this happens all the Time so I'm not saying I'd bet on it Happening but if Arsenal or Newcastle Like got a favorable run and managed to Put it together it would not be like the Craziest thing that had ever happened Newcastle were playing really well this Season despite having the toughest Schedule in the Premier League I kind of I I would like to see them come up Against some of the bigger sides and I Think they do a job on them uh I'm still Going to say Liverpool though uh the Next one is most likely to have a shock Nomination for the PFA player of the Year Well I want to nominate a suggest a Goalkeeper or a Defender but just feels So unrealistic I'm actually going to go With Pedro Netto in that that's a crazy Name like he's good we're talking about Shock that would be more was going for Shock I I've got Julian Alvarez that's Not a Shar he's the been the best player In the league so far this year probably When you think about a reserve player Last yeah but when you think about Player of the Year you're thinking maybe Three names maximum get talked about and It's like KD B Harland and sacka oh I

Went I went proper shock Like crazy shot I think he's been Amazing though he I think he's what one Goal four assists um and yeah I think he I've got actually got the stats down Here listen to this eight for chances Created joint second for crosses second For Progressive carries first for Carries into the final third he's having Like a greish that's definitely how it Works definitely the people who do the Who do the nominations as PFA player are Like well he's actually loads of Progressive carries going for they They'll probably be like James W PR get Him in he takes Corners no but he has I Think got five go involv in six games Isn't he he's been very good yeah he's Got four assists like but but I don't Know like I will that continue probably Not but if it does whereas Julian Alvarez that is not a shock has he been The best player in the league so far This season I think so like has he I Don't know Salah has been Pretty's been pretty unreal well I don't Think Holland has been as good as Julian A this he's got the most goal Involvements like in the League and I think he's like second in Year I think Holland will be annoyed With how badly he's play yeah but I Think I think at the end of the season Bad but if at the end of the season he

Has 30 goals in the league it becomes a Lot harder to like nominate I think jul Alvarez could put up 25 goals this Season but that's is not a shock he's an Exceptional player and amazing team that Also kind of never happens for Pep he I Think he's that good man like he right He's scoring such goals seon that would Be all competitions yeah but like he's Scoring such good goals as well like He's dragging City at time those don't Tend to persist yeah but he's also Picking up amazing like opportunities in Good areas he such a good ball carrier Works incredibly hard off the ball and With the absence of kdb there is a bit Of a void for like another star at City Someone described as the perfect mix Between de bruyne and Aguero which I Thought was crazy I know that doku like Looks very exciting but he is like man City's most exciting player man Julian Al another big year for Phil foden um He's he's playing I Know again it's just like Phil foden's Going to be the star and then it's Always like no somebody else is stuff Who else is there who could be up here Dominic sabosa was an outside shout for Me I thought or he's he's been very good Again is that a shot I mean M Madison Like is going to be an obvious Contender Also maybe someone on the Arsenal Defensive end you know so like rice or

Or CRA or something because Arsenal Defense looks kind of amazing this year Um so if that persists but Mickey vanen So like if rice got a nomination would That be a shock if Madison gets a Nomination would that be a shock I think You're naming top players yeah but That's my point I would kind of expect Those guys to be in with HT but to put Them up there against like hland in my Opinion would be a bit of a shock yeah a Pedon is obviously crazy as a shot yeah But at least he's actually yeah it be a Shock who's your shock then you're not Just a name Man what if I'm just going to name Anyone who's a shock then I'll be like I Don't know like Ole Watkins or like eza Or something you know like that would be That would be a shock yeah as was good a Good shot no it isn't it's not going to Happen the shock nomination is a perfect Then I might as well be like um oh Gustavo Scara he's gone now Exactly uh final one then most likely to Force an exit in January I think there's An obvious answer I've not gone I didn't Go for him either it's not probably Sanch but I didn't want to talk about San to be honest uh Donny vaner bake Hasn't played a minute this season you Know who's likely he has played a minute But he in the league appar he's tried to Force a move in every window cor hasn't

Played a minute this season at West Ham I've gone for kilan mbappe not very good Mbappe I'm sorry yeah I've uh Diaz should do it I've gone for Gillan mbappe I think um I just can't Believe that PSG are going to allow him To leave on a threee and I think that if That isn't the case and Real Madrid Continue on the path they on which does Look a little bit light in terms of Goals um I can see something starting to Bubble there and if something starts to Bubble I think mbappe having watched PSG Midweek I could see thatp I I thought he looked Miserable out there I don't think he Looked like he wanted to be out there he Looked like he could not care less he Kind of always looks like that though in A way yeah but this was to a new level Man this was this would for for me was a New level felt like a new level it was Literally like he was wondering about he Didn't want to be there if you don't Want to be there man leave and I could See it in January Ry goals they progress Through the champions league but feel Short both domestically and uh on the European stage mbappe don't want to be There PSG need cash I could see some cut Price deal being made and mbappe ending Up at Real Madrid forcing that that that Deal for I have another shock inclusion I don't think he's going to force a move

Because he loves the club and he seems Like a really nice guy as well but ail Smith Rose not playing a lot of minutes At Arsenal apparently he was very good When he came on against long I wasn't Actually watching that game I don't Think he was but yeah 10 minutes of Premier League action 40 in the Champions League he's B third chice They're going to come AR he's only just Getting fit again though to be honest And I do think Reese Nelson's ahead of Him though in the backing order not Really like ree Nelson ree Nelson I Think could could do a forcing move like Cuz there are times where like a Winger Goes off injured and artetta brings on Fabio Vieira and like with the best will In the world Fabio VI has been pretty Good this season but he doesn't have any Pace or one-on-one ability at all it's Like having a second weaker igard in Squad so it's like when he's coming on As a Winger instead of ree Nelson who Was resigned this summer you know like Arsenal made a big play to keep him and Barely trusting him whereas I don't know I think given the injury situation if One of those guys doesn't get many Minutes over like the next month then I Think they'll start thinking like what Are we doing here like so so yeah one of The Arsenal kind of Um I guess edge of the squad guys will

Go but I I do think like Sancho will Probably force a move and I think Like United should probably give it to Him because I still think he's got a Great care to be had somewhere we talked About this on consens briefly the other Day I think Marlon's playing so well and He's been so great this calendar year I Just feel very sorry for him but he was Exceptional for Dortmund as we Know I can't see any other top club Going for him I think he'll be like a Milan or an inter or something unless I Don't know where his head's at and Obviously wouldn't want to speculate big Old wages too big old wages and also any Other top club I can't really see going For him except for Dortmund to be honest And it's just such an admission that it Has just been if he leaves in January it Will just be a black mark against this Game forever does another top club ever Come in for him again he'll always just Be like the guy that no matter what's Going on in his personal life didn't do Very well at man united but that doesn't Matter if you can't turn it around and It does just seem like I mean the Obviously this is rumor but it does just Seem like the the relationship between Him and tenh is just unsavable yeah I Think I I I think he's definitely going To leave in January um but I think wage Is going to be a big Fe do you think you

Get from I Think knows I think wage is a massive Issue though like massive issue is he The best play player at the club now He's one of the best play players at the Club Brighton yeah and it's going to be Like can Bry Dortmund afford 300 Grand a Week no thought so doesn't matter mate He's going to unless he takes a huge hit On his wages like he's going to have to Take a huge hit on his wages and United Are going to have to try and even get Maybe it'll end up being a loone or Something for six months um but either Way yeah it does feel like the Relationship is probably over it's fun If you went to somewhere like Spurs yeah Spurs would be really fun just not going To happen though like why United aren't Going to do that no cuz United aren't Going to strengthen a premier league Rival win anyway CU you'll be eighth They'll be fourth and exactly um SA May No come on I don't think that's Happening all right uh anyway that's the End of today's episode of most likely to If you enjoyed this video please do hit The like button check out all our other Football daily content hit subscribe Thanks very much for watching goodbye

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