Hosts India kickstart their World Cup campaign against 5-time champions Australia. Who holds the edge? Dinesh Karthik & Parthiv Patel preview the match, on Cricbuzz Live

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The big big game it's India versus Australia it's match number five at Chennai and well for most Indian fans The World Cup begins tomorrow let's face It because this is all what we've been Waiting for but Unfortunately there was a big downpour In Chennai today so hopefully there'll Be no rain tomorrow first and foremost That's not what we want we don't want Any rain at all but India coming in in Of very very positive in a very positive Mind frame because they've beaten Australia right now so all in all Looking things looking good for India first of all I'm the weatherman Nominated weatherman of social media I'll send you all weather reports when I Get to Chennai tomorrow it's rain tread It's rain quite a bit today and Generally in Chennai if it rains the Next day is hot really hot so I'm Expecting a day which is going to be Hard for both teams now India will start As favorites because of how how well They've been playing we've just beaten Australia a couple of weeks ago they'll Take a lot of confidence from that and We are a team which has played in Different parts of the game with a lot Of skill so that will keep them in good Stad there is a fitness worry with shman Gill is he going to be there is he not Going to be there so if he isn't there

Then ishan kishan will open if he's There obviously he'll play but for the Moment you have to say India start on a Ground and when I said Australia have a Chance it's because whenever they played Australia in Chennai for some strange Reason Australia had the wood over India So it's not a happy hunting ground for India against Australia yes they won a Few games very much so but Australia Also has a decent record in that ground So it's a very tricky ground to start as Much as it is my hometown I would love To say India wins all their games there But it's a tricky ground to start let's Have a look at India's Squad now like You spoke about shubman and uh his we we Not he's not completely ruled out yet But PV in case he's not playing is it an Obvious choice to have isan kishan open Or would you like to see him down and See Rahul open because you have a zampa And a left-hander lower in the order uh Not really I think I think it's it's an Obvious choice if India's looking at you Know if Shan Gil injured that's always Been the case that isan kishan is your Third opener uh so to me I think Tomorrow isan kishan will open for sure Uh the other thing which is just an out Of boox thinking which India could do it You know I'm it's I'm not I don't know Whether they will do it or not try and Open with Rohit Sharma and vat kohi and

Get suryya Kumar yadav into your 11 That's something which you know that Throw in your head even we're here to Just try and give options but I think Tomorrow you will saying it he knows It's not going it's not going to Open yeah but I think tomorrow ishan Kishan will definitely come but another Thing do you think we'll be seeing three Spinners tomorrow considering the home Ground your home ground oh 100% so I'm Going to say what I feel is 11 we'll see If it check I feel it'll be Rohit Sharma Ishan kishan vat kohi shre s at 4 k r at Five hardik Panda at 6 jadea at seven AR Aswin at 8 Kip yadav at 9 s and bumra This I feel will be the 11 that India Starts with tomorrow we'll know at 1:30 But I feel this will be the 11 that yeah I think it's it's the same answer Straightforward will fit in I'm saying Like I'm saying it's another thing which India could be thinking you know when You're a captain or from yeah when You're a coach or a captain you look at Options you look at what can we do so That's something which you know I'm just Trying just throw in my a little humble But if you were the coach what would you Do ishan kishan opening for sure you I Mean that's without a doubt you don't Want you know as much as Su is a good Player I think he also knows he has to Wait his turn in India cricket there

Have been others who have done really Well in The Limited opportunities that They've been given especially sh let's Talk about him and I think he's been Fabulous one of the most consistent run Getters post the 2019 World Cup and that Would mean he he he's earned the right To start the game tomorrow and also just A left-hander which we need you know we Have don't have to left it does to be Left and right hand combination if India Was looking for left and right hand Combination we would have seen that a Year back you know now you know that's Something which India has never looked At it and that is the reason why when we Sitting here and talking about playing 11 it's an obvious choice I think 100 Out of 100 people will say that you know This will be an 11 which India will play So that way you have to give credit to The think tank the captain and Coach That you know they came with the SLE Side they were they were sure about Their plans they were sure of they Needed someone batting at 8 a bowler who Can b a bit so you can actually predict 11 unlike other World Cups so I think That's where I think you you got to give Credit to India the way they have Prepared till now and in my opinion I Think India could have been better Prepared than that everyone is in great Form everyone is done their job

Especially ishan kishan who can open if Someone gets injured in the middle you If you want the left hand option is also There so every box has been ticked as Far as India's concerned it's just about You know going out there and try and EXP Express yourself and knowing that there Are 100 there are 1.5 billion people Right behind you to back Indian team and I'm backing I think it will be for me I Think and I also tell you why I feel U Having a fully pronged right hand Batting middle order is okay for two Reasons one I feel sh and suya Kumar are Terrific players of SP they play lovely Shots suya plays The Sweep whereas Anything full can put it away for a six And rotate strike really well so number One being that number number two the Biggest difference when Australia played Us 6 months ago when they beat us in Chennai in the last match when 1-1 going Into Chennai when they beat us Ashton Agar was there today he isn't there so They have just the one man to take it Away zampa yes they have Manus labush But I wouldn't be worried about him so Much the other option is Glenn Maxwell So they don't have the Spinners that India need to worry about so for me in I Mean it's a left field choice but in Case they want to go with all right hand Team also it is completely okay looking At how well they plac SP and and to me I

Think see the way it doesn't matter a Good player is a good player we saw that In a in a first game against England two Leanders batting in the middle both of Them got 100 even though they had a op Spinner in MO Ali but you still if You're a good player you can still get Runs this is something which you know we Sometimes I play that I think as coaches And as captains or as you know you try And analyze thing you you don't try and Overthink a lot of things and that's Where you get into trouble and as he Said sh has been phenomenal in last you Know year and a half so I me everyone Actually picks themselves you don't have To worry about thinking at all about Who's going to come in and who's not Well let's have a look at who picks Themselves in Australia because like you Said they will really miss ashena Because there is just zampa there is Glenn Maxwell who got those four wickets But otherwise what do you see the 11 Like tomorrow for them if you do look at Their batting order it'll be David Warner Mitchell Marsh there'll be Steven Smith at three labain at 4 after that is What they need to start thinking so they Have Maxwell at 5 and and car at 6 at s Is the choice they need to make are they Going with Marcus tonus or Cameroon Green that's the only choice because Then after number seven it'll be eight

Zampa and three the fast Bowers Stark Hazelwood and cins so the only choice That Australia will be making is it stus Or is it Cameroon green otherwise their 11 is sorted as well and that's a good Sign going into a World Cup knowing that This is 11 that I'm going to play and my Only player is a 12th player who is Again having a great shot into playing This 11 but that is the that is a call That they'll have to take tactically and It will be hard on one of those whoever Misses out because both have been doing Well but I do think they will go with Cameroon green because they've been Backing him he's had a phenomenal time In IPL though as the World Cup progresses I Will be very surprised if Marcus tus Doesn't play he's also somebody who's Done well yeah see but I think stones May not may not be also a good stones May be also a good choice in terms of You know look at where he played IPL This season he played in lakau where Ball was spinning ball was stopping so Tomorrow going in Chennai if if if ban Will give us a pitch report before our Show starts so you know we'll know Whether it's it's going to spin or not So no ST Also may not be a good choice But I think they will go with definitely Cameron green that's all right so you Predicted one key player correctly

Because makm did get his Century so I Think you go first who are your key Players from both Teams Rohit Sharma for India David Warner for Australia okay Openers uh I going with verat kohy you Know I think against Australia he loves Playing against Australia big occasion And we've seen how many times he gets Runs on big occasion so verat kohle and For Australia I'm going with Pat cumins Just you know because he's got Pace he's Going to bowl in that middle phase If he If if you have a good partnership and he Can come in and take couple of wickets India can be in trouble so I'm thinking Pat cumins is the player to watch out For

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