Watch Dinesh Karthik answer fan questions, ranging from cricket to movies to match tickets, in Cricbuzz’s latest offering – #heycb

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Hello and welcome to cig Buzz's latest Offering # hecb with me DH ktic now I'm Going to answer all the questions Possible that you throw us on social Media with the hash hecb and youall have Been asking questions about Pitch Weather but you haven't asked any Questions about watches cars food these Are things I like also but here I'll be Answering most of it on Cricket but Interestingly I can speak four languages I want to use that to some advantage There is Hindi there is English there is Tamil there is telu I'll try and fit in Everything I don't know how much I can Fit in but for the moment keep the Questions pouring in because I quite Enjoy answering all your questions and Before every India match I'll try and Answer as many questions as possible so Let's go straight into [Music] [Applause] It so here's the first one name name of The person who's asked me the question Is out of cricket India wait a minute Who are you out of cricket contest India I've seen quite a few names never Seen one like that but anyway your Question is who will be the crucial Player for India to win in this world Cup let's say I will put my money on Hardik Panda close friend dear friend But most importantly he has a massive

Role to play with the bat ball and the Field but definitely with the bat Question number two Named jagga what do you think who could Be the underrated bowler and batter that Could be a surprise underrated bowler Let's just say I'm I'm going to go a Little outside India I feel an Underrated bowler I quite enjoy Watching is Kesha Maharaj and I feel he Is somebody who is gone just under the Radar a bit he might not pick you Wickets but if SRI South Africa have to Do well he's the guy who needs to Bow Well through the middle under underrated Batsman among the Indian team the very Underrated batsman right now I feel we Who we speak a lot less about is sh and I genuinely wish he has a terrific World Cup it will do India and most Importantly him on a personal level very Good things name Sindr ganes lak's next question so Anna Can we see our weather man back in Action and your predictions for the top Four and good morning by the way good Morning my predictions for top four Would be India Pakistan Australia England next one J prakash yadav asks What's your choice number fourth and Fifth position playing of Team India for The first match I think it's very simple And straightforward chman Gill is not Going to be playing he's unfit I heard

With dingi not good news but it gives The opportunity for isan kishan to open At number four and five will be sh AER And K Rahul and I'll say this also even If shanil had been fit I still think They would have gone with SH AER and K Rahul for the first match this question Is from K let me read the question how are you I'm very good sir next one small Request do you have extra tickets for India V Australia cricket Match I thinkoh has done us all a favor By putting out saying that please don't Ask me for tickets I would like to piggy Back on his Instagram story and say from My side genuinely at least players get Tickets whether they want to give it or Not that is their issue but for Commentators there are no tickets so Please don't ask me for tickets in fact I'll put it as my WhatsApp status now Wait okay no yeah yeah yeah okay Ive Made it my WhatsApp status definitely no Tickets hardik Raat what should be the bowling lineup For India in this world cup Ashwin or Kul should be included in the playing Level now what should be the bowling Lineup sir it will vary from Pitch to Pitch match to match condition to Condition so that is very hard to answer What the what the Lev could be like Rather the bowling combination could be

Like but for the first match Ashwin or Kip should be included I want to say Both will be included sir it's Chennai It might turn a bit it'll be slightly Slow both should play 100% next question Is Manish Kumar can Rohit break suchin Record of highest runs in a single Editions this Time first of all I love your spelling Sir can roit Break that is a very wrong break I feel But can you break the record I don't Think so it's not going to be possible Definitely in this in a world cup and Single I think you meant addition right But you put addition I quite like the Question You' got a sense of humor in You nice japal abishek Singh according To you who will be who will score the First century from India My vote will be verat Koh last but not The least we have a very special Question from two important guest from Our cribuz live family I'm sure they're Going to get me into trouble let's see What they're asking he has this Fantastic set in his house where you see This you know big signature and all that And in front of that I'm guessing given The family they are there'll be a trophy Cabinet okay I want to know who has more Trophies in there DK or Dipa because She's been absolutely amazing of late Just one India gold medal I was about to

Ask a similar question to DK who is the Fitter athlete in the [Laughter] House uh you know there's an old joke Actually I think it was um Mar W who was Batting and he sled somebody so that Player turned around and told marwa You're not even the best in your own Family so shut up I think something like That is very very valid with me as well In my family clearly I'm not the best Sportsman to answer Joy's question Definitely Deepa has more more trophies There is no doubt I'll in fact send you All a picture I'll actually take a Picture and we'll put it up on cig bus That is only fair I'll take a picture of The medals that she's won she's having Apart from the normal medal she's also Padmashri that adds insult to wound when I look at all this but anyway it's okay And then Hasa has asked a very very Sensitive question who is more fit he Always has this innate Knack of getting Me into trouble another truth I have to Blurt out obvious it's I think obvious But obvious that Dipa is the fitter Athlete and I have no shame in accepting To that so that's it from my side for The first episode I've tried and Answered all not all questions but most Of the questions I will see you all Again before the Afghanistan game and Again try and answer as many as possible

But most importantly I want to wish Team India all the very best here starts a Journey into something really special That's going to stand the test of time If they go on to win it and playing Australia and Chennai is always a Special feeling and I genuinely hope They start the world up on a positive Note and put a smile on the 1.4 billion People who will be watching it all the Very best team India before I leave Don't forget to send an all your Questions to # hecb with DH KARK and I'll try and answer as usual as many Questions as I can good luck to Everybody stay safe stay Healthy

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