Pakistan lose Shafique after notching up his maiden ODI hundred on World Cup debut. Parthiv Patel & Saiyami Kher discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] Hello and welcome to cek bus combox I'm Sayi and I have parv Patel with me it's Been a very interesting 20 overs when we Came here at the 15 over Point Pakistan Was 71 for2 and now they are 228 for Three everything was going well for Pakistan but just before we got onto the Com box Abdul shafii got out on the 113 Mad vzan still batting on 75 parv it was like I said everything Going well for Pakistan but this very Important Wicket they got in the nick of Time yeah absolutely I think remember They were well on course to you know That's something which you were talking About I thought both of them paced their Inning really well if you look at the Strike rate ran batting on 75 of 75 and You know the way Abdul shafik actually Accelerated his inning you know he took His time and then attacked on spinners And you know whenever there was an Opportunity to take boundaries he hit Them into gaps so yeah I think it was Going really well for Pakistan but you Got to give credit to shanka he knew it You know there's only one way of coming Back into the game was by taking wickets And that's when he brought both his Meain Bowlers it's one tishana Boulder That over and after that Pana came in so That is where they provided a Breakthrough it was obviously helped by

A brilliant catch by a substitute Fielder you know that helps when you you Want to contribute in anyhow in the game It is still hanging in balance for sure One more Wicket here Sri Lanka would be Hoping for and Pakistan would be hoping For another partnership we'll have a Look at Pakistan's batting card because Riswan again has been very impressive He's got yet another 50 uh riswan is on 75 of 75 balls so he again Pac his Innings well and again being that key Factor who's scoring runs for Pakistan Yeah see we we've been seeing that he Plays spin really well and you know if Someone can hit you over cover and if Someone can sweep you like behind the Square then it becomes very difficult For any bowler to you know which line to Bowl or which length to bowl and he has That ability he uses his creas really Well if you bow short he goes deep and Then plays that cut short so he has all The ingredients of you know how to play Spin and that is the reason why he's Been so successful in Middle overs That's when he is hitting those Pockets Into you know either overcover there's Always a pocket there's always a pocket Over deep fine leg and that's something Which has been using really well and That is why he could Pace his inning he Can hit boundary whenever he wants and Then he rotates the strike hence the

Strike rate now is 100 well we have a Look at Sri Lanka's bowling like you Said uh shanaka did well with getting Bowlers in at the right time but do you Think maybe he missed a trick after the 15 over point because he gave the ball To dilva probably when he should have Been a little more attacking he doesn't Have any option to be honest I think see If you look at this bowling lineup They've got only three Frontline Bowlers I would say mAh sh madushanka and Pana Yes vag is your main bowler but but they Have to make sure that shanaka Dan Silva Charas salanga and vag gets you those 20 Overs so they had to you know bring them In at some point of time that's why you Know he brought them in and now also as Soon as a wicket fell he brought in the Silva so he's trying to close in onto Those 20 overs and that is Understandable because if you don't have Four attacking Bowlers and if you only Three and that's how you have to go you Have to attack from one side and have to Show defense from other side and that's Exactly how shanaka is captaining the Side here also do you think on Pakistan End they should have maybe floated ifar Or you happy with Shaquille coming in Considering he's a left-hander yeah I Think I'm I'm quite happy with South Shaquil yes you know there left-handed Option you'll get another thing is you

Know he's coming out of good form you Know he batted really well against Netherlands and and the game will be at Some stage you when you are playing in Last seven or eight hours you need that EXP experience that ifar Ahmed has so That's something which they probably are Thinking about it and that is a reason Why they've sent a youngster if it takes A bit of time then you know you'll still Have your experience player at the back End of the Innings and that's why they Have sent him and so I'm okay with you Know theyve sent sou Chuck in between so You are our experienced prediction Master on criek Buzz you said 6535 are You still maintaining that or now it's Shifted to a 50/50 it has shifted to 50/50 there is no doubt about it I think Pakistan is very much in the game they Probably just one partnership away and Sri Lanka would be also be thinking in That regards we get one Wicket or two Here they're very much in the game so Yeah I think it has now shifted to 50/50 All right you have heard it he says it's A 50/50 so we are all in for a thriller We'll wait and see what happens but Don't forget to join us at the postmatch Show we'll see you [Music] There

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