Professional australian samoan cruiserweight boxer and title challenger Jai Opetaia against latvian top ranked athlete and three-time champion Mairis Briedis with nickname “The Latvian Punisher”. Fight for IBF cruiser weight belt took place in Gold Coast Convention Centre, Queensland, Australia on July 2, 2022. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Jai Opetaia (Australia) vs Mairis Briedis (Latvia) | BOXING fight, HD, 60 fps

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Are right on the line so I'm going to Let you work right here and uh touch Them up now return to your Corners it is World title time on the go Starts Now Round one the Australian challenging the Best cruise away from up and again a Good shot he against the heavyweight Chamber Of The World kcks him off with That left hand is into the guard of Off the Aussie working well in this Opening His right as well and they Tangle Again now they Come big right hand misses from braus he Threw his overhand right OPP tie gets Through with the left Hand over the top goes brus again and Then shot from Brus to the body it is from off top There's the right hand from brus Over The Top but body shots of Beauty go right hand over the top again From brus tries to counter off a tie who Looks driv backwards that one may have Just dried low But nice left hand again off a tie brus Finds Up shots that just miss significant for The body from brius and left hand from Up tie keep him thinking keep Bing oh good shots up and tie good Combination punching Hing his Target and He goes again as bra as ducks

In charging do earn his respect make him Make him respect you with your power and You're going to go home believe in what In the second round of action how are You scoring the Not only his class but his strength There's a good hook for him off oh There's a big shot from raus though oh Nice body shot for up look for his right Hand and up with a nice left hand and Does so Again right up to the Five that's punching by good face TI the Second k then he throws a beautiful Right hand oh greatus with a big right Hand of his Own perfect shot It's all strong left hands from Jord Time as they hang on in there And right drive to the body from Braus uppercut as well and a good shot From braus is off Tire looks for a left Hand between These Brilliant has had success with that shot The left Hand he's got the full k punches the Champion counter shot from braus just Weed Ohus off tie comes back H and there is a good shot from brus Which is followed up by a really nice Shot that got the crowd going from up a To nice ding up Jabs to the body off the

Tire comes forward and snaps the head Back C of beauty him H him and chasing his ja The corner with blood from the nose a Huge round for Him the champion looks lusted as blood And this is what happen through a giop Atire Rounds and then that shot was sailed Through and did damage busted the nose Right oh that upper cut Again he's the greatest on the on the Retreat B the CH uper tire is world Class body shots and over the top from Up who Jabs perfectly score is Big behind the Australian World title Challenger it's briest on the champion Maris Brius one two again big punches Beautiful Stu from The Undefeated he is world class the blood Straight out again the body shot and bra Has felt it at opper TI is in Worlders and now he comes to attack Again and he star is Clear underneath goes BR underneath that One then he comes with his left Hands three come Landed nice Jab one two good right hand from braus 37y old Champion who comes out with a nice right Hand and Jabs two this great big want to Slow a tie down but he's boxing need to

Do to win the fight on this stage that's All you want to do down as well Too oh big right hand from brus Big Right hand from another one and another One uper Tire concerning times now for The Australian he's taking big shots and He gives some Back Don't worry about that don't worry about Bra's power Jo will work with him here We go watch you see we will see here They go there we go look at that left Hand Bo up beautiful left hand from Opper back with Interest Minute as well as the Block Movement right hand gets out from braus Butan a lot of Concern this was not this was the moment That the charm the Challenger is I can Tell you something about what is Happening Here exceeding their expectations as a Right hand from brus gets through and LIF and Again the powerful Champion Mor BR Tested and he's passed it so Far punching with his right hand there Is Brius right hand from brius as the Crowd underneath that shot Deep as he takes a jab straight to the Nose again and he return one two

Greaters Tangle nice that's the uppercut that did The damage Earlier good shots there left hand from Jti brus comes forward with chasing is Mars brus Again the right hand whizzes by body Shot that was a closer Round starting he's brought it back here To start round n and he Jabs away as Well body shot from braus Tire as well And There's he's just going to keep doing What he's Doing that's what he has to do left Hands left hand's a good one shows that Two good shots trying to close that Gap Right hand gets off but he misses and he Goes again with the Same and from braus as Well they' had straight towards him body Shot from braus the heads come together Greatest tries to Get oh big big right hand but he stands Straight up to Jo scor many more in this Round from the champion Maris brigh Round Starts has this world Title oh there's that big right hand There by oh there it is again huge shots The champion bloody and desperate Against upper Tire yeah oh one hand strong right Hand there's a nice right hand again

Which gets a smile which bleeds freely Now there we go body shot as well from Opper Tire as the crowd Surges oh Big Shot major shot He was rocked oh here comes was on The Chase he's HT opper time he has to cover Up and needs to hang on and will their Man on that uppercut caused a problem He's trying to stay away oh there up a Couple he's ragged now off a tire he Throws his own left hand still on his Feet and still Punching for the Australian chai off at Time Rus right Hands tries to get back to where he was And the left hand will help he gets it Out there again uppercut is a good one From Wild shots from both fighers ready For this he's Ready oh it's a beautiful left hand from Opar Again one two goes Brus and working on the Inside left hand up a toe oh nice right Hook was looking for that right hand to The body there's a right hand over the Top from brus that of this Fight dangerous Stu right hand again from Brus the big punching world champion who Goes Again Up a cut from brius again yeah landed

Again and can't afford many more as he Takes a right Hand with 11 rounds Downt fight up and Tire showing Incredible Champion greatus who's been Wounded showing his quality and his Class and his toughness up TI cannot Take those Uppercuts that's all good wasting time Take your time John and the more Continues around that jaw of opper Tire and he comes forward but offer tire And the uppercut gets in but off the joy Everything's out there Ring with the world title Line and ders can see it in the heads Come together awkwardly a minute left Destiny for opper TI who evades the Uppercut another up there get up there The upper cut got through from greatus Again upper tire covers up Mount barly Disfigured he hangs on with 30 seconds Left in this fight box is blooded up to Deep sh incredible stand up to some of These Shots and seconds left I'm Sure taking big shots staying on his Feet and hanging on what a fight we've Seen great is the Invincible perhaps Australia well Ben I think he has I know I tipped it earlier I seen it when he Was a young Yeah Ibf CR chion on the


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