Hardik Pandya breaks the 4th wicket partnership. Can India bowl out Afghanistan? Dinesh Karthik & Manish Batavia discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] If you are an Indian supporter you might Be feeling a touch uneasy to see Afghanistan show a fair bit of Resistance they were 70 for3 at the 15 Over Mark uh the fourth Wicket has just Fallen hardik P getting the Wicket of The bowling allrounder aat DH karik Joins me on cigb combox how surprised Are you at what Afghanistan have done in The last 20 have to say a little bit Surprised because the only problem has Been the fact that they haven't been Great as a middle order unit now today They have fired aah Shahidi and the Captain hashmatullah Shi has batted Really well sorry not asmah asmah Omar Zai and hashmatullah Shi both put on a Lovely partnership some lovely batting From Omar zai in terms of taking on Spinners I quite enjoyed how he hit kulp And jadea for sixes you can see the Positions he get into whereas with Shahidi he's always been a slow starter We always seen in Asia cup also he's Been a slow starter but today he's found A way to keep getting those boundaries When it matters most yes also uh this Man azmatullah Omar zai a bowling Allrounder who was promoted up the order And Afghani fans are wondering where Have you been all this while 23-year old Uh he got the opportunity to go up and Bat ahead of najibullah and ahead of

Nabii and he came good uh did the basics Right for you for me even in the Previous game against Bangladesh in sha He batted well he got 22 but you can see He has a makings of someone who knows What it takes to score boundaries Through the middle and that is a very Important skill to have and it was good They obviously najibah who hasn't come To bat yet is somebody who has a good Strike rate at the back end he's done Well in T20 cricket and then you have The Evergreen Nabi as well but it was a Good move on Afghanistan not the fact That the result has come out well but Omar Z looks like a player who has good Skill good technique and to promote him To number is a good move and I think Afghanistan is going to keep that number For him for some time to come a wicket For shardul hardik p has just come back In with a lovely off cutter has got the Wicket of hashmatullah Omar zai now bura Was brought back for clearly for that One reason to break that partnership 121 Run stand for that for Wicket the three Over spell from bumra did not quite work Not much in there for the Spinners Either uh what score should India be Expecting now from here on in 15 overs Left If they can stop Afghanistan under 275 They would have done a really good job Because they've lost less wickets and

They only have 15 overs to play so they Are going to be on the front foot a lot More literally be on the front foot and Play a lot more shots so if India can Restrict them it will be great again Between 40 and 45 we going to see Kul Bowl that is an opportunity for them to Pick wickets there as well should he Bowl in that phase or do you just use up His overs before 40th no I believe that You can use him at you you know between 40 and 45 only because with the one Extra field outside he'll have the Courage to toss it up a little more and The variation that goes away from the Right-hander can get him the Wicket Selection is okay for you Ashwin I know Where you're going with that I know it's Our Ashwin isn't it you got to Understand that Kip has gone at five Jadea has gone at five there is no Reason why Ashwin could have would have Done much better and I only say that Because being an off spinner yes he Bowls a lot of Caren balls but the fact That he's bowling to right handers a lot More in this batting lineup it it might Not have been a big Miss shardul in fact Has picked up one Wicket in the four Overs has been decently economical so I Don't think Ashwin is a big miss you got To understand it's a small ground as Well playing three Spinners can become a Bit of an issue in case one of in case

One of the Batters get going na is just Come in can Afghanistan say all right Now let's play our T20 Zone let's get Into that zone if Odis don't work for us We can fool ourselves and say this is a T20 Innings time to go for the kill left Why not why not why not that uh the the Format they're most comfortable with is The T20 format and they are going to go Hard in these 15 overs pretty much Played like the end overs of a T20 we All know how good a side Afghanistan is In that back end of the you know back End of these 50 overs only because the Skills they possess suit the T20 format The most remember there is najibullah And Rashid Khan to come two good batters So we can expect a good run Chase when We come back for the second Innings Typically we do predictions for the First innings on Craig Buzz Live what Was your number 255 is it on easily we'll find out we'll See you on Craig Buzz Live at the Halfway mark that's it for now um from DH Karthik and I on Craig busc boox make Sure you join us on cig Buzz Live at the End of the first [Music] Innings

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