Afghanistan’s top 3 are back in the pavilion. Can India keep piling on the pressure? Zaheer Khan & Manish Batavia discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] On what's likely to be a batting Beauty Afghanistan winning the toss batting First have scored 70 however they've Lost three wickets which way have the First 15 overs gone we'll check with Z Khan here on Cribs combox three wickets Afghanistan once again the top three Back in the heart same story once again Yeah they started off decently I felt uh Until about uh 10 12 overs uh they were In control looked like uh uh they've They've seen that new ball phase off Decently well uh losing just one Wicket Uh in that passage of play but uh Back-to-back wickets on the score of 63 Has has not helped them now suddenly Things are are looking completely Different uh I felt bumra shardul and Hardik were were very good uh with the Ball uh bumra especially not giving away Anything getting that Wicket was was Something which is always expected of Him uh so he was was uh he was superb Out there hardic looked very good uh Picking up that important Wicket of Gurbaz as well at that stage uh shardul Also chipping in uh with with one so all In all I think it's a decent platform Now because they've got three wickets if They not gotten those wickets then uh Things would have been little tough on The Spinners now to come in but at this Stage uh things are looking pretty

Decently uh placed for this Indian Bowling attack bumra was looking really Good in the four overs he bow uh Especially that Wicket of uh of the Opener Ibrahim zadran similar to how he Got rid of Mitchell Marsh and that Celebration was like this perhaps trying To tell the word that what he thought he Was able to do on on the pitch well the Outswinger I mean I've been very excited With uh the out swingers which he's Bowling these days and uh that has been The shift from uh bumra pre-b back Surgery and postback surgery I think you Know that's something which is evident Uh great to see uh him having that Control also if he's consistently doing That uh that Wicket tally is definitely Going to go higher there's no doubt About that is going to add to his Wicket Taking tally now going uh forward from Here there is no doubt about that the Awkward angle which he creates is always Going to trouble the Batters but to add To that now he's got this very standard Now delivery which is pitching just Around off stump and uh and going away From the right-handers more often than Uh than not you'll see the Batters Playing that inside line and nicking it To uh the keepers are are Slip would you Have liked an extended spell for bumra Only four overs for him no I think that Old old ball spell is also very

Important for him uh so that's the the Role which he has been given I think Going forward also in the tournament You'll see that around that 30 over Mark When uh the team usually the the Opposition if two set batters are Batting they're looking to uh up the Tempo there at that stage bumra can come In uh do that damage so that cushion That role clarity I think Rohit will be Looking to achieve that so today also You'll see bumra coming in with the old Ball maybe bowling those two or three Overs and then uh uh looking to take Wickets SJ four overs 28 a touch Expensive is he bowling too straight for Your liking should he be looking at that Channel outside the off stump yeah That's something which which we've seen When he's bowling that channel the Success rate goes up uh today also he uh Got that appeal against a batter which Was hitting the pad touched down the leg Side looked very close uh but uh but Yeah marginal maybe on drifting onto the Pads which resulted in uh in in runs uh Which the slight adjustment he'll have To do in a second spell three down in The first 15 overs it's now up to the Captain Shahidi and azmatullah the Youngster as well the only problem is Afghanistan's middle order has been Brittle we spoke about that on crickbuzz Live as well and um there will be no

Desite once the Spinners come on Zach Kip yadav will have his tail up yeah I Mean uh that's what you'll you'll hope Now the the platform is set you have First 15 overs been bowled three wickets Uh down uh that's the ideal platform for The Spin Duo to come in and then put the Squeeze on uh maybe have some more Fielders in the single saving position And uh create those those breakthroughs Uh if you're getting to 30 or Mark with Maybe adding couple of uh more wickets To the tally uh you know that the back 20 overs is going to be easy yes a Wicket for shardul takur as well got That lbw Wicket for birthday boy hardik Panda as well Afghanistan three down in 16 overs there 76 for3 we'll be back at The 35 over mark on cig bus combox That's it for now from Zach and I see You when we come [Music] Back

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