Watch Zaheer Khan & Dinesh Karthik analyse Kuldeep Yadav’s resurgence with insights from a specially curated ‘Naukri Career Score’ by, on Cricbuzz Live

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One of India's Premier Spinners Kip Yadov and the reason there are two Reasons why he'll be key one is he's Been India's highest Wicket taker in 2023 and the other is that he picked up A four-wicket hall the last time India Played in ODI uh in delhi now for this World cup uh with our friends India's number one job portal they Worked very closely with the Crick bus Team and come up with something they Called the noer career score now that's Where noer uses all its expertise in in Growing careers they've figured a way uh To look at Cricket stats in a very Different way to give us uh this thing They call the noer career score where Does Kip yadav find himself on this Graphic right up top take a look at this Noer career score Indian bowler since 2019 finds himself uh with a score of 668 above shami SJ bumra chel and we've Got to get a fast bowler to talk about a List which is um well top by a spinner Kip yadov has been one of the happiest Stories in the last couple of years yeah Before I talk about Kul now that Explains your corporate look for today I Was thinking why it's like such prim and Proper corporate look by I have to make Up for my lack of stature with some Decent clothes so any well done well Done uh Kip look he's he's been uh Through his ups and downs y you you've

Seen uh he had some knee issue before That everyone have been advising him to Be that little quicker through the air And uh maybe you know that injury phase Has given him enough time to work on the Other aspects of bowling as well and uh That's the that luxury you don't have When you're playing regularly so lead up You've seen that he was playing Regularly and uh these uh concerns were Raised uh with uh with few of the Bowling coaches the experts you know Whoever have been advising him also uh He definitely needed to be little Quicker on tough days batters would go After him and that kind of put him in That tough phase of his career which Where he was going for runs not able to Have the similar kind of impact but he's He's come out very strong and right now Uh the change is uh is visible when he's Approaching uh his his bowling he's Quicker through the airs he's he's uh Using those variations very well and uh The most important thing because he Bowls in the middle phase and any bowler Who is doing that job for the team you Always try to judge those Bowlers on the Basis of what kind of impact they have How many wickets they're taking in that Middle lows and Kip is right up there And I think that's why uh he has got That nod over chel as well if you see That competition of wrist Spinners were

Were very strong uh chel has that Experience but cuep right now has shown That form Wicket taking form which Matters in the in the middle overs and Earned him a spot and uh the the Confidence right now is this show Showing in his bowling with uh with with The kind of body language he's carrying On the field had a very good Asia cup And now for the World Cup also he's Going to play a very important role for The team in those uh middle overs Especially yes he's going to be quite a Force in the middle overs now the reason He finds himself right up top on that Nery career score graphic is well there Are four reasons four categories take a Look at this graphic longevity uh Situational performance win contribution And consistency a lot of factors have to Come together for you to be at number One on that knocker career score Longevity uh clearly the key cuz he's at Number two with a score of 955 on the Noer career score you know I've quite Enjoyed this career score only Because when you look at stats in itself It doesn't paint the right picture when You subdivide it into certain categories Like what they've done longivity and the Consistency and all of that it paints a Picture of how good he has been over a Period of time for me what is Fascinating is his mindset yes he's made

The technical changes let's take the Chennai game for example they've lost The toss they're bowling they've picked The one Wicket but then a partnership Develops between their two best batters Warner and Smith get going and Ro turns To him and after a bit he gets that Wicket you want now that for me is great And the way he picked up that Wicket Also is what I like he was wearing his Pace in a subtle Manner and and that's The reason why he's been the highest Wicket taker in the last one one and a Half years he's picked up close to 45 Wickets which tells you that he's been a Wicket taker through the middle when When Zach Zach myself and seak did the Show before asking who the best bowler Of this World Cup could be or the Highest Wicket taker at they say two of Us nominated Kip Yad for this simple Reason that he is has the ability to Pick up wickets through the middle and Even that Glenn Maxwell Wicket was quite A wicket because he was the main guy at That stage who could take the game away The game was drifting a little bit but He stuck so I I'm I'm enjoying watching Him Bowl he seems to be the bowler that Roit seems to go to whenever he needs a Wicket I think he's using Ashwin Whenever he plays and jadea has the Defensive option and Kip as the Attacking option and he is responding to

That in a very very good manner let's Break it down further it's been a bit of An up and down uh Journey for Kip Yad There was a time a couple of years ago Where he was looking a bit lost there Was a knee injury as well missed out on An IPL take a look at the year 2023 Which has contributed the most uh to Kip's score on this noer career score Graphic what a year it's been and it's Come just in the nick of time World Cup Here World Cup at home aers really well He's also he seems very high on Confidence as well just that graphic is Exactly uh the the right explanation of What I was trying to say say 2019 World Cup uh there was a time when Kip and Chel both were playing together kulcha Was was in action doing very well for The team and after that you see those Tough years then ending up in in a knee Surgery which he had to uh undergo after That I think then then the graph is also Going it it's not being like okay I've I've done the surgery I've come back and Things have started to happen as a Bowler you need to gain that confidence And uh that tentativeness goes away as You start playing you get opportunities You make use of those opportunities and Then things start to happen so that uh That vshape uh graph is is a right right Explanation uh to to how he has been in The last 3 or 4 years doing well going

Down down a bit working hard figuring Out things what is going to take for for Me to make that impact at this level how Batters are figuring me out what are my Options all those kind of things have Have come in and and that uh a little Bit of slider flipper or that one really Quick delivery which he's bowling is the Answer to that he knows that if I'm Under really uh big pressure or when I Know that batsman is going to go hard For me hard against me uh that that's The time he uses that you've seen that In in IPL as well but right now he's Bowling even even better uh because the Performances are are are there for him To be free now right now you're not Thinking about you know whether you're Going to be picked or not and and and That that's a very big thing for any Player if you know that you are a Certainty in the team you're thinking About the game is completely different When you are your spot is in uh is in Question and you don't know whether You're going to be part of the playing 11 not going to be part of playing 11 Then your mind is thinking about all These other things you're not thinking About the game or which batters you're Playing against how you going to get Them out you're thinking about oh Whether I'm going to be in the team or No who is going to play you know what

Kind of conditions on off all those kind Of things so I think uh the fact that The wickets are uh behind his back right Now and the confidence is is showing he He he's he's the one who uh is in good Space to have a have a good campaign uh In This World Cup

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