Professional canadian middleweight boxer Steve Rolls against kazakhstani top ranked athlete and two-time unified champion Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG”. Fight took place in Madison Square Garden, New York, USA on June 17, 2019. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Steve Rolls (Canada) vs Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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Triple G a third judge gave rolls round Two I know Chris manx gave rolls the Second round just an unofficial Scorecard the new sping out of the blue Corner with his trainer Ryan Grant Wearing white trimmed and gold he waited Officially 163 and 34b and 19 professional bounce he enters The ring tonight perfect as a Professional 19 Victory no deats 10 wins Coming by way of knockout from Toronto Onar Canada here is the undefeated Steve Mr and across the ring stands his Opponent who tonight makes his return to The ring after 9 months with his trainer Jonathan Banks he wears tonight red Trunks weighing it officially 163 lb and 40 professional BS his record an Impressive and outstanding one 38 Victories just one defeat one bout even 34 big wins coming by way of knockout Here's the middleweight KO King from Kaga kazakstan the former unified Middleweight champion of the world Genady genady evich Golovkin better Known as [Music] Triple G [Applause] Nine months off matches a career high For Golovkin night in round one well he Talked to talk now it's time to walk to Walk cuz he has a monster in front of

Him in [Applause] Golovkin lovkin claims the center of the Ring is a master of space and distance And has tremendous power with both hands Rounded Jim W he's undefeated but I'm Curious to see how he's going to react Once he gets by Gennady Golovkin Golovkin with the lead hook Conventional things he sees things in The ring Sergio that very patient poised Puncher he doesn't waste punches if he's Not in position he will not throw ACH Rolls started boxing at 17 turn pro at The age of 26 so he is 19 and0 he gets The big shot maybe not the title but at The former champ and one of the elite Fighters in the world stationary Target Go off to kind of expected RS to move a Little bit more in early rounds he's There roll spashing out of jab able to Move forward behind It measuring Golovkin at least keeping Him at Bay but a lot of excitement at The return of gened Golovkin here as he Starts de with the Zone in June that of Course after Canelo Alvarez signed to to Zone his record-breaking deal and Everything point Point toward a third Fight not a done deal we will talk about That including in the post fight show Lurking out there with the other piece Of the middleweight title he wants Kopkin as much as he

Wants well he was laying on the right Badly there too Sergio I saw that that Is a bad place to be Golovkin goes to The moves in with the right hand and Then the hook Golovkin saw an Opportunity tried to take advantage but Miss rolls Savvy enough to move his head And that's round One about Ruiz Joshua that Premier is Tonight on done and you will look at That whole fight in a right there Jonathan Banks but I expect him to pick It up here because he has a fighter and Roll get kind of the nerves out of your System now he's just in a fight again The problem is steeve roll said coming Into this fight he thought Golovkin was Susceptible to the body shot I haven't Seen too much of that at least not in The first for uh round plus rolls jab Out right hand to the B and Springs to The side nicely two straight right hands To the body of course just as I say that He goes to the body another one Byin roll as well answering that as Goin Lands the hook to the body of rolls Rolls in the white and I agree with Rolls uh if you're going to fight a Monster like Golovkin you got to go to The body I tell you Golovkin now with Both hands to the side Landing body Shots and he has a variance in velocity And impact he doesn't throw one type of Shot he has a variance tap to the body

Early and then dig in when he sees fit Moving forward good shot by Steve rolls Right there Landing a Goodat stop Getat Golovkin flicking out a jab and Then a hook two Hooks and steps back in away Golovkin is So subtle in his moves able to move out Right hands and a hook combination from Glovin on the way in rolls doesn't look Hurt yet Answers back now with his own Combination fires out and lands the left Hand good Jam by rolls after the [Applause] Right and a right hand as well have to Like what you see from and he came back At Golovkin he he's taken and given so You got to give credit final 30 seconds Of round two Golovkin of course I've Never seen him hurt if he Body by Golovkin rolls moves forward again Gaining a little bit of conf Another hook to the body by Triple G body shot by Rose fires off for right Hand at the end of round Two okay get the water Tommy get get get the water I got it Here we don't see that often is that man Right there Golovkin getting hit grazing Right hand it was that left hook that Really shook up but it was this punch Right here that snapped his head back it Was the right hand but the left jab that

Sna golovkin's head Back and that's what they meant by the One 121 jab not the one in return and I Wasn't sure I was going to ask this During the main event Chris MX how have You scored it so far I have't even good Second round for Steve rolls looked very Confident here but your first fight with A new trainer can often be problematic History has shown that with Fighters Sometimes things get lus in translations Out landed by Golovkin I I wondered if You'd give him round two Joe do you Agree with that we're not scoring it no I agree because it was the the snapping Shots that really caugh the eye-catching Shots point to it thinking hey the guy That we didn't think would have much Success is having success let's give Them the round that is not how they're Supposed to behave delkin trying to come Around the glove with that left hook Like he landed on Rubio when you have a Fighter that keeps his hands up like That you either go around down lovkin Always patient picking his shots but Does have a puzzle in front of him and Rolls it responsibly defense Sounds boxing very Well it at least stalls the offense There's a right hand by Rolls by Golovkin that was a nice Counter ride that was a really good Counter ride by

Rolls have to really start paying Attention to these rounds and how They're scored you wonder if rolls is Able to win these rounds how was good by Golovkin Golovkin is also landed there No Question but we expected dominance we Have it but Steve rolls of Toronto still Coming in has never fought any a small Thing too Brian but Golovkin fighting This fight at 164 only surprising in that he is a Little undersized for a middleweight but He wanted those four extra pounds let's Go to Claudia land another right hand it's a Counter right hand he dipped his head to The left side landed Illusions could he Bring the same fire into the ring and You know Canelo Alvarez is watching this Fight and you have to wonder what's on Possible future [Applause] Opponent rolls busy with cleaner shots Rolls again just landed with a hook just Touched him to the face but able to land Now and have they still calling out for Him to use the Jeb Golovkin now firing Out his and a right Hand lovkin will beat you down elbows of Rose lovkin built his reputation knock Out by knockout 23 in a row between two You want to fight there fight you want To fight

Let's go [Applause] Go scolls his corner is saying if you Want to fight of every round to hang With Triple G that buckled him there that's the same Shot that hurt Markovin now backs up and yes a right Hand to the Head rolls does look Rock Hook to the head as well and he's hurts On wobbly legs he hooking a right hand Over the top that hook landed and down Goes Rose in a heat this might be over Already his pinned down looks Up that's your Answer last week Andy Ruiz landed a left Hand to the Temple of an the fight there Was a left hand to the Temple of Steve Rolls that changed this Fight rolls was and here's that shot That I told you about that was a Chopping right hand that he landed but That rock rolls right there cuz he Didn't expect that coming you don't to Do and he did it with Rubio when he Fought him at the stop hub and boom There's that left Hook and when a fighter Falls from his Body underneath his body pinned down There rolls did everything he could to Try to regain hand and then that vicious Hook there it is top of the head again Body Shot and you see the patience of

Golovkin and there you go measured Always poised 2 minutes 9 seconds round Number four referee Steve Willis puts a Hal to this bout for your winner By KO Victory from KAG Ganda Kazakhstan Chipper Sergio MOA let me ask you right Now your feelings on the made a career By knocking out Fighters like this Fighters that aren't really a level

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