Professional mexican lightweight boxer Isaac Cruz with nickname “Pitbull” against american talented and top ranked athlete Giovanni Cabrera with nickname. Fight WBC Silver and WBO Latino light weight belts took place in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA on July 29, 2023. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Isaac Cruz (Mexico) vs Giovanni Cabrera (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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He's got lots of wins Cabrera will try And use his height Joanni Cabrera Pitball [Music] Cruz okay gentlemen Belt Line protect Yourselves at all times listen to my Commands touch them up back to your Corner Gentlemen The Bell in round one the Saltpaw Cabrera undef another irony is That Cabrera uh SP many rounds with Manny Pacquiao uh when he was at the Wild Card gym Del from Pacquiao of Course and I would take much jab your Way in definitely you Cabrera has the The reach Advantage we just saw Alvis Recently get a big win over Victor post Division Deon Haney so a lot of quality Sparring over the years for the 29-year-old Giovanni Cabrera meanwhile For little bit he will do that when Cruz Gets on the inside and he was even Penalized to point for watching that Yeah I mean if you can get away SC you Want to try and do that are a little bit Low but uh definitely staying away from Cru clinches an Octopus we get the connection the Connective tissue lead left hand Upstairs looking to land a shot before The end of the BT and sing an Ernie Terrell song and for

Cabrera but Cabrera will try to keep Cruz mentioned Undisputed champ Devon Haney tank Davis he had a tough win Against Uh in in a recent fight that was a great Fight again come out at some type of Instinct too I mean you got to work your Way inside lunges in oh that was kind of Low but uh you know try left hook to the Body but winging the punches and here Caba that here in round two with Cruz Beginning to put the pressure on lead Left uppercut lands for Cabrera and bruz has to be careful Bel Line and the from the Southpaw position He is left-handed but will frequently Switch dances much like some best switch Hitter that I've ever seen in boxing at Terence F Crawford it's a very good Point Cruz uh so he's continuing even Though not all of them are meaning 30s For the both first rounds and looking to Find a way In all right let's go Main and Main Event sold out crowd and of course the Luminaries in attendance but hey they Miss those that are coming to the fact That Cabrera raised in several places Because I mean Cru is just going in head First he's not throwing any punches he's Not making it again Carrera using the Entire ring at ease because again let Him going let him Go body shots him close from Cruz and

Lead quick enough so that Thomas Taylor Doesn't take a point away which happened A few fights there's that lead left Again by Cruz looking to and there he Did it again Cruz a few Clash of heads 15 seconds left here in the third rounds Here scheduled for 12 at 135 lb Right [Music] All the instructions from his dad Meanwhile Freddy roach in Cab's corner He wants him to stay sure that isak Cruz Was not going to become an accountant I Don't know why I just feel it counting Some money and that's why he wants to Get a big knockout tonight because Caba And the way Cabrera fights totally Different styles in front of You what you noticed Thomas Taylor has Done something important in this fight By warning Cabrera or action Abner what Are the biggest takeaways so far here as We you know halfway through round got to Make them with these straight punches Cabrera down yeah he's coming off the Biggest and most impressive win Remaining unbeaten at 21 and0 but Looking to put himself in the mix the Scene remember San Anton oh there's that Left hand and he blitzed Diego magdalo Really devastating and again I know That's Cabrera's style but he's got to Be careful we got to put those hats up You learn a thing or two stud those

Legends weapon for him he threw it from Way back out boy he that was a beauty a Little roundhouse hook getting in and I Mean that was a terrific how feel good Let's Go to the body really well C goes Downstairs with a down the or make that Left from the southp down the middle and And Cruz was not able to land any Punches Cruz trying to find the range Cruz just landed a real nice right hand Cabrera has circles to his Right but he's got to be careful yeah He's got he's got to be careful Cruz Goes downstairs to the body with the Right Hand oh sharp jab the no a couple right Hands and left and Cruz landed some Tains low hands and again gets caught Upstairs and refuses to lay raise his Hands and he continues to get on Sportsman like Behavior there's a right Hand from Cabrero but he's got Cruz had Some really really good moments in that Last round that uppercut and you know The Cruz was kind of frustrated with Some action here being held start Hitting with that one go Tonight Nice make enough of a dent so that he Could control him but that hasn't really Happened left hand Cabrera throws a Combination 21 and0 17 for p looking for His 18 many shots already Cera but still

Standing Cru and I think the key will be The two we saw 30 seconds left in the First half of this 12 round Affair things that happen in boxing and That left hand happens for is as much as It's cracked up to be Abner M I think That Cru is is not so much of a one Punch just the guy that likes to work The body again there clear example he Landed a beautiful shot but Cabo took it Well and that is really the way this Fight went you know at the beginning Caber looked like he had a pretty good Round in that first and even that second Round was that he was turnning Cruz he Land those two three punches and they Leave get out of there you don't have to Say and caught him with the I was going To say that amazing oh there's a left And again cab takes it his moment when Having Cruz on the road but Cruz just Found that beautiful left hook Comination by C but Cruz caught most of That off his high Guard nice jab see you if want to keep Jabbing to the body if you're left Hand and those power shots to the face Have been effective but Cabrera has well No hey yeah he's landed a few shots Overhand right overhand left be careful And of course that lead foot battle will Always be paying atten as well with his Own and he's doed at times yeah like he Is now and he actually Cru 79 landed

Punches were body shot so He there's a good combination the Straight normally expect a fighter That's probably behind in the fight to Use a tactic like that I mean I'm on the Thomas Taylor bandwagon is a terrific Referee and he's to create a big injury It's incredible these flush shots but Hera continues to punch back and another And that's why he started doing the look At that now we might have rattled him a Bit cabera standing straight up Cruz Going to work we head to round n another Overhead Right [Applause] Unbelievable was not probably warranted My goodness and the overhand rights Fest Continue you need to do the same do the Same in that you did got the jab there's Cruz going back to the body right hand Left hook to the left HS a series of Right Upper interesting so I guess he felt Caber might have done enough effort by Him well plenty of questions going Instead of using his head uh to to Bash not theing power he's used to in This no Poweres pushing most of them I mean And can do it yeah and again the ring Rush from from This been an fight for Thomasm whater is doing it there fan ad

In terms of offense is even when he does Do it the power doesn't affect oh the Right and left and there he's trying to Hang on and again and already more than 1,000 punches thrown You' been in there Where we can just say what we can but The fact is it just because of the size Difference that in the leverage it Speaks about carrera's chin also Because I mean we've talked about Cruz He has knocked folks downard Ramirez coming up the mainor MMA and Risen fighting Federation a lot of Grappling some puming on put back in the Mix to face the likes of Dante Davis is This the kind of performance he's done It and he's heard Kua in a couple Instances but sometimes it's a perfect You believe that Cruz uh has power in Those hands uh and he's landed shots but Again cab Withstanding big shots and still Fighting the right glove of Cabrera There was oh who who off Balance back to the double left hook I Really do think you're on to something Good leverage to the body it would Extend to the when he throws it through The left hand and now the flick jab from Seconds left here in the 11th both of These guys want to make off and deep 135lb division led by hands go all Right and Cabrera trying to make some Things happen from the outside uh but

Then as He do not leave the decision to the Judges here Okay it's hard for me to imagine the Idea that multiple knockdowns are Knocking crew out but you never D told Him the right thing yeah that I mean and I think you know Obviously seems that you got to give it To his genetics because he's been taking Those shots but 5 he's the shortest guy In the top there me me make a pun that's Earth and there again left hand and it Seems like here even in the 12 you know Where it should be the most intense and Urgent maybe they wanted Cruz to show The urgency to get a knockout of ceras Making this round a really good round For Him there's the left uppercut by Dante Davis Dante D hey it's joanni Caba Who's in the Ring Cruz out Landing cabero 164 punches Landed the judges will Decide he's a very uh engaging and Clever Fellow so you know he's one of those Trained all his life by his dad and his Grandfather we talk about showdown Between Errol Spence Terrence Crawford Only the fourth welterweight unification Fight involving un es Pitball [Music]

Cru what do we say about leaving us to The judges a scary moment there

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