Joe is back hosting Team Talk as Henry, Dougie, Mikey & Zac navigate through topics such as summer signings, Jude Bellingham and Premier League talents.

Who comes out on top? Who do you agree & disagree with most? Let us know in the comments below!


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Welcome back to team talk one and all You know how this show works by now Plenty of heated debate let's see who Joins us in the room today we've got Zach jalab and we've got Mikey mccubbin On my left boys how are we very good Thank you very good just notic we Different color pens as well oh trying Our best blue for Chelsea the production levels go up yet Again uh and on my right doie kitley Henry Hill ready for action yeah pumped How are you feeling Henry are you okay Mate you seem a bit stressed today I was Quite enjoying being the judge of this Show you've been to oted thrown off all Promoted the people wanted you back in The hot seat heners they were saying get Me Henry Hill Joe actually said to me Don't let me go against Joe don't let me Go against Henry I'm scared of him That's why I believe it do you believe That I don't uh okay should we crack Straight on let's get straight into it I Reckon and this is an early shout here But I want to know on your whiteboards Who has been the best purchase of the Season R Jimenez to say a good signing I think This one's a fair fairly obvious answer We're going to ease you in with this one Boys what Mikey writing Overation not much oh you already 3 2 1 Reveal yeah James Jes Madison no other

Suggestions in here just think for the Money it's tough to do that mate you Can't like to get someone of his quality For 40 million quid um who has such an Instant impact so quickly I think we all Knew it was going to be really Successful um when it was happening Maybe we didn't expect it to be as Successful as it's been um but when you At the price of other midfielders that Are moving in that market of 100 million Plus and he went for less than half of That um it's it really is an incredible Deal he's just changed that Spurs side And a lot of other players have helped There Mickey van has been fantastic Too um but he he's just not a 4 millium Power player like he's in a real world Where leester still in the Premier League uh and someone is trying to buy Their star player and they don't need to Sell him he's probably costing 70 if not More just to confirm is this best Signing in the Premier League no it's Just best signing FL out in that Cas oh Jesus here we go you about say the same Um still cost 100 Mil no you can't do That I've done it first I did it First okay so you think you Belling him At I'm going to say the full volume here Because 100 million isn't it yeah it is Over 100 million because I know there Some reports with the add-ons for AUD Audien's description I thought this was

Des description I thought this was Premier League originally J Bingham I Don't think you can AR I know it cost1 Million P but everyone's saying that Looks cheap for him at this point he's 20 years old he's their top he's the top Scorer in La Liga and he's the single He's the reason they are top of the League we've sat here and all said are Losing Benzema this is where the real Problem is they're going to lose goals In that side he's coming in and said Absolutely no problem he's scoring Winners he's scoring sort of goals I Think some outside the box is that True he's he's scoring he not Mainly he's there in the right place Some recently he's really turned it up And like his assist we saw the outside Of the boot he's showing an array of Qualities and his defensive numbers are Massive as well for a player in his Position bellingham's helped real madri At top of the league where Spurs right Now top of the league James Madison baby And it cost less than that less asking Signing you're asking am Mar Signing sorry sorry sorry can we just Reveal to latest update half the price Of Madison and he is got by lus to top Of the Bundesliga table Bon has been Absolutely superb um yeah no one thought About Sig him this Summer seemingly came Into by lus they already Patrick schik

Needed him to hit the ground running and They wouldn't be top of the bundes League without him I think they've been One of the best sides in Europe Alongside probably Inter Milan uh yeah Probably just Inter Milan really and and Bar lusen and um yeah I think he's been Absolutely Sensational and it was Unexpected 19.6 million pounds half the Price of Madison fifth of the price of It doesn't matter have you guys heard of A guy called Christian pul Sick I'm not I'm uh sorry I just cut you Off there I I actually still think Madison I I still think Madison holds up Here I think Bellingham great signing Obviously like has obviously been Brilliant but I I just think in terms of Like actual impact on the way that a Team plays I think Madison has been so Crucial to Spurs bface great but I think I think lusen I think lus would be doing Pretty well I think they'd still be top Two in the Bundesliga without him don't Know how well Spurs we doing without Ms Yeah I think Madison is is so so crucial To the way way that Spurs team plays They they needed a Creator so badly Bellingham it's I think yeah it's really Really close I just think Bellingham It's the money type Ofh I don't even know it's the money Side about Bellingham I just think Madison's had a more profound effect on

That Spurs team than Bellingham has on Real Madrid on Bona compared to for B Lus I honestly think they wouldn't be Top of the league without him I think He's they definitely wouldn't be to the League think SP we're talking about Making 100 million pound sign that has To like be everything that Real Madrid Is and bellingham's gone in there and Fulfill ticks every single box so far He's got an iconic celebration he's Loved by the Fans every aspect of this transfers paid Off so far and it's Real Madrid who need It like they need Superstars like they Just lost their main superstar in in in Bena leaving after all these years and Bellingham's gone in there even in a Period where venicius Junior has been Out injured and he he's stepped up and I Think it's harder for him to step up Than any of these two I disagree I think Everyone expected to be Sensational at Real Madrid I think everyone expected Madison to be brilliant at Spurs no one Expected this guy got hard to the top of The bu this but that's not what this Question and also Also who's been signing I think I think Belling Bellingham has yeah Bellingham Has had a harder job to step up at the Burner Bell for sure but I don't again I Don't think that's necessarily relevant I think it's who has had the biggest

Impact and I think it's been Madison oh Right okay okay let's come to a decision Here because we might be talking D bit More on Drew Bellingham later um I'm Going to give the points to Mikey and Zach cuz they didn't change their Answers they stuck with their guns and I Back that I think it's really solid I I Think it is James Madison uh in fact Let's go straight on to the Bellingham Question off the back of uh the next one Is true or false on your board please Bellingham will become England's Greatest ever midfielder I don't Actually think it's that hard three two One reveal oo wow TR so the man who went For Bellingham last actually doesn't Back Him that's just so hypothetical you're Up against question bad some serious We've got the captain of England Bobby Charlton when we won the World Cup like I know yeah Belling WN the World Cup Okay then what happens all right well Exactly he hasn't won the World Cup and Yet some people already have like I Still think what you can't take away What Steven gerro did like top five what Did win a single league title I don't I Bellingham's not not done anything yet For England to just he's 20 I think he's Already had what but what did I mean but This is the thing like when we're Talking about like what did Geral and

Lampard do for England they had about Three or four good years I say I don't Think had a good world but I don't think It was on the impact of Bellingham in Katar and I think you know Lampard had a Very good Euros other than that he's Really disappointing you're definitively Saying that Bellum will become England's Greatest ever M you can't def say that you know if he If he picks up an injury but I think I Think if Fitness holds up on track on Track record right now that the Progression that he's going at he's been In the England squad now for three years Sorry four years coming up to Michel Owen won the balandor at like 19 and Then he did went to Real Madrid and Guess what he's not one of the greatest Strikers that's ever bellingham's just Gone to Real Madrid and Ste up he's Already he's already an icon at that Stadium he's got his own celebration Don't you know this is where he's going To be the top 10 like the greatest England midfielder of all time can't say That When isn't that is the greatest in in The field of all time we won the World Cup and he was Captain we not saying He's going to Bingham could be in Several World Cups B could be in several World Cups England we've spoken about Many of times that it looks like it's

Going to get better and better and They're going to win something at some Point in our in our lifetime and that Bellingham only being 20 years old he's Got a great chance of being that guy he Could even be the captain to lift it one Day like he has so many elements to him And now he's at Real Madrid at 20 years Old he's probably going to win a couple Of leagues he will want most definitely Win a champion League at some point in His career he does all that and has an Effective uh International period the Thing is well football's very different Now to back then too like the way the Game is played and also the way um like Bobby Charon and English players Wouldn't have moved abroad during that Time of time of era he's now playing at Real Madrid I agree Real Madrid I must Admit it's shameful of all on all of us That it took that long for one of us to To point out that Bobby Moore was Actually the England captain in ' 66 Just say so well done dud but didn't Take that long I I thought I thought you Okay maybe I thought Henry came in with Like England Captain 66 um yeah I think I agree with what Zach saiding to be Honest I think Bellingham I think we can I I'm pretty confident Bellingham is Going to be England captain in the next Five years or so um and yeah he's just Already achieved so M to have achieved

That much at that younger age you know Given what he he did at Dortmund as well Um yeah I just I just don't think the Bar is as high as we think is you know Like when you yeah when you think about The best English midfielders of all time You think you think Gerard Lampard you Think Bobby um Brian Robson you think Bobby Charlton um like did any were any Of those play did any of those players Get to a level where it's like at Already at 20 years old people are Actually talking about him as a top five Player in the world people people are Speaking about him as if he's the best Midfielder in the world right now which I don't agree with but he is already in That in that conversation and I think l To be fair finished second in the Bon Door he did he did which is not bad but I I the main AR the main argument for True I think is just we all know it's 20123 and how hype works like he has a Crucial role in England winning a major Tournament any stage in the next 12 13 14 years he'll already be proclaimed it Like he just will go the thing is it's Not he doesn't even have to win a World Cup or anything for this to happen like If he Contin if he helps r with this Dominating ear of this young Squad That's growing and wins several League Titles and several I leagues like it's Tough to okay he hasn't won he might not

Have won a World Cup by that point but It's still tough to say no to that when He's just if he is going on to fals I'm Just saying right now it's really you Can't just disregard everything that Gerard did even Beckham's like Star take away Charlton it's not Gerard I think most people he's like Caps alone he's like up there one of the Greatest like England midfielders of all Time I know he didn't win that's just he Stayed loyal we're not disregarding It you can't just automatically say Bellingham will definitely be better Than all these can't say he won't like If you look at the trajectory that Belling done Jud what they're doing at The moment if he keeps going at that Record it feels like it probably will he Could get a career- ending injury next Week don't know well let's hope not Shall we and let's bring that round to a Close I think you tried your best there Heners but uh I think you're wrong I Think point to everybody else that's not Called Henry Hill in the room Unfortunately you tried your best mate Though but you were held back by the Shout that Bobby Char was ining Captain Icept that Um next up we're continuing with the Theme of transfers here who has been the Biggest flop transfer of the season so Far again I think this is going to go

Too I think this kind of easy okay three Two 1 reveal Wow great three onas and one Ral him Come on do you honestly believe RZ I Thought everyone was I thought everyone Was going to put havs I'm you been your Serious answer I'll give you a point for Rimenez anyway CH that one up For he has been R and then so your Serious answer would be K HS maybe yours Is havez to Onana That's compared to Onana onan's I think The biggest thing with Onana is they Lost the goalkeeper in David de Gea who Had had such an incredible record with Manchester United obviously he could Over his longterm cre United on down Those clean sheets in crazy yeah great He was playing there for 11 years this What I'm say yeah and he did very he won The Golden Glove many a time like he won The Golden Glove on the year he got Absolutely destroyed upon like the guy I Think he made a lot of mistakes at Crucial points though it it wasn't like A faultless man united there was also a Four-year period where David ha was like The best shot was really underpart the Fin two years I think he got the Golden Glove in his last year at the club up Golden Glove but the mean that you're The best goalkeeper it I I think the I Think the real thing with Anana though Is that when Anana came

In there was so much hype it was like This is the defining that is going to Transform the way that man united play And that takes time I I put this you Know in our preseason predictions I Think I'm pretty sure myself and duges Both said that Anana was I think maybe The signing of the summer or or or like The most transformative signing of the Summer even if uh and like it's just Gone the complete opposite way I even Said actually then I would expect the First month to be a bit shaky did you This I didn't it I didn't expect it for Two months and I didn't I didn't expect The shot stopping side to be the problem I thought it was going to be I thought It was going to be playing out from the Back with a new with a defense in front Which has not been particularly good at That over the last you know over the Last year or so and hasn't had a Goalkeeper like Onana behind it I Thought that was going to be the main Issue but the main issue has been that Onana just looks so unconfident and his Shot stopping has been really really Poor he's been at you the errors that He's made for goals is you know has Trotted up so many like there's been so Many of them sorry so far this season um Yeah I just think compared to the Compared to the expectation to the Reality I think an yeah Anana has had

Really really bad first two months the Fee was huge like 50 Milli 50 million Pounds for a goalkeeper and especially When you look at the other goalkeepers That moved in that market like Vicario We sat here or at least I didn't and and Did not like the move and it's looked Like one of the best this season he's Been he's been fantastic does really Well with the ball at his feet and been A really good shot stopper too um I Think the way the are the it was the Hyper Bowl about Onan like he was as you Mentioned the guy to fix everything for For United however I think there were Some people that did say like during his Time at Ajax and into like he makes Mistakes like we kind of said it on Monday Vibes earlier today when we shot It that like he's always been known to Make a couple of mistakes but right now You're looking at a goalkeeper really Long on confidence who is going to make Even more mistakes and like anytime the Ball is shot at him you in his head Right that just feels like it's going do Not do not ruin this do not screw up do Not do whatever here um but then when You look at yeah this fee and then along With the other because they spent so Much on him it meant they weren't able To go and spend money to go get an Actual DM and so on and so forth they Had to get the the loan signing of

Amrabat when that took so long as well So he didn't even get a pre-season like It had all these knock on effects Because his fee was so huge and he was Super important as well because they Spent so long over the de Gea situation Screwed that up which meant they had to Pay again the the the fee to get Onana Um it just overall was a really poor Signing that that he has a really Difficult start in that the team is Really low on confidence playing really Badly and it could work joke in terms of Personality start if you his if you look At the passing stuff like we've seen it United are passing more out the backat They are doing the things that they want Him to be there to do and as D has just Said he's not played really in front of A single solid like back line it's Changing all the time and that really Doesn't help you because that Relationship between the back line and The goalkeeper has to be really strong For Success like that's what I think at Spurs Vicario he's been helped because It's basically just vanen and Romero in Front of him and they formed a really Good partnership we basic that team's Picking itself at the moment United's Team is all over the shot and it's Leaked into Onana who his save rate is Actually at like 68% at the moment which Is not horrendous it's not great it's

Not horrendous for million P it's just Like the isolated mistakes havs they Spent 60 million p on a player that we Weren't really sure why they went for it No we all understood why they went for Onana havs as arly gone in there and Done nothing he's done nothing they're Top of joint top of the league they Might be top of the leag that's not That's not because of hav he laid off The ball he laid off the ball for Maron Elli the only goal the only goal that he Scored the only goal that he scored is a Penalty which they gave to him out of Pity let's be honest H is not playing at Center forward where he he's not been Effective they've been relying probably Too much on onesia at points of the Season and he's taking minutes from Other players in the Midfield where he's Not really offering anything either like His touches compared to Smith um not Smith sorry odard and rice like it's Half the amount of touches and yet he's In meant to be in the kind of same Position as odard at this point his Impact is so minimal compared to the Other midfielders and everyone's still Wondering why on Earth did you spend 60 Million pound on this player when Arsenal could have gone out and get Another player to really yes I know That're they're below Arsenal at the top Of the league they're not quite top but

They could have for 16 million got Another player who could have really Helped put the pressure on City this Season cuz To Go the Distance the whole Campaign hav is just not a title winning Signing at that price I think it's just Ridiculous but you can't say at that you Know B based on level of performances so Far on is clearly the answer for Flo of The Season like HZ as we keep on saying They are second in the league HZ has now Been outed the side not affected them It's it's not a reason that they've been Less than perfect and they've been so Much better than United whereas Onan is Such a crucial reason behind them being So bad at I just think I think it's more Mitigating factors I think it's injuries In the rest of United Squad that has Made man you can't just blame it all on The keeper but individual ER like when There are that many individual errors I Think you can like and and I yeah and I Sympathize with Anana as well like it's A really difficult situation to come Into but it's like United don't lose Against Galatasaray if Anana doesn't make that M Don't lose against Bayern don't lose Against B well potentially don't lose we Probably do we probably do still lose Against B to be honest let's face it but Definitely don't lose against Galatasaray that's that's a result that

May well put United out of the Champions League May well put United out of Europe Full stop depending on how the next few Weeks goes um I just think in terms of Yeah like impact on the side compared to What he was brought in for like when Arsenal this is the thing as well it's Relative to what the expectation was as Well when Arsenal signed havs no one was Expecting havs to have like no one was Expecting hav to be a title winning Signing it was Delan R was meant to be The you know the title winning signing Like and Declan rice has been brilliant Like have there wasn't aside from like His the reputation that he had at Chelsea there wasn't actually that much Pre there hasn't been that much pressure On htz really like he's joining a very Well functioning side and I don't think Artessa was expecting him to be ripping Up trees in the first two months I just Think Ana has a greater ceiling to Actually improve and become a better Figure for this United Side entirely he's just an entirely Almost irrelevant player within that Squad he's just stealing minutes from Younger players that should be playing Ahead of him but Onan has been worse Than HZ like if you if I don't know I I Don't think he's been on has cost United More games than herts has cost Arsenal So far and yes that is partly due to

Injury and stuff like that but that's The situation that is always to a level Going to be the case with the goalkeeper Versus out yeah yeah yeah very true yeah Very very true the level focusing on H's Goals and assists and like other Midfielders in the league don't solely Get focused on goals and assists have You heard you no ex part to last year no One in Arsenal's Midfield except for Odard would contribute a lot of goals Jaa had an amazing what is his I think It well it's the facilit not on the B Second deepest in that Midfield out of The three threat aerial threat I I don't Really get it I I wouldn't play I Wouldn't have bought him either but I Think it's harsh to blame someone so or Rank someone solely on goals and assists In a Midfield when they're supposed to Bring so much more keep the game ticking Pick up good areas cover for the left Back that goes forward you know he's not Just in there for goals and Assists this is a tough one cuz I think Henry did argue his point very well so Henry get definitely get a point for hav And then I'll give I think everybody Gets a point there I think there very Solid well argued round two points for Henry for ra Jimenez as well yeah yeah Exra a bit of a comeback there but I Think very well argued uh next up on the Board who will finish higher Manchester

United or Chelsea um R GES into the season now What's the what can you can you tell me About the league table is right now You're one point behind Man United at The moment as things stand and we scored More and conceded less or I will tell You right now let me just turn my phone Sideways to get the goals for and Against H up uh so you are 11th United Are 10th you've scored 11 United have Scored nine you've conceded seven United Have conceded 12 who thought we'd be Talking about this stage three two one Reveal your boards oh here we go Chelsea Come on then the obber roll let's do This yeah with the obber roll like I Think it's going to be tight I think It's going to be really tight I think What it come down to is who makes less Mistakes in terms of their keep we just Talking about Onana right if Onana has a Shock turn in confidence um then things Could change massively I think it also Might come down to the literal level of Who's got the least injuries as well United can't even put a back lineup out A proper back line out together Chelsea Has still played their star signing in In kungu when he comes back and and if He helps out out that Chelsea attack Things could start to look really good Going forward for Chelsea um they've at Least now got two Strikers in brya and

Jackson I think the Janu Market is going To be really interesting we've already Seen people talking about Tony I mean Personally I think how you can spend About money that Chelsea hav still keep Talking about transfers it is crazy but Like we are in that world where chelse Let's be serious might win the window This but this what I'm saying let's be Serious Chelsea might go and spend Another 150 million in in the window Right like it's crazy to say that but They might they might um points and all Of that adds to to to how things can go Here I think Chelsea right now H are on The up on the up turn on the uptick Obviously they've had a couple of Players come back from injury kaiso Enzo Gallagher of Midfield 3 is working Slightly um and it also depends on this This next month of fixtures Chelsea have A really tough tough uh lineup coming up But I do think they're going to get some Results out of there I do think they're Going to manage to to beat a few of Those top sided teams I think that's Where things can get good for Chelsea One thing that United have done that Chelsea haven't so far is somehow win Games where they've looked really bad The brenford game for instance like they Got three points there they did well to Do that um Wolves yeah exactly Forest uh And that's something that Chelsea need

To start doing and hopefully from that Run will do uh I just think it's going To be it could literally be a point or Two come the end of the window but I Think with the returning players from Injury and just like the squad that Chelsea have there the backline that now Coming back to Fitness um I think They'll be able to Edge it yeah I don't Think it's mental I don't think it's a Mental argument at all and you don't Have European as well which is a crucial Part don't worry United won't have I was Just about to say United look like they Won't either I think given the fact that It's very even in the table I actually Think man united have actually played Considerably worse than Chelsea this Year even though the results well Statistically Chelsea are the third best Team in the league yeah I think you your Performances have generally been very Good I just think they have way more Experience very good you they've been Very good fine good good like they have Been really unlucky in a lot of games I Mean I think they're the only side in The Premier League that's won all their Games on XG XG XG Point is worth mentioning like I think They have been quite unlucky in terms of Results uh my issue with Chelsea is that You just don't have any experience in Your squad whatsoever um like I think

Raheem Sterling scored the most amount Of goals for your Club ever and it's About 12 in this current Squad in this Current Squad you mean like in this Current Squad out of all the yeah you Know All yeah uh Frank lampard's you know Hating that wherever he is um but yeah You know rashford Hyland's going to get Better the Wing situation at United I Think is a massive overhanging issue um But I think M's going to improve as time Goes on I see more goal threat in that Side even when anunu comes back to be Totally honest uh and I think they've Got a more Settled like you say more goal threat Chelsea have barely had a goal threat Even to now we scored more goals than United and United have had rashford Hland Mount like I know they've been out With inj rash been really poor though And I think he's got the highest level Out of any of those players in both Squads if Inu comes back from injury and Takes a while to is what we've seen rash Do before where he'll have seasons where He's amazing He he'll also have seasons Where he's poor he's only one really bad Season but maybe this is another one Maybe maybe maybe I just think there's a Big potential upside with United I do Worry about Chelsea's quite brittle Confidence I think they've got more

Experience throughout that Squad yeah Experience makes sense I think they've Got a better I think they've also got a Better backline to be fair when Everyone's available as Well the problem the problem with the Problem with that is that like when I Think veran Leandra Martinez Luke Shaw They'd all for Chelsea over chilwell Andwell Luka's A coell we barely seen it to be honest I Don't think he's even been that good This season we' ear I I think with United I'm I was really close to Changing my mind actually just because The Leandro Martinez thing like um he's So so crucial to United and he's such a November November is it so yeah we play We played United in that period long Time I mean Chelsea also have some Really tough fixtures coming up off the International break so I think I think In yeah I think November time will be More clear on this but I just think I Think with United it just it's a more Settled Squad the manager's been there For longer and there's been a lot of There's been a lot of uh you know Trouble behind the scenes but generally Speaking he's been very very decisive With dealing with with you know um Obstacles that have come his way um and I I do feel like there will be a point Where it clicks with this man united

Side whether that's before Leandro Martinez comes back or or not could be Could be quite crucial to to where they End up in the table but I think Rasmus Hland is is is massive actually you know We spoke about Anana being like the Signing of the summer when it happened And and it flopping like Rasmus holand So far looks like a real superstar in The making and I think he's he already Looks incredibly important to to to United especially on the just on the Goals front like I think actually Chelsea across the squad have way way Bigger goal threat in terms of like Having having a real goal threat off the Right and someone like Sterling having Um I think Nicholas Jackson I think Nicholas Jackson will end up scoring 10 Plus madri's off the off the um even Enzo Fernandez is a goal threaten Himself you know I think he's Underand I'm not so sure I just think That I think that the right hand side is A problem and I scored his first goal The other day didn't he sorry Madrid Scored his first goal great finish M Great great finish but I don't know I I Think also yeah Cole Palmer as well I I Think Chelsea just have quite good Attacking depth um Like and okay I think this is probably From a man United's perspective and you Know I'm just a bit you know rashford's

Output hasn't been great neither has Bruno's either so like I think that's Maybe that's clouding my judgment a Little bit here um but I think May and Also I think it's the thing of the Unknown with Chelsea it's like that that Forward line could maybe just explode at Some point whereas we kind of know with With United and that's why I think maybe I'm biging up hland a lot as well Because I've just been so kind of um you Know yeah I'm kind of in awe of him at The moment um he's been really really Yeah he's just been a really really fun Watch neutral United just seems to go Through these periods of misery and Difficulty every now and then I just Feel like the squad and the team in General is more used to coping with the Kind of difficulties and the pressure That they're under right now whereas Chelsea still at times look a little bit Shell Shocked from what happened last Season and like the overhaul and I know I know got three wins a row but I just Back I back United to cope with the kind Of the pressure more than Chelsea who I Still think there's just a fragility to That Squad at times which could get Exposed you could not do there is also a Point where Chelsea do need just learn Like Chelsea like same with the Experience things like essentially They're all learning together no no I

Agree yeah I agree but they do have a Manager in Postino who's like been Through this with Spurs like he there is A point where they do just need to get It and understand and go and like They've already experienced it several Times now where they've been had a Fragile mindset and taken a a step back Or whatever there is a point where they Do just need to go okay we've been here Before like if if anything they went one N down to Burnley and as a Chelsea fan That recent I was like oh my God it's Happened again and they won and they won 4-1 which is actually which is actually Something when United go one up then You're thinking oh God see straight away every single week Um some good arguments made but I Actually think Zach did the best job There I think you argued your case well For Chelsea mate I'm going to give you a Point trait that's right okay next Up rank these three Strikers Victor Bonny face Gabby Jayus olle Watkins oh Alexander isack oh That's great damn some is too tight that Okay in three one Reveal I did have I did have uh yours Hry I did have it and then I swapped it So you've got isack top you two have got Isack bottom being dues have the same Board so let's get a point for that

Please so talk to us hen as let start With you we haven't heard too much from You today why have you you gone esack Top uh while have we G esack top um I Just think that as a pure finisher at This moment in time we're beginning to Really see what esa's all about I think There's a reason that he cost 60 million Out of RA saaad which is a big fee to Buy someone from from that level of Club He's got experience now at multiple Levels in terms of being a pure Striker I'm just loving what I'm seeing from him And he can play out wide he's got Pace He's remarkably quick Striker he he's Remarkably quick for like a guy of his Build like I've seen him for Sweden as Well the way he carries that side very Quick when he plays Internationally just in terms of Newcastle's stunning success in the Transfer market since the Saudis have Come in I think isak really does Represent that and I think he is slowly Pushing Callum Wilson who is a very good Premier League Striker he's pushing him Out of that oh he's definitely the start Over I think I think is's there the Reason I put Watkins third and Below JayZ is because I do think oie Watkins At the moment is obviously playing Incredibly well is Watkins has only come To life really at Villa under unai emay Whereas Gabby Jay Zeus is a like such a

Useful guy he's played so well under Etta um under pet Guardiola as well he's Got that tutelage too and I think even Bra Brazil is pretty useful as well so I Don't think you can take away like the Total aspects that jayus brings to that Arsenal side of the selflessness um Offers to the team whereas Watkins at The moment you can see it like with his Touches Etc he is just being asked to Stick up there and bang goals in the Back of back of the net which he's doing Unbelievably well he he is prone to a Few kind does that not make him a better As you you put Isaac top Bas I I just Think I think's more Elite I think Isaac's just more Elite generally his Future is so much bigger as well I think There's a future of Isaac where he he he Could be one of the best fors in the World uh he he's got that he's only 24 Years old and as you mentioned he's got A mega experience it depend it'll be Obvious interesting whether that'll be At Newcastle whether he might eventually Moveit like it's a bit like Ard he was a Prodigy when he was super young and it Obviously didn't work out for a few Moves but now he's found a home now he's Found his feet and oh this is why Isaac Was breaking onto our screens like Really bad injury and he's come back From that which is a really strong sign Why Jesus is above Isaac for me is Jesus

Is doing this for Arsenal and I know People will criticize the one criticizer That everyone goes for Jesus is his like Finishing times for Arsenal which Striker big point which for a striker Isn't great um however he is helping man Man he is helping Arsenal the way they Do their attack it all goes through them It all kind of all goes through him in In whatever way like when he's got his Back to goal when he is on the ball he's One of the best in the league like he Really is he's so strong for someone of His size and he doesn't look it but he Really is he such a trouble for for Defenders to to defend against um I just Think whil you say you know strike like All out uh allout Striker like other Things do come into it other than Finishing like it is about your your Like creativity as well on the ball Which Jesus is massive for Isaac is Really good at that uh Watkins I know he Has four assists this season but that Isn't necessar one of his strong suits His creat ity it's kind of been a lot From like heading down the ball and Knocking it on to to one of the running Forwards I just think Jesus can get Better still like he can still getting Improv and do you think if it came up Tomorrow that Arsenal would improve by Signing a new number nine that chat was Was hanging around recently Aral in the

Summer will Arsenal in the summer Target A number if the options for Watkins or Isaac I wouldn't go for either of them So you don't think if Isaac you can Probably improve on gab if Isaac was on The market in the summer you don't think 100% Aral go was avilable Million Definitely not 60 million though it'll Be 100 for to get the upside of that Even if you think Isaac's a better Player I personally don't the upside is Not big enough not worth it for that for That fee I think you go for someone Who's quite clearly better than Jesus Like a maybe a Victor Osan yeah Fair um I I personally think Gabby Jus is being Having a little bit of a hard time at The moment because he's finished the Start of the Season very poorly in terms Of his finishing but I mean he's a Four-time Premier League winner he Played a crucial role in a lot of title Wins as well people were like oh you Know he wasn't as good as Sergio Aguero Like like that's a crime uh I mean he Still made massive conts to 17 18 18 19 I remember he was very good as well you Talked about coming back from injury he Had a very serious injury at one stage Uh much better allround player than Watkins I'm really excited by Isaac's Potential um but I think at the moment You've got to have gab he's start he's Starting number n for Brazil isn't he

Well rardon actually I think but why why Have you got Watkins above Isaac then I Think a little bit of that is like Current form really F swayed me on that I would have had either of them but I do Think Watkins has started the season Potentially better than both of These what do you think when you talk About current SC scored more goals I Still think Watkins has been more Consistent across games though I think Isaac's had a couple of very good games Well Isaac did Watkins did score Hatrick I think he was like giving them A Tor time um I think he he's been I had Him my team of the I did a team of the Season after seven games the other day On Twitter and he was my starting strong I also with Watkins you have to like if It com if we're if we're talking well Yeah he's well first of all he's in yeah He's in an an inferior team to the other Two um and has played at a you know Generally played at a in lower level Teams to the other two over the last Over the last few years ex and yet when You when it actually comes down to goals If I'm not mistaken this is kind of just Going off the top of my head but I'm Pretty sure if we if we do last three Seasons before this one who's got the Most League goals Watkins like out of Out of all three of them playing in a Worst team and like and that was you

Know coming up from brenford in the Championship to Aston Villa straight Away who themselves had scraped out of The relegation Zone uh the previous Season in fact if that sheffeld United Uh goal had actually stood they would Have been relegated Jack Gish doing Everything for them um he he came in and He yeah he's got 10 plus goals in every Premier League season in which he's Contested um I just think as a goal Scorer he's been very underrated and I Think his poor spell under Steven Gerard Um I think brought brought him unfair Criticism I think Watkins is really Really great I think in five years time I fully expect isak to be at the end of Their careers I expect isach with the Level that he has shown at points to be Above these two I think he will go down He will end up going down as as the best Striker out of these guys but I just Think it's hard to argue with Watkins Record in the Premier League it's been Really really special Gabby jayus I I Agree with duges has been pretty Sensational actually ever since he Joined Man City and remember how young He was coming to you know coming to a European league for the first time in His career after after being at Palmas And coming through there so young you Know he was play Pep Guardiola was Playing jayus and Aguero as a front two

In the 1718 season like that's how big a Talent he he was and I think since he's Been at Arsenal he's shown an even Higher level in terms of being the main Man you know week in week out someone Who's able to drop deep pick up Possession go past players bring you Know he like I I don't think Martinelli And sacka like get to the level that They have in the last 12 months if it Wasn't for jayus so I think that's why I Think jayus I just think is jayus is the Only one who has has who really has been World class like like for a period of Time in his career I don't think Watkins Or isak are there yet I love isach like I absolutely love isak um I just think Um I I you know what it is with is act To be honest I think it's just like he He I want to see him start for Newcastle Every week for a whole for a whole Season and get like 15 goals because That that Newcastle attack is really High level now but what can Watkins do That Isaac KH like I think whilst I Think why do you think Watkin proba Watkins probably better in the S I think I think technically isak is the better Player I'm not I'm I'm not arguing that I just think like watkins's goal record I just think really hard to is that not Then that like just essentially age That's kind of going a little bit Against him there maybe maybe a little

Bit but also you know there was a season At sasio Dad where he scored what four But also there was a season shot sad Where he scored 17 or something yeah Like yeah for sure but Watkins scor has Scored like 10 plus for three three Seasons running I think Five Seasons Running five seasons running counting Championship as well in the champ yeah He's He Isaac was in the Champions League and Watkins also like I'm not and I'm not Saying Watkins is a bad footballer Watkins is a brilliant footballer like Played on the played on the left wing For his career atford and and scoring Goals from there as well like I think All three of them are great footballers Like as well as being great Strikers Right points time it's points time I Think and I'm going to give the points To the two agreements in the room I Think you argued really well and it's Rare you find an agreement in a Three-man tier list so I'm going to give It to you two the final one of the day Then I think maybe this is slightly Easier so I'm actually going to word This slightly differently last change Who will have the best career CBA Gardol Co whe When pep Leaving you know what obba would do do It

[Laughter] For um you guys Seing all right three two one Ral CA CBA CBA Mikey maabin doie and Zach all of The same Henry W actually you know what I've been having a laugh some of this Episode but I really don't understand That like think sorry let him speak Please I've heard enough of you first And foremost like what cavario has Achieved up to this point should not be Disregarded he was he's come out of the Dina moag grab Academy which is huge Like so many amazing players he's played At what a World Cup final semi-final Semi-final um he's he he was part of That he's been part of the Croatian National team for a number of years a National team which by the way continues To regenerate and be good so I'm Internationally speaking it's harder for Him technically you know Croatia are Much smaller teams than France and England but they're still always Punching above his weight he's a huge Part of that what he did at RB leig to Earn a 90 million pound move to Manchester city was remarkable he he's He was he's just such a fantastic rolls Roy of a center half and he's at Manchester City now but he's definitely Guaranted guaranteed to win a few Trophies um even with or without Pep Guardiola like you don't stock P that

Amount of talent and just become good in In a futuristic world Guardiola leaves there's no guarantee That he is going to leave by the way G He's only like 20 years old he's got a Decade ahead of him to be already one of The top five 10 defenders in the world Right now and only get better I don't Think CBA you can put them next to each Other and say he's definitively a better Defender than gavardo like some of the Things we've seen gavardo do some of the Tackles that he's put in he's he's just An excellent excellent Defender he's Playing left back for now like two of Them are playing left back and and CBA Is just uh just pocketing the best Striker in the world pep do he changes His team he might he might do but not be I got a in not having him top as well Like gardio isn't necessarily when Stones is B like di was rested at points Last year like he will occasionally be Rotated CA is going to play every game That he physically can for potentially The next 10 years I think gavardo is you Know like all players at City to a Certain degree you know open to rotation Not a rotation I don't think I don't Think you would spend 90 million pound Jack B for 100 million and he's on the Bench you can't get game because he's Not offering enough as attacking player I think's defensive numbers are

Completely fine once he's found his feet Purely once he's really found his feet In the center half of that defense which Will happen at some point which will Happen we're going to see exactly why They decided to go out you think I feel Like years ago after the port's Incredible season nobody in their right Mind would have thought he'd just get Thrown out to the walls and he did like It happens every time like after a Couple of years pep just goes ah bit Bored of you now into the next into on The bench but that's what happens every Time like it's it happens time basically Name me the center back who like Victor Company Victor when Ruben when Ruben is Fit he starts every game okay well the Bench Bunch Actually on the bench like Co Cole Will Comp Cole it's a little bit early for For Co be Boston come with a third younger is so Much younger than CBA CBA had to go out On loan for a number of years just to Sort Of get any recognition just to get Recognition from uh Arsenal at gardio is So much younger than these guys his Ceiling is so much higher I can't Believe that I know how you can say that Think so much higher you can think it's Like okay it's higher it's still higher

I think yeah I think I think I would Agree that gal's ceiling is probably Higher than only one say he's not that Mad I don't think his I don't think his Current level is Drastically CA could legitimately win Not one World Cup he could win several World Cups and a year several World Cups This this is hold that against cardio Can you like he well can you not it's It's who's had the better career if Cela Ends his career with like two euros and The World Cup andard already achieved More have 10 Prem Le but we're not Talking about we're talking about when They're 35 years old I think you could Count that with Gard might end up with Eight Premier League Titles premag and then what ca ca could Win a premier league title with Arsenal Get his big 80 million pound move to Real Madrid win multiple early leas and Multiple Champions Leagues Under Jai Alonzo like and and I think like and He's play and CBA like internationally Cber is part of the most successful International setup of our lifetime like France's record at International Tournaments is actually outrageous um Like doesn't make him a better player Than gardio we're not talking about the Better player it's the better career Who's had the who's going to end up Having had the better career like I'm

Not there's no point arguing about who's The better player because they're both At such a high level already in their Career is who but who is the better Player I think I think I think Cela is Still well I I I I don't even care to be Honest I like I I think guol is in some Ways a better watch I think he's I think Guol has a wider skill Set start over he has a wider skill set Also Serious would into the center half Position he play he'd go over Gabrielle Yeah he'd definitely be playing was Straight Sho think Really I would take Gario yeah I think You've just said that cuz you've got That on your board I'm not it's not to Say you got remember right consider Arguments earlier with Belling was going To win the World Cup Cole's going to win The World Cup as well there Lads come on You can't just say Yeah I got do him a shout for Oba that For Oba the fundamentals is because he's not French he's not going to have a better Career then I think that's unfair but That's the career mate like that's at The end of the day when they go and look At their trophy cabinet and he's got two World Cups and euros and G Mario doesn't I mean that is some claim not many Players whove got two World Cups in the

EUR history yeah of course i' had two EUR in the world cup but sure that one Even then even then That's got Carson one of the most Successful English goalkeepers because He's Been cars never played if SC Carson Played for Man City with all them then Yes may win eight Premier League tit's Impact on that Croatia side has to this Point been more significant impact on France continue and and to be fair like If Croatia continued to do well at International tournaments say like say France win two EUR a World Cup in the Next 15 20 years right with CRA at the Heart of that defense and and and and Croatia still consistently make the Semi-finals and finals of international Tournaments in that time even if they Don't win them then I think then I think You I think you you'd be right I think Vardo would have had more to show in in Some ways because he will be so crucial To that however do I believe Croatia are Going to stay at this level International tournaments sadly I don't Think so I really don't think so like They they do continue to produce really Really good players but are they going To produce another modri like it's so Unlikely I think and think about it Nowadays as well sorry I was just say Think about it nowadays as well with

Like how people do um when you talk About the greatest players of all time Right what names come from and this is Unfortunate but what names come from Country one of the greatest Midfielders history W won Champions League not do so modri modri right I Think he's trying to say something Modric One name him some more what from Croatia Well no no no not about Croatia but it's About countries that like have done Really well on one year in in a Tournament and not managed to uh go back Or not won anything right but when you Talk about all these like best players Of all Timeo um does is Suarez really like Spoken about as one of the best strikers Of all time I think so it's up there I Don't think his name normally comes up In conversations I don't think Lei yeah oh okay so all three we're on Three pretty speed I don't think I I Know what you me I know what you mean Like it's not they they're like just Because they're from a small country not Gone as far like I don't think they end Uh they but I mean to be fair I don't Think he does I have no idea what this Debate is I have no idea France is also Going to potentially impact s but like He's not that much younger than kundai He's not that much younger than canate

Like that two great Center High Don't know that it depends the French Coach you have no idea who they decid to Choose I think I think he I think he I I Think he will end up but I mean yeah It's tough competition but then again That that also if he if he is that Starting center back for France in those Years and holds and yeah holds off Competition then yeah it becomes even More impressive just right okay um Henry Is definitely getting a point for a very Veryy no I think it was not really that Controversal agree with C answer but I Think he put up some very valid points About guio I think he he battled hard There it was it was a good effort okay Right the scores are in uh not they Really matter at all but bottom of the Table a joint bottom doie kitley Unfortunately mate and Henry Hill three Points and a joint winner Zack jaab and Mikey M come from don't a clue but Congratulations Zach and Mikey this side Of the room wins this side of the room Loses uh if you want to watch more Episodes of Team talk everybody just Rambling in nonsense debate then we'll Put some links on screen now if you Enjoyed this video hit the like button Hit subscribe we'll see you next week Bye-bye

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