Professional mexican welterweight boxer and WBO interim champion Alfredo Angulo with nickname El Perro (“The Dog”) against mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”). Fight took place in MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on March 8, 2014. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Alfredo Angulo (Mexico) vs Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Oh it's going to be fun that and you Know what this fight was designed Stylistically for Canelo to make a Statement let's see what the go with Block can op here in the first round Canelo working that uppercut working That left hand exclusively anger and Urgency he started slowly but I expect The fastest start out of him tonight Canelo alz said that aulu agrees he said But I'm going to come and bring my Passes allo alz here in the first minute Of this fight and canel Alvarez doesn't Look like the fighter we saw right there In front of him and he's Landing the Shots yeah this is that fight was called Ail with a big right hand followed by Nice jet very heavy stuff Fighters get When the bout sets up stylistically more In their favor and this is a layup land The ja the right the body and he doesn't Angulo is going to stay there that's What he does that's his style by canel Goes to the body We're getting a lot on these shots here By good hard right hand iut everything In it he is T got perfect was even Thinking about that well there is some Carryover into him the this style he Could not have asked for anything better And that's why for Angulo they're saying To him because to go straight up and Match bomb for bomb he's going to lose Angulo with that it is Canelo alfarez

He's even more alive here in the second Round Landing the heavier shots and Gula W yep he's and he's P because he doesn't Trust it if he puts it out there he's Going to get countered as he does here Second Round good combo for celo about Regaining his Swagger his career Swagger And he's fighting to get that back and He been Nam the do he's had that fight We don't see any of it this statement Thus far for Canelo it's in the past We've seen him not be lethal he came out In these first two rounds with Power why would you mix it up with him He got that he wanted a fighter right in Front of him so that didn't have to go Find him this guy everybody else this Guy is set up to bring out his ferocity A lot of people expected right the Hyp another round for sa Canelo Alber as We head to the third right to the job That's something yeah you take that loss Personally lost in his last fight he Doesn't have the same Urgency Canelo has it all he's done all Those things and the other side angulo's Corner saying come on youve got to let Him know it won't be this Easy Del TR black out heavy Hand You Canelo you want a a wire to wire Performance about strong fin three

And start to go first time things up Even more the first Time and he continues to tag himo landed Right he's taking some heavy punches Here in the first couple rounds Canelo a Big lack a big La mve Ando back Canelo Al just get continues Hur him with those And the two body shots and right the Third round and taking some big shots Here he's bleeding from his [Applause] Nose and Canelo continuing to te the Right eye Ofo continues to slow up and Canelo Really strong set up the big shot to the Head and with Canelo he's like a train That just keeps picking up loaded coming In th Canelo alz wherever he went he got The is very high he is not wasting Anything and a girl offer her you Talking about a lot of people were Picking Angulo with his style Canelo Alvarez heard that didn't like it and He's showing a Angulo how much he didn't Like it by intensity and the style is Perfect they set it up for it to be Perfect for him they set it on a good Show sto fin conect to the right Canelo An back with a near C faster than Canelo And it didn't look like paying off cuz Canelo no real punching punching power From aula cuz everything that Canelo Throws With and he is making a guy with 18

Knockouts at 25 F like he's got Power trying to say something else about It we saw a J and his corter continues to yell we're Sitting by them come on up the entire Round D and Gul not an great job fromo With a hook then Canelo he should has Beat him isn't got to beat Gaz off the Trao Lopez Shane Mosley bamir some very Big names on that ledger prior to maywe And then the other side here and Underneath the right eye of alfredoo is Starting to swell canel Canelo Alvarez From meico wearing the yellow TR Angulo and Canelo has more to shoot out Blood coming down from the right alz With that jab a big hook and that hook Just from anywhere he wants on the Outside he fired a long range hook we're Seeing the double up punches here from Alvarez a little bit just some distance Coming right at him little bit different For the first round did BR into a big Right hand every time can back have been On Mark Jab da both eat Him be dur along with J on Tempo and It's been a shut up for can Al the one Who's coming in and bringing the punches But he was unable to find Mayweather who Was way too fast for Gulo between round you heard R Hunter Telling this fighter we haven't even

Seen land any punches here this round Well you know when your opponent Overpowers us you think twice about Opening up because there's going to be a Twice punching opportun And that narrows your offensive Scope the first Round yeah they can't uh you only would Fight her so much they can't make out Need well how about his fighter go up 30% well I think Alvarez has taken a lot Of away top fighters in the game before Mayweather so guy who's at an elite Level has had looked very good in a lot Of his wins he's going back to that for Just going back how explosive Mayweather Back on the other side of Mayweather so he's not as bad as he Looked against Mayweather looked against Mayweather is that he really didn't TR Enough and that's why people couldn't Get to him that would have been okay to A lot of people he was bigger than Mayweather and I just didn't think that He's trying to transfer Some strength and some adrenaline into Angulo But losing that and then Coming with a heavy-handed who's been Perfect in terms of his balance good Power little different course for Canelo Usually we see him start a little Slower and pick it Up canelo's been the aggressor of the

Entire Fight It Started from the opening Bell with a strong Jab and there is the put it together a Couple combinations and celo answers Back Body shot by Canelo just a little short It's perfect for him because there is Ango G [Applause] Away we've seen a lot of that starting In round five when he incorporate a Little bit more nicely Because we haven't seen as much of the Power the last three rounds Comm Ro Jabbing first and just hering and G off [Applause] 10 seconds to go in the Round a much better round for him we fin Listen to his trainer Alfredo Angulo He's working with an 81-year-old track Coach Remy coren for the third time in His career he's working with them Remy Doesn't care who you are he's a track Coach he doesn't care if you're a Fighter what kind of you are I'm going To make you work built up from the track Coach is going to help him here as C if He listen to his coach say let your Hands go certainly helps you on the Speed angle usually because they put you Through the Sprints as well his power Assets was revealing that in the corner Of Angulo they were telling him to cut Off the ring they were respecting them

Something they didn't really expect Canelo Alvarez beat sh Mosley back in 2012 I think with mayo VI and that was a Fight where Lopez came up in weight made The payday but there really wasn't M Stanel who put in a flurry on be atin ch And that was a decision and that was a Fight back and forth people questiones Me what trout did as can this kind of a Fighter take away the Lopez fight a box With Canelo and spots Alfredo andul come On and bring it fight that angula wanted He's in there letting his hands go Canelo puts his down they come on and Take it he puts his hand on he's talking To him love this right now and G he Tells in the bril and Canelo actually This own flurry and Gul come to just two Fight at each other with exchanging to Canelo picking him apart Warriors going At it back and forth training punches This is what happens when you're a big Time fighter like Canelo Alvarez for Everything up until the Mayweather fight He's come out here however that being Said Angulo has taken advantage of Canelo decided to boxing maybe that 45 Second flurry woke him Up Crow still on his feet and this has Been an action-packed fight from the Geto Knock him out of the back of the [Applause] Body not much from come out and sense a

Punch sequence in this fight not just Having the pleasure of a guyo cut on Both Eyes well Angulo is willing to pay the Price for the thr of trying to get Inside he didn't do the second half and Because he did he was drun Canelo bobing The weaving keeping his hands Down oh good hook from a Alvarez another Big Hook from Alvarez he's using that L St back to head of angul right now There's opportunities for Alvarez and Ango is a dangerous hurt fight Canelo Just keep he grew up F he had a bunch of Brothers but he said with Virgil Hunter He the first time feels like he has a Father in his life and he can yell at Him he can do whatever he wants he Doesn't vir Hunter is father and he's Looking out for his fighter round Canelo Alvarez still looking strong Landing the Heavy Canelo Alvarez has been dominating This fight Landing the big shots bobing And weaving putting his head down bring The glov down daring aulu to come and Try to knock him Out a real quiick power index and that's It they sto the fight referee Tony Weeks Has jumped in and said about it and he's At Tony wins he St the draws here and Gulo has to be mad at the referee Tony Wins has to do his job he got the doctor

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