Joe’s back on We Need To Talk, where he’s going through each Premier League clubs best academy graduate that is currently at their club!

It’s slim pickings for some but where does the likes of Bukayo Saka, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Reece James rank? Is Marcus Rashford still at the top tier of homegrown talent? Who should we be looking out for in the future?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Welcome Back to Football daily where Today we're talking about Academy Grads that's right today I am going to Be looking at each and every single Premier League club's best current Academy graduate now we're not talking About players that have flown the nest And improved we're talking about players That are in the squad right now that Have come via the academy some teams Have basically no one okay so I'm just Informing you of that before everybody Gets a bit angry and a bit riled up you Know how t work by now I've got five Different tiers in front of me I've got The 20 players starting alphabetically With Bayo saaka what a tapping top tier Obviously still only 22 years old FA Cup Winner at this stage and I suppose you Can can you count Community Shields you can't you just can't but he Is also two-time England men's Player of The Year already he's closing in on 200 Appearances scoring at a frighteningly Improving rate I think he's going 12 Goals in the Premier League 15 goals in The Premier League this season he's Already got five goals in the Premier League there's no doubt he's on track to Be in the Conversation for a Balon door in my Opinion like I don't think he will win One necessarily but there might be one Or two standout Seasons from Boko where

He's breaching the top five Territory sadly for him you know kilan Mbappe is hanging around erling Holland As a on the scene and there are some Extremely talented Wingers that play Similar roles to him so he's going to Have to put up gigantic most Salah level Numbers and even then it's going to be Tough but no doubt top tier for Aston Villa I've selected Jacob Ramsey of Course he's had bad problems with Injuries this season really unfortunate To come back and then pick up yet Another injury 22 years Old I think given the fact he's already Got over 100 appearances for Villa I'm Going to put him middle of the pack I Think Jacob Ramsey for now he might well Shift I think last season especially Towards the back end under unai Emery we Saw the best of Jacob Ramsey almost Playing in an advanced left position Very very good in and around the box With his close control and finishing he Can improve massively Jacob Ramsey if he Has a season three of injury under unai Emery I really think he can become a Star for them and potentially get a big Move I don't think that's beyond him and I'm not disrespect Aston Villa want to Say that but I could see Jacob Ramsey Playing Champions League football Consistently at Bournemouth only one Option in their current Premier League

Squad has come via the academy and that Is Gavin Kilkenny now I'm not going to disrespect Him here obviously spent a bit of time Last season on loan at Charon I haven't Seen loads of Gavin Kil Kenny play Unsurprisingly 14 appearances uh for Bour muff in the championship I think Look some of these players like hav kill Kenny who haven't made any impact for Their first team I'm just going to have To automatically put in the bottom tier I think otherwise there's going to be Nobody in there for brenford they don't Technically have an Academy brenford of Course they got rid of the academy and Instead went to a B Team system to Mirror some of their uh other sides on The continent it's been pretty Productive for them because they've Basically been able to save all the Money that they were putting into the Academy and instead buy players or sign Youngsters from rivals acmy or pick up The off cut of Rivals and bring them Into the B team setup Ellery Balcom has Played some Academy football though for Brenford technically he's had a youth Career at brenford obviously the Goalkeeper who I think did play in the Newport County game actually earlier This season in the penalty shootout Where they went through but I don't Think he's got any Premier League

Appearances to his name he's still only 23 so the same with big gav from before Bottom tier for now moving on to Lewis Dunk at Brighton captain of the club of Course absolute leader 14 Seasons with Brighton under a multiple different Managers has gone through multiple Different playing Styles played in three Different divisions for the club he's Obviously a club hero a Club Icon now He's playing in Europe as one of the Best ball playing center backs in the League I think only five players in the Premier League uh produced more passes Or accurate passes than Lewis dunk last Season he's gone to new heights under Roberto derer should be consistently Involved in the England setup I think He's a lock for the tier Below buo in a I don't think he's got the elite caliber Of a player like Bayo sakur and some of The other players we're obvious going to Come to talk about like a Trent Alexander Arnold or a Phil foden but What a servant what an icon for Brighton And what a center back next up we've got Jay Rodriguez now this is an interesting One CU obviously he's on the older side Of the spectrum and again one of the few Burnley Academy graduates in the current Squad 240 Premier League appearances and Of course he did have that one Premier League campaign where he was on fire and Getting right involved with the England

Squad prior to the injury he's had some Great seasons in the championship I Think he's scored over 10 goals on four Separate seasons in the championship you Know big big player for teams like West Brom Southampton now back at Burnley I Think he's tap him for C right Like never quite hit the heights that I Think a player like Jacob Rams could or Leis dunk has but he's had a very very Solid career for Burnley Rees James o do we go top or do we go a I Think I'm going to put him in B saca's Category I think he's not quite on the Level of Baio saaka right now despite The fact he is Club captain at 23 mainly Down to injuries like injuries have held Him back this is a Champions League Winner we're talking about here a super Cup winner if he was injuryf free There's no doubt he would be in the Conversation for the best right back in World football but he hasn't played Seven consecutive League games since 2021 that is an issue I really hope it Can be resolved for his and Chelsea's Sake because when he's fit he's Basically unplayable for Crystal Palace This is a tough one Tyreek Mitchell um 24 years old now of course he has got Over 100 Premier League appearances off The rip I would put him right down the Middle slightly ahead of Jay Rodriguez Because of course his career well

Shorter has been exclusively Premier League football a lot of Jay Rodriguez's Minutes and best moments actually came In the second tier and that's no Disrespect to Jay Rodriguez but tet Mitchell now has established himself as A very very solid Premier League left Back involved in the England setup There' been links with big moves before That injury as well since he broke into The side in 2021 I think it was he's Pretty much played every available game In the Premier League for Palace when he Hasn't been injured which is very rarely Yeah I think he could go on again and go To a new level like no disrespect to Palace I think he's gone 14th 14th 12th 10th maybe or 11th I think he could be in and around a Europa League Level side and are Palace Going to get There I don't know for Everton again Very few options from the academy in the Current Squad at Everton Lewis Dobbin I've selected I think he got his first Premier League start right this season Against wolves in that 1- nil loss but We just again haven't seen enough of him Have we we haven't seen enough of him I Think he was at Derby County on loan he Needs more game time at Fulham we've got Luke Harris again Fulham fantastic Academy some of the products recently The likes of ceson Harvey Elliot caral

That have come out of there we haven't Really seen a breakthrough player from Fulham in quite some time Luke Harris Obviously is the exceptional talent in That Academy at 18 years old you might Well have seen the I think it was 11 Minute hattrick against newcastle's Under 23s he of course scored hattrick Against Chelsea's under 23s as well There was a moment in time where I Remember seeing online I think it was Where playing from Midfield he'd scored 16 goals in 19 games for the Fulham Academy and now he's of course involved In the Wales senior Squad too but again We just haven't seen enough of him in The Premier League right now we haven't Seen enough of him and if I've got all The rest of these players down here Luke Harris has to be down here for now but I'm convinced he's going to jump up at Liverpool no doubt Trent Alexander Arnold is going the same tier as B Saka And Rees James I think he's actually Probably the best player we've got on The list so far I know that Bayo Saka Has a massively high ceiling we're Talking about him as a potential Balon Door Contender I don't really think a Right back is ever going to win the Balon door I do think though that Trent Has redefined an entire role he is the Most creative right back in the Premier League era uh and at 24 or 25 now has

Won everything available other than the Europa League you know champ iions League Premier League fa cups League Cups part of one of the best Premier League sides we've ever seen and he Should be in the conversation of the Premier League's best ever right backs Already and he's only 25 I think he's That good I really do and you know sacka Still has a way to go to get to the Level that Trent has hit at Luton I Think he might be the only Academy grad In the squad right now it's kley woodro Uh who's had an excellent career in the Lower leagues you know Championship Those three Seasons I think it was at Barnesley uh where he contributed Massively and in League one at times big Contributions but again haven't really Seen it in the Premier League he's 28 Now I actually think it was a decade ago That kley woodro made his Premier League Debut back in the 20134 season at Fulham so it's been a while we haven't Seen huge impact in the Premier League Good servant for a lot of lower level Sides though moving on to Man City Phil Foden no doubt tapping for the top TI I Think of his six senior Seasons he's won Five League titles he's a treble winner Massive contributions as well but I Still just want to see Phil start every Game pep give it to me please oh God but Yeah he is in terms of technical level

The best on this list like I think Bayo Saka super effective but I just think Phil foden technique and ability on the Ball is it's just in a league of his own Like if he could start every single game At city and continue to produce goals And assists in the numbers he does I Dread to think how many League titles And champions leagues he's going to end Up on he feels like he's never injured He's playing about four different roles He's a lock for the top tier Marcus Rashford difficult one here it's an Interesting one I think you have to say He's in the top tier I don't think he's Hit the heights of silverware that Phil Foden has won or Rees James champions League has won certainly Trent but if I've got B sacka up here I think you've Got to have rashford up here I don't Think he's as good as Bayo saaka Marcus Rashford especially right now but we are Talking about a player here who's put up Over a 100 goal involvements in the Premier League you know I think he's Been in multiple teams of the Season 30 Goals last season he's had two Outstanding campaigns really for Manchester United now an FA Cup Europa League two League cups as far as Academy Graduates go certainly right now he's One of the best in the league Shan Longstaff I could have picked Elliot Anderson here as well but I've gone with

Sha longstaff I think longstaff is a Lock for the middle tier if I've got tet Mitchell in there sha longstaff is Proving a lot of people wrong Newcastle Certainly look better I think with sha Longstaff in the team than with him out Of the team he's 25 years old now he's Closing in on 120 Premier League Appearances he was a vital member of a Side that made the Champions League Places last year in Newcastle what a Turnaround I mean I think when Newcastle Were last in Europe sha Longstar might Well have been a ball boy for them he's Now playing in the Champions League Scoring against PSG I feel like he's flying at the Moment short and long staff and fully Deserve it of be of being in the beater Let's go to Ryan Yates who I think a Little bit like Jay Rodriguez probably Deserves to be in and r around there in Around the sea tier just because last Season I don't think Forest would have Stayed in the division without Ryan Yates I think there were a moment in Time where the Midfield was looking Really really dodgy Ryan Yates came in Shed it up and there have been times During Ryan yates's Forest career where He has been questioned and there have Been some doubters I think last season He proved a lot of people wrong I do Think Forest like a better side with

Ryan Yates in the team it's going to be A battle for him now that Ibrahim sangar Has joined the club but he's Vice Captain of his Boyhood Club he kept them In the division last year the season Before that he took them up to the Premier League for the first time in Decades I think he's deserving of being Yeah yeah I think he's deserving Obediency Sheffield United we've gone For will asula I'm going to put him in The bottom tier as well haven't seen Enough of him in the Premier League it Was of course as well on loan at Derby Last year second player on this list I Think three appearances in the Premier League now kind of been usurped in that Forward Role um by Cameron Archer so yeah bottom Tier for me let's go to olle skip O difficult one this I think if I've got Sha long stuff in I've probably got to Have Ole skip in there Although yeah I think he probably does Deserve to be in that middle category of Course Tottenham not loads of Academy Graduates in there either 61 Premier League appearances is of course did win The under 21 EUR in the summer as well I Think when he went on loone to Norwich Too championship team of the season was Exceptional there and he has looked very Tidy for Tottenham last year at times Under Antonio Conte he was one of their

Better players not that that's saying Much this season maybe struggling a Little bit with how Dynamic Tottenham Mar in Midfield under an POA kogo but I Still think slightly better than Jay Rodriguez and Ryan Yates right now if I've got skipping the middle tier do I Also have to have Ben Johnson in there Again West Ham United famed West Ham Academy not loads of Academy talent in Their current Squad I think you probably Do have to have Ben Johnson in there the Same age as Ole skip of course also a Member of the under 21 win in the summer A conference League win last season so He's got European silverware in his back Pocket 2 55 appearances two-time winner Of West Ham's young Player of the Year Award I think if you've got o skip in There you've got to have you you've got To have him in there as well last up With we've got Yugo Bueno who I'm Surprised counts for the Academy section Here but he did spend some time in Wolves's Academy again barely anyone to Select from wolves in their Academy Setup look I think he's made 15 16 Premier League starts I think he's also In and around this bottom tier I know I've got Ryan Yates in there as well With not many more starts than that but Bueno it's been stop start he's much Much younger doesn't feel like he's Anywhere near the impact on that W side

That Ryan Yates has had on that forest Team yeah at 21 years old there's still A lot to come from him all right so that Was my tier list of every Premier League Club's best Academy graduate right now What did you think of it let me know in The comments below if you enjoyed it hit The like button hit subscribe we'll see You later goodbye

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