India’s bowlers are on fire as Pakistan are 6 down. Parthiv Patel & Saiyami Kher discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] Hello and welcome to criek bus combox I'm sayi K and I have par pel with me I'm smiling broad because at the 35th Over Point Pakistan 1746 well that Wicket of Babar aam Really opened the floodgates BV it did I Think Pakistan was actually Consolidating really well that Partnership was going brilliantly both Were not taking that much of risk and Still getting a lot of runs still Getting those boundaries rotating the Strike really well which they both Always do they both play well together So yeah I think you know that Wicket of Babar aam actually was a very very Crucial time I thought SJ you know was a Bit he wasn't there it a bit expensive Was going for that boundaries and the Second spell as well but came out and Bow that little good ball that you just Been trying see where a bowler is trying To bow it cross him that means that he's Not sure about his bowling so you know When you're bowling that cross himim Some balls might keep low some ball Might you know bounce a bit but that Skid it through and probably babber made A mistake of you know just going through That going to play slightly late because That could be because of the boundary Which he had H you know previously in That over so he was going on a bit of a

Defensive mindset but yeah and credit to SJ for keep coming in and bowling that Ball with a full intensity well it was That Wicket and then the Spinners kept It really tight because we saw jadea get A lot of turning his on his first ball His first over was very good k has been Very impressive we'll have a look at the Bowling card because bumra just chipped In with a wicket in the last over the Important Wicket of riswan um SJ a bit Expensive he was expensive early on Eight overs 50 runs two wickets bumra Got that one Wicket extremely economical And Kip has gotten two wickets jja Wicketless but very economical again Yeah I think we talking about seven Wickets we've got a one more Wicket from Bbra as well here as we speak so that's The comx it's the B box that's what we Do here yes shadab gone bura has taken Him yeah that that's great I think you Know that's a great captaincy by Rohit Sharma also you know every time he felt There is an opportunity of taking a Wicket he brought in Kip and Kip got two Wickets in that over of two good batters They can play spin really well and now Bumra comes in and he picks up two Wickets so I think Pakistan was well on Their way to get to 250 270 but now I Think they'll struggle to get even 200 So and that's how well Indian Bowlers Have bowled Indian Bowlers they stayed

In the game they didn't let you know There was a good partnership but it was Good attacking bowling hence you can see That the a lot of dismissal here we see Is bold and lbw so that means it's Showing that they're bowling in the Stamp side they're trying to get betters Out well P it's time for us to go and Watch the match I can hear a whole lot Of cheering but uh we will go catch the Match don't forget to watch us in the Mid-match show we'll see you [Music] Soon

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