Pakistan lose both openers as Mohammed Siraj & Hardik Pandya strike for India. Zaheer Khan & Saiyami Kher discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] Hello and welcome to crickbuzz combox I'm sayik here and I've got Zach with me At the 15 over Point Pakistan are 79 for Two on a flat pitch which looked pretty Flat India's pulled back things pretty Well because uh Zach it almost looked Like it was a flag track they were Completely going for it but India's Pulled back with those two wickets at Crucial times IAL phase did look like That the Pakistan batters were putting Bowlers Under Pressure SJ was a touch on expensive Side but uh India has managed to just Pull back things right now could have Been a different story at 15 over Mark But those two wickets certainly have Have helped I think uh SJ getting that Cross seam delivery to stay little bit Low skidding through uh getting that leg Before of shafik was very important uh And uh and hardik chipping in with that Uh that nice ful length delivery just Angling across Imam going with the Momentum which was created Playing playing at it resulting in Wicket was again a timely uh Wicket Because you've seen a wicket is Something which is going to get India Back it's up to the Spinners you've seen Rohit uh actually brought uh kulp early In the uh in the attack uh that is Another change which we've seen from the

Pressure which was applied by the Pakistan batters at uh at the beginning Saw a couple of ball turns also from Ravindra J I think that's a good sign For him well but how good has bumra been At the other end you know he's someone Who's been so economical we'll have a Look at the bowling card but he just Didn't give anything to the Batters and That kind of gave the bowlers at the Other end to do what they want to do Yeah that that is always uh something Which we see from him the consistency uh The uh the reputation which he has at The international level also helps him With that so Pakistan must have uh must Have planned the Innings that way that First uh spell with the new ball is Always going to be crucial bmr's spell Is always going to be crucial they were Watchful shafik played that one really Good shot against him and that's why That Wicket was so important so when SJ Got that breakthrough was a relief Because uh he is in form scored 100 in The previous one uh so all in all I Think it's a good pitch to bat on like You rightly said uh but that little bit Of turn uh which jadeja got we have to See whether that persists or no if that Is the case cuep and jadeja is going to Play a very important role right now in This middle phase until about 35 overs How Rohit brings back bumra is something

Which I'll be keenly observing well the Babar and rzan is a key partnership I Don't know if he can manage it in the Combox we've done it in the last three Matches and we've gotten a wicket but Babar and rzan is a key partnership for Pakistan yeah there's no doubt about That right now Babar aam and one that Close DRS review which he which he opted Out went in his favor was a big relief For Pakistan there is no doubt about That you've seen uh babber coming in This match with lot of pressure uh so uh So we'll have to see how he builds his Innings but riswan is is in form coming In with with a lot of runs and Consistency so from Pakistan's point of View I think they'll be hoping that rzan Uh continues with that consistent Batting performances which we've seen The next phase next 20 overs do you see Them one of them attacking a little more To just keep the runs going or do you Think they'll just consolidate this part Of the Innings it looks like I think These both these players are a good Players of Spin and the spin will be in Operation so uh so I think they will be Just look to rotate the strike keep the Tempo going uh they will be happy with Uh with say 90 to 100 runs I think you Know for five runs per over is something They will be thinking of uh around 35 Mark all right we wait and watch and see

What happens at the 35th over point We're going to go and quickly eat some Lunch now but we'll catch you all at the 35th over see you [Music] Soon

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