Watch Zaheer Khan & Parthiv Patel track KL Rahul’s comeback with insights from a specially curated ‘Naukri Career Score’ by, on Cricbuzz Live

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Crickbuzz and India's number one Job portal have worked on something Called the Noe career score in which no Uses uses his expertise in uh growing Careers and kind of correlates this with Cricket stats and what you get is a Whole new way of looking at Cricket Careers I asked the team to check on how K Rahul has performed ever since his Comeback and parv he's in the top 10 uh Noer career score we see he's up there At seven with 587 points he's gone Through a whole lot of things but uh no No surprise to see KL Rahul up there in The top 10 yeah absolutely I think say This loery career scores are not just Based on number of runs he has he has Scored it it it's all on the kind of Impact he has had you know after since He's made his comeback uh if you look at His couple of games just for an example Like the 100 which he scored against Pakistan where everyone was talking About whether he should be playing Whether aan should should should be Keeping for India whe sh should replace Him but he has come back and scored that 100 and that 97 not out against Australia you know look at the situation He comes comes to bad when India is Three down for three or two runs and Then win games for India I think that is Something very very important as a Player when your contributions are you

Know converting them into winning games For the team and that's something K has Been doing it and these runs are against Big teams we are talking about Pakistan We are talking about Australia and every Time he has come and contributed in Winning the game so that is something Very important as far as scale R's runs Are concerned you know is very rightly Said the win contributions that KL Rahul Has had has been tremendous and we see This uh in the graphic here as well the Win contribution and the situational Performance we see how he's really Jumped up the ranks in this one uh but Zach you know Rahul has gone through so Many ups and downs in the past few years But he's someone who's always celebrated Like this kept his years you know not Let the uh sound affect him he's focused On himself and when we talk about his Win performance and situational Performances uh this year has been Better than any other so what do you Think stands out for Rahul this year Well I think what's interesting with him Is that uh he's played Just Around 60 Odis I think if I'm not mistaken or less Than that maybe or just somewhere around That so for him to be around for such a Long time uh you can recall has been Playing for what 8 n years or something And uh and still just playing that many Odis is is not the number which it

Strikes uh that number strikes you like I was very surprised to see uh such low Number for him uh but the reasons have Been injuries he been missing games uh The stop and start uh maybe uh not Getting that consistent long run all Those kind of challenges were at some Stage affecting him uh even now recently If you see he's he's missed out for uh For about 3 4 months uh not played uh Much Cricket I remember he him Struggling with some RIS injury also Which kept him out uh out of the game For a while so he's been having good run But then injuries or uh or something Which you can't control have been Keeping him away from the game uh that Doesn't help uh to uh to consistently Stay at uh at that level you have to Again look to cement your uh your place In the team maybe someone else in your Absence have scored runs so you know That puts you under further pressure so All those kind of things uh were Happening I think recently you've seen That clearcut uh Clarity and Communication with him I think that also Has eased off that pressure so uh you Look at the lead up to this world cup uh For a while we've been hearing that K Rahul has been put uh put under like He's given that responsibility of uh Wicket keeping and he's been working on That and he's going to be that middle-

Order batsman for the team uh he's Usually the opener so you know so that Communication was very clear and I think It just helped him uh helped him settle With his thought process settle with his Preparation uh knowing that he's assured Of the spot provided he does the things Which are required and uh it has Resulted in uh in consistency as well so He's looking much more assured much more Relaxed right now and and uh ticked all The boxes beautifully came back started With 100 played a crucial knock In This World Cup itself against Australia which Is going to go a long way uh for uh for Him in the tournament and also what is Important that he finished the game uh So that is something also is going to Give him a lot of Confidence

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