Afghanistan stunned defending World Cup champions England by 69 runs to notch up their 1st win of the ODI World Cup. Zaheer Khan & Parthiv Patel react, on Cricbuzz Live

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None of us expected this result how Shocking is this certainly not I mean You look at that batting order and uh The kind of names which are there Starting from vesto to Milan to rot Butler Brooke had a had a great Innings Out there but there was not enough Support uh it is again once again Afghanistan spin trial uh just getting Little bit of help and putting a squeeze On and making sure that they secure this Win but no one expected I wasn't Expecting in the halfway mark I always Felt that Afghanistan actually fell Short and couldn't really capitalize on The position which they had created for Themselves but uh turns out that 284 was More than enough for them how shocked Are you bar very shocked uh there's no Doubt about it the Zach just said how Many batters are there and how quality Batting lineup England has even while You eight wickets down nine wickets down We were still thinking that you know if Rashid doesn't get a wicked Afghanistan Might come under pressure so that's a Kind of you know expectation everyone Has from England especially the way they Have been playing one day Cricket so Yeah definitely shocking result but you Know that's a kind of boost This World Cup needed you needed all the teams to Stay in Hunt now there are two teams Which are which would be smiling that is

Pakistan and Australia you know they Would be thinking they are still in this Race but I think you know credit to Afghanistan just the way they've bow and The way they've fed today Afghanistan Were at the bottom of the table at Number 10 on that points table now with This result they've got two points and They they have gotten off the mark Jonathan Trot their Chief coach saw this Coming uh I think a day before this Match yesterday I think this is what he Said said he he said he believes that This size side has got the ability to Upset any side we've been Clos in Previous matches it's just about getting Over the line making sure that we do so Clearly uh Zach this guy knew that the Potential is very much it's it's it's I Suppose it's about all the ingredients Coming together which they did today Well yes the all the ingredients were Not coming together for sure you know For for Afghanistan that was always the Case uh we've seen the first match also Which they played against Bangladesh They got all out for 150 which doesn't Speak much but uh today they were very Good uh they were good with the bat I Think you can say it was a patchy effort Uh because they let go of the platform Which they had set As a coach you know you got to be always Uh hoping and believing that uh that you

Can uh win games of cricket Y and and That is something which Jonathan Trot is Is trying to cultivate in that uh that Kind of a thinking in that group uh and Uh and uh he is he is successful today And uh the team is England so that I Think it will be doubly satisfying for Him that against a team like England He's he's managed to uh pull a victory It will go a long way for Afghanistan Also it it makes uh the coaches job that Much easier uh to to then uh create that Belief going forward also uh knowing That England is a strong side Afghanistan will take lot of pride in Securing this Victory it's uh I think It's going to be a happy Tremor on the Points table as well it stirs the PT a Little bit Afghanistan Off the Mark as Parv Patel very rightly said it's a Result that will make Pakistan really Happy Australia while they do find Themselves at number number 10 will also Believe that England in trouble can mean Good news for them if they can get off The Mark it's a top seaty table par it Is and that's that's exactly what you Want in World Cup you don't want you Know only five or six side competing you Want you know all other sides to come to Party and that's exactly what Afghanistan has done today you know this Just opens up the table it just opens up The Pandora's Box for you know all other

Teams and you know now every team will Be wary of Afghanistan as well you know They would be thinking that if they've Beaten England so we cannot take them Lightly and and that belief will Afghanistan will carry that in their Games that if it can beat England if we Can beat world champions We can beat Anyone

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