England suffered a shock defeat against Afghanistan in their third match of the 2023 ODI World Cup. Zaheer Khan & Parthiv Patel discuss, on Cricbuzz Live

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England will not be feeling good they Came here as Champions now they find Themselves in a position where they will Have to win pretty much every game from Here on in to give themselves a chance Of making it through to the semi-finals Of the the IC World Cup 2023 uh this batting card Harry Brook of Course the top scorer but the other Scores the way they got out were they Complacent or did they misread the pitch I don't think they misread the pitch I Think it was a right decision to you Know win the toss and bow first I Thought it it was about the approach Which England was batting with it was Neither their approach which you Attacking or they were not even trying To rotate the strikes they were like Kind of hanging in between and I just it Just the way you think the mindset was Probably the the bigger problem than Anything else here I thought aghani Bowlers were keeping it simple they were Not trying to do anything and even England batters were not trying to do Anything they were not trying to make a Move there so I I think that that Mindset probably was the bigger problem Than anything else there were England CAU napping did they take Afghanistan Lightly would they have started this Game saying all right two points up for Grabs this should be easy well you you

Take a queue from what happened against New Zealand uh you know the slow slower Bowlers were bowling uh they couldn't Really get going they didn't get to a Total which they would have been happy With on on that particular pitch uh Today is a similar sort of a story uh You've seen the slow Bowlers taking Control of the game Putting England batters Under Pressure Uh maybe not able to rotate strike maybe In uh two minds of being attacking or Being defensive you know so so you are You are thinking okay you have to go Cautiously when if you're going Cautiously then you should be able to Rotate uh the strike keep that Scoreboard ticking those kind of things Are not happening then again we've uh We've been talking about it that then That calls for a big shot which will put You uh uh put you at risk of losing Wicket m what what we saw today was that Too much of back foot play I think was Was evident and uh and missing the Length you know not able to judge the Length properly was something which was Evident if you look at those dismissals Root also got out in in that fashion Harry Brook also looks to play on the Back foot had a good Innings but Eventually when he got out he got out Like that uh few of the Batters didn't Have a clue like uh Livingston also was

Was stuck there at the creas uh so so All those those things they need to Rectify but I think it's more to do with How you're thinking about the game or Whether you are second guessing you know That that freedom uh what we've seen England uh England batting lineup bat With has not seen so far in the Tournament I think the mode of dismissal Also tells you a lot of things you know That none of the Batters tried to got Out playing Big Shots all the dismissals Were except except Josh Butler was Trying to play a big booming Cover Drive Everyone was like got out you could say That soft dismissive you know were not Trying to play short route whether it Was malan soft push Sam Karan was trying To just defend and got out Livingston Missing out a straight ball so it's the Mode of dismissal tells you the mindset I think that's where England I don't Think England caught an naing I think It's the approach in the mindset which We we have been talking about that was The bigger shock for England play South Africa next at the van K Stadium on the 21st they've got about five or six days To recover from this uh from this rude Shock uh Tab shami and K Maharaj will be Licking their lips but at the van so That becomes a slightly different uh Game yeah but look South Africa have Been playing good uh so so that is

Something uh which which everyone has Taken note of uh England so far have not Looked like defending Champions they've Not looked like the England which Everyone were uh trying to gauge uh so They've not come to the party as yet uh If they have to turn their campaign Around they'll have to do something very Fast and and if you have to turn it Around then you have to do it against a Good team against a stronger position uh To get that belief back into the camp And get things moving I think that's What England will have to uh look to do Uh Ben Stokes I think will be uh again Everyone uh will be thinking that should We push him should we get him as as soon As uh possible he might be pushed I Think to uh to play uh sooner than later But uh but I think some chats around the Approach some chats around uh the fine Tuning with uh with the freedom of Expression the freedom of expressing Yourself out there in the field uh that Is missing with the England team right Now

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