Australia & Sri Lanka lock horns in a bid to open their account in the 2023 ODI World Cup. Who holds the edge? Zaheer Khan & Parthiv Patel preview, on Cricbuzz Live

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Two former Champions who are yet to get Off the Mark will be in action in match Number 14 at the aana stadium in lakau These were the two finalists at the 1996 World Cup Australia the most successful Side in the history of uh of white ball Cricket of ODI World Cups for sure are Looking like a pale shadow of themselves What's happening with Australia actually there's nothing Happening with them at this point of Them if you look at Mitchel Mar there Are shot of runs David Warner has not Got runs you know the the bowlers have Not been able to take those early Wickets with they did it only against India they they've come up with only one Spinner which is Adam zampa who has Taken only one Wicket Maxwell is the Only bowler who looked like taking Wickets but he's he's not your Wicket Taker so there are a lot of questions And top of everything the Fielding has Been very very disappointing uh Disappointing against South Africa they Dropped dropped about seven catches and The that's something which you do not Relate with Australian cricket you know I mean they they are the first team that They take lot of pride in their fielding And that's something which is probably You know they must be thinking about I See a lot of chatter from cricket Opinion makers and off the Record as

Well as on the record they say that Maybe Pat cumins is not the kind of Leader they should have come to this World cup with you agree to that Assessment I don't really look at all Those kind of things you know obviously You are you have the decision makers uh The decision makers have uh put faith in Your ability and uh and it's not that He's he just made Captain right now he's Been Captain for a while uh so so all Those things They give room for these kind of debate When the team is not doing doing well You know so so it's all linked with that I think uh they need they still have Time in the tournament and I think Today's result actually they will take a Lot of uh uh hopes from and uh they can Uh they can start they still have time To turn things around um you know that That team uh is capable of doing it that Spinner shot in these conditions you Know that's something which uh which Immediately you you feel when you look At uh look at that side uh that's Something which was evident in uh the First game they played against they've Started the tournament with couple of Losses and uh this upset is definitely Going to help them but provided they Believe in that now the real question For that group is is whether they uh Have it in them to turn things around

Are they are they going to look at this Uh this situation as an opportunity as a Challenge which they want to overcome or They just want to succumb to the Pressure which is been uh applied right Now of just by the magnitude of uh the The tournament yep Australia have lost Seven out of their last eight ODI Sri Lanka have been troubled with injuries To their first choice players as well uh Shanaka goes out but before we move to Sri Lanka par quickly would you bring in Sha Abott for Marcus joyus for this uh For this game not really I don't I don't I don't see Australia making any changes In there playing 11 because you see Marcus tus has been you know playing in Lakau for a while I mean for full last Year he's played for LSG there so he Knows the conditions well so it would be A question of Marcus Toes or Cameron Green but at this point of time they've Made that change in bringing in Marcus Tes and usually Australia is a kind of a Team they don't make too many changes in Their playing 11 so I don't see them Making any changes tomorrow it will Always be about you know the kind of Cricket they want to play and if you Look at their batting lineup or their Full playing 11 there are enough Experienced players so that's where you Know Pat cumings doesn't come in to play I by David Warner or Steve Smith or or

There Glenn Maxwell they don't need the Leader to push you push them to you know Play well they already are proven Cricketers they already have lot of Motivation to win that World Cup again So you know that's something you know They should be thinking of so I also With Zach in terms of you know thinking Of you know whether com should be Captain or not but there are enough Experienced players they don't need Someone to push them well if you look at Afghanistan I suppose the seeds of that Big result against England was sown byan Guras at the top and runs not coming From Warner and Mitchell Marsh making Life difficult they just not able to Take off that launch pad isn't there Especially with the Bat well obviously Warner is is a match Winner so they need that start they've They've uh carried Travis head also so That opening partnership obviously Everyone is is is going toh give Importance to we'll have to wait and see When he's going to be fit and available I think uh they've if they've made that Call and the kind of situation they are In they would want uh to make that Change as soon as possible other than That Mitchell Marsh is someone who who Again is going to be filling in he's he Was normally batting at number three but In absence of Travis head he's he's

Opening the Innings uh opening stand is Always going to be very crucial I think Putting runs uh on the whole is going to Be uh very important I think today's Game is also a great example of that we Always have been talking about this that If you have runs on board you you can Create pressure so important thing is You have to find a way of of doing that When you're looking at that Australia Side also there are enough players who Are capable of uh getting a team to that Position with the with the with the bat In hand uh So when you are in this kind of Situation you're just looking at those Individuals who are going to be those Individuals who are going to step up for The team and uh create that spark which Will uh get that campaign going because Australia you can't see them at the Bottom of the table they are more than Better more than capable team of uh of Uh doing better than that change in Personnel change in leadership for the 1996 World Champions Sri Lanka Asia cup Finalists as well remember uh well no Dashan shanaka he has had to go back Home he's out of the World Cup and that Means there will be a change in Leadership kosal Mendes has been the Loan positive the runs are being scored But the bowlers are leaking far too many Runs part yeah exactly I think you you

Rightly said that no runs have been Scored even even in the game against South Africa where South Africa had Scored 428 butus Sri Lanka had scored 326 even against Pakistan they they had Got a very good score of 344 so yeah the Runs have been scored there is no doubt About it it's the bowling which is Something you know Sri Lanka would be Thinking of how to improve that and the Discipline in Bowling which is something You know been lacking in Sri Lanka's Bowling there are far too many wides There are far too many lose deliveries So that is something you know Sri Lanka Would be looking to correct that Question marks so bana's Fitness also Know he's been is he's been bowling is He has considered 90 runs in in two Games but out if you took if if you can Take those two games out he's been Bowling well he's bowled well in Asia Cup so I think bowling is something Which Sri Lanka would be thinking of Improving for sure cha karat joins the Squad in place of Dash shanaka K kusal Mendes will be leading Sri Lanka for the Rest of the World Cup uh for this game To be played in lakau against Australia Any changes that you'd recommend well There are a couple of force changes Right away so shanaka is not going to be There and you might not see Pana if There is a injury concern so kasun

Rajita is someone who is there luk Kumara I know so these are the two Options which they have chamika Karunaratne coming back in the side Whether he is uh he's going to be Available or not uh we'll we'll have to Wait and see if he's available then it's Going to be a straight swap I feel uh And also Pan's Fitness is something Which which they will be uh debating Hard on other than that we've seen Sri Lanka looked light on bowling because Their Frontline Bowlers were missing uh Wanindu was not there chamir is is not There is a is a big blow for their Campaign right from the word goti also Didn't start the campaign uh his Fitness Is also uh we have to wait and see how It holds up in the tournament so there Were few concerns which Sri Lanka walked In in the world cup with uh so uh so we Just have to see now how they uh they And that showed also in the tournament So far Sri Lanka when uh they scored Runs against against Pakistan they Couldn't really uh finish that game Couldn't really defend that total was Another telling example of uh them them Being bowling light so it's it's Basically we have to wait and see how What kind of impact they do it in the Tournament but uh doesn't look like They're going to go all the way yep Hasaranga absence clearly upsets uh the

Piece for Sri Lanka both these teams Find themselves in the bottom half of The table at number eight and number 10 Sri Lanka at 8 Australia at number 10 uh Both teams looking for their first win Very quickly we're going to wrap up very Quickly but uh a who starts favorites And players to watch out for I think Australia definitely starts favorite There is no doubt about it I think you Know for me U Steve Smith is something You know someone will Australia will Look up to I think you know is their Most experienced player and he's been Batting well so I think Steve Smith is Someone which I'm thinking that the Players look out for for Australia and For Sri Lanka again Easy Choice Kel Mendes you know he's been scoring he's Taken my Choice Mendes obviously Shaka not being There being made Captain a lot will be Dependent on on him so him for sure and The start which you mentioning I think Warner is going to be uh the player to Watch out For

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