Professional american huge WWE star and mma athlete Bobby Lashley with nickname “The Dominator” against heavyweight kickboxer and MMA fighter Bob Sapp with nickname “The Beast”. Fight took place in Biloxi, USA on June 27, 2009. Full MMA fight video with knockout in HD.

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Bobby Lashley (USA) vs Bob Sapp (USA) | KNOCKOUT, MMA fight HD

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Is a couple years younger he's two Inches shorter and he's 67 pounds Lighter than this guy 255 322 and you See the body and Bob set for 322 pounds He's in great shape told me that he's Been as high as 400 pounds yeah when I Fought him he was 370 and shredded it Was just ridiculous and I was I was Weighing about 230 so imagine that Gap I Mean he actually lost weight for this Fight if he could believe it or not down To 322 that's just ridiculous between Bob Sapp and Kimbo Slice you must have One win of a punch I hope I get to see You let's talk about you fighting in a Boxing show in the 15th of August and I Hope that happens oh I hope so too man I'm looking forward to it I really hope That that happens but I'd love to see Your boxes I I saw you fight against Kimball and I know that you can blast I'd love to see you in pure boxing but This is mixed martial arts it's ultimate Chaos we're at the Gulf Coast Arena Coliseum here the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum a wonderful venue for mixed Martial arts and a show called ultimate Chaos great jump Begin by a promoter Brian Young and The Four Brothers of Bite force and the Nationals they've Done a great job putting this together And hope for hopefully wherever you're Watching around the world or across the United States you're as excited about

Seeing Bobby Lashley and Bob the B Sapp As we three here uh bringing you this Telecast we're excited about it and Genuinely excited about it you know I Got that big background in boxing but I'm getting to be a big big fan of mixed Martial arts I absolutely love it never Full appreciation for the way these Fighters uh trained and that tremendous Physical athletes that they are And all while waiting for now is Bobby Lashley to make an appearance and make His way in here we serve on point Jason Guida in March Jason actually having a Pretty good show called again team and He was able to slip that yeah he was Able to defend that that's from training With you know all the submission guys he Does American top team out there and Everything like that defending no Submissions so it was sunk on tight and He escaped it man so I don't think he Has to worry about that with sap Defending submissions right now he just Has to worry about the initial bull rush Once Bobby was a 1999 graduate of Missouri Valley College full-time All-American wrestler US Army veteran Back to no two he won the silver medal World military wrestling championship And I'm sure if you tuned in and you are Tuned in that you know his background And uh professional wrestling and Two-time champion

Taught for Donald Trump at one time in New Jersey Yeah well he represented Trump against Uh a good man McMahon oh oh for the WWE Oh I got you though right nice [Music] So Bobby Lashley has the crowd with Hopeful anticipation that he makes an Appearance very very shortly You know he's a good Striker Yeah you know one thing Bob Sapp I want To say you know I think folks might be Very surprised at this Bob sad because He told me yesterday this is the first Time he's had a real chance to train Long-term for a fight seven weeks he Said he had to train for this fight and He really trained for this fight and Lastly it says that he wants to wear out And break down sep that might be a Mistake I think Bobby should just go Ahead and let it fly and and hope that He hits him before seppa catches him oh I don't think Lush is going to back off I think lash is going to answer just Back I mean what there's no way he's Just gonna sit and cover up my Bob just Goes ballistic on him he's definitely Out there and try to pull him up shop Right back I think that's what he's Going to do well he described it as Freight train and that's going to make For some real excitement and I want to Make sure that

We get everything explained before they Start because I want to watch it right From the opening battle and see these Guys go at it there he is Bobby Langley Also had an interesting thing to say Yesterday that he's been working on his Wrestling as well uh he knows he's going To improve it in Striking and the boxing Part of it but he doesn't want to do That by giving up his wrestling skills Yeah I mean that's was Brett Butters is Wrestling and he'll need his rest of This fight I mean obviously you know he Comes out and he says Hey I want to Knock him out I'm looking to strike on The but at the end of the day he wants To get out of here with a win and the Best way for him to do that is to put Bob sat down on his back so get back Your bread and butter do what you know Best go back to your wrestling roots Um and you know he's got a great time at The team he trains with American top Team you saw Conan silvier there as one Of his coaches so he's well prepared Anymore the fight goes he started Learning his boxing from the former Olympian Howard Davis uh uh at America's Top team and then he's been working with Mike Robles and uh and continuing to Develop his uh boxing skills but Bobby Lashley is taking MMA real serious but He doesn't want to give up on his Wrestling because he probably will come

Back as a professional wrestle at some Stage again he's only 32 years of age And you can tell by the appearance of That body look at it folks I mean this Guy is a magnificent physical condition It's not a specimen it's made for TV It's Made to be out there being be an Athlete he's a natural athlete Genetically and not just genetic but he Works for it too but it's all it's That's just a genetically gifted body Right there man that's just ridiculous And since we saw him against Jason Guidia uh He had a fighter May 15th where he beat Mike cook in a first round uh getting Chokehold and MFC 21 Hard Knock so he Continues to develop very very nice uh Fella song with his family today having A little bit of lunch a cool customer Coming to the ring Yeah definitely a super nice guy out of The ring man in the ring no different Story it's all business yeah and hey Pivotal fight for Bobby Lashley pivotal Fight the guy wants to take MMA very Seriously he wants to be known as an MMA Fighter not a WWE fighter well this is a Pivotal fight because if he loses that Fight if he loses this fight to Bob Sapp They might derail him just a little bit So this is an important fight for him he Knows it Meanwhile Bob the beast sap has uh 10

Victories three losses one draw he has Seven Knockouts he likes the bull rush He's a huge Striker six of his last Seven fights he stopped his opponent's Win strikes basically punches 11 11 points for first round stoppages Here he comes in and is uh he comes in This song every single fight it's Ridiculous he's got a tremendous Personality he's a real Showman Japan 's what a legend he is yeah dude I Walked on the streets I saw life-size Carport cut out to him all over the Place like I couldn't go two blocks Without seeing a cutout of Bob Sapp It's ridiculous he endorses every single Commercial there pretty much pizzas some X-rated products that we probably Shouldn't Miss I I asked him how many uh Product value Windows you said something [Music] And you have an opportunity to see him Glad that you can be with us thanks to The district S and integrated Sports You're watching at pay-per-view across The United States and all around the World we're thrilled to have you yeah This guy's Larger than Life all over the World like you say in Japan they've got Cardboard cutouts of him all over the Streets

Um what do you say he just got an Invitation of the White House yeah he Said that amongst the all kinds of other Things well we're set to go let's make It official let's get the official Introductions with our ring announcer JD Lyons Once again flight fans prize Pride MMA And fight Force International in Association the Treasure Bay Casino is Proud to be involved with this and along With MMA slamware first Hand tickets Buffalo Wild and of course integrated Sports and Everlast worldwide fight Bands here we go the moment we have all Been waiting for here is our main event [Applause] Let the feelings commence introducing First your referee in charge of the Action Houston door And now applied fast Introducing the fighter in the blue Corner wearing black weighing in at 255 and a half pounds of muscle Here is Bobby [Music] [Applause] [Music] His opponent to my right fighting out of The Red Corner wearing a white with Black and really needing no internations As I said before he raised thee what it All and only

322 pounds [Music] Once again your referee here's the door Because the fighters have final Instructions [Music] Go back to your corner [Music] All right folks get your seat belts on For this one here we go it's Bob sep in The white trunks in the black trench Trunks's Bobby Lashley I don't know are You sure this cage can hold them if they Come bowling toward us where are we all Right here we go Sap coming at lastly Lashley shoots Tries to pick him up and down From the canvas Bob Sapp holds the head In and is Lassie going to cracking him With the right hand Well the left hands come down how about This he takes a break down where he Doesn't want to be His stomach a little bit to try to get Space but I don't think it matters at This point she's too powerful he's just Amethyst on his way in yeah actually you Know last year was saying all week how He was going to stand up and stand up And show off his boxy he knows where his Bread and butter is beautiful double Leg Takedown Brown He tries to get that leg over there he's In the half guard now

And he doesn't seem to want to pass it Because he's got enough room to rain Down with his elbows coming down with The fifth Well this isn't exactly where Bob Sapp Wants to be but it's exactly what Langston said to us that he would try to Do wear him down break him down get him Tired and then take advantage of him was That sap looking for the underhook there I mean sap in a half guard here not Doing a half bad job on his back I'm Very surprised not half better half dead Exactly you know the elbow came down That time he's trying to grab the wrist To stop him from really getting frankly As he grabs the left wrist he gets hit With a right hand and then the left Elbow comes down But [Applause] [Music] [Music] And when the crowd doesn't understand Why she's not even doing his game plan He wants to stay in half but he wants to Keep grounding bound and so what he's Got to do And the crowd would be much happier if They get up on their feet and just by Blasted the Daylights out of each other But that isn't the best way for Lashley To win this fight Sapp would love it if They get back up but he's doing a decent

Job holding him off he's getting some Damage Not the big big shot that could end this Fight right just just laying them down I Think I mean stop will get because we'll Get women just a mispusion so You're not really trying to pass the gut Although I just noticed that he had to Heal kind of hooked around the ankle of Uh He's still able to rain down plenty of Punishment from this position Boys [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Crazy man I wear contact lenses and I Wouldn't want to be taking any shots Around the eyes or in contact lenses Well we expected a little more fireworks From the standing position but for Bobby Lashley the progression continues here He is taking a huge man down using his Wrestling skills and then grounding and Pounding him into submission yeah that's Pretty much what the game plan should Have been anyway and I think that's what Was his game plan the entire time I Don't think he ever had any plans of Standing in boxing with him whatsoever No that's that was the Mind Game you Know he told everybody who would listen I'm Gonna Stand and bang with Bob Sapp

I've been working on my hands we're Gonna go out there and Slug It Out the Bell Rings not two or three seconds in Bob Sapp is on his butt Let's be As you see the first tap would be able To show you this on the replay and you Pick it up and here's the tab that the Ref did not see getting pounded and it's Pretty much clear as day that he's Tapping yeah how did he not see that I Don't know but uh ref didn't see it and Then Alaska just said hey I gotta do it Again and did And there's the real Tap well both are Real TAPS in here might just tap that uh Uh the ref didn't see that one either I'm sorry I think it was the the original one yeah From a different angle it looked like it Yeah And then oh the ref pretty much just Called it then so he didn't tap the ref Just stepped in there pretty much and he Tapped we're gonna see that again Because I thought he tapped the second Time and I literally I think the ref stopped in Asura was Stopping he started attack at the same Time maybe either way you know what he Wanted to fight down yeah half does the Other you know okay here we uh we'll Pick it up again we'll watch it with you Folks at home

The punches A real hard shot that time he's in Trouble now yeah there's a tap there's a Tap okay so he did tap it kind of tap The back of his hand there yeah all Right so that was that was the end of The fight the first replay we had for You was the first tap and then we showed You a second uh it was the same angle But it was definitely a tap so it's Submission by uh punches A terrific first round victory for Bobby Lashley by ringing out to standing by Let's make it official as we go to JD Lyons JD is getting set now and moving into Position and Foreign [Music] All right Make some noise [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] You said you were gonna go out you said You weren't going to conserve any energy You said it was going to be lights out What are you thinking right now well I'll tell you I when I went out there I thought I was going to get him I I saw He was slowing down a little bit he Actually got a good shot right there on My eye and so I was unable to see

Exactly when the uh After getting some of those punches in There but uh I was being able to Take some of the punishment as you can See I was still alive so but uh Got me in the eye You got a very very very busy schedule Traveling movies all this other stuff You're doing did that affect your Training at all uh Kevin infectious Training yes but uh no excuses hey he Got me down today he controlled it let's Give it up for Bobby Lashley let's do That Bob Sapp ladies and gentlemen [Applause] And I'm here with Bobby Lashley now Bobby our winner Bobby Talk to us Well you know going out there with Somebody like Bob you got to be prepared I was expecting him to throw those big Blows I just wanted to get him down I Mean Bob's a class act man he's uh Really good shows man I knew I'd go out There and take him down cover him keep Him flat and pound them that was our Game plan stuck with it and uh when I Was successful I think we saw a little Bit of a version of your rope-a-dope This week you were telling everybody you Could tell that you were going to stand In bang you were going to stand and bang That you wanted to display your skills

What happened the first thing you need To go out there do is win we were going To go ground and pound them for a little While hopefully he was going to push off Because we've seen a lot of his fights Where he push off at the end and then When he pushed off we're going to stand With him and drop him then you got to Wear the big man down he has a strong Punch and we don't want to go head up With him right away we have other Matches that we can test our stand up And that's our next match of the match After that but this one going there Ground the pound get a quick win and get Out of here I've had a couple opportunities to talk To you this week about your Camp you you Got a great boxing coach with Mike You've been training with American top Team a lot of black belts everybody's There talk to us a little bit about your Training what's going to happen next for You well I tell you what each match I'm Getting better I know there's a lot of Heavyweights out there that are rising The top some of them are already at the Top If you're not looking at me now you Better look at me because I'm coming I'm Taking on anybody or taking on all Challenges right now and keep moving up Our camp American top team greatest in The world coming in These guys Mike Rose my boxing trainer

We worked hard for this fight and you Know it's no time to take off Monday We're right back to ATT right back Hitting there looking for the next fight Hopefully we can get one soon How many fights before you're ready to Take that championship belt away from Somebody still have more tests to go man Um I'm ready you know heavyweights are Out there we're going after him so I'm Just going to keep going I want to get At least two more this year and then uh Keep moving up Two more fights this year folks give it Up for Bobby lash to thank you and Congratulations [Applause] Treasure B we're having a happy party at Treasure Bay man so come out have a good Time and party with the fighters

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