Cricket has officially been inducted for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Joy Bhattacharjya & Simon Doull react to the development, on Cricbuzz Live

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Cricket's popularity has also been heard By the ioc isn't it joy and joy will Tell us more because Joy is our Olympian Here he's a multisport specialist right Volleyball fantasy sport what else about Football football as well come on you Did you were the tournament director for The FIFA under 19 World Cup is that Under 17 under 17 under 17 sorry but They're all under 19 now grown up But yeah so tell us about this uh no It's incredible and in fact I just want To go back for a minute to talk about The first time cricket was played was Played in the Olympics in 1900 in Paris So one team was comprised of the Great Britain team was was actually a club Team which was toring from Great Britain And the other team was basically from Two clubs out there all of whom were Expats who were also staying out there The interesting part of it is that a few Of those expats the club that it Belonged to they had basically come There to build the Eiffel Tower so yeah So yeah yeah so they were all round M yeah the club had started for that Reason and by this time these guys had All started playing Cricket because They've come and from England to build The iffi Tower and those guys played and It was a two-day match and France Managed to get dismissed in two days but It was such an important match that the

Winners won the Olympic silver medal and Runners up for given the bronze medal What no see I'm not joking Great Britain Won the silver uh won the bronze and Silver medal was a top medal oh was the Gold stolen what happened it was you That strange things used to happen in The Olympics those days but it's a great Thing for the Olympics to happen out Here now because I think the stage is Right and if you look at it perhaps the Olympics needs cricket probably a little More than even Cricket needs the Olympics because what they do is they Always catch on to the new sports the Sport that are this thing because they Are trying to build their market so in 24 for example example you have breaking Okay in 28 you have squash okay you have Baseball which is making a comeback you Have Cricket and you have flag football Which is their watered down version of NFL football ah okay so what is it like No touch touch very touch and pick Basically have a a flag on the side of Your short R that's how that's how play Rugby RI a rugby so it's Flag yeah o rug Is flag football it's Flag Football okay It's an interesting one for me I mean I think it's I think the Olympics Needs cricket not sure that Cricket Needs the Olympics yeah is it good that It's there who wouldn't want to go to an Olympics New Zealand went you know the

Commonwealth Games in 98 and qual lumo Uh you know every like yeah the teams That went there absolutely Lov the vibe Of the village and everything that that Is around it I still think and and I Felt the same way when golf went to the Olympics if it's not the Pinnacle of Your sport I'm not sure it should be There okay you know what I mean so the Pinnacle of golf is winning Majors yeah But then then then should football win The Olympics then no no not at all okay No no I don't I I I I love the Olympics For the Athletics yeah you know for the For the field Athletics the Athletics The swimming swimming um the you know The hockey hockey I think the hockey Olympic gold medal is way more valuable Than a world world championship okay it Is easily easily you know I mean boxing Wrestling boing wrestling all that sort Of stuff because they am muches I'm box As amate still can't go to the Olympics As a professional so you know those Sorts of things I Feel that's where it's the Pinnacle of The sport it's it's a fair is an Olympic Gold the Pinnacle of cricket no it's not And to your point if you remember Stephie graph did she win the golden Grand Slam was it that year that she won The gold medal as well and she won the Grand Slam I don't think anybody Remembers the gold everyone remember the

Grand Slam yeah right Andy Murray won The gold medal didn't he in the in the Men's there you go and then remember the US Basketball Dream Team 92 right that Was the Dream Team 92 was the barcelon Barcelona Olympics where they won and as Soon as that team came it were like yeah They're going to win it but I don't even Think it was a a milestone in their Lives it's an interesting point I like It to them it's an NBA title do a golfer It's a major I me Justin Rose I think Won the Olympic gold in the golf but I Look I'm not saying it's a bad thing I Think it's amazing for the game uh but What level do we take it who goes You know what if it's going to be at the Olympics I'd love it to be an under 23 Competition I like that that's what they So do away with do away with senior we Have World Cups we have 50 over World Cups T20 World Cups do under 25 under 23 I don't know make it where it is Interesting and we might see some Development and we might see something a Little bit different I don't know how They work it but that's Afghanistan will Be led by Muhammad Nai so firstly will Be led By sh will still under 23 then huh Rashid will always be under sh thei will Come back otherwise if the car is there Yeah is always there keep calling all The youngers football under 23 so

Football rule is now basically they play Under 23 and two players above 23 so What they do is why because you have two Stars then don't yeah so they Messi will Play because you know you can have a Star out there the rest of them are Under 23 but remember one thing just six Teams will play because the problem is Pitches you're going to have one Stadium How many pitches you going to make so Your problem is given that one Stadium Given the number of pitches that you Need only six teams would play so Afghanistan's chances are making it to That top six but you got to qualify Right you got to play the qualifiers and Get and and again how do you fit those And if you're playing if it's full Member nations right with with top teams How do you fit all of those qualifying Games in in and around all the leagues We've got now in and around all of the Bilateral Series so that's where I think It may be beneficial to have an under 23 It'll come it'll come I tell you it's Made it part of the LA Olympics it was Announced in Mumbai just yesterday and Uh Mrs Amman of course the ioc member From India who said the inclusion of Cricket in the Olympics will create Deeper engagement for the Olympic Movement in newer geography see very Important the point that you were saying And at the same time provides a boost to

Crickets growing International Popularity it's the thing right here's Here's the thing the Olympics of course Uh the there's perhaps two markets that FIFA and the Olympics haven't the two Biggest organizations in the world join You know this they haven't cracked one Is India the Olympics come here yes for For couple of weeks in four years There's a bit of noise but obviously They want to penetrate deeper far wider Uh so I think there it's a good move for Them as well and for Cricket why not if If we can win if India can go and win a Medal then well everyone's a winner two Men's and women's men's and women ah so There you go two medals winner winner Chicken dinner correct love it so India Is going to go for it look I'll tell you One thing FIFA okay most popular game in The world the third highest media social Media is India we are 97 in the world But it's third highest social media and The only reason we are not number one is Because Tik Tok is not there in India And Tik Tok in places like Brazil and All is huge but that's the only reason Otherwise with a team which is 97 in the World in term so that's the kind of hit That you get even with a team that's not Doesn't have a chance to call the world It's sheer numbers isn't it sheer Numbers and I understand totally why the Ioc have gone down this road because all

Of a sudden let's say India men and Women are at the Olympics playing Cricket there are a billion eyeballs Possibly that have an opportunity to Watch that and and that is why they want It there and Therefore every other Olympics that's Been before when Cricket hasn't been There and India hasn't been playing the Next Olympic sales or or sponsorship or Television rights they go through the Roof much like what's happened with the IPL y the television rights and the Money the sponsorship rights for the IAC And they generally only have like FIFA Five or six really core sponsors yeah You know a couple of them are fairly Large in this market all of a sudden Fellas you know what you paid last time You're going to have to double it you Are going to have to double it yeah we Know I'm telling you this is the most Significant addition to the Olympics Since the Dream Team in '92 abut Professional basketball the most Significant Addition

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