00:00 – Intro
01:14 – Manchester United Takeover
14:07 – England vs Australia
20:57 – England vs Italy Preview
23:06 – Scotland Qualify For Euro 2024
25:41 – Croatia’s Slump
28:00 – Netherlands vs France
30:58 – New Rangers Manager, Philippe Clement

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And I think it's pretty important to to Make the point that Manchester United You know doesn't need state-owned money To compete at the top end of world Football so how many times have we sat Here before with Gareth and gone I wish He changed something I wish he tried This player this position tried toori he Tried you know L dunk at least I was Just like oh I back him to succeed and Apparently that was a idiotic thing to Say welcome back to Monday Vibes one and All we are at Sky Zach JB's here doie Critchley's here uh boys how are you Better than you Warmed up I know I've got I've got to Try and keep myself into gear here I'm I'm slowly just you know where like you Just Get not the best night sleep and just Slowly just wind it comes in you've been Hit we'll be back'll back worry about That uh how are you yeah good thank you Mate I think you could tell by our Attire that it's suddenly got a little Bit colder here in England definitely Have that kind of winter freeze come Over um but yeah no not too bad thank You mate how are you digs yeah all good I enjoyed watching some other sports as Well as football this weekend I watched England lose to Afghanistan in cricket h Of a result for the Afghanistan team and Then loads of the rugby yesterday which

Was actually epic but loads of football To discuss Joe starting with your Club I Mean the big news at the weekend of Course breaking about the Manchester United takeover situation so that is Exactly where we're going to start Shake Jim apparently dropping out the race so It's claimed yeah Never Say Never but Apparently he is done and it seems like S Jim Ratcliffe is going to take 25% of The club for around 1.3 1.4 billion Pending board approval which I believe Is on Thursday so this hasn't actually Been ratified yet seems like a deal has Been agreed in principle but a little Bit of a way to go to get this thing Over the line uh now this caused a lot Of debate online a lot duges where are You coming down on it I think it's uh The start of of a of a period of good News for man United obviously everyone Wants the glazers gone who's connected With that club I think Rivals probably Quite enjoying you know man united Suffering but anyone connected with man United would want the glazers out and This has been a long time coming it's Been a summer where they talked about These two bids for I think it when did It start so April May February even Earlier than that okay theat came out The same day Cristiano Ronaldo it's Dominated the best part of a year and if I was a man united fan I'd be personally

Delighted that the qari bid is no longer Think Jim Ratcliffe has more experience Managing football clubs uh and you know Is been linked with Premier League clubs In the past and you don't have the Slightly controversial well very Controversial fact of being owned by a Nation with you know attachments to Dodgy human rights records Etc even Though that is so ingrained in football Already you know they own PSG for Example you know Abu Dhabi having links To Man City Etc but I think sjim Ratliff Is the easier bid to to deal with from a Moral perspective and also I think it Does spell good news for Man United the Only thing is 25% stake is not very much Um how does it work in terms of the Day-to-day running of the football club You know what uh how does it work in Terms of the Voting Rights where does The money go that s Jim ratliffe is Using there are so many unanswered Questions and I think it just leads to a Little bit more uncertainty um but it's Definitely the it's a step in the right Direction but it's definitely not out of The woods yet yeah I think it's a step In the right direction I would agree but I think there are major problems with The bid so far or at least on the Surface of it there's a lot of questions That Manchester United fans need Answering because at the end of the day

The glazers need to go and it has to be A full sale at some stage so I think Number one question has to be laid out Does this 25% incorporate a further Either contractual or gentleman's Agreement that you will take the Majority State off the glazers at some Stage be that in the next three years The next 5 years whenever is that thing Which I think United fans have every Right to find out at this stage I also Think there are big question marks about What it means for the debt at the club 700 million in debt does this go towards Paying it off what's the plan towards Paying off that debt what happens to the Money that gets put into the club you Know what does this 1.4 billion where Does that go is that just going in the Glaz's pocket is it being reinvested in The stadium you know we saw the Times Article come out this morning that inos Are making plans to redevelop Old Trafford into a 90,000 sea Stadium Which is obviously music to United fans Ears but what's the realistic timeline Where are the plans laid out for that to Happen uh what does this mean for the Sporting side of Manchester United Because you know we've seen over the Weekend that this 25% supposedly gets a Jim Ratcliffe full sporting control he Takes all of the sporting control out of The glaz's hands so I'm sure there'll be

Quite a few worried people at Old Trafford over the weekend okay back that News yeah in terms of how and what this Means job for their jobs because we know Stav bford is extremely likely to come In and it's very very likely Paul Paul Mitchell will follow according from a Fan point of view though surely that's a Positive thing right like I think a lot Of United fans have questioned how the Club's been run on a footballing Standpoint um for a while now uh you Even think kind of what's happened even Recently things haven't worked massively Well um and having and having somebody Involved in the club even if at 25% that Is focused on trying to get things Working on the pitch and trying to have That as the Forefront of their minds and Not kind of a moneymaking thing is more So the glazers are is a positive to a Level yes but how does the breakdown of Responsibilities truly split how can a Minority shareholder be in full control Of a sporting project how does that work Does the final sign off still lie with Joel Glazer does let's say inos want to Make a change and remove John M as Football director and put in Paul Mitchell into that position does Joel Glazer still have the final say there or Does that lie with Jim Ratcliffe yet More questions there to be answered I Think we can forget about the the kind

Of Qatari bid for now and to a level you Know the chat online over the weekend I Found really quite painful from a lot of Sort of Manchester United fans from a Lot of influencers in the space you know From a lot of United fan accounts sort Of tweeting this is the end of Manchester United rip Manchester United I think it's pretty important to to make The point that Manchester United you Know doesn't need state-owned money to Compete at the top end of world football This is one of the biggest clubs Probably one of the three biggest clubs In World football a money-making machine It needs the money spent the correct way Invested in the correct manner in the Club on the field and off the field to Make it successful and that's what the Glazers have not done this 25% has to Lead to a full takeover because you Cannot have the glazers still in the Building taking the Dividends sitting back relaxing and Taking their money home whilst also Piling debt onto the club that cannot Happen but at this stage I suppose like You say Doie something is better than nothing Yeah and it feels like it got to the Stage a little bit where it was either This or nothing yeah well exactly I Think they would have pulled out you Know the same way that shake Jim did you

Know it was such a taring long process It felt like it was nearing conclusion At various points during the summer and Then it would be off the table again so I think uh this is you know so Jim Rackliffe will be delighted to get his Foot in the door if it does go through On Thursday uh and he can start making Some changes to the side of the club That has actually suffered most in the Last 10 years you know the commercial Side of the club has pretty much been Unhe hurt really by a massive period of Underachievement and that is you know a Slight credit to Ed woodwood and Richard Arnold for that side of it like they are Clearly very good at what they do in Terms of boosting the commercial Operation the commercial side of the Club but the football side of the club Has not been at at its anywhere close to Operating at full capacity so having new Blood in there a new decision maker uh Can only be a good thing I do agree with You though it does lead to a slightly Awkward who's in charge who signs off You know who has and also a big step up You mentioned his kind of time at nce Which hasn't necessarily been swimming Swimmingly good uh or gone swimmingly um Swiming so like it's going to be a big Step up for him to go to the level of Manchester United where there's so much More so many more eyeballs so much more

Pressure um you're going from a Completely different wage structure a Completely different market and and League to to from lean to which is Obviously in the top five to arguably The best league in the world it's often Used it's a big step up it's often kind Of used and it has been over the last Month or so particularly the weekend is This sort of stick to beats Jim Ratcliffe with like look at what's Happened since he's been at nce and and The time at n and I think they have Finished fifth nth fifth nth uh they're Currently second in the league um but You know there has been significant Investment in N there has been a new Training ground in development and yes It has not gone right on the field and I Think that's very clear there was some Big differences in style at nce over the Last two years I think when you think of That summer of recruitment there was Like vastly Premier League based like Casper Schon Ram That was under Ian Moody wasn't it Ian Moody's kind of been removed from his Position and replaced with floran josley Who is the guy from lws as well he came In kind of s Tera mfy and that come in So clearly they are learning quickly What works what doesn't work who to a Point who not to a point and you're kind

Of hoping as a Manchester United fan Because that's all we can do is hope uh That the time at n has been a learning Experience enough that they can then Implement that at at Old Trafford Because I think people like Richard Arnold his job will be under threat here If if he gets full control of the Sporting operation I think a lot of Senior figures at Manchester United will Change jeanclaude Blanc of course has Coming exclusively to work with inos he Was the former PSG and the former Juventus CEO you know if he's been Bought in exclusively to work of Vinos You think Richard Arnold's job Potentially in a bit of Jeopardy there Uh we spoken already about John mer the Head of football operations he's been There for what now 18 months two years At Manchester United sort of director of Football operations I think he'll be Looking over his shoulder big time now That Paul Mitchell's bought that house In the north of England he did such Excellent work across the continent Particularly most recently at Monaco Where kind of revamped their whole Footballing operation from day to Science to injuries an amazing article About Paul Mitchell in the athletic Actually where I think it was Adam Crafton spent a week with him um and He's you know clearly that's his remix

He's also been he's been wanted for a Lot of a lot of club for a long long Time well L to them for long time though He was at Spurs wasn't he he was at Spurs prior to leig um but I think Effectively judging by what you read he Would be the guy to come in alongside David bford in terms of the sporting Operations and kind of revamp things Because United sporting operations like You said duges they've been rudderless Really it's been pretty rudderless at The top there and they've also been like Compared to when you look at the other Levels of the Champions League clubs and Kind of people that United are competing To in Comparison the United's level of it is Just it they've never been able to catch Up with them they've never been able to They're always a step behind these They're incredibly reactive Club United There's very very little proactive work Going on there it's when something goes Wrong they react to it when something is Changing they react to it rather than Being proactive being on the front foot They seem a long way behind in things Like data science and data recruitment So you're hoping again that's all we can Do as United fans that sjim rackliff can Usher in if he's going to take full Control of the sporting side of that Paul Mitchell comes in that that can

Kind Of change but I don't think it's gonna Be quick my issues again though going to Be quick Nothing's Gonna Be Quick in This scenario but my issues come back to Again like what happens to the glazers Like pot here 25% of is it going to be Voting rights is it going to be new Shares being issued here how does it Affect their class B shares because of Course they only own 69% of the club but Have 96% of the Voting Rights because The class B uh share structure how does The 25% affect that there's just so many Questions with a minority takeover and I Think unless that Minority takeover can Come out publicly and engage with things Like the Manchester United supporters Trust sit there and say if s Jim rff Goes there and sits in front of the man United supporters trust and says this is How it's going to work I've agreed to do A takeover for the majority of the next 5 years I could only at 25% which is Going to start with a sporting project This is the timeline this is how we're Going to engage this is what we're going Do the stadium this is what we're going To do with a debt then I think there are Massive problems even with a minority Takeover here yeah it also comes at a Bad time for some of the chief EXE Chief Executives or higher ups you know Richard Arnold went through a really

Difficult summer pretty much out of his Own making with the whole Mason Greenwood Fiasco saying that he found Him effectively not guilty he then there Was that report again by Adam Crafton Who you know is probably the leading United investigative journalist and he Was saying that lots of female staff Were unhappy with his management of the Club and how they felt heard or not Heard uh during his time there so you Know it wouldn't be surprising at all if If his position was was under serious Threat I think the thing about sjim Rackliff is he's never been particularly Dominant in his own organizations or you Know what I say goes in the lot in a way That a lot of football owners have you Know sadale Brave he's always recruited The best in the business to run his Teams like sford was like a real Innovator with Team sky and then inos And then the GB Olympic team um for Cycling um and yeah he's appointed some Good managers in the past as well um you Know we it wouldn't suggest that ericon Ha's job's under threat as well but yes There has been some question transfer Strategy but I think generally his Appointments at n have been have been Very good um so yeah it's a it's a step In the right direction okay let's keep Moving on then to some football over the Weekend the international break of

Course not the the way the most buzzing By it but uh Premier League's back this Weekend England beat Australia though Yeah 1 nil wow what a stunningly Mediocre game this was yeah they didn't Really great very opportunities either Side really and England actually got Quite lucky at different points like Sam Johnson made a really good save from Backus after his shot deflected off to Mori dun had to kind of clear one off The line as well but it seemed like from From what I saw that the England Forwards were maybe pushing a little too High up and there was no one really Connecting it in the way that Harry Kane Sometimes does it was also yeah it was Much more like an Englander B Team Definitely right obviously this was Auditions exactly that you saw obviously Lewis dunk and tamori partner each other Left back Cole at left back Trent Started at right back I think or he come On at right back either way either way Um and then you saw a front line of Boeing um and Watkins greish who's Obviously come back from injury um over The past few over the past few weeks so Like definitely a few auditions for Their for their kind of roles or how They could try and get significant Minutes in in the next couple of um Months at least obviously with the with The Euros coming in the summer um but

Yeah I think thing is I think sometimes When we watch International Football we Expect especially of how England have Been over recent years you expect Blowouts every single time you expect England to be amazing every single time And sometimes that just doesn't happen Like in in club football you're not the Best team every single day in and out But obviously they got the win in a game Like this where it doesn't necessarily Mean as much as say the euros does um Which is obviously happening on Tuesday Then you can try and test things how Many times have we sat here before with GTH and gone I wish he changed something I wish he tried this player this Position tried toori he tried you know Lewis dunk at least um uh even in go Johnson as you mentioned had a fantastic Performance so like He he deserves a bit of credit there I Think for trying things and and with so Many different players and so many Different changes as well you're going To may maybe we should expect a little Bit more of a a lackluster uh Team all That all that kind of performance anyway Yeah it was definitely I agree it was a Chance for players to show them Gareth Zet what they can do and I don't think Loads of them took that chance um I Think OE Watkins still looks very bright And I really think he should be going on

The plane to Germany in the summer uh I Would be surprised if he isn't if he Carries on his current long a long like Eight months or so yeah it's a long Eight months uh should we also talk About the biggest talking point of the Game I think which is when Jordan Henderson was booed off the pitch yes uh By a large number of England fans at Wembley which obviously he didn't think Was going to happen that report in the Summer the interview Adam crter in the Summer we talked about I don't think I'll get that sort of reception at Wembley well he did get that sort of Reception at Wembley and afterwards SC Southgate said that it defies logic does It defy logic I think yeah it doesn't Quite I think it's fairly logical this Is a guy who's effectively thrown his Morals away for money you know he backed A number of campaigns that are the polar Opposite of where he plac his football Right now um so I think it's fairly Obvious why the fans are booing him and It's I think it's quite unlike AR Southgate actually because I think he Stood really strong on a number of Different topics SC Southgate where Previous England managers would probably Have cowered away from them he stood up And been very vocal in his support for LGBT plus rights he's stood up and been Very on a number of different cultural

Issues on this one though it feels like He's kind of gone back to the classic Football manager of I don't really get What's going on here like what happens On the pitch is on the pitch but it's Strange's happen I think I think you're Right for somebody who over the last Seven years or so we've been able to Look at and think you know what he Speaks very well about certain topics I Think It's I think it's a bit naive for for Them to say this stuff having looked Having looked at the like kind of the Outcry when it happened it wasn't just You know it wasn't just say it online People going to games and everything Were were talking about how this kind of Defies logic defies um uh the the kind Of way he St his STS on things being a Leader in certain communities and then Doing this move doesn't make any sense And and I think look like part of me Sits there and thinks you've got to You've got to hold your hands up Jordan Henderson like you you've done this move You've gone to exactly you got to own it Coming out and saying like oh I'm this Has happened what do you mean what do You mean people you saw what happened When you made the move what everybody Was speaking about and now you're kind Of surprised that they're complaining Now like this was always what was

Happening over the past month or so Since you've moved to to and I also Think like last week Jordan Henderson Was playing in front of 900 people in The Saudi pro league you know you get 900 people in the eighth tier of English Football I think if GTH savit was Selecting players that were playing the Eth tour of English football there would Be some upro about that as well um so I Think we're talking about a player here Who is not playing at a high enough Caliber to play for England in a Pressurized situation week on week who Has also like we said had major issues Surrounding the most recent transfer and I just don't understand the comment of It defies logic I think if G come out After and said you know what I can Understand people's frustration there I'm going to continue to pick him based On the fact I trust him he's he's more Experienc but it just comes across so Defensive and also that you take sort of Football fans for mugs and think that They should only care about who's on the Pitch for footballing reasons like of Course there's a lot of people that feel Very let down by his decision to go There that felt they were slightly Betrayed by his decision to go down There and I'm actually quite proud of England fans for booing him you know It's a friendly against Australia it's

Not a particularly High Press Environment and they've made their Feelings known like whether it continues Or not is a different matter but they've Made a statement and it's it's not Totally surprising from a from a nonf Footballing decision that they're boing Him or from a footballing decision you Know as Joe says you know he's not Playing at the right level to be able to Contribute at the Euros next summer so It's almost entirely pointless picking Him now like we know what he can do but Why aren't you why aren't you picking James W PR for example who started the Season so well at West Ham who's got a Decent chance of going to the euro and Contributing you're showcasing everybody Hey look I'm playing other players so I'm giving I'm giving them the chance That everyone's calling for and you're Not you've not big chains World PR for This even someone like Harvey Elliot Who's playing really well for the England under 21 side and has had some Good performances for Liverpool like He's the future like maybe he could have Picked him as well so I'm not surprised England fans booed him and I thought it Was actually a really good move for them And actually yeah I totally agree with You Southgate coming across as like Super super defensive and yes when it Was about Ming booed I get it because

He's been a scapegoat for years now and It's pretty cruel but for Jordan Henderson he's actually been been Got Away pretty scot-free from what was a Decision that let down so many people so I'm not surprised at all uh obviously Wber is it tomorrow Italy a slightly bigger game I think You'll see the big guns rolled back out For this one har Kan and Co back in the Side um do we think England win that Again because you know the record at Home is pretty outstanding is it 12 Qualifiers in a but Italy's record away In Euro qualifying is insane as well They haven't lost away from home in Euro's qualifying since 2006 which is an Absolutely mad stat over 20 games I Think that is in that period they beat Molta on Saturday or Friday I think it Was molta not up to much um but they Looked really sharp in that they've got A few issues though in the Italy Squad Obviously Sandro tanal nicholo ano Having some allegations of betting Issues or breaking the betting rules Le who plays for Juventus who wasn't Actually picked uh by um spalletti was Uh was involved in that as well um so That's a little sort of overhanging Their situation but yeah they looked Good against Malta Domino barard scoring Two excellent goals jakimo bonaventura As well got his first goal for Italy

He's been excellent for Fiorentina this Season one of the most underrated sort Of Italian midfielders of the last Decade I think mainly because he was Playing for l in that period where they Were really really bad um but yeah I Think it'll be a fascinating game and One that I'm really looking forward to Tomorrow night at home I think it's a Wembley if you look at that team Compared to say this this is England Wise less so Italy if you look at the England team of the Euro's final Compared to the England team that could Theoretically uh start tomorrow do you Think we've improved good question I Think we'd have liked Luke Shaw at left Back um ideally in an ideal world uh Jon Stones as well You' probably want him at Full fitness but we've definitely Improved everyone definitely the Midfield Jude Bellingham yeah the Midfields definitely got that he's a Vast upgrade in that position isn't it And I do the only issue I think is Potentially you know Raheem Sterling was So magnificent at that tournament that And there was we just haven't Necessarily got the output on the left That we had from rahee stering at that Tournament where he was probably our Best player and most effective player Mad is now playing exceptionally well as Well and saaka probably squad for this

One but yeah No I think it's it's very positive for England at the moment anyway uh let's go To another positive then for a home Nation Scotland qualifying again Back-to-back tournaments for them uh That comes after Spain beat Norway of Course they were robbed in Spain Scotland midweek anyway with that Scott Momin whip so nice 100% should have Counted V robbing the Scott Momin one of The best goal scorers in Europe right Now from Midfield he is no I get it the Qualif let's let's start for Manchester United then yeah I think there's an Argument to be made that that Potentially could happen um but no in All seriousness no he is Steve clar Steve Clark done a very good job there To get him to another International Tournament and Norway I think Disappointing man yeah definitely I mean It wasn't a brilliant game between uh Spain and Norway there was also a moment Where Morata scored an offside goal he Tapped in a ball that was going over the Line and it was r that side which wasn't Uh that reminds me do you remember Cristiano Ronaldo Nanny n he did not Look happy that day um I actually saw Some Spanish pundits on Twitter being Like he should be substituted Immediately marata uh for that error but Anyway they got the win in the end gavy

Getting another goal I think that's five Goals in 25 games now it's playing Really well for Barcelona as well with Pedri and Frankie deong currently Injured gav's kind of holding that Midfield together at points I think he's Been excellent this season um but yeah Great news for Steve Clark I mean Scotland qualifying with two games to Spare they haven't they haven't Qualified I think out of a group stage Uh in qualifying since 1996 because they Qualified for the last Euros through the Nations league as well so this is you Know absolutely excellent they won their First five games which really put them In a great position um and now it's About topping the group because Spain And Scotland are level on points with Two games to go Spain ahead on goal Difference but Spain do have easier Fixtures as well I think they've got Georgia and Cyprus who are bottom of That group um so it's going to be Absolutely fascinating but fair play to Scotland I think they've got really good Midfield depth probably lack an Outstanding Striker to go deep in a Tournament but you know with that crowd With that atmosphere with that feeling Around the side you know let back depth As well and Andy Robertson I think there Were definitely Some in that Scotland set up yeah like

You say it's just a bit of a shame that They don't have that nine like Scott Mcom basically is bailing them out I Know we joke about the amount of goals He scored but for Scotland in particular He has gone effectively from being at The center of a back three to being a Second Shadow Striker he's played the Entirety of that spine for Scotland and You say hats off to him man what more Can And for Nations the size of of Scotland Alike like you find sometimes in International tournaments there are Players that just become a little bit Superum and end up playing position look At C over years yeah exactly I mean Should we come on to Croatia straight Off the back of that then because they Lost against Wales now looking in Jeopardy that they're going to Automatically qualify anyway for uh for The competition they are likely unless Well to be fair Wales still really have To win their last two group games cuz They are only ahead basis of Head-to-head record against Croatia at The moment in that group and I think if You look at the fixtures Croatia have Got lvia and Armenia and wh got Armenia And turkey and turkey top of the group Tak 16 from a possible 21 Harry Wilson In this game though just exceptional Heder is fantastic with the back of his

Head Harry Wilson's such an interesting Player because I feel like he could have I feel like he should from the way his Career was deed in it felt like he might Have got a bit further already in his in His years but he's had several injuries That have impacted him massively um but For Wales like especially now with no Gareth Bale with no obviously Ramsey Who's not been there for for a few years Now they are looking for that kind of Next guy that to kind of help them they And they need somebody that who can step Up in the in those big games I'm not Going to sit here and say that's going To be Harry Wilson that's a lot of Pressure to put on someone um but yeah Fantastic goal that's for sure he's got Kind of baish Tendencies like he's very Good on dead bull scenarios like Yeah he can pop up with big moments and I think he's actually been comparatively Poor compared to his normal level for FM So far this year so this was great to See him really step up in a big occasion And Wales have now beaten Croatia home And away in qualifying if they they got It together in their other games they'd Have already been you know thing isn't It like Rob pagee really has been facing A lot of question marks over his Continued role as Wales head coach Coming into this I was watching his Press conference where he's talking

About like I'm getting prettyy tired About questions about my future here we Need to focus on the players well if They' have won the the easier fixtures In this group then they would probably Qualified a little bit of a caner like To have to beat turkey at home final Game to Auto qualify no but also like But if you think like the Welsh Atmosphere like they'll make it won't be Easy for turkey necessarily either I Mean it November's there's a lot of Teams where November's going that November International break is Obviously make call Break um and for Wales at home it could be a they've done It before they've done it before so Surprised just looking at some other International big International scores Here Netherlands losing to France MPP goal it was I mean this Kil Mbapp second goal is outrageous it's a Great little touch from rabio to kind of Set him set him up and Spins the ball as Well the Finish is fantastic I mean um Netherlands France are just so good they They really are when they got Antoine Griezmann in that kind of Midfield kind Of second Striker role um Striker role Where he could just kind of pop pop up Where he wants and play it where where He likes he's kind of got that free Roaming role that just allows so much More creat creativity uh for him um but

It was really like mbappe is just such An elite finisher man he can just take Chances even the first goal is like not Necessarily an easy finish uh and he Takes it really well I mean the Netherlands had had chances but not Nothing Sim was pretty sharp yeah Javy Simmons did they just don't have a nine Though do they they don't have that Van Percy the Van Roy of yesterday Don Marlin down the middle yeah he play okay Depai is always his injury records is Interesting um but yeah I mean it looks Like it's probably going to be those two Even though the Netherlands are Currently I think third they play Greece This week and they're three points Behind Greece who are in second and also The Netherlands have a game in hand and I think that's against against RTO who Are bottom of the table yet to win a Game um but France's record looks really Good 17 goals scored this this campaign One goal conceded um I think the only Ones that are better are Portugal who Have absolutely destroyed their uh their Group but um I mean you're not saying Anything too crazy if you're going to Say that France is probably one of the Favorites for the Euro no definely Liverpool fans will be happy maybe a Slightly concerned to see canato playing For France as well um after a difficult Start to the season with injuries for

Him I was actually looking at Dutch Center backs last week and their depth In Center back position is absolutely Outrageous like van djk AK now Mickey Vanen Timber botman like they've just Got an exceptional crop of center backs D sedak already but yeah yeah they look Very good at the back uh and down right Wing back as well with Dune and frong as Well but yeah I agree with Joe they Probably lack an outstanding goal scorer In that side at the moment and when they Don't have Frankie I think they lack a Lot of Drive in the Midfield as well Like he is just the best DCH player it Did seem like a lot of the game plan Against France was get the ball to shvy Simmons get the ball shvy Simmons let Him try their goal was exceptional by The way yeah really B like playing in Hartman I think yeah Paul I'd reckon Mike man can do a little bit better Front posts like he kind kind of Thinks they're going to pass it across But um yeah no it's a it's a well taken One he's actually had quite a shaky few Weeks Mike Manu on being sent off Against Genoa and then yeah I agree in This game he didn't look that assur he Also spilled a shot that was uh kind of Goes behind him yeah and manag to pick It up scoop it up yeah no but France are Just they they are always strong strong Favorites they really are uh final uh

Talking point of the weekend then really Comes from north of the Border uh pH Cemo being appointed as the Rangers Manager their 19th appointment I think In their 140 OD year history very loyal Club yeah go insane it was between him And Kevin muskat right um we will know Who Kevin muskat is if you don't already Typing Kevin muskat best tackles into YouTube and you were in for a treat he Is the dirtiest footballer English Football playing if he was playing Nowadays do you think he'd miss more Games than I can't even describe how he Is he is he made Roy Keen like a Cat yeah yeah yeah honestly there's one Tackle where he just KNE High mus get W It's arguably the worst tackle of all Time yeah I think it maybe one of the Worst tackles of all time but he was In um yeah he's at Yokohama isn't he at The moment clemon though this actually Comes in with a little bit of uh Reputation yeah definitely I think he's Done very well in Belgium which is a League that's comparable to Rangers in That it's dominated by the same sort of Teams every year and they lose most of Their talent year on year like he won The league title with G and he won Back-to-back titles with Club Brugge and People were pretty excited when he got Appointed Monaco boss in January 2022 I Think it was so we had half of one

Season got them from sixth to second but Last year didn't go that that well Particularly the end of the year uh they Ended up finishing sixth which is Outside the European spots uh and they Had massive defensive issues they ConEd 58 League goals they did score 70 which Was the second best in League a but 58 Goals against is huge for Monaco I think That was their most since the mid so That is a little bit of a concern but He's he's known as a pretty good manager And I really enjoyed watching his teams Attack at points last year they just Finish really badly and there are some Like factors in that like they lost REI And Shu many the summer before last Season they lost bad in the summer sorry In January and assassi was obviously you Know close you know closing in on a move As well uh so he's losing a lot of you Know high quality defensive players all His best players in the yeah so that was You know maybe a a slight factor to Consider um but I think it's quite ano Exciting appointment for for Rangers Their squad looks so far behind Celtic At the moment that it will take a lot of Time and patience but cuz you were Getting into it on Twitter weren you Well the Celtic fans were yeah I was Just like oh I back him to succeed and Apparently that was an idiotic thing to Say uh because no one can tole Celtic at

The moment it was Hamill and his mate it Wasn't actually Hamill um but yeah I I Think he'll do a good job I think he'll Do a good job he can't really do worse Than Michael Bal as well yeah what Happens to him like he had QPR doing Really well and then you look as well Where QPR went afterwards too um and he Made a really tough call like he made Not a tough call he made a really strong Call sorry to to make that move um cuz Wolves wanted him didn't they wolves Really wanted him uh I think though now Like QPR with Gare withth under Significant pressure already MC Bill Back on the market I don't think he Would go back because of how it ended There but today man like it it did end It did end poorly it did and I always Remember the James UT video when he left Like James like heartbroken uh when it Happened um but what better way to fix Things by by helping out he'll get a Championship show oh yeah for sure yeah Definitely uh all right there we go That's another episode of Monday Vibes In the can if you enjoyed this video Make sure you hit the like button hit Subscribe anything else you want to talk About boys before we wrap this up H We've got team talk coming this week on Wednesday as normal other than that Standard week of FD content building up For the return of Club football yes come

Back to us Premier League goodbye

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